Apr 202015
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Debt Rattle April 20 2015

• World Braces for Taper Tantrum II Even as Yellen Soothes Nerves (Bloomberg) • Caveat Creditor As IMF Chiefs Mull Unpayable Debts (AEP) • Fed Crisis-Liquidity Function Reviewed for Potential Use by IMF (Bloomberg) • Draghi Tells Euro Shorts To “Make His Day”, Again (Zero Hedge) • Greece’s Varoufakis Warns Of Grexit Contagion (Reuters) • Can Beijing Tame China’s Bull Market? (MarketWatch) • China Cuts Bank Reserves Again To Fight Slowdown (Reuters) • Why China’s RRR Cut Reeks Of Desperation

Apr 192015
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Debt Rattle April 19 2015

• At Global Economic Gathering, US Primacy Is Seen as Ebbing (NY Times) • IMF Credibility Faces Tipping Point Over Greece (USA Today) • ‘Bernanke To Go Down As One Of The Most Vilified People Of The Century’ (CNBC) • Markets Face New Threat As US Fed Ponders Interest Rate Rise (Guardian) • Most Americans Think College Is Out of Reach (Bloomberg) • Record Drop In House Prices Suggests China Is Already In A Recession (Zero Hedge) • Germany FinMin

Apr 182015
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Debt Rattle April 18 2015

• US Is ‘World Leader’ In Child Poverty (Alternet) • ‘This Is Far From Over’, ‘We’re All Frogs In Boiling Water’ (Zero Hedge) • US Should Write Laws Of Global Economy, Not China – Obama (RT) • Greece’s Main Creditors Said to Be Unwilling to Allow Euro Exit (Bloomberg) • Let’s Face Reality, Greece Is Bankrupt: Marc Faber (CNBC) • Greek Crisis Comparable to Great Depression: Blanchflower (Bloomberg)

Apr 172015
Debt Rattle April 17 2015

• The REAL Issue With a Grexit/Greek Default is Derivatives (Phoenix) • Grexit Dangers Mount: Yanis Varoufakis Warns Of ‘Liquidity Asphyxiation’ (AEP) • Germany: Has Any Country Ever Had It So Good? (Bloomberg) • Greece To Raid Coffers As IMF Dashes Hopes Of Resolving Crisis (Telegraph) • Greece Deal Appears Distant Amid Deadlock In Reform Talks (Kathimerini) • Finland: ‘Not As Bad As Greece, Yet, But It’s Only Matter Of Time’ (Guardian) • China’s Incredible Shrinking Factory (Reuters) • ‘Beijing

Apr 172015
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Is May 9 The Grexit Date?

Yes, more Greece, ever more Greece. Well, the focus is still very much there. It’s not the only topic, obviously, China warrants interest too, certainly with things like Tyler Durden quoting Cornerstone Macro as saying China’s true economic growth rate was just 1.6% in Q1 2015, not the official government number of 7%. Never trust anyone, especially a government, that consistently meets or beats its predictions. With housing prices falling the way they have, -6% or thereabouts, and over 70%

Apr 162015
Debt Rattle April 16 2015

• Greece In ‘Slow-Death Scenario’ Amid Defaults Fears (CNBC) • IMF Knocks Greek Debt Rescheduling Hopes (FT) • The Endgame For Greece Has Arrived (Zero Hedge) • Why The Grexit Is Inevitable – How About May 9th? (Raas Consulting) • UBS Says Europe Risks Bank Runs On Grexit (Zero Hedge) • Fed’s Bullard Says Rate Hikes Are Needed For Coming ‘Boom’ (MarketWatch) • Warren Says Auto Lending Reminds Her Of Pre-Crisis Housing Days (MarketWatch) • 27% Of US Students Are

Apr 152015
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Debt Rattle April 15 2015

• China GDP Tumbles To Lowest In 6 Years Amid Dismal Data (Zero Hedge) • China Walks $264 Billion Tightrope as Margin Debt Powers Stocks (Bloomberg) • Hong Kong’s Peg to Instability (Pesek) • ‘Timebomb’ UK Economy To Explode After Election – Albert Edwards (Guardian) • IMF Fears ‘Cascade’ Of Woes As Fed Crunch Nears (AEP) • Prudential Chief Echoes Dimon Saying Liquidity Is Top Worry (Bloomberg) • Syriza Against the Machine (Tom Voulomanos) • Greek Finance Minister to Meet

Apr 142015
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The Weak Suffer What They Must:  Yanis and the End of Europe

From southern Europe to the far north, matters are shifting, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster. There are moments when it seems all that goes on is the negotiations over the Greek dire financial situation and its bailout conditions, but even there nothing stands still. The Financial Times ran a story claiming Greece is about to default on is debt(s), and many a pundit jumped on that, but there was nothing new there. Of course they are considering such options, but they

Apr 142015
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Debt Rattle April 14 2015

• The Shocker Crushing The Economy Revealed (Zero Hedge) • China’s Economy: Hard Landing Or Welcome Rebalancing? (Guardian) • The Risks Behind China’s Silk Road Growth Gamble (CNBC) • Citi Analysts Call The ‘End Of The Iron Age’ (CNBC) • Shale Oil Boom Could End in May After Price Collapse (Bloomberg) • Scrap Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Bring In Carbon Tax – World Bank Chief (Guardian) • The New Militarism: Who’s The Real Enemy? (Ron Paul) • Optimising The Eurozone (Frances

Apr 132015
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Debt Rattle April 13 2015

• China’s March Exports Shrink 15% Year-on-Year In Shock Fall (Reuters) • China’s March Exports Come In Far Worse Than Expected (WSJ) • China’s Trade Collapse Raises Fears Of Growth Slowdown (Telegraph) • World Bank Warns Of Hit To Australia As Chinese Growth Falters (AAP) • China’s Stock Surge May Very Well End In Tears (MarketWatch) • The $9 Trillion Short That’s Seen Sending the Dollar Even Higher (Bloomberg) • Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Extend the Age of Oil (Bloomberg)