Oct 302011
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Reviving the Department of Subsistence Homesteads

  This is a guest article by Joanna Bailey   The Original Department of Subsistence Homesteads Between 1933 and 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal created thirty-four communities under the Division of Subsistence Homesteads (DSH). The DSH, funded at $25 million, pledged to organize pilot programs showing how the country could benefit from semirural neighborhoods with part-time farming. Each project would be initiated at the state level and administered through a nonprofit corporation. Successful applicants would be offered a

Oct 172011
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North Dakota's Monetary Magic

Amid of all of the chaos and confusion in the global economy, there exists a humble bastion of relative economic peace and prosperity, and it exists in the developed world no less. It’s known as the state of “North Dakota”. Typically flying well under the radar of any mainstream analysis or even casual reference, it was first the subject of a recent piece in the New York Times entitled The North Dakota Miracle and then another piece critiquing the NYT