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Commentary by El Gallinazo.

I find it very unlikely that we would see hyperinflation (as opposed to, perhaps, CoL increases in the 10% annual range) before the the Ponzi collapses. The collapse of the Ponzi will be really caused by a freeze up of credit although the idiot media will focus on a plummeting DOW. It is against their religion to analyze with any honesty.

Right now we have several competing forces. The global money/credit supply is in an accelerating deflationary collapse which is most apparent in the Greek sovereign default as well as a collapsing shadow banking system including many hedge funds. The Central Banking Mafia is trying to stall the collapse and save the Too Big to Jails by loaning them money at no or almost no interest.

This allows them to mask their insolvency for a certain period of time. In their arrogance and desperation (admittedly cognitively dissonant), the TBTJ are doubling down on risk markets including commodities with their interest free money, which is the main reason that we are seeing CoL increases in many countries. I have seen a 15% increase in the price of my favorite cut of beef and type of cheese where I live in NW Mexico.

But very little of that credit aka “funny money” is getting out into the real economy. Some people are taking on more debt in the USA as student loans, now financed almost exclusively by the goobermint. It is the only form of personal credit now which is not contracting (and can’t be shaken off by personal bankruptcy).



A lot of people are still buying the Kool-Aide that they are un- or under- employed because they are under-educated, so it’s time to double down with another $100k in the hole. Since reportedly more than 50% of Usacos think that Africa is a country as opposed to a continent, maybe this is a good thing. But if Penn State is any example, marinating your brain in ethanol may be counterproductive.

It seems pretty inevitable at this point that the executive branch of the global mafia, with a primary base in Israel, has decided to attack Iran in the near future. Iran can almost certainly shut down the Straits for an extended period which will push oil well over $200 a barrel. This may result in the credit freeze-up shortly thereafter. Obama is begging his Masters to hold off until after the elections, but it looks to be futile.

They really don’t care which prick gets to occupy the oval office. Obama was a little better choice last time since he neutralized any resistance of the dumbass trendy liberals, who couldn’t see past his complexion and ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. They never heard his campaign slogan, “Chains We Can Believe In“, clearly. Must have been the PA systems. But now that the hammer is falling and copies of the Constitution are being used to puppy train Rottweilers, it has become almost irrelevant.

I am starting to work on an article titled “The Loyal Opposition,” where I detail where I part company on some very fundamental issues of big picture analysis from Ilargi, Nicole, and Ash. But even in retirement, I am lazy, so it may take a while. I bring it up from the standpoint that a total collapse of the world economy may be part of the NWO’s long term plan. As Naomi Klein pointed out in detail in her masterly The Shock Doctrine, the disaster capitalists are no longer satisfied with simply cashing in on disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, but impatient and greedy as they are, have begun to manufacture them out of whole cloth.

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    Jack there is no “Jewish issue” anymore than there is a “Muslim issue” or a “Christian issue” for that matter. It is disheartening that when we attempt to discuss the very real rogue behaviour of the state of Israel, genuine anti-semites leap in and pile on. Unfortunately, it is part of the success of the Israeli lobby, AIPAC and others, that they are able to smear the genuine and well-founded critique of Israeli policies.

    And what is the “name of God”? Is it Jahweh, Jehovah, Hayah, Larry?

    Come, I will teach you to be a fisher of men–then you can go trolling!



    Another deflationist who apparently doesn’t buy gasoline, food, health insurance, etc. Yes, we’re all aware that the Greek restructuring destroyed $100 billion Euros of capital. And it was immediately preceded by the creation of $1 Trillion Euros of LTRO fiat by the ECB (fed’s little brother, lol).

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