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Pieter Bruegel the Elder Hunters in the snow 1565


When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’ (Kunstler)
CDC Director Says US May See ‘Precipitous Decline’ In Omicron Cases (ABC)
Justice Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children in ‘Serious Condition’ from Covid (Y!)
Top Epidemiologist Harvey Risch Blasts Fauci’s Covid Strategy, CDC Data (JTN)
True Number Of US Covid Deaths Likely Undercounted, Experts Say (G.)
Global Research On Omicron Raises Questions About Unvaccinated Blame Game (JTN)
Victoria Records Huge Spike In Cases (G.)
Scholz Pushes Mandatory Jabs As Resistance Grows In Germany (RFI)
Sajid Javid Directly Challenged On Mandatory Coronavirus Jabs (Sky)
Parents Sue Chicago Teachers Union Over School Closures, ‘Illegal Strike’ (JTN)
Norwegian Conscripts Told To Return Underwear As Covid Hits Supplies (G.)
The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr)
What the Jan. 6 Panel Won’t Probe (Strassel)
What Kazakhstan Isn’t (Murray)
2022, The Year of The Hangover? (Lacalle)





New York has its first official breakdown of what share of people are hospitalized for COVID vs. how many are hospitalized with incidental COVID. In NYC it’s 49% for COVID, everyone else just happened to test positive






Italy mandatory



“Lunacy is exhausting.”

When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’ (Kunstler)

You will have to be nimble and resourceful. The Covid lockdowns of the past two years have destroyed many small businesses, but think of that as the tide going out before the blowback of a tsunami that will sweep away the large businesses next. The WalMarts, the automobile industry, the airlines, trucking, Amazon.com, major league sports, the fast-food empires, the oil industry, the mega-banks — all these systems have gone into speed-wobble and most of them will crash hard. It’s an issue of scale. The broken giants will have to be replaced by lower-scaled systems for producing stuff, moving it, and selling it. That includes food, especially, by the way. How are you going to be part of that where you live? What role can you imagine yourself in? What are you good at? What do you dream of being good at? Can you assemble a social network for yourself?

Do you have any ability to look after the public interest? Can you speak coherently? Do you mean what you say? Are you grounded morally in right-and-wrong? Can others depend on you to keep your word? These are the questions that will matter going forward, not whether you were vaccinated, or voted for Mr. Trump, or know the lyrics to God Bless America. It looks like the disorders of economy and community are heading to center stage as the Covid-19 melodrama closes down. Since human nature is perverse, the current mass formation psychosis may transfer its energy onto new hobgoblins. But the mass of Americans — putting aside blue and red insignia for a moment — might simply be tired of lunacy. They may even begin to show some impatience with those who generate it, for instance the cable TV news channels.

Some of the most practiced conveyers of lunacy are heading out the door in the months ahead. Joy Reid of MSNBC is reportedly on her way off-camera (not by choice), and a while back the redoubtably dishonest Rachel Maddow announced her exit for April of this year, probably in anticipation of all her beloved narratives falling apart. Lunacy is exhausting. Soon enough, even the crazed governments of Euroland and Australia will suddenly drop their lockdowns and vaccination tyrannies as reality presses on the bubbles they occupy. In the face of the Omicron fade-out, they’ll turn 180-degrees and try to pretend that the episode of madness never happened. I doubt they will get away with it. Many politicians in these lands will be bum-rushed from office at the first opportunity.

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Yeah, yeah, more studies needed, yada yada, but they easily know enough already to take their hands off the panic button. They don’t.

CDC Director Says US May See ‘Precipitous Decline’ In Omicron Cases (ABC)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said Friday there is a good chance that the U.S. will follow the “ice-pick”-shaped curve of South Africa’s omicron surge of the COVID variant, but cautioned that it could roll through different parts of the country at various times, as previous waves have. “I do think in places that we are seeing this really steep incline, that we may well see also a precipitous decline, but we’re also a much bigger country than South Africa,” Walensky said in a briefing with reporters. “And so it may very well be that we see this ice-pick shape, but that is it travels across the country,” she said.

As far as the rapid spread of coronavirus cases contributing to that decline, Walensky said there was not yet conclusive data to say for sure that people who recovered from omicron would be protected against reinfection. The CDC is setting up studies to find out more, Walensky said. There is data to show that previous delta infections do not fully protect against omicron infections, but that lab studies have shown omicron infection may protect against future delta infections, she said. “But we don’t yet have data that has demonstrated, at least clinically, that omicron protects against omicron,” Walensky said. “We are setting up studies to evaluate that, but we don’t have that information quite yet.”

As for the record-breaking high rates of pediatric hospitalizations, Walensky described a culmination of winter bringing higher rates of hospitalizations, many kids testing positive in hospitals when they come in for other issues and the low vaccination rates among kids in the face of the most transmissible variant yet. For the week ending Jan. 1, Walensky said the rate of hospitalization for kids up to age four was 4.3 per 100,000, but that the population over 65 was seeing rates of 14.7 hospitalizations per 100,000. “So, rates are higher in the pediatric populations than we’ve seen previously, but they’re also higher among our other populations and many populations that are also vaccinated,” Walensky said, reflecting how much the virus has spread.

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The SCOTUS justices performed a weird sort of comedy there, showing off their utter ignorance. And THEY get to decide?

Justice Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children in ‘Serious Condition’ from Covid (Y!)

