Dec 212008
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The last of the affluent, the careless and the innocent

Martha Holmes Picnic September 1947 Eve Prince’s midnight picnic in Warrenton, Virginia Ilargi: Obama expands his job stimulus plan, moving the goalposts from 2 to 3 million jobs to be created over a 2 year period. There are a few things that don’t add up in this. First, these are largely jobs that cost the US economy money, instead of making it richer. And that economy is already so broke that any more additional costs will weigh heavily on it.

Dec 202008
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War in the Labour Markets

Unknown POW’s 1864 Chattanooga, Tennessee. Confederate prisoners at railroad depot waiting to be sent north. Ilargi: The credit crisis yesterday brought down a first entire government, in Belgium. As Niall Ferguson writes today: ”It is all but inevitable that we shall see serious political and geopolitical upheavals in 2009, as the recession takes its toll on weak governments (Thailand and Greece are already reeling) and raises the stakes in inter-state rivalries (India-Pakistan)”. In the same vein, Stoneleigh looks ahead at

Dec 072008
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Energy, Finance and Hegemonic Power

Harris & Ewing Fairview Hotel 1916 1st Street and Florida Avenue, Washington The proprietor is former slave and “colored philosopher” Keith Sutherland Stoneleigh: The interface between finance and energy will prove to be the most important determinant of the way the Greater Depression we are rapidly moving toward will play out in practice. For those here who may be unaware of peak oil, the point is that global oil production appears to have reached a production peak that it will

Dec 062008
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Markets and the Lemming Factor

Detroit Publishing Co. Under the boardwalk 1908 Chalfonte Hotel and the Boardwalk.Atlantic City, New Jersey Stoneleigh: In recent years, the prevailing financial orthodoxy has been that markets are efficient mechanisms for resource allocation based on the collective expression of rational human decision-making, the implication being that they are grounded in stabilizing negative feedback. Markets have been seen as essentially dispassionate and objective arbiters of value, and their constant fluctuations as a random walk with no underlying pattern. It would follow