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Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – The Savage State 1834



There is nothing wrong with people remembering their departed loved ones; mourning has a beneficial function for the human mind -and body. It’s a bit different when it becomes a group process, or even one of an entire nation, especially when a vast media complex gets involved to tell readers and viewers what to think.

And when one of the eulogists is the guy who used the deaths to inflict death upon millions of others, it has become real different. Mourning, in its optimal form, binds people together. And if you can’t, or don’t mourn all deaths, it has lost that form. It has become as divisive as the initial cause of all the dying.

Does any American think that whoever killed 3,000 people in New York, should want or expect 2-3-4 million people to die in retribution over the following 20 years? Do you even have a right to mourn your own lost innocent lives if you neglect all other lost innocent lives?

I remember watching a video with Larry Silverstein, who had bought all -or most- of the WTC complex just 3 months before 9/11 (always found that a weird detail), saying at some point during 9/11 the fire department decided to “pull the building”. The video is still up. And I thought: you can only “pull” a building if you loaded it up with explosives first, which for a building the size of WTC7 takes days. Why on earth would you have done that in early September or before??

That’s when I stopped reading 9/11 stories, and trying to figure out what really happened, because it was too clear that we would never find out. It is JFK’s murder all over again. Lots of speculation, but never an answer. Just an endless barrage of deceit.


And lo and behold, we appear to be walking into exactly the same kind of barrage again, eyes wide open. This one has made, at last count, some 655,000 victims in the US alone over the past 20 months. As the country mourns 3,000 victims from 20 years ago. And while the last great deceit led to revenge on people half a world away, this time the target is “our own people”.

Dr. Robert Malone yesterday said: “I have seen reliable estimates that there have been 450,000 excess US deaths attributable to USG blocking early use of ivermectin and HCQ.” Other sources claim some 200,000 have died from the vaccines (and many more will follow). You keeping track of the numbers? We’re at 650,000 out of 655,000 already. And there’s more (or less, if you want). “Covid cases in UK are 26 times higher than a year go. ”

Does the virus even really exist? 7 Laboratories in US Can’t Find COVID-19 in One of 1,500 Positive Tests. It doesn’t even appear to have been isolated either. Just people with influenza A or B jotted down as covid.

And even if the coronavirus exists, how dangerous is it? More and more claim that the Delta variant, which is said to be almost all virus left, is fictitious, and merely a term used as a way to cover up vaccine deaths.

Meanwhile, Moderna is rushing to get a vaccine approved for 5-11 year olds, and working on one for 6 months old and up. Because they might infect their grandparents, or something. Case fatality rates of these kids are infinitesimal, much lower than the risks of the vaccines for them, but The Science has been abandoned by those who claim to represent it. And the grandparents might think: better me dead than my grandchild, but octogenarian Fauci sure ain’t going to ask them what they think.

That the vaccinated are doing much better than the unvaccinated, either in infections or in transmission, is a long dead mantra. But the idea that the vaccines prevent severe disease or death, is also rapidly vanishing. You’ve been spritzed with something that will be a threat for the rest of your life, and your best defense is to get fit and spruce up your immune system as best you can. Take vit. D, zinc and ivermectin, if you can still get it.

What remains is the deceit, from 9/11 to Covid, the government lies that by now should be expected, and the media lies that.. well, should also. Maybe that’s why we have the interwebs, so we can go out and find a kernel of truth in between the deceit. Even if 95% of people use it to do the exact opposite.


Time to start mourning the people who die of or with Covid, and who die of the vaccines, once you’re done with 9/11. And see that they didn’t have to die, that it was a political choice. You may be able to use that grief, and your nascent understanding of why they died, to make sure not more others die of fully preventable causes. Any Americans -and Europeans- who die from now on in will be like the Afghans and Iraqis and Syrians etc. who died post-9/11. Victims of failed -or worse- policy.