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor falsely claimed that 100,000 children are in “serious condition” from Covid during oral arguments on the Biden administration’s employer vaccine mandate on Friday. “We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, and many on ventilators,” Sotomayor claimed. The current number of confirmed pediatric hospitalizations with Covid in the U.S. is 3,342, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services released on Friday. The average number of children admitted to the hospital per day with Covid was 776 as of Tuesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, the total number of children hospitalized with Covid from August 2020 through January 4, 2022 is 81,923, the CDC states.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement on Friday that “pediatric hospitalizations are at their highest rate compared to any prior point in the pandemic.” However, Walensky also told reporters that CDC data on pediatric Covid hospitalizations included some patients who were admitted to the hospital for a separate issue. Sotomayor’s comments came as the Court heard arguments on the Biden administration’s employer vaccine mandate, which states that businesses with 100 or more employees must require Covid vaccinations for all workers and weekly testing for those workers who do not get vaccinated. Challengers claim that the agency charged with developing and enforcing the mandate, the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, does not have the Constitutional authority to do so.

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“Fauci [..] not only isn’t trained in public health but “has interests that do not align with the public health interests of the United States,”

Top Epidemiologist Harvey Risch Blasts Fauci’s Covid Strategy, CDC Data (JTN)

President Biden can claim that COVID-19 remains a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” partly because “the CDC has played fast and loose with a lot of studies and data,” Yale School of Public Health epidemiologist Harvey Risch says. “We have not been careful or objective with our data,” he told the John Solomon Reports podcast Friday. “We don’t even know, for example, the mortality from COVID,” which the CDC pegs at more than 800,000. Risch noted the agency told physicians to put COVID on death certificates regardless of whether they think the infection played a role. Hospitalizations have also conflated admissions “with” and “from” COVID, he said. As a member of a committee advising Connecticut early in the pandemic, Risch urged ignoring case counts and focusing on hospitalizations and deaths.

That advice was largely ignored until the current “sky-high” yet mild Omicron variant wave, but now “finally people are waking up to say that the cases don’t matter,” he said. The U.K. is among countries that more carefully track COVID, according to Risch. Its data show vaccinated adults constitute the majority of cases, “and it’s not a hospitalization of the unvaccinated” either. While vaccines are a “potential and reasonable component” of COVID mitigation, those developed are “somewhat ineffective” and their large-scale deployment has driven an unexpected number of “mutant strains” extending the pandemic and causing higher mortality, Risch said. President Biden’s chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, not only isn’t trained in public health but “has interests that do not align with the public health interests of the United States,” Risch argued.

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The Guardian manages to draw conclusions from the insurance story that are 180º different. Not one word about vaccine deaths as a possible factor.

True Number Of US Covid Deaths Likely Undercounted, Experts Say (G.)

The true number of deaths from the Covid pandemic in the US are likely being undercounted, due to the long-lasting and little-understood effects of Covid infection and other deadly complications that surged during the past two years. “We are seeing right now the highest death rates we have ever seen in the history of this business,” J Scott Davison, CEO of insurance company OneAmerica, told journalists on 30 December. “Death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said, among working-age people between 18 and 64. Deaths among older Americans have also increased, with one in 100 Americans over the age of 65 dying. There have been an estimated 942,431 excess deaths in the US since February 2020, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hispanic, Black and Native American and Alaska Native populations have been disproportionately affected with high death rates, research shows. The pandemic pales in comparison to other previous crises, Davison said. “A one-in-200-year catastrophe would be a 10% increase over pre-pandemic [levels]. So 40% is just unheard of.” Many of the deaths aren’t counted in the official Covid tally, he said, because they happen months after Covid infections. “The deaths that are being reported as Covid deaths greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. It may not all be Covid on their death certificates, but deaths are up in just huge, huge numbers.”

[..] “We’re seeing the statistics get written as we go, almost,” Micah Pollak, associate professor of economics at Indiana University Northwest, said. And high rates of mortality and disability will only continue as more people get infected, he said. “We really don’t know what the tail of this thing looks like,” Pollak said of long Covid. “The further you get out [from infection], the longer time you have to potentially develop some kind of complications.” The high rates of death haven’t surprised him, Pollak said, given the equally high rates of cases and the unknown effects of a novel virus. “There’s just so much evidence of these long-term effects of Covid that I naturally assumed people realized that, hey, we’re gonna see probably a lot of deaths down the road – not necessarily soon after infection, but indirectly as a result of infection, as well as not just deaths but disability.”

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“..two-dose mRNA vaccines are “not protective against” the new variant, while the booster shot only improves effectiveness to 37% seven or more days later.”

Global Research On Omicron Raises Questions About Unvaccinated Blame Game (JTN)

President Biden’s oft-repeated belief that COVID-19 remains a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is running headlong into global data on the real-world performance of vaccines against the Omicron variant, which the CDC estimates now accounts for 19 in 20 U.S. infections. A new study by Ontario, Canada’s public health agency and health researchers at Canadian universities found that two-dose mRNA vaccines are “not protective against” the new variant, while the booster shot only improves effectiveness to 37% seven or more days later. That’s in stark contrast to the 93% effectiveness against the Delta variant they observed among vaccinated and boosted individuals seven or more days later.

Researchers reviewed provincial data on 3,442 Omicron positives, 9,201 Delta positives and 471,545 “test-negative controls.” There were important differences between the populations testing positive for each variant. Omicron cases were 10 years younger on average, more likely to be male and two-dose vaccinated, and less likely to have “any comorbidities” or a booster, relative to controls. Delta cases were far less likely to be vaccinated at all, relative to controls. Digging further into the preprint, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed, California-based epidemiologist Tracy Hoeg was floored that two-dose vaccination actually reduced protection from reinfection by Omicron 38% four to six months after injection, and 42% by eight months.

