Jan 232021
Debt Rattle January 23 2021

Zao Wu-Ki Le soleil rouge 1950   • Here Are the Superheroes To Come and Save Us (MPN) • Dems Demand Social Media Stop ‘Polluting Minds Of American People’ (RT) • New McCarthyism Will Prove An Orwellian Mistake – Hanson (K.) • Big Tech, Big Brother, & The End Of Free Speech (RCP) • The Echo Chamber Era (Matt Taibbi) • 500,000 More British Kids Face Mental Health Issues (Wilson) • Israel Analysis Of COVID Vaccine Raises Questions About UK

Jan 222021
Debt Rattle January 22 2021

Vincent van Gogh Laboureur dans un champ 1889   • 1000s Of Guardsmen Forced To Vacate Capitol, Sleep In Parking Garage (Pol.) • Words of Division (MacDonald) • Trump as Othello in a Corporate Theater (Ford) • Round Up the Usual Suspects; Don’t Forget Putin (Ray McGovern) • The Capturing of the Capitol (Tracey) • State Legislatures Make “Unprecedented” Push On Anti-Protest Bills (IC) • 12,000 Israelis Test Positive For Covid19 Despite Receiving Pfizer Jab (RT) • Merkel To Close

Jan 212021
Debt Rattle January 21 2021

Jackson Pollock Man with knife 1938-40   • WHO Warns That PCR COVID Tests Are More Likely To Give False Positives (PM) • No Decline In Very High COVID Rates During 1st Week Of UK’s 3rd Lockdown (ITV) • France Issues Warning Over Use Of Homemade Masks Against New Variants (G.) • Biden To Sign 53 Executive Orders In First 10 Days (Hill) • Inaugural Display Symbolizing 56 US States, Territories (JTN) • Globalist “Manifesto” For Post-Trump Economic “Reset” (ZH)

Jan 202021
Debt Rattle January 20 2021

Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896   • Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus? (Spiegel) • New COVID Strain Reportedly Emerging Within Brazilian Amazon (ZH) • The New Domestic War On Terror Is Coming (Glenn Greenwald) • Comey Calls For the Republican Party To Be “Burned Down” (Turley) • Baghdad On The Potomac – Welcome To The Blue Zone (Escobar) • Media Cheers DC Under Military Occupation (Tracey) • Biden’s DHS Pick To “Study”

Jan 192021
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Debt Rattle January 19 2021

Claude Monet The house at Yerres 1876   • The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants (Kustler) • Can Joe Biden Succeed Where Barack Obama Failed? (Sirota) • McConnell, Schumer Close In On Power-Sharing Agreement (CNN) • Critics Reject $1.9 Trillion Biden COVID Plan As ‘Liberal Wishlist’ (JTN) • Hillary, Pelosi Wonder if Trump Spoke to Putin on Day of Capitol Riot (BB) • Kremlin Joins EU Officials In Denouncing Big Tech Censorship (JTN) • Germany Weighs Up Mandatory FFP2

Jan 182021
Debt Rattle January 18 2021

Jean-Léon Gérôme Slave market 1866   • Thousands Of Troops Dig In For Inauguration (Hill) • FBI Vetting Guard Troops In DC Amid Fears Of Insider Attack (AP) • The Senate’s Cadaver Synod: The Trial Of Citizen Trump (Turley) • Trump Social Media Ban Sparks Calls For Action vs Other Populist Leaders (G.) • Trump To Issue Around 100 Pardons And Commutations Tuesday (CNN) • Despair, Depression, And The Inevitable Rise of Trump 2.0 – Greenwald (RT) • Biden Team

Jan 172021
Debt Rattle January 17 2021

Salvador Dalí Cadaques 1923   • Further Year Of Covid Curbs Needed – Irish Official (IT) • 55 Americans Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29 (ZH) • Second COVID Variant From Brazil ‘Likely’ Already In The UK (Sky) • UK Children’s Welfare Becoming A National Emergency (G.) • A Year Of Lockdowns Can’t Take The Shine Off Goldmans Sachs Profits (G.) • Trump Trial Pending, McConnell Calls It ‘Vote Of Conscience’ (AP) • Should Donald Trump Skip

Jan 162021
Debt Rattle January 16 2021

Pablo Picasso Blue nude 1902   • Dems Reject Bigger Survival Checks, Float Tax Breaks For The Rich (DP) • 79% of Americans Think The US Is Falling Apart (RT) • Americans Are Being Divided As The War On Domestic Terror Expands (TLAV) • Prosecutors Walk Back Story Of Plot To Kill Lawmakers In Capitol Riot (JTN) • Signs and Wonders (Kunstler) • At Least 23 Die After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine In Norway (DS) • Silicon Valley and WEF Announce

Jan 152021
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Baby Social Media

Salvador Dalí The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1959     And just like that, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg belatedly found they had fallen on their own swords, as these were already sticking out of their backs. Let’s see it as poetic justice. They thought they had the power- after all, they’re just private companies!- to restrict Donald Trump’s access to their organizations, and then ban him altogether, only to find that they themselves will now be restricted

Jan 152021
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Debt Rattle January 15 2021

Salvador Dalí Living still life 1956   • Trump Declassifying Trove Of FBI Memos Exposing Steele’s Motivations (JTN) • Trump Declassifies ‘Foot-High’ Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents (ZH) • After Trump Bans, Facebook, Twitter See Combined $51 Billion In Losses (JTN) • Mexican President Mounts Campaign Against Social Media Bans (AP) • Poland Plans To Make Censoring Of Social Media Accounts Illegal (G.) • Google Refuses To Answer Questions About Removing Australian News Sites (G.) • Trump Impeached Amid Efforts