May 212021
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Debt Rattle May 21 2021

Herri met de Bles Landscape with Saint Christopher 1535 – 1545   • Israel-Palestinian Ceasefire Comes Into Force (Y!) • Celebrations In Gaza As Ceasefire Takes Hold (AlJ) • US Arms Makers Make a Killing Off of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza (MPN) • Existing Cheap Drugs Could Rapidly Reduce Covid-19 Cases, Deaths In India (ToI) • Why Big Pharma’s Arguments Against Patent Waivers Don’t Add Up (CP) • If You Try To Bite Russia, We’ll Knock Out Your Teeth –

May 202021
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Debt Rattle May 20 2021

Amedeo Modigliani Nu allongé 1917   • Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths (Mercola) • Ivermectin Crushes Delhi Cases (DR) • Amid Concerns Over Effectiveness, Govt Ramping Up Remdesivir Production (BS) • Rock Music? No. Road Hockey? Yes (LFP) • Biden Permits Nord Stream 2 (Greenwald) • Colonial Pipeline Confirms It Paid $4.4m Ransom To Hackers (AP) • Pentagon Reportedly Running Secret Army Of 60,000 Around The World (NYP) • Accused Russiagate ‘Spy’ Kilimnik Speaks (Maté) • Blinken, Lavrov Seek

May 192021
Debt Rattle May 19 2021

Andrew Wyeth Christina’s world 1948   • The CDC Is Manipulating Data To Prop-up “Vaccine Effectiveness” (OffG) • CDC Head Now Differentiates Between Dying ‘From’ Vs. Dying ‘With’ Covid (Fox) • Is The Pfizer Vaccine As Effective As Claimed? (P&R) • One Shot Is Enough To Obtain An EU Covid Travel Certificate (CC) • Vaccine Cocktails Could Be On The Menu (RT) • Unvaccinated Americans Twice As Likely To Feel Comfortable Ditching Masks (F.) • Canada Invests $200 Million To

May 182021
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Debt Rattle May 18 2021

Gustav Klimt The Park 1909   • Texas Reports Zero COVID Deaths 2 Months After Biden Said ‘Neanderthals’ (NW) • 42% Of Russians Do Not Want To Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19 (Tickle) • Learn From History – Or Repeat It (Denninger) • The False God (Jim Kunstler) • Dutch Municipalities Spy On Citizens On Social Media (VK) • Q&A With Antonio Garcia-Martinez (Taibbi) • US Blocks New Draft UN Statement On Mideast Violence (MSN) • You Are Writing History With

May 172021
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Debt Rattle May 17 2021

Vincent van Gogh Landscape with Couple Walking and Crescent Moon 1890   • Second Stage Terror Wars (Edward Curtin) • Fear Is the Mind-Killer (Alice) • How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes – Without Medication (G.) • Covid-19 Testing Turns To T Cells (Nature) • Interview with Dr Bhakdi (Schultz) • The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill (Wired) • War of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed (Judy L. Shelton) • Druckenmiller: “There’s Been No Greater

May 162021
Debt Rattle May 16 2021

John French Sloan Sunday, Women Drying Their Hair 1912   • COVID Deaths Plummet As Excess Mortality Falls To Pre-Pandemic Levels (McMaken) • Harvard Epidemiologist Locked Out Of Twitter For Criticizing Masks (JTN) • CDC Chief Moves From ‘Impending Doom’ To No Masks In 45 Days (Fox) • Multiple Governors Drop Mask Mandates As CDC Rewrites Guidance (JTN) • CDC Tells Schools To Keep Students In Masks For Another Year (JTN) • Disquiet In UK Schools As Easing Of Mask

May 152021
Where Did The Science Go?

Claude Monet Misty Morning on the Seine 1897     When the covid virustime started, we were told by everyone with a microphone to “follow the science”. But 16 months or so in, we’re not following the science, yet no-one calls us on it. What happened? Where did we lose the thread, where did we lose our heads, where did the science go? Did we lose it because the vaccine makers got too greedy, or because politicians became too panicky,

May 152021
Debt Rattle May 15 2021

Wassily Kandinsky Contrasting Sounds 1924   • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Reprograms Innate Immune Responses • Long Covid-19 Linked To Early Aging Of Immune System (CGTN) • Pandemic To Be ‘Far More Deadly’ This Year – WHO (Y!) • Delay Child Vaccinations And Share Jabs With Covax – WHO (BBC) • India Variant Could Seriously Disrupt Lifting Of UK Lockdown (G.) • Failed Biden Nominee Neera Tanden Hired As White House Senior Adviser (F.) • The Age of Fear (Whitehead) •

May 142021
Debt Rattle May 14 2021

Pablo Picasso Woman Sitting Near a Window (Marie-Therese) 1932 (sold yesterday for $103.4 million)   • Predictions On Outcome Of Mass Vaccination During A Pandemic (VanDenBossche) • Don’t Mention Ivermectin; It’ll Upset The Vaccine Rollout (BizN) • CDC Says Vaccinated People Can Largely Stop Wearing Masks (F.) • 8 Vaccinated Yanks Coaches, Staff Have Virus (AP) • More Than A Quarter Of EU Adults Reluctant To Get Covid Vaccine (RT) • Scientists Slam WHO For Dismissing Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

May 132021
Debt Rattle May 13 2021

Daniel Garber The quarry 1917   • Public Health and the Triumph of Irrationality (CP) • Your Immune System Evolves to Fight Coronavirus Variants (SciAm) • Covid Pandemic Was Preventable, Says WHO-commissioned Report (G.) • Covid Surges In 4 Of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries (F.) • Ivermectin Tablets To Be Distributed Among Uttarakhand Residents (OneIndia) • Could Indian Variant Jeopardise UK Unlocking Plan? (DM) • Merriam-Webster: ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Now Includes Those Who Oppose Forced Jabs (RT) • 124 Retired Generals And