“Why mandate?” Hoeg tweeted while acknowledging the Ontario Public Health study didn’t look at vaccine effectiveness against severe COVID infections. The Danish-American citizen highlighted official Denmark data suggesting two-dose vaccine recipients are “equally” protected against ICU admissions as boosted individuals. Their reinfections have surpassed those of the unvaccinated, however, and the boosted are “catching up.”

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The wild success of dictatorship.

And Djokovic had every right to his exemption. But is still locked up.

Australia will have very few politicians left if it does what needs to be done.

Victoria Records Huge Spike In Cases (G.)

Victoria has reported a massive jump in Covid cases, a day after launching its online system allowing people to self-report rapid antigen test results for the first time. New Covid cases surged above 100,000 per day nationally for the first time, with Victoria reporting 51,356 new cases and nine deaths, New South Wales 45,098 cases and nine deaths, Queensland 11,174 cases and two deaths, and South Australia 4,274 cases and five deaths. The Australian Capital Territory recorded 1,305 cases and Tasmania had 2,223 cases. Saturday’s case numbers in Victoria are more than double Friday’s figure, but health authorities say almost half (26,428) the positive cases in the past 24 hours were RAT results, with many of those taken earlier in the week.

Only 5,923 of Saturday’s positive RAT results were from the latest 24-hour reporting period. “We don’t want Victorians to think that the daily transmission has doubled overnight,” the health minister, Martin Foley, said on Saturday. “The reported figure has certainly significantly spiked based on that week’s worth of unreported figures that we are now capturing in the system.” The new RAT reporting system was set up after the PCR testing regime came under extreme pressure, with suspected cases queuing for hours to get tested and results taking several days to come through. Saturday’s figures included a further 24,928 cases identified through PCR lab tests, of which more than 89,000 were conducted.

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No, really, straight faced, and not from the government, but from the opposition:

“..our greatest asset… is and remains our freedom..”

You wouldn’t know freedom if it hit you between the eyes.

Scholz Pushes Mandatory Jabs As Resistance Grows In Germany (RFI)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz insisted Friday that his plan to introduce mandatory coronavirus jabs was on track, despite fierce debate about the controversial move and growing resistance from his own coalition partners. Scholz, who recently took over as chancellor from Angela Merkel, in late November touted compulsory jabs for all adults as the surest way out of the pandemic. The centre-left Social Democrat asked MPs in the lower of house parliament to draft the necessary legislation with the goal of introducing the measure in “late February or early March”. Little progress has been made since then however, and the fast-spreading but less severe Omicron strain has raised fresh doubts about the project, particularly among the pro-business FDP party.

Speaking after a meeting with the leaders of Germany’s 16 states on tighter coronavirus curbs, Scholz reiterated that “it would be good if we ended up with a general vaccine mandate”. He said all of Germany’s state premiers had declared their backing for the plan. “I feel fully supported” by them, he said. The same cannot be said for the FDP, who along with the Greens make up Scholz’s three-way coalition government. Although coronavirus cases are rising, Germany has so far been spared the steep Omicron surge that has swept other nations — prompting Justice Minister Marco Buschmann from the FDP to call for a wait-and-see approach on a general vaccine mandate.

FDP chief Christian Lindner said new findings “could play a role in the decision”, in a nod to Omicron infecting even the triple jabbed, and studies suggesting a lower hospitalisation rate than with the Delta variant. “Protecting human health and life is highly desirable. But our greatest asset… is and remains our freedom,” he said on Thursday.

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Not everyone is crazy.

“The vaccines are reducing transmission only for about eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less. “And for that, I would be dismissed if I don’t have a vaccine?”

Sajid Javid Directly Challenged On Mandatory Coronavirus Jabs (Sky)

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been directly challenged by an unvaccinated hospital consultant over the government’s policy of compulsory COVID jabs for NHS staff. During a visit to King’s College Hospital in south London, Mr Javid asked staff members on the intensive care unit about their thoughts on new rules requiring vaccination for NHS workers. And Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist who has been treating coronavirus patients since the start of the pandemic, told the health secretary about his displeasure. “I’m not happy about that,” he said. “I had COVID at some point, I’ve got antibodies, and I’ve been working on COVID ICU since the beginning.

“I have not had a vaccination, I do not want to have a vaccination. The vaccines are reducing transmission only for about eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less. “And for that, I would be dismissed if I don’t have a vaccine? The science isn’t strong enough.” Mr James also revealed another of his colleagues held the same position.


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“Throughout this entire pandemic, our kids have paid a tremendous price for adults’ mistakes and miscalculations, and now the teachers’ union has hastily and recklessly put them on their political roller coaster again..”

Parents Sue Chicago Teachers Union Over School Closures, ‘Illegal Strike’ (JTN)

Seven parents of Chicago Public Schools students are suing the district’s teachers’ union, calling this week’s closure of schools over union claims they were unsafe an “illegal strike.” The parents are asking the court to rule that the Chicago Teachers Union’s action violates its collective bargaining agreement with CPS and prevent the union from continuing “to authorize its members to stop in-person teaching,” among other demands. “CTU’s resolution calling members to not show up for work in-person is a strike regardless of what CTU calls it and violates both the collective bargaining agreement with CPS and Illinois law,” Jeffrey Schwab, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, which is representing the parents, said in a statement. “CTU cannot unilaterally decide what actions should be taken to keep public schools safe, completely silencing parents’ input about what is best for the health, safety, and well-being of their children.”

