Feb 292020
Debt Rattle February 29 2020

Harris&Ewing National Emergency War Garden Commission display, Wash. DC 1918   • China Reports Catastrophic Data: PMIs Crash To Record Lows (ZH) • New York Scrambles To Replace US Government’s Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits (R.) • US Sanctions on Iran Helped Coronavirus Spread Undetected (NI) • Chinese Lab That First Shared Virus Genome Closed For ‘Rectification’ (SCMP) • Australia Defied WHO On Coronavirus (SMH) • Israeli Scientists Claim To Be Weeks Away From Coronavirus Vaccine (NYPost) • A Big Coronavirus

Feb 282020
Debt Rattle February 28 2020

Lewis Wickes Hine Gus Hodges, 11, instructs brother Julius 5. I found Gus selling as late as 9 pm, Norfolk VA 1911   • England Only Has 15 Beds For Worst Respiratory Cases (G.) • Diagnosis Of Coronavirus Patient In California Was Delayed For Days (NPR) • The Last Time This Happened Was Days Before The Great Depression (ZH) • Whistleblower Claims ‘Corrupt Cover-Up’ Of Dangerous Coronavirus Quarantines (ZH) • Greece Reports 4 Coronavirus Cases, Cancels Carnival (K.) • Abe

Feb 272020
Debt Rattle February 27 2020

‘Daly’ Store, Manning, South Carolina 1941   • China City Offers $1,400 To Virus Patients Who Report To Authorities (R.) • UK Hospitals To Deny Care To Weakest If Pandemic Hits (Ind.) • The Hunt For ‘Patient Zero’ – The World’s Health May Depend On It (SCMP) • Japanese Woman Tests Positive For Second Time (R.) • HIV-Like Mutation Makes Coronavirus Far More Infectious Than Sars (SCMP) • Virus Response Delay Could Have Added 100,000 Cases, China Expert (SCMP) •

Feb 262020
Debt Rattle February 26 2020

‘Daly’ Somewhere in the South, possibly Miami 1941   • First US Soldier Stationed In South Korea Tests Positive For Coronavirus (CNN) • China Outbreak Could Cause Critical Shortages Of Medical Products In US (CNN) • Larry Kudlow: US Has Contained Coronavirus, Economy Holding Up Nicely (CNBC) • Coronavirus Wipes Out $1.7 Trillion In US Stock Market Value In 2 Days (CNBC) • US Could See A Similar Death Rate To China If The Virus Spreads – Fauci (CNN) •

Feb 252020
It's The Virus, Stupid

Venice carnival or Black Death? Mary Poppins?     Many of the things we see happening now with the coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, take your pick, I “predicted” a while ago. But I’m not in the predicting business, and anyone who would have said even just a week ago that Italy would have 11 deaths today and/or Iran would have 50, or the US 53+ cases of infection, would have been labeled a raving lunatic. Wuhan apparently relaxed some of their

Feb 252020
Debt Rattle February 25 2020

Andreas Feininger Production B-17 heavy bomber at Boeing plant, Seattle Dec 1942   • The Fall of Wuhan (Ben Hunt) • 40-70% Of People Will Be Infected With COVID19 – Epidemiologist (Atl.) • Xi Jinping Rings Alarm On Economy As China Shifts Priority To Growth (SCMP) • Confusion In Wuhan As Move To Ease Coronavirus Lockdown Is Reversed (SCMP) • How Iran’s Death Toll Came To Be The Highest Behind Only China (SCMP) • China Overestimating Economic Recovery By Leaving

Feb 242020
Debt Rattle February 24 2020

John Vachon Rain. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1941     • Wuhan Eases Coronavirus Lockdown As Xi Warns Of Historic ‘Crisis’ (G.) • Large Parts Of China Relax Coronavirus Curbs, Many Report Zero New Cases (R.) • Coronavirus China’s Fastest-Spreading Public Health Crisis – Xi Jinping (SCMP) • Chinese Workers Refuse To Go Back To Work Despite Beijing’s Demands (ZH) • Coronavirus Credit Crunch Hits Millions Of Chinese Firms (BBC) • 85% Of Chinese Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In

Feb 232020
Debt Rattle February 23 2020

Jack Delano Spectators at annual barrel rolling contest in Presque Isle, Maine 1940   • COVID19 Cases Outside China Go Exponential (ZH) • Millions Of Chinese Ordered Back To Work (Obs.) • China’s 92% Car Sales Collapse Sign Of Sharp Trade Decline To Come (SCMP) • Trump Furious Americans Infected With Coronavirus Flown Back To US (Fox) • 18 Koreans Test Positive For COVID-19 After Israel Pilgrimage (KH) • US Says Russia Behind Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign (G.) • Roger Stone

Feb 222020
Debt Rattle February 22 2020

DPC The Mammoth Oak at Pass Christian, Mississippi 1900   • Asymptomatic Wuhan Woman Infects Five Relatives With Coronavirus (G.) • COVID19 Mortality Rate Hits New Lifetime High Of 3.0% (ZH) • Italy Reports 1st Virus Death, Cases More Than Quadruple (AP) • 10 Italian Towns In Lockdown Over Coronavirus Fears (IBT) • US Prepares For Coronavirus Pandemic, School And Business Closures (R.) • Judge Blocks Transfer Of 50 Coronavirus Patients To Costa Mesa (CBS) • France Should Use Virus

Feb 212020
Debt Rattle February 21 2020

Jack Delano Cafe at truck drivers’ service station on U.S. 1, Washington DC 1940   • Coronavirus Kills Young Wuhan Doctor, 100s Infected In China’s Prisons (G.) • Whopping Rise In Infections At Beijing Hospital Puts Capital On Alert (GT) • South Korea Coronavirus Cases Jump To 156 (SCMP) • South Korea Designates Daegu, Cheongdo As ‘Special Care Zones’ (Yonhap) • Woman Returning From Iran 6th Case Of COVID19 in British Columbia (NP) • Australia Cruise Evacuees Test Positive Only