May 312016
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Debt Rattle May 31 2016

• Mizuho Chief: Tax Delay Means Abenomics Has Failed (WSJ) • One-Minute Plunge Sends Chinese Stock Futures Down by 10% Limit (BBG) • The Big Short Is Back in Chinese Stocks (BBG) • You’re Witnessing The Death Of Neoliberalism – From Within (G.) • Australia’s Big Four Banks Are Much More Vulnerable Than They Appear (Das) • Ceta: The Trade Deal That’s Already Signed (G.) • Britain Is ‘World’s Most Corrupt Country’, Says Italian Mafia Expert (ES) • The Untold

May 302016
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Debt Rattle May 30 2016

• The Mystery of Weak US Productivity (Luce) • China Default Chain Reaction Threatens Products Worth 35% of GDP (BBG) • China’s Veiled Loans May Prove Lethal (BBG) • How Many Bad Loans Might China Have? (BBG) • Easy Money = Overcapacity = Trade Wars = Deflation (Rubino) • Negative Rates Fail to Spur Investment for Corporate Europe (BBG) • Saudi Arabia’s Petrodollar Reserves Fall to 4-Year Low (BBG) • CEO of No. 1 Asian Commodity Trader Noble Group Resigns

May 292016
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Debt Rattle May 29 2016

• Iceland Puts Freeze on Foreign Investors (WSJ) • Japan’s Abe To Delay Sales Tax Hike Until 2019 (R.) • Fade The Oil Bounce (CNBC) • Trade Deals Going Nowhere (DR) • Schrödinger’s Cat Gets a Playmate (CSM) • The Geography of American Poverty (G.) • Miracle In Athens As Greek Tourism Numbers Keep Growing (Observer) • The EU Has Turned Greece Into a Prison for Refugees (Nation) • 13,000 People Rescued In Mediterranean In One Week (G.) • Rescued

May 282016
Debt Rattle May 28 2016

• Yellen Leans Toward Near-Term Rate Rise Without Detailing Timing (BBG) • Trump: Only ‘Dummies’ Believe Fed’s Unemployment Figure (Crudele) • Japan’s Abe Plans Up to $90.7 Billion Stimulus (BBG) • US Farm Belt Banks Tighten the Buckle (WSJ) • Companies Go on Worldwide Bond Bender With $236 Billion of Sales (BBG) • Clinton Lurks in Shadows When Sparring With Sanders on Banks (BBG) • Toronto’s Red-Hot Market Sends Property Values Soaring (Star) • UK House Prices Compared With Earnings

May 272016
Debt Rattle May 27 2016

• Bill Gross Trying to Short Credit to Reverse Four Decades of Instinct (BBG) • “Japan Is Already Doing Helicopter Money” (BBG) • “China’s Economy Resembles A Spinning Top Running Out Of Momentum” (RD) • US-China Economic Poker Game Looms With Market Calm at Stake (BBG) • China Stocks Head for Longest Weekly Losing Streak in Four Years (BBG) • Chinese Buyers Are Losing Interest In Australian Property (BBG) • EU Warns China To Expect New Steel Tariffs (FT) •

May 262016
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Debt Rattle May 26 2016

• Britain’s Property Market Is Going To Implode (BI) • Trillions in Debt—but for Now, No Reason to Worry (WSJ) • IMF: No Cash Now for Greece Because Europe Hasn’t Promised Debt Relief (WSJ) • China’s ‘Feud’ Over Economic Reform Reveals Depth Of Xi’s Secret State (G.) • Chinese Officials To Ask US Counterparts When Fed Will Raise Rates (BBG) • Fear Of UK Steel Sector’s ‘Death By 1,000 Cuts’ (Tel.) • Varoufakis: Australia Lives In A Ponzi Scheme (G.)

May 252016
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Brexit: Wrong Discussion, Wrong People, Wrong Arguments

There’ve been a bunch of issues and topics on my -temporarily non-writing- mind, and politics, though as I’ve often said it’s not my preferred focus, keeps on slipping in. That’s not because I’ve gotten more interested in ‘the game’, but because the game itself is changing in unrecognizable fashion, and that is intricately linked to subjects I find more appealing. For instance, in the past few days, I’ve read Matt Taibbi’s epos on the demise of America’s Republican Party in

May 252016
Debt Rattle May 25 2016

• Hillary Clinton Loves To Trumpet Bill’s Budget Surplus. She Shouldn’t. (Week) • Jeff Gundlach Says US Stock Market Is ‘Dead Money’ (R.) • Eurozone Hails ‘Breakthrough’ With Greece, IMF Debt Deal (R.) • Draghi Running Out Of Options After Draining Bond Market by $800 Billion (BBG) • China Weakens Yuan Fixing to Lowest Since 2011 (BBG) • China Says It Has Conquered Commodities Trading Frenzy (BBG) • New York, London on Notice as China Targets Commodities Pricing (BBG) •

May 242016
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Debt Rattle May 24 2016

• ‘Massive Bailout’ Needed in Debt-Saddled China: Charlene Chu (BBG) • SOE Debt Could Easily Overwhelm China’s Banking System ( • China Takes Back Control Over Yuan (WSJ) • Negative Rates Prompt Japan Banks to Opt Out Via Derivatives (BBG) • Iron Ore Price Falls 27% In Past Month (BI) • Deutsche Bank Ratings Cut by Moody’s (BBG) • Greece Is Never Going To Grow Its Way Out Of Debt (Coppola) • Austerity Means Privatizing Everything We Own (G.) •

May 232016
Debt Rattle May 23 2016

• Japan April Imports Fall 23.3%, Exports Drop 10.1% (BBG) • Japan May Factory Activity Shrinks Most In Over Three Years (R.) • Investors Check Out of Europe (WSJ) • US Dollar Will Be The Winner When The EU Volcano Erupts (CNBC) • Saudi Financial Crisis ‘Could Leave Oil At $25’ As Bills Get Paid In IOUs (AEP) • The IMF And Calling Berlin’s Bluff Over Greece (Münchau) • Athens Agrees Fiscal Measures In Exchange For Debt Relief Talks (FT)