The CTU voted late Tuesday to urge Chicago Public Schools to switch to fully remote learning because of a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, and authorized teachers to refuse to report to work is CPS refused. Schools have been closed since Tuesday with no remote learning options, and CPS on Friday said schools also would be closed Monday as negotiations continue with the union. “Throughout this entire pandemic, our kids have paid a tremendous price for adults’ mistakes and miscalculations, and now the teachers’ union has hastily and recklessly put them on their political roller coaster again,” Laurel Golden, one of the parents named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said in a statement. “The science is clear, and so is the desire of parents: Our kids need and deserve to be in school. This illegal strike must be ended immediately, and we must get kids back into the classroom.”

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The crisis hits everywhere!

Norwegian Conscripts Told To Return Underwear As Covid Hits Supplies (G.)

Norwegian conscripts are to return their underwear after completing military service for the next recruits, as the army struggles with dwindling supplies due to Covid. Norway, which guards Nato’s northern borders and shares a border with Russia, calls up about 8,000 young men and women for military service every year and until recently allowed newly discharged conscripts to leave barracks with the underwear they were issued. But the pandemic has seriously strained the flow of supplies with factory shutdowns and transport problems, leading the Norwegian military to ask conscripts to hand over underwear, including bras and socks.

Though originally voluntary, it has now been made mandatory, public broadcaster NRK reported on Friday. “Now that we have chosen to reuse this part of the kit, it helps us. … We don’t have enough in stock,” the defence logistics spokesman Hans Meisingset told NRK. “The textiles are washed, cleaned and checked. What we distribute is in good condition,” he said. A conscripts’ representative, however, criticised recurrent shortcomings, saying they could end up affecting operations. “Severe shortages of equipment and clothing can potentially affect operational readiness and, in the worst case, the safety of the soldier,” Eirik Sjohelle Eiksund told trade publication Forsvarets Forum.

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“..CNN and Tapper provide Pfizer a platform to market its products and allow the drug company — a serial felon — to dictate content on CNN..”

The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr)

In 1999, in response to exploding epidemics of autism and other neurological disorders, CDC decided to study its vast Vaccine Safety Datalink — the medical and vaccination record of millions of Americans, archived by the top HMOs — to learn whether the dramatic escalation of the vaccine schedule, beginning in 1989, was a culprit. CDC’s in-house epidemiologist, Thomas Verstraeten, led the effort. Verstraeten’s initial data run suggested that mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccines — administered during the first month of life — were associated with a wide range of neurological injuries, including a dramatic 1,135% rise in autism risks among vaccinated children.

[..] Tapper saw an early draft of my Rolling Stone story and proposed that, in exchange for exclusivity, he would do a companion piece for ABC timed to air on the magazine’s publication day. Tapper spent several weeks working on the story with me and a team of enthusiastic ABC reporters and technicians. During his frequent conversations with me over that period, he was on fire with indignation over the Simpsonwood revelations. He acted like a journalist hoping to win an Emmy. The day before the piece was to air, an exasperated Tapper called me to say that ABC’s corporate officials ordered him to pull the story. The network’s pharmaceutical advertisers were threatening to cancel their advertising. “Corporate told us to shut it down,” Tapper fumed. Tapper told me that it was the first time in his career that ABC officials had ordered him to kill a story.

ABC had advertised the Simpsonwood exposé, and its sudden cancellation disappointed an army of vaccine safety advocates and parents of injured children who deluged the network with a maelstrom of angry emails. In response, ABC changed tack and publicly promised to air the piece. Instead, following a one-week delay, the network duplicitously aired a hastily assembled puff piece promoting vaccines and assuring listeners that mercury-laden vaccines were safe. The new “bait and switch” segment precisely followed Pharma’s talking points. “I’m putting my faith in the Institute of Medicine,” ABC’s obsequious medical editor, Dr. Tim Johnson, declared in closing. Two pharmaceutical advertisements bracketed the story. After that piece aired, I called Jake to complain. He neither answered nor returned my calls.

During the 16 intervening years, Pharma has returned Mr. Tapper’s favor by aggressively promoting his career. Pfizer shamelessly sponsors Tapper’s CNN news show, announcing its ownership of the space — and Mr. Tapper’s indentured servitude — before each episode with the loaded phrase: “Brought to you by Pfizer.” Under the apparent terms of that sponsorship, CNN and Tapper provide Pfizer a platform to market its products and allow the drug company — a serial felon — to dictate content on CNN. This arrangement has transformed CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper into a propaganda vehicle for Pharma and effectively reduced Mr. Tapper to the role of a drug rep — shamelessly promoting fear porn, confusion, and germophobia, and ushering his audience toward high-yield patent pharmaceuticals. Tapper’s main thrust during the pandemic has been to promote levels of public terror sufficient to indemnify all the official lies against critical thinking.

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This one is easy: anything to do with Democrats.

What the Jan. 6 Panel Won’t Probe (Strassel)

Select committees come and go, with varying impact. The growing risk of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee is that it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. A year after the riot, it’s a fair time to evaluate what that committee has and hasn’t accomplished since its summer creation. By its charter, the committee is assigned with investigating “the facts, circumstances and causes” of the event, as well as those “relating to the preparedness and response of the United States Capitol Police” and other law-enforcement agencies. The country would hugely benefit from a straightforward accounting of that day. Committee members have so far met with some 300 witnesses, received thousands of documents, and subpoenaed some 50 individuals, as well as phone and bank records.

