Oct 312016
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Debt Rattle October 31 2016

Harris&Ewing State, War & Navy Building, Washington DC 1917 • Economic Stress As World Runs Out Of Dollars (AEP) • China as Factory to World Mulls the Unthinkable: Price Hikes (BBG) • European Banks Stuck With $1.3 Trillion of Bad Loans, KPMG Says (BBG) • FBI Obtains Warrant; Agents Waited Weeks To Tell Comey About Emails (WaPo) (WaPo) • Why Comey Jumped At The Chance To Reopen Hillary Investigation (DM) • FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe (WSJ)

Oct 302016
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James Comey, American Hero

Jack Delano The Chicago & North Western between Chicago and Clinton, Iowa 1943 It looks like I owe you an update. Things move fast in the FBI vs Huma Abedin case. When only some 24 hours ago I started writing my article “Throw Huma Under the Bus?”, there was one thing I did not know at all, one thing I was guessing at as much as the reporters who brought it up, and one I couldn’t verify sufficiently to feel

Oct 292016
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Throw Huma Under the Bus?

Alfred Palmer U.S. Marine Corps glider detachment training camp, Parris Island, SC 1943 There is so much in innuendo and guesses and biased opinion floating around on this ‘morning after’ the Comey bombshell that the only option we have is to read and watch a ton of stuff and see what sticks. One thing that definitely should stick was published late last night by Paul Sperry for the New York Post. He scores a solid and massive point that looks

Oct 292016
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Debt Rattle October 29 2016

Unknown No Dog Biscuits Today • It’s A First: Hillary Wants FBI To Publish Everything About Emails (DM) • Bernstein: New Evidence “A Real Bombshell” Or FBI Would Not Reopen Case (RCP) • 2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Proposing Rigging Palestine Election (Obs.) • China Laughs, Says US Choosing Between ‘A Crazy Guy’ And ‘A Swindler’ (DC) • Inside The Invisible Government: War, Propaganda, Clinton, Trump (John Pilger) • Prof. Michael Hudson: The Criminals Control The US (Renegade) • Sorry,

Oct 282016
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Debt Rattle October 28 2016

Theodor Horydczak Washington Monument 1933 • China Capital Flight Flashes Warning As Authorities Prick Property Bubble (AEP) • Unacceptable Cures for the Days Ahead (Dent) • Japan Consumer Prices Keep Falling, Household Spending Slips (BBG) • Bank of Japan Loses Bark And Bite Under Humbled Kuroda (R.) • The Gap Between Poor And Rich Regions In Europe Is Widening (Economist) • Xi Jinping Becomes ‘Core’ Leader Of China (R.) • Waking Up in Hillary Clinton’s America (Nomi Prins) • Donald

Oct 272016
Debt Rattle October 27 2016

Marion Post Wolcott. Unemployed coal miner’s mother in law and child. Marine, West Virginia 1938 • With 70% Of Wildlife Gone, We Face Mass Extinction On Scale Of Dinosaurs (YP) • Mass Consumption Is Causing Mass Extinction. Can We Stop Ourselves? (TP) • Our Landfill Economy (CH Smith) • Mike Maloney: DEFLATION FIRST! (Max Keiser) • Globalization Goes Into Reverse (BBG) • The Next 10 Years Will Be Ugly for Your 401(k) (BBG) • Deutsche Bank Probes “Misstated” Derivative Valuations,

Oct 262016
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Debt Rattle October 26 2016

Dorothea Lange Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma 1936 • The Euro Has Been A Disaster For Southern European Production (Gefira) • Washington: Don’t Think It’s Over When Trump Loses (Steve Keen) • 213 North American Oil Industry Companies Have Now Declared Bankruptcy (FF) • China Tightens Capital Controls Amid Yuan’s Continuing Slide (Nikkei) • London House Prices Forecast to Plunge as Brexit Chokes Market (BBG) • AT&T Is Spying On Americans For Profit (DB) • The US Is Currently

Oct 252016
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Debt Rattle October 25 2016

NPC Grief monument, Rock Creek cemetery, Washington DC 1915 • The Eurozone Is Turning Into A Poverty Machine (Tel.) • Barclays Warns ‘Politics of Rage’ Will Slow Global Growth (BBG) • China Capital Outflows Highest Since Data Publishing Began In 2010 (BBG) • Credit Card Lending To US Subprime Borrowers Is Starting To Backfire (WSJ) • Bank of England Optimism Evaporates in Long-Term Debt (BBG) • The Deficit Is Too Small, Not Too Big (McCulley) • Welcome to the George

Oct 242016
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Debt Rattle October 24 2016

Dorothea Lange Arkansas flood refugee family near Memphis, Texas 1937 • Japan Exports Fall 6.9% YoY, Imports Plunge 16.3% (BBG) • China: Soon The Most Visible Victim of Deglobalization (AJ) • China Continues To Buy Up The World (BBG) • German Momentum Grows for Curbs on Chinese Overseas Investment (BBG) • Chinese Money Flowing to Hong Kong Stocks Has Suddenly Dried Up (BBG) • Europe’s Incredibly Safe Banks (BBG) • Unaffordable Australian Housing ‘in Government Sights’ (BBG) • What Is