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    Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – The Savage State 1834     There is nothing wrong with people remembering their departed loved ones; mourn
    [See the full post at: The Narrative of Loss]


    The good citizens of my mountain community were singing God Bless America last night in the pavilion across the street from me. I turned my first responder’s flag upside down in response.


    In Australia 9/11 produced some comment in the media, but not much. That day is already ancient history for so many people.

    Thomas Cole’s painting is one of a series of 5. Number 4 has had a lot of exposure on the Internet. Wikipedia says that his paintings reflect “popular American sentiments of the times, when many saw pastoralism as the ideal phase of human civilization, fearing that empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay”.

    Gluttony and decay. Ain’t that the prophectic truth! All empires follow the same trajectory. When will they ever learn?


    I strongly recommend that everybody read How to Have Impossible Conversations by Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay (ISBN: 9780738285320). I have read it, need to re-read it, and find that it is indeed a very practical guide. Today more than ever we need this kind of practical wisdom and advice. May those who attend TAE become bright examples of reasoning and reasoned discourse.

    From Booktopia:

    Whether you’re in a classroom, an office, a town hall–or just hoping to get through a family dinner with a stubborn relative–here is a guide to having effective, civil discussions about today’s most divisive issues.

    In our current political climate, it seems impossible to have a civil conversation with someone who has a different opinion. Dialogue is shut down when perspectives clash. Heated debates on Facebook and Twitter often lead to shaming, hindering any possibility of productive discourse. How To Make Impossible Conversations guides readers through the process of having effective, civil discussions about any divisive issues–not just religious faith but climate change, race, gender, poverty, immigration, and gun control.

    Coauthors Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay distinguish between two types of conversations: those that are oriented toward arriving at truth, and those that may require changing the beliefs of people who do not want their beliefs changed (interventions). They then guide readers through the straightforward, practical, conversational techniques necessary for every successful conversation, up to expert- and master-level techniques to deal with hardliners and extremists. With key principles like the “Seven Fundamentals Necessary for Good Conversations,” this book is the manual everyone needs to foster connection and empathy with anyone.

    Please do not buy it from Amazon if you can possibly avoid it. Give someone else a go.

    a kullervo

    Mankind’s most treasured delusion:
    Pursuit of happiness = pursuit of immortality (as a species at first and then as discrete eternal individuals.)

    Humans fell for it hook, line, and sinker because they overlooked the most insidious delusion of them all: the illusion of (having) free will.


    So interesting that you mention the book by Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay. Boghossian just quit Portland State University where he was professor of philosophy for 10 years because he says the university is all about conformity to wokeness now and just a social justice factory:
    Makes me even more interested in reading his book.


    It seems if the US wanted revenge for 9/11 they should have invaded Saudi Arabia. Oops.

    Veracious Poet

    I remember watching a video with Larry Silverstein, who had bought all -or most- of the WTC complex just 3 months before 9/11 (always found that a weird detail), saying at some point during 9/11 the fire department decided to “pull the building”. The video is still up. And I thought: you can only “pull” a building if you loaded it up with explosives first, which for a building the size of WTC7 takes days. Why on earth would you have done that in early September or before??

    I lived through 9/11, working 4 blocks from WTC, I can’t even describe what it was like for those of us that had to live through that nightmare…

    My family & I regularly visited the Windows On the World restaurant, the last time a week before the debacle ~ I was in & about the WTC complex on a daily basis…

    I also have a friend that was one of two FDNY that was the last humans that made it out of WTC #1 before it collapsed, there’s a picture of him + the other FDNY walking out with a large black woman & white man, I’m sure some of you saw it.

    We had dinner together several times into 2002, when he retired & moved away ~ After he left the hospital he went to work for the FBI as a forensics expert, he was the first to tell me the building was rigged with explosives long before the attack…

    I worked in the legal/law enforcement complex in lower Manhattan, the air was so toxic I wouldn’t let my wife come into work for 6 months following the attacks, I’m sure that 100,000s of people got pulmonary diseases, like myself, & many having already passed.

