Oct 012014
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Debt Rattle Oct 1 2014: Europe Is Crumbling Into Collapse

For me, the quote of the day is this one: “If there’s a periphery of the eurozone’s periphery, that’s Naples.”. The city of Napoli hosts ECB boss Mario Draghi and the heads of Europe’s central banks this week in some very posh former Bourbon family royal palace, and the contradictions involved couldn’t be more striking. Napoli is home to an immense amount of poverty and misery, and the advent of the EU and the euro has done absolutely nothing to

Sep 302014
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Debt Rattle Sep 30 2014: Why The Fed WILL Raise Rates

This is not the first time I’ve written on this topic, but I want to do it again, because rate hikes, when they come, will have a tremendous effect on everybody’s loves and economies, wherever you live. And because I think there’s still far too much complacency out there, far too much ‘conviction’ that higher rates will come only after a comfortable period of time, and even then only gradually. There are three steps in the Fed’s ‘policies’. There’s QE,

Sep 292014
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Debt Rattle Sep 29 2014: A Rare Sane European

Something tells me I make get into trouble with my Czech and Slovak friends – and readers – over this, but I was still struck by the following interview with former Czech prime minister and president Václav Klaus. I know he’s not uncontroversial, hence the anticipated ‘trouble’. What Mr. Klaus says in this interview with the Daily Spectator’s Neil Clark is so clear and correct and to the point and glaringly obvious on what is wrong with Europe these days,

Sep 282014
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The US Has No Banking Regulation, And It Doesn't Want Any

It is, let’s say, exceedingly peculiar to begin with that a government – in this case the American one, but that’s just one example -, in name of its people tasks a private institution with regulating not just any sector of its economy, but the richest and most politically powerful sector in the nation. Which also happens to be at least one of the major forces behind its latest, and ongoing, economical crisis. That there is a very transparent, plain

Sep 262014
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Debt Rattle Sep 26 2014: Can Money Save The Climate?

So PIMCO was going to fire Bill Gross over the weekend, and he chose to leave on his own accord and work for Janus. So what? Gross is 70 years old and still joins another firm geared towards making money, and nothing else at all. As if making money, and nothing else, is a valid goal in a human life. As if someone who’s done nothing else his entire life, and who’s richer than Croesus, should have nothing else to

Sep 252014
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Debt Rattle Sep 25 2014: It's The Dollar, Stupid!

There are substantial and profound changes developing in the global economy, and in my view we should all pay attention, because everyone will be greatly affected. Some more than others, but still. ‘Metal markets’, be they gold, silver, copper or iron, exhibit distress and uncertainty, prices are falling, or at least seem to be. Partly, that is because of the apparently still ongoing investigation in the Chinese port of Qingdao, through which a $10 billion ‘currency fraud’ is reported today,

Sep 232014
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Debt Rattle Sep 23 2014: Busting The Boom One Step At A Time

Increasingly, the way the ‘booming recovery’ is presented to the public is so out there you could be pardoned for thinking someone is getting desperate. Like, really? Let’s start off with US housing. Here’s a few tidbits from a piece on Bloomberg today, and then we’ll compare that with something that’s 180º different, and I strongly suggest you be the judge. It’s not like you’ll be needing me to do the judging for you (not that you ever do, that’s

Sep 222014
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Debt Rattle Sep 22 2014: The Fed Kills Emerging Markets For Profit

Emerging markets are about to get hit by a whopper of a double whammy. And if I were you, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it takes on epic proportions. The exposure that emerging markets, countries in the less wealthy parts of the globe, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, have to the west has grown at a very rapid clip since, let’s say, Lehman. These countries were hit hard by the western crisis, but found what looked like a

Sep 212014
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Debt Rattle Sep 21 2014: What Game Is Being Played With the US Dollar?

On this relatively quiet Sunday, why not delve into a topic that’s as timely as it is controversial topic: the US greenback. I see it moving a lot lately, and I see a lot of opinions being expressed on those moves. But for most of those opinions, I got to say: I’m sorry, but I don’t think so. There’s such a huge amount of entrenched and ingrained ideas in the financial world about the dollar and inflation and gold, and

Sep 192014
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Debt Rattle Sep 19 2014: Scotland and the Spirit of Our Time

The quote of the day today must be this one from Belgian EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht in the aftermath of the Scottish rejection of independence: “A Europe driven by self-determination of peoples … is ungovernable … ” I don’t think he understands the implications of what he says, and I’m quite sure he completely misses out on the mastodont sized problem he – quite accurately despite himself- describes. Which is something along the lines of ‘Europeans should stop