Apr 302012
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"If Only" They Had Listened

Protest against education and health care spending cuts in Madrid on April 29, 2012 The populist reaction to bankster-led austerity in Europe is reaching a boiling point now, as elections near in several countries (Greece, France) and there is no way for politicians to spin the record levels of unemployment and ubiquitous conditions of credit/economic contraction that now exist. A full quarter of the adult populations in Greece and Spain are unemployed, the other peripheral nations are fast approaching that same

Apr 292012
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Beyond Zero Emissions: What's Wrong with Big Green Tech

Image courtesy of SqueakyMarmot Ilargi: The following is a guest post by friend of TAE (and our kind present host) John Isaacs-Young, who is active in Transition Sunshine Coast, a region located about halfway up the eastern coast of Australia. There's a lot more wrong with Big Green Tech – and the Beyond Zero Emissions movement – than the specific points John addresses here (and he knows that too), but that's a story for another day.   John Isaacs-Young: The

Apr 282012
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Retrospective #2: Eco-Thrifty Renovation

This is the second weekly installment of the new series by Estwing of the ETR Blog that is currently running in their local paper, The Wanganui Chronicle. Last week I wrote about ‘payback period’ and ‘low hanging fruit.’ To review, payback period is the amount of time it takes to recoup an investment in energy-efficiency with savings on your power bill. Low hanging fruit are simply those investments that have the shortest payback period, ie: the easiest to ‘reach’. While a high

Apr 272012
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The Limits to Mankind

Gordon Parks We need more growth! Spring 1943 "A Harlem scene, viewed from the subway entrance" I read a piece on The Huffington Post today that got me thinking. In fact, it got me thinking how curious it is that so many well-meaning and relatively intelligent people arrive at such a diversity of curiously faulty ideas and conclusions, even when starting from what seem to be similar origins. It’s an all too familiar phenomenon, one that frequently has me wondering

Apr 262012
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Dangerous Debt Collectors

If you have the bad luck to find yourself taking a trip to a hospital in Minnesota, Michigan or Utah in the near future, be on the lookout for debt collectors from Accretive Health posing as hospital employees, accessing your private medical records and trying to get at your wallet while simulatenously discouraging you from taking on any additional medical treatment, regardless of whether you may actually need it to oh, say, save your life. Private collection companies like Accretive and their practices represent the quintessence of debts, legitimate

Apr 252012
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The Imperial Symbolism of Pizza Hut

The following brief article + videos were sent to me by a friend via email. Let me give you a fair warning before I post it’s contents here – the whole ordeal may make you sick to your stomach, so keep a bottle of Pepto Bismol and a trash bin nearby. And if it somehow manages to make you drool instead, then I seriously recommend that you take some time to reflect on your eating habits. Now, with that disclaimer out of the

Apr 252012
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Revisiting the Physical Risks of Debt

December 1919. “Christmas tree at the District Jail, Washington, D.C., and some of the prisoners.” National Photo Co. Collection glass negative. One foundational piece of advice here at TAE as been to get out of debt and stay of debt – not only because the monetary costs of such debt will grow, but also because debt can be used as a means of physical repression and enslavement. It gives public (government) and private institutions the sufficient amount of leverage they need to

Apr 242012
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Just Wait Til' Next Weekend

By now, everyone is used to the predictable progression of the Eurozone sovereign debt and banking crises – a rather mundane week or two is followed by an “earth-shattering” weekend, only to give way to a few more mundane weeks, which inevitably leads us to the next game-changing weekend. And while this process may get very dis-alarming after awhile, like the boy who cried wolf, we should keep in mind that the internals of the Eurozone deteriorate faster and faster

Apr 232012
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Why the Markets are Unsurprisingly in the Red

European markets are ending the day deep in the red (DAX down 3.6%, CAC down 2.8%) on a plethora of different concerns, but mostly due to the political machinations occurring in France and the Netherlands. None of this should be surprising to TAE readers, since it has been repeatedly stressed that democracy, in whatever form it takes, is one of the biggest threats to maintaining stability in the European Monetary Union. For example, this is what I wrote in Political Theater Will Kill the

Apr 222012
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General Thoughts about Luck

William Cruikshank The Anxious Moment 1893 Poker game at Camp McKibbin, Marshall Hall, Maryland. With members of the 2nd, 3rd and 6th battalions of the District National Guard.   As someone who plays poker regularly, I'd like to think that I have a good understanding of why luck is important in our lives. It's NOT because the world is completely random and we have no influence over what outcomes will materialize for us – actually, it is the very fact