The committee’s leaks, and releases of White House text messages, have provided color, while its litigation and contempt citations have kept the press in gravy. Yet the body’s near-manic focus on Donald Trump’s culpability (the facts of which have been known for a year) has also meant it has produced little that’s new. On “Face the Nation” this week, the committee’s Vice Chairman Elizabeth Cheney waxed about the committee’s “tremendous progress,” yet cited as her only example that it now had “firsthand testimony” that “President Trump was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office, watching on television as the Capitol was assaulted.” “Six hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the Capitol,” was a headline from a Jan. 11, 2021, story in the Washington Post, which reported the president “was too busy watching fiery TV images of the crisis unfolding” to listen to pleas from family and colleagues to intervene.

Thanks to the committee we now know where Mr. Trump lounged, and how many people he ignored. More notable is what the committee has failed to find. Members made no secret they hoped to prove a coup plot run from the White House. Yet in all its 725 prosecutions, the Justice Department hasn’t presented a scintilla of evidence supporting the hypothesis. Neither has the committee—even after 300 witnesses, or texts of the former White House chief of staff. Twisting in the wind are the urgent issues the committee won’t explore. In a memo this week to colleagues, Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis—the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Capitol complex—noted that the select committee, a year after the riot, is “no closer to finding out what led to the catastrophic security failure,” even as the security situation has arguably deteriorated because of Capitol Police resignations and poor morale.

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Between 2002 and 2004, Craig Murray was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan.

What Kazakhstan Isn’t (Murray)

When you jump into a taxi in Kazakhstan, getting your suitcase into the boot is often problematic as it will be already full with a large LPG canister. Roof racks are big in Kazakhstan. Most Kazakh vehicles run on LPG, which has traditionally been a subsidised product of the nation’s massive oil and gas industry. Fuel price rises have become, worldwide, a particular trigger of public discontent. The origins of the gilets jaunes movement in France lay in fuel price rises before spreading to other areas of popular greivance. The legacy of fuel protests in the UK have led for years cowardly politicians to submit to annual real reductions in the rate of fuel duty, despite climate change concerns.

The current political crisis in Kazakhstan was spiked by moves to deregulate the LPG market and end subsidy, which led to sharp price increases. These brought people onto the streets. The government quickly backed down and tried to reinstate price controls but not producer subsidies; that would have led gas stations to sell at a loss. The result was fuel shortages that just made protest worse. Kazakhstan is an authoritarian dictatorship with extreme divisions in wealth and power between the ruling class – often still the old Soviet nomenklatura and their families – and everybody else. No political opposition is permitted. Infamously, after a massacre of striking miners, Tony Blair contacted former dictator Nazarbayev offering his PR services to help limit political fallout.

This resulted in a $4 million per year contract for Blair to assist Kazakhstan’s PR, a contract on which BBC favourites Jonathon Powell and Alastair Campbell both worked. One result of the Blairite media management for Kazakhstan was that the Guardian, publishing US leaked diplomatic cables in cooperation with Wikileaks, refused to publish US Embassy reports on corruption in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh dictatorship is also a favourite destination of troughing royals Prince Andrew and Prince Michael of Kent.

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Not sure what the use is supposed to be of a prediction like this.

2022, The Year of The Hangover? (Lacalle)

The global recovery has slowed down significantly since the peak of the re-opening effect in June 2021. What many expected would be a multi-year cycle of above-trend growth is proving to be a more modest bounce. Furthermore, according to Bloomberg Economics, the global economy will likely grow in the next ten years at a slower pace than in the decade prior to the pandemic. The causes of the slowdown are clear. On one hand, China’s real estate bubble is a larger problem than anticipated, and there is no way in which the Chinese authorities can engineer higher growth from other sectors to offset real estate, which accounts for almost 30% of the country’s GDP and was growing at double-digit rates in the past years.

Additionally, Inflation is rising all over the world due to a combination of excessive monetary policy and supply chain challenges brought by the lockdowns. Global food prices reached a new record-high, making it more difficult for the poor to navigate the crisis. Finally, large stimulus plans have delivered no significant multiplier effect. Why would 2022 be the year of the hangover? Because the signs of overheating of the global economy are multiplying. 2021 was a year of massive demand-side policies. To the effect of the re-opening, policy makers added enormous deficit-spending plans, infrastructure and current spending boosts, and a massive monetary stimulus. The triple effect of the largest monetary stimulus in years, the re-opening and enormous government spending programs have overheated the economy. It is evident in inflationary pressures, housing, indebtedness, and twin deficit imbalances in most large economies. And those effects will not be there, or at least be present in the same proportion, in 2022. 2021 was the year of binge spending. 2022 is likely to be a hangover.

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Canadians are blind to their own madness. Here’s how we know:




Sidney Poitier



Where in the mouth sounds and letters are formed




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    V. Arnold

    “I am an awful lot of things so I wish you would pay me the respect & not just ask me about my blackness”

    Indeed. I remember that time…
    Why, 5 decades(?) later are we not past that…?

    The virus is smoke and mirrorors…
    There are so many issues far more important…
    So easily played; so easily mis-led…
    …and we’re going forward?…to what exactly?
    …another year; not new; not unique, just……………………..


    You are absolutely correct V. There are many, many issues more important! This really isn’t about a virus, it’s so much more.

    Growth Leads to Collapse?

    Many economists have pointed out that the global GDP has been rising comparatively faster than energy consumption. Optimistically, they argue that we are witnessing a steady “decoupling” of the economy from its basic environmental needs.

