Aug 272014
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Debt Rattle Aug 27 2014: The Right To Live Free And In Peace

Our Canadian friend Marina, who has Russian roots, sent me this video today. Marina has also translated several Automatic Earth articles into Russian (I’ll put up a link in a sidebar), see here. This is a taped August 24 international press conference with Alexander Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic (DNR), and Vladimir Kononov, Defense Minister of DNR. Since we in the west don’t often get to see the point of view of East

Aug 262014
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Debt Rattle Aug 26 2014: Central Banks and Free Money

Courtesy of Tyler Durden comes a 22,000+ word ‘essay’ from Mark Blyth and Eric Lonergan at the Council on Foreign Relations (yes, those fine folks) on how and why swaths of dough should be handed to the man in the street. But that’s not what the CFR stands for, so this calls for deconstruction, if not demolition. It might be a really good idea if money were handed out to the real economy instead of a bunch of banks. It

Aug 252014
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Debt Rattle Aug 25 2014: Is France About To Kill The Eurozone?

Well, it’s not as if nothing ever happens. One government and one parliament down, all in one day. One planned, the other not so much. Ukraine president Poroshenko dissolved parliament so he can have sole control for the next two months. And smile with a smirk at Putin when they meet tomorrow. Wonder what ‘progress’ they’ll make. Judging from all the accusations thrown around just today, and the plans announced, they’re not going to be short of material. RT has

Aug 242014
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War and Peace and NATO

As the first subglacial eruption has been registered in the Barbardunga volcano, and there are earthquakes in the region about every minute, a German magazine reports that Berlin (or, actually, even Bonn) has been spying on NATO partners like Turkey for decades. Which is funny, because I was just wondering – with a degree of suspicion – where and how Merkel gets her information. She’s in Kiev calling for a ceasefire – which at least is a step up from

Aug 222014
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Debt Rattle Aug 22 2014: Janet Yellen is an Insult to Americans

If you’re a girl and you’re old and you’re grey and you’re the size of a hobbit, who’s going to get angry at you? If your predecessor had all the qualities anyone could look for in a garden gnome, and his predecessor was known mainly as a forward drooling incoherent oracle, how bad could it get? Think maybe they select Fed heads on purpose for how well they would fit into the Shire? Janet Yellen has a serious problem: the

Aug 212014
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Debt Rattle Aug 21 2014: Oil, Solar, Dollars And Fairy Tales

I woke up today to a request to comment on an article I hadn’t even read yet at the time. Now, I don’t do requests, but when I saw that it was an article by my favorite nemesis Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and I read it, I thought alright, let’s have a go. Just this once. Ambrose sings the praise of solar and natural gas in this one, and that‘s not because he’s green, the only green he likes is the color

Aug 202014
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Debt Rattle Aug 20 2014: Obama Fails As Schoolyard Bully

When I think about what an American president should do, and should be, the first thing that pops into my mind is (s)he should be a peacemaker. It would seem to be the no. 1 requirement for someone who’s the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, and therefore the leader of the free world. If that person is not a peacemaker, if (s)he is not focused on diffusing trouble and violence when and where they rear their

Aug 192014
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Debt Rattle Aug 19 2014: Rising Rates and The End of Stimuland

It’s Jackson Hole week, and we’re going to hear a lot of fairy tales and otherwise invented-from-scratch material. Since it may not always be easy to distinguish between pure mud and actual information, let’s destroy a few fantasy piñatas right here and now. So when Yellen and Draghi speak on Friday, you’ll be able to tell a few things apart. It’ll be hard enough, the speech writers and spin doctors won’t get much sleep this week. But in the end,

Aug 182014
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Debt Rattle Aug 18 2014: Oh, What A Tangled Mess We Weave

When first we practise to deceive! The upper echelons in and behind various governments have had on their radar far longer than the media that serve them, and I also realize that Washington wants a leading role in that battle, but even then I still don’t really get what is going on these days. I think perhaps that’s because I tend to give the American political machine too much credit when it comes to intelligence and insight and other qualities

Aug 172014
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Debt Rattle Aug 17 2014: America Can See Its Future In The Mirror

If Americans were less prone to self-deceit, they would have long since realized that the American Dream is over, for good, and that continuing to chase it is the worst of the few remaining options they get to choose between. They could then look at themselves in the mirror and see their future. As things are, however, the future is creeping up on them in small, slow and silent steps, until one day it will simply be there, no longer