Mar 222012
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To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us

Howard Hollem D-DayParade June 6 1944 Part of the parade on D-Day, Madison Square, New York” “On approaching the other it has lost its own self, since it finds itself as another being; secondly, it has thereby sublated that other, for this primitive consciousness does not regard the other as essentially real but sees its own self in the other.” –Hegel Morris Berman, in his book Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline, delves into a very sensitive topic

Mar 212012
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The Extraenvironmentalist Interviews Nicole Foss

Below is a link to an interview with Nicole by The Extraenvironmentalist. It has become one of my favorite podcasts, as it has excellent hosts and a very diverse set of insightful guests discussing an even more diverse set of important topics, and it is only getting better with each new feature-length episode. And that, of course, is in no small part due to the fact that Nicole was their latest guest! First, some information about the podcast and its

Mar 202012
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You wouldn't know it to look at it

Russell Lee Texaco Troubadour June 1940 Pie Town, New Mexico. "Farm boy playing guitar in front of the filling station and garage" I came across this lovely little tale by David Schawel at Economic Musings, in which he explains who’s really paying for the $25 billion mortgage settlement that the US government signed with the big banks. Turns out, it's not the big banks that pay. Color me amazed. The world's major financial institutions have all the political power they

Mar 162012
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An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling

William Henry Jackson Florida Mammoth 1893 “Brown’s landing, Rice Creek.” Note the enormous 18×22 inch “mammoth plate” view camera set up on the bow of the Princess.   Here at TAE, we like to apply the insights of systems theory to our global economic, financial, energy and environmental systems and think in big picture terms about how these systems evolve and interact. That is why, for example, we don’t look at the S&P500 breaching 1400 as a sign that every

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Calling Sydney!

  Hey TAE readers in Sydney!   On our way from Tasmania to New Zealand we have a 24 hour stop-over in Sydney from about noon Saturday March 17 till noon Sunday March 18. And we have no accomodation yet. So I decided to put the question before you: Will Sydney become the only major spot where we have to get a hotel, just as it is the only major spot where we have held no talks? I can't imagine that

Mar 152012
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Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future

Commentary by El Gallinazo. I find it very unlikely that we would see hyperinflation (as opposed to, perhaps, CoL increases in the 10% annual range) before the the Ponzi collapses. The collapse of the Ponzi will be really caused by a freeze up of credit although the idiot media will focus on a plummeting DOW. It is against their religion to analyze with any honesty. Right now we have several competing forces. The global money/credit supply is in an accelerating

Mar 142012
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Are You Going to Believe Your Masters or Your Lying Eyes?

Commentary by El Gallinazo. Under what Bill Gross describes as “the new paranormal,” one has to ask, what exactly do these market caps and index futures mean? While many might argue that in the GOD (good old days) price discovery was rigged, it ain’t nothing compared to what is occurring today. The new generation of software and superduperpooper computers enables the Cabal to fix price discovery as they see fit. Under the old model of capitalism, the shareholders of a

Mar 142012
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The Greeks Were Given an Opportunity to Dig Their Own Graves

Equity markets are off doing their own thing again while the momentary lapse of confusion and chaos in Europe persists. Now that Greece has been able to avoid a disorderly default scenario at the end of this month, the Eurocrats tell us that they have made everything copaseptic. The second bailout for Greece has been officially approved and the first installment of €39.4bn will be released to the government (the banks) in three separate tranches (it’s drawn out so very

Mar 132012
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Juking the Stats: Our Culture of Manipulation

Detroit Publishing Co. Beantown 1906 “Boston, Washington Street. On your left: National Fireworks”   A universal strategy of large institutions is the manipulation of their “books & records” in a positive direction – i.e. one suggesting high levels of current performance and future growth. We see this happen time and again across institutions in all sectors of developed societies, private and public. Large corporations, for example, extensively use off balance sheet vehicles riddled with leveraged products to hide their exposure

Mar 122012
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The Global Liquidity Peak

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s latest article for the Telegraph provides some great data on a theme that TAE readers are quite familiar with – the absence and/or ineffectiveness of the global liquidity faucets that are relied upon to spur growth, inflation, market stability, etc. While it is convenient and understandable that many analysts will argue that central bankers will simply print increasingly large sums of money until monetary velocity accelerates and destroys the value of the underlying currencies, the reality on the