    Unfortunately, this comparison is deeply misleading: GDP represents the accumulated production of worth over an arbitrary period of just one year; meanwhile, energy is required to sustain the activities of a civilization that has been built up over all of history, over every year. Systems have inertia; big systems especially so: current energy consumption is far more tied to maintaining the fruits of centuries of collective effort than to the national vagaries of a single prior year. We cannot erase the past; it is always with us.

    Dr. D

    So all attention and armor set to Ukraine, and lo, a color revolution breaks out in nearby Kazakhstan. What are the odds?

    Do I need to elaborate?

    Let’s look at some of the results: if it goes well in Cassock land, then it will go well in larger, heavier Ukraine. So I’m sure they’re all watching. All nations worldwide. But signs point to NOT going well in Kzak, and it will be long and confusing. However, 3,000 Russians are now there willing to shoot anyone they feel like, and since everyone in both kzak and Russia will simply assume resistors are CIA, they won’t think much of it, and sleep soundly at night.

    Ukraine, seeing what I expect will be a loss, even well-set up like this, will then be conceded, but not soon. Looking for the high water mark of the Empire, which we’re probably beyond.

    Now for my usual, boring rhetoric, there’s this: The land of the Cossacks is not the land of the free. One of the things you have to respect, going back to General Washington, is that other people have their own ways and plans and we should stay out of it. We don’t go tell other people how to be, or Saddam’s gay rights history isn’t stellar enough for us. So everyone inside Kazakhstan knows what Kazakstan is and how things are done there for 10,000 years. Everyone out of Kazakhstan knows what is and how things go there for 10,000 years. That is not the way I would have things go here, for example, but my country is a barrel of arsonists, fired like a repeating clown-cannon worldwide, so there’s not much left to discuss about morality, or brutality here. Maybe Kazakhstan will teach us how to be merely as peaceful and good-natured and stay-at-home bodies like they are someday. But I’m not enjoying the movie of it either, as no one who loves peace and justice will. Maybe Kazakhstan is less oppressive and corrupt than we are. If we ever arrested anyone and had trials maybe we could find out.

    Now Joe says quid pro quo for Ukraine. Yeah, “Not Agreement Capable”. Here, we broke every promise we made since 1990, one after the other, year after year, administration after administration, country after country, but THIS one, we pinkie promise!

    I mean, he’s good for it. When was the last time Joe broke a promise? Yesterday, when Covid became the State’s problem, the day before, when he ordered mandates, or the day before that, when he shut down businesses and not the virus? I mean, other than every day of his political life — going back to when LBJ was a young man — Joe’s practically a non-stop truth machine.

    Or Cruz, apparently, but he’s not the one making deals today. Недоговороспособны. “Not Agreement Capable.” No American is (today) no Anglo is (ever). Proceed accordingly. As citizens of nations who are incapable of keeping their word for an hour, ever in their sorry national lives of centuries.

    The day they ever told the truth would be the day politicians finally killed someone with “shock and awe.” We’d probably faint and fall down on the spot, like something from Left Behind, and lie there helpless, quivering in denial. It’s the one weapon they’ve never tried.
    Translation: I’m the bet with Russia on this one, thanks.

    “The neoliberal anti vaxxers” Huh? Like the tall short people? I don’t think this group exists. Besides, who says this? There is a contingent that says there is no virus whatsoever, just as on the other side there is a contingent that says it’s airborne ebola that causes instant death on contact. But both groups are the size of flat earthers. Or NeoNazis. That is to say, you could fit them all in a high school stadium.

    How dangerous is the long Covid? S—t man, we can’t even get them to release honest data on how dangerous the SHORT Covid is, which is data a lot more solid and certain. Does long Covid exist? IMO, yes, and at a far higher rate than deaths. But what is it, and can it be solved with Vitamin D recovery, or is it long-term irreversible scarring of the vascular system, no one knows. Probably both and needs to be named syndrome LC-1(blood), 2(ATP), 3(scarring), 4(avioli), and 5(allergies), with specific protocols for each.

    Practically 100% of “anti-vaxxers” are vaccinated, as I for some reason need to keep saying. Dr. Malone was double vaxxed WITH THE mRNA and is the poster child for the Anti-vax-are-poopy-pants movement. So Vaxxed=antivaxxer now. Does that mean unvaxxed = PRO vaxxer? Same logic. No of course not, because it was never about logic, it’s about power. Do what I tell you. Live your life for me.

    Oh and antivaxxers are all conservatives, except the top pro-Vaxxer is Trump, and the top vaccinated group is old people, i.e. generally Republican. So you want to say the #Opposite of everything that’s true, that’s a good start. Of course the media DOES say this mindlessly, all day long, as they are illiterate morons incapable of dialing to “9” on a telephone and asking.

    The first attack from these guys is always the language. Because they’re criminals and con artists who have to cheat because they could never make their case fairly. Words have meanings. The meanings have consequences. Use them.

    “The pervasive usage of “democracy” is of itself, anti-Constitutional.”

    Yes, the Founding Fathers feared democracy above all things, “Mob Rule”, having lived through wild mobs before and after the war. The French Revolution bore out their every fear of it for the next 200 years. It’s only a mob as retarded as we are that could possibly forget. …Or NPR reporters from Columbia.

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Or two men and one woman in an elevator. Knock off the Democracy. We’re a Constitutional Republic because our basis is YOUR human rights. Of the INDIVIDUAL, you, not the voting collective, of your crack-smoking neighbors.

