May 032015
Debt Rattle May 3 2015

• Gundlach’s Bet-Against-German-Debt Plan Has One Very Big Problem (Bloomberg) • Canada has the Most Overvalued Housing Market in the World (VC) • No New Bailout Needed If Greek Debt Restructured, Says Varoufakis (AFP) • Markets Waver As Greece Teeters On Edge Of Financial Tragedy (AFR) • Use Your Credit Card To Fight Tax Evasion, Greece Urges Visitors (Observer) • Greek Exit ‘Would Leave Western Alliance In Chaos’ (Telegraph) • Greece Braced For Weekend Of Unrest As Cash Crunch Nears

May 022015
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Debt Rattle May 2 2015

• Grantham Says Fed “Bound And Determined” To Engineer “Full-Fledged Bubble” (ZH) • Our Banking System is a Giant House of Cards (Lynn Parramore) • For China To Start All Over, The Dinosaurs Will Have To Change (Satyajit Das) • Your No. 1 End-Of-The-World Investing Strategy (Paul B. Farrell) • How Ben Bernanke Let Down America (MarketWatch) • Quick Breakthrough At Brussels Group Looks Unlikely (Kathimerini) • The Coming Defaults Of Greece ( • FastTrack TPP: The Death of Sovereignty,

May 012015
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Debt Rattle May 1 2015

• Japan Is Bust: “More QE – Everywhere!” (Albert Edwards) • Marc Faber: Stocks Are About To Fall 40%—At Least! (CNBC) • Britain’s Scandal-Battered Banks Paralyzed as Election Looms (Bloomberg) • Chinese Banks Are Clobbering The US (CNBC) • Greece’s Decade-Long Relationship With Merkel (Kathimerini) • Greece Signals Concessions In Crunch Talks With Lenders (Reuters) • Greece Struggles To Make Payments To More Than 2 Million Pensioners (FT) • Why’s Europe QE Might End Sooner Than Thought (CNBC) • Why

Apr 302015
Debt Rattle April 30 2015

• Negative Interest Rates Set Up World For Biggest Mass Default Ever (Warner) • German Bunds Are Tanking After Big Investors Say to Get Out (Bloomberg) • The Real Financial Crisis That Is Looming: Consumer Spending (STA) • US Economy Grinds To A Halt In First Quarter 2015 (Bloomberg) • Fed Stays Vague on Rate-Hike Timing, but Sees Slower Growth as Blip (Hilsenrath) • Ignore The ‘Whiff Of Panic’ As US Economy Stalls (AEP) • Fed, White House Fail To

Apr 282015
Debt Rattle April 28 2015

• The New Nothingness (Steen Jakobsen) • The Real War On The Middle Class (Ron Paul) • Over Half Of Americans Killed By Police Each Year Are Mentally Ill (Economist) • Who Is Really Choosing America’s Next President? (ProPublica) • If Greece Falls, No One Wants Their Prints On The Murder Weapon (Reuters) • Greece Shakes Up EU-IMF Talks Team But Keeps Varoufakis (AFP) • Greece PM Leaves Referendum Option Open, Rules Out Elections (Reuters) • Grexit, Grimbo, now Grexhaustion,

Apr 282015
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What Makes Brussels More Equal Than Others

Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad ran a little article recently that we’re surprised no other news organization picked up. It concerned a proposal in the European Parliament in which the parliamentarians got to vote on raising their own paycheck (always a good idea). The best thing about the story is that not everyone voted in favor. Most did though. It much amused me to see that apparently it was Angela Merkel’s party, the German Christian Democrats, which was behind the proposal.

Apr 272015
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Debt Rattle April 27 2015

• Debt Addiction Could Send Us The Way Of The Mayans (Satyajit Das ) • Negative Interest Rates: The Black Hole of The Financial System (SI) • The S&P 500 Has A Serious Revenue Problem (CNBC) • Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become “New Normal” (Zero Hedge) • China Inc. Finds Cure to Debt Hangover in Stock-Market Boom (Bloomberg) • Chinese Energy Figures Suggest Much Slower Growth Than Advertised (Cobb) • China Considers Launching QE; Shanghai

Apr 262015
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Debt Rattle April 26 2015

• The ECB Needs to Know Its Place (Philippe Legrain) • Will Greece Run Out Of Cash? – No! – (Bruegel) • Isolated In Debt Talks, Greek Finance Rebel Gets The Cold Shoulder (Reuters) • Migrant Influx Strains Greece As Economy Suffers (Reuters) • Greeks’ View Of Crisis: ‘What Lies Ahead Is Great, Great Hardship’ (Guardian) • Euro Ministers Alarmed as Bloc Shuts Down Greece Plan B (Bloomberg) • Greece Not Playing A Game Of Chicken On Debt (Reuters) •

Apr 262015
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Europe Has Completely Lost It

After the high-level EU summit on the migrant issue, hastily convened after close to a thousand people drowned last weekend off the Lybian coast, Dutch PM Mark Rutte was quoted by ‘his’ domestic press as saying ‘Our first priority is saving human lives’. That sounds commendable, and it also sounds just like what everybody knows everybody else wants to hear. One can be forgiven, therefore, for thinking that it’s somewhat unfortunate that the one person tasked by Brussels with executing

Apr 252015
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Debt Rattle April 25 2015

• How The Stock Market Destroyed The Middle Class (MarketWatch) • The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic (Ellen Brown) • US Bridges Falling Down Get No Help From Record 2015 Muni Sale (Bloomberg) • Crash Boys (Michael Lewis) • Flash Crash Trader Sarao Is A ‘Hero’, Says Fund Manager (Telegraph) • Can The Hound Of Hounslow Really Be A Wolf Of Wall Street? (Telegraph) • Chances of Greek Deal ‘Virtually Nil’ (CNBC) • Greece’s Varoufakis Takes Hammering