    The first day my wife came in we walked down Park Row to Broadway, with N95 masks, & looking down Broadway it looked like the inside of a Snow Globe. Thousands of unmasked people were walking about like there was nothing wrong…

    My only friends during our 20+ years there were senior LEOs (the good ones), with several close ones at the top of command.

    I learned from several sources that it was decided after the 1993 bombing debacle that the WTC buildings would be setup for controlled demolition, because if they fell into the surrounding area the casualties would be exponentially worse ~ I am not making this up, it was common knowledge in the senior LEO community…

    There was even a special maintenance crew to assure the demo system was safe & fully operational.

    We didn’t lose anyone close to us on 9-11, but two clients had their offices destroyed & we had to write off $55k, which we did without reservation, but the impact from that disaster is still with us today, as I’m sure it is with uncountable others…

    As per convention, the word monkeys only reported what they were told to report, my information was rejected as conspiracy theory or worse.

    My brother, who was my assistant during those years, told me yesterday I was correct when I said on 9-11, “America will learn nothing from this, it will only empower TPTB to increase the pillage, loot & plunder”.

    I truly wish I had been wrong…


    The virus is fake. I have held that position right from the very beginning when I heard about “all the people dying” and saw those first videos from China (or not from China, who knows).

    When I lived in Africa, you knew when there was a medical plague because you would see very sick, sometimes basically dead, people among the huge lines of people queued up at the health clinics. You knew there was something up. Yet in Hong Kong where I live, there was no more ambulance activity than normal, no more police activity than normal, no sick people in the streets, so where were all these dead and dying people, the sorts of people we had seen in the first videos from China?

    Then, as we got to know more, I realised that very few diseases have exactly the same symptoms as other diseases, and the similarity between flu and Covid was very suspect. Add to that that the overall death rates were not going crazy, the test was a complete fake and I was convinced this was another government crime.

    Then, despite our wonderful technological ailities, the test never improved, the data collection never improved, nothing ever improved. All the countries in the world could coordinate lockdowns, travel restrictions and all the other oppressions, yet they couldn’t coordinate a data collection protocol so that we would know what is happening? Totally unbelievable.

    Crooks, your government is full of murdering crooks.


    Remember OKC bombing. Maybe you missed this one. Reporting of multiple bombs from local news outlets.

    Maxwell Quest

    Great comment VP, really appreciate your first-hand account. It makes perfect sense that all 3 buildings were rigged for demolition after the failed 1993 bombing in the parking garage. Having either of the towers topple like an enormous tree onto several blocks of buildings would have been catastrophic. This also explains the “pull the building” comment, and (if memory serves me) the premature news broadcast of 7 WTC’s demise.

    It also makes sense that the demolition rigging be a closely guarded secret. There are many skyscrapers in NY and around the world. It might make it difficult to find tenants if people knew that their offices on the 50th floor were in a building rigged with explosives just in case. Not to mention the danger of this information falling into the hands of the wrong people. Then there would be no need for flight training and the hijacking of planes, just gain access to the secret demo system and throw the switch.


    Here is a video a caller on CSPAN recommended (a democrat!) made by the firefighters who want answers. I thought it was very good. It’s called “Calling out Bravo Seven, the 2020 edition.” It’s probably been posted before….
    9/11 set the stage for “we need to stay safe”. Covid was a cinch after that.
    Who are we keeping safe? There’s an awful lot of dead bodies to mourn for our methods for “staying safe”.

    those darned kids
    Veracious Poet

    The Feds knew that islamic terrorists wanted to highjack commercial aircraft back to at least 1996, when that information came out from the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

    You know, the same trial transcripts that implicated the FBI into supplying the terrorists with bombs, where it was planned to knock WTC1 down & into WTC2, as part of some sort of botched “sting” operation…

    They also knew that the WTC was a prime target for the terrorist whack-a-doodles, among others…

    Talk about keystone kops, or was it something worse?

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