    Death rate: did some maths, so at 40% of ~3M deaths/year = 1.2M = 24,000 deaths /state / 12mo = 2,000 deaths per month per state. Of course that’s the average, but losing a few extra deaths in NYC you can see how easy that would be and only funeral directors would notice. Who would they tell? They’d be banned off YouTube. Everyone would cover it by saying they were the Covid deaths, proving how awesome deadly it is on contact, thus more vaccines, when none of these deaths under discussion are Covid. ‘Cause facts: who needs ‘em when we can read headlines and call each other names, amirite?

    So we’re in that strange space where deaths are skyrocketing, levels never seen outside a war wiping out 2-5 U.S. cities and no one notices and/or blames aliens and bigfoot.

    Deflationista, I don’t know what to say, man. No one’s banned you and we interact with you every day. Quite clearly no one is afraid, or put off, or opposing your free speech. We simply have different views and present them, and in doing, no one has stopped you from taking the health measures you feel appropriate for yourself and others. Is it so important that you not only have the complete freedom to do that and talk about it, but of some reason need our agreement and approval? This is the part I don’t understand.

    If you lived life worried and looking for other humans who might somewhere disagree with you, you’d have a long busy task indeed. So go ahead and let us die happy in our ignorance and you inherit the whole world. What’s wrong with that? All you have to do to win is nothing.

    If you have the strength and conviction of your case, what further do you need from us?

    I can only say, since that would be calm, the response and expression is largely emotional. Which is fine, but that means by definition it isn’t primarily logical. Your emotion is yours, and that’s fine, but “logic” is the attempt to discern objective reality, which is all of ours and will impact us all regardless of our beliefs or emotions.

    Because I’m not emotional, I neither feel safer if you agree or disagree. That’s a stellar non-sequitur I’m baffled that someone could compose. I can’t imagine what my feelings would have to do with anything, because whether I’m “safe” is not a feeling, it’s an objective fact distilled from logic; so is not related to other people, their opinions, or their feelings. That’s why it doesn’t matter if person X or Doctor Y is popular, or if their hypothesis is or is not the present consensus majority. I don’t care because they are all distractions from facts and evidence, studies, statistics, and so on.

    You feel your evidence recommends you take strong protocols against disease, which is nothing new, what we’ve always done for 100 years. Great. I agree. There are always TB, pneumonia, and now cancer/chemo patients with weak immune systems. And you should. And you are. Don’t know what needs to be added to that and I’m quite certain the doctors here will agree and laud your choices.

    I can only add that my life is very small and the world doesn’t revolve around me. I can’t ask the REST of the planet to follow. I mean, I can ask, but… If I had a deadly milk allergy, I couldn’t command the rest of the planet to stop, vanish all the cows, stop all the markets, end all the recipes, because me and like 100 other people are in danger. A REAL danger, mind you, to US. But if you’re – to pick a random number – 0.003% of the population, you cant, as 3 in 100,000, tell the whole city you live in to stop what they’re doing, to stop living their own lives, and live for your sake, on your behalf, to your pleasure and desire instead. And they won’t even if you ask.

    Because, wouldn’t each 3 of the 100,000 then ask you to live for theirs instead? And when they do, will you lay down your life and live for them, as you ask them to do for you and your family?

    I would. But I cannot. Because they are the 100,000, and I am one man. So as a purely practical matter, I can’t, or I would myself die, helping no one. And since that’s been the situation since the planet formed, that’s why we have the long-term approach of individual rights we have. What can you do? You’re on “earth.” “Limits” are now things are here.

    Why are we not past it? They work tirelessly every day to make sure race, and not, say, kindness, goodwill, work, morality, or brotherhood are most important. This is to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves so they can rob, murder — and lately we discovered, rape — at will. Do the respect to Sidney Poitier and see him and other as men, and not as races, minorities, or as the oppressed. We are all men, and brothers.


    Edited a comment, and woosh. Off into the ether it went.


    Try it again. I got the Facebook “fact check” for the Bob meme. Caught this little tidbit.

    “Claim 3 (Mostly accurate): Joe Biden: COVID-19 is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”

    While we cannot say that the virus is only targeting the unvaccinated, it is still accurate that the large majority of COVID-19 patients can be found in that segment of the population.


    In summary, unvaccinated people place other people at risk of illness, including fully vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated people are more likely to be infected and therefore contribute to continued virus transmission in the community. This increases the odds of new virus variants emerging that could evade immunity and directly increases the risk of infection of vaccinated yet vulnerable people such as the elderly and immunosuppressed patients.”

    Vaccines are highly effective against COVID-19, but unvaccinated people can still endanger vaccinated people, contrary to Tucker Carlson’s claim on Fox News

    Lie lie and lie


    Note the dates on they used as their “evidence” as well. Only up to September 2021 for one claim and used the same trick from the beginning of January 2021 when the vax was first rolled out for the other.

    And seeing from family and friends how they are acting towards my unvaccinated self lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if they help the police send me to a camp if they made being unvaxxed illegal. Hard to see it like that and needing to side-eye your own family, but here we are.


    Denied food, during a process where it’s possible to not even be close to another human being.

    those darned kids

    the norwegian army is so tough that even the conscripts are commandos.


    The cure is worse than the disease

    “Analysis of life-years lost in England shows a 76% increase in 2021 over 2020 because younger people are dying at much higher relative rates.”


    Remember to leave mum out of it.


    Lunacy is Exhausting


    • Norwegian Conscripts Told To Return Underwear As Covid Hits Supplies

    • Justice Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children in ‘Serious Condition’ from Covid

    So it all comes down to the United States Supreme Clowns



    Important enough to repeat

    Its not a lie its confusion “with” and “from”

    Now, with Omicron, data show vaccinated adults constitute the majority of cases, “and it’s not a hospitalization of the unvaccinated”.

