May 312021
Debt Rattle May 31 2021

Edgar Degas Landscape with Path Leading to a Copse of Trees 1880-92   • Employees Sue Hospital over Vaccine Mandate (L&C) • Vaccine Passports For Cross-Border Travel Take Off In Europe (RT) • DHS Walks Back Claim US Taking “Close Look” At Vaccine Passports (ZH) • Masks Achieve Nothing In Terms Of Spread (Guerra) • The Basic Foolishness With The Path (Denninger) • Travel Restrictions & Partial Lockdown Imposed In Guangzhou (RT) • Over 200 Republicans Press Pelosi To Back

May 302021
Debt Rattle May 30 2021

René Magritte The secret player 1927   • Harder To Attribute Mortality To Vaccine Than To Covid? (JTN) • Vietnam Sees Hybrid Of Covid-19 Variants Identified In India And Britain (ST) • ‘Wuhan Lab Is Still Conducting The Same Research’: Mike Pompeo (DM) • Victoria: 5 New Local Covid Cases, ‘Extremely Concerning’ Mystery Case (G.) • Restricting Freedom Didn’t Defeat COVID (ZH) • DeSantis Pushes Back On Big Tech Social Media Censorship (JTN) • Climate Crisis Inflicting Huge ‘Hidden Costs’

May 292021
Debt Rattle May 29 2021

John Collier Lady Godiva c1897   • National Horror Story Hour (Kunstler) • Chinese Scientists Created Covid-19 In A Wuhan Lab – Study (DM) • Fauci Backed Virus Experiments ‘Despite Pandemic Risk’ (Lauria) • Broken Parts Of COVID-19 Vaccines Mutate To Trigger Blood Clots (GGI) • European Regulators OK Pfizer Vaccine For Children 12-15 (AP) • For The Young: Choose Wisely (Denninger) • Oklahoma House Bans Mask Mandate, Vaccine Requirements in Schools (ET) • Georgia Bans Mask Mandates In Public

May 282021
Debt Rattle May 28 2021

Brassaï Couple on a bench, Paris 1932   • Suppressing Data On Ivermectin Cost ‘Half A Million Lives’ – Kory (WT) • Inhaled Nanobodies Could Be New Secret Weapon Against Severe Covid (RT) • US Sitting On ‘Raft’ Of Unexamined Virus Intel (ZH) • Fort Detrick Base Is Full Of Suspicions – China (RT) • Rand Paul: “Fauci Cannot Investigate Himself; Get Him Under Oath” (SN) • California Launches Largest US Covid Vaccine Lottery Yet (G.) • Facebook Now Banning

May 272021
Debt Rattle May 27 2021

Brassaï The Sun King 1930   • CDC: More Than 10,000 Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections (JTN) • More Flagrant Data Manipulation From The CDC (OffG) • DOD Tracking 14 Cases of Heart Inflammation in Troops After COVID-19 Shots ( • Dr. Fauci Gets In Heated Debate With 17 Previous Versions Of Himself (BBee) • Covid Spike Protein, In All Vaccines, Is What Causes Deadly Blood Clots (NN) • Does Ivermectin Really Work Against Covid-19? (IT) • Snopes Introduces New Rating:

May 262021
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Debt Rattle May 26 2021

Théodore Géricault Prancing Grey Horse 1812   • I Don’t Know Of A Bigger Story In The World (NC) • The Drug That Cracked Covid (Michael Capuzzo) • Finnish Firm Earns US Patent For Covid Drug Containing Ivermectin, HCQ (Yle) • Mild COVID-19 Induces Lasting Antibody Protection (wustl) • Rand Paul Says Dr. Anthony Fauci Should ‘Be Immediately Fired’ (JTN) • Inside India’s “Hunger Games” (Bhandari) • More Bombshells On Covid And Wuhan Lab Connection Should Come Soon (JTN) •

May 252021
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Debt Rattle May 25 2021

Alberto Giacometti Tête Noire 1957   • Frontline Doctors File Motion To Stop EUA Of Covid Vaccines For Children (LSN) • 1-Minute ‘Non-invasive’ Covid Breath Test Authorized For Use In Singapore (RT) • Stop The Death Cult (Denninger) • Thrombosis After Covid-19 Vaccination (BMJ) • How Texas Killed Covid (Ron Paul) • Growing Circumstantial Evidence That Covid Came Out Of A Lab – Gottlieb (Hill) • “Fact-Checking” Takes Another Beating (Taibbi) • Retired NYT Science Editor Slams MSM For Ignoring

May 242021
Debt Rattle May 24 2021

Edvard Munch Separation 1896   • Hodkinson – “When The History Of This Madness Is Written..” (DE) • The Covid Scandal, With Tucker Carlson: Part 2 (CW) • Wuhan Lab Workers Were ‘So Sick They Sought Hospitalization’ (ZH) • How Hard Will Biden Press For A Probe Of Wuhan? (Peters) • CDC Studies Cases Of Heart Inflammation Among Vaccinated Young People (RT) • Faster Than A PCR Test: Dogs Detect Covid In Under A Second (G.) • Rand Paul First

May 232021
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Debt Rattle May 23 2021

Edvard Munch Separation 1894   • 160+ Experts Slam Covid Vaccines As ‘Unnecessary, Ineffective And Unsafe’ (LSN) • Second And Last Reply To M. Yeadon (Van Den Bossche) • The Danger Of Claimed ‘Statistics’ (Denninger) • Daily US Covid Cases Lowest In A Year, Pandemic Worsens In Latin America (F.) • No 10 ‘Tried To Block’ Data On Spread Of New Covid Variant In UK Schools (O.) • Fauci Faces Drop In Confidence From 40% Of Americans Over Past Year

May 222021
Debt Rattle May 22 2021

Paul Gauguin Road in Tahiti 1891   • Science Has Become A Cartel (Unherd) • House Republicans Release COVID-19 Origins Report (ZH) • No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, No Unvaxxed (OffG) • The Government’s Emergency Powers Myth (Napolitano) • Risk Of Covid Is Now Very Low — It’s Time To Stop Living In Fear (Makary) • You Want Employees? Stop Being *******s (Denninger) • The Real-Life Victims of Democrats’ Irrational Deficit Paranoia (TNR) • Poor Economic Reports Raise Caution