    • Top Epidemiologist Harvey Risch Blasts Fauci’s Covid Strategy, CDC Data (JTN)

    “He’s been canonized” as a public health guru “because of his political abilities, but not because of expertise,” Risch claimed. ( He is reguarded as a Prophet – Zerosum)

    The “original sin” of the pandemic is suppressing early outpatient treatment. The U.S. should have “released the strategic national stockpile of hydroxychloroquine” and promoted ivermectin and other inexpensive drugs that are used in combination to take out the “evasive beasts” early in viral infection, he said.

    These treatments have been discredited through “fake studies” intended to “distort the playing field” toward expensive patent medications and vaccines, he said.

    Among the problems: randomized controlled trials with such a small number of “events” in treatment and control arms that they “could easily happen by chance”; studying healthcare workers who are “too healthy” for treatment to matter; and studying hospitalized patients rather than early outpatient treatment.
    “And then you have people like Dr. Fauci and the major media saying, ‘See, here’s the proof that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work'” based on studies in settings where it’s not intended as treatment, Risch said. The FDA’s website prominently warns against hydroxychloroquine usage in outpatients, with a “small text” disclaimer citing study of hospitalized patients.

    “It has no systematic data about hydroxychloroquine use in outpatients because it blocked that usage in March of 2020. “This is a fraud” that has “biased the entire world” against a drug with a better 50-year safety profile than Tylenol or aspirin, Risch said.

    The “high-priced” outpatient treatments that did get federal approval are much worse: Molnupiravir is a “dangerous drug,” and Paxlovid is prone to “interactions with other common medications,” Risch charged. (Molnupiravir, for example, has been blocked from India’s COVID treatment protocol for safety issues.)
    Growth – synonym – advancement · betterment,; improvement
    Not inflation
    Not indebtedness
    Not printing (monetary stimulus)
    I’m not an influencer.
    I’m not an enabler
    I am irrelevant
    I’m a happy grey survivor
    Maybe, my life/existence will have made a positive difference in “the circle of universal life”


    “There’s nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight.”
    ~ Lon Chaney.

    The Supreme Clowns should have stepped in a year ago.

    The broad yellow satin streak sewn down the back of their black dresses speaks volumes about their utter lack of moral courage or judgement or logic or, wait for it, Humanity

    That’s why they Clowns in the moonlight pushing the country and the global into the ditch.

    Chief Justice John Roberts belts out a sad song as Puddles and his SCOTUS pity party

    You go girl!


    @john-day thanks for yesterday’s link on IVM, it’s actually been some time since i looked up anything on treatments. it’s academic and depressing since I cannot expect that treatment here except whatever I can cobble on my own, the local health care conglomerates are all-in on the conventional practice (turn-blue + remdesifear + vax vax vax) Refreshing, there are more RCTs than I realized. People are actually studying this in spite of official headwinds

    Nassim N Taleb points out that meta-analyses are likely superior to peer-reviewed papers. Meta-analyses have an averaging effect, They can also weigh individual papers (experiments) on their merits and faults – after the fact, and compare and contrast. Peer review is subject to groupthink and “log rolling” for lack of a better term within a small scientific community.

    Doc Robinson

    The New York Times tells its readers what they should be thinking:
    “How to Think About Covid Data Right Now”

    How to Think About Covid Data Right Now

    Coronavirus case counts have reached record highs in the United States and continue to climb. Hospitalizations have surpassed the height of the Delta wave. Deaths are just beginning to rise…

    Case spikes show Omicron still has room to grow… they should serve as a warning for the country, to adjust behaviors and policies to reduce infections and protect the most vulnerable…

    As high as the case counts are in many places, they are most certainly undercounted right now… experts caution that the sheer volume of cases could still lead to significant numbers of extremely sick people…

    With so much risk for infection right now, public health experts say… make decisions… [like] getting a booster shot…

    Death trends are not yet clear… the unprecedented number of cases may still lead to high levels of mortality…

    How to Think About Covid Data Right Now



    Sotomayor: “How are human beings different from a machine?”

    The Supreme Clowns have long ago ruled that a Corporation is a person.

    I remember seeing a bumper sticker around that time that said:

    “I’ll believe a Corporation is a person when the State of Texas executes one”


    Mister Roboto

    @ctbarnum: Sotomayor’s question really does illustrate the extent to which liberals have become authoritarian technocrats. I’ll take Trump, as Ted Baxter-like as I find the man to be, if that’s what’s on tap on the other side of the street.


    The extremely obvious point – the most basic observation one can make about this data – is that the vaccinations are not controlling the spread. This has been granted already by the CDC and every other authority.

    And yet, so far as I can understand this, that is the whole point of the vaccine mandate.


    (Actually, OSHA made the statement that it was needed to protect the unvaccinated, those with religious and medical exemptions)

    Figmund Sreud

    Peak Celebrity, … Double-Bubblehead Prime Minister Sox


    those darned kids

    we are all influencers, zero.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids


    Agree, though the Republicans do have their own authoritarian technocrats, so I’m not too happy with them either. Even Trump had his own version by giving way on the vaccines and not setting executive orders to allow for off-label treatments.

    To get some semblance of her (and “liberal”) thinking, the full quote could be looked at:

    “Why is a human spewing a virus not like a machine spewing sparks?”

    First, there’s the assumption that only the unvaccinated are a danger, and the false equivalency to a sparking machine. It follows that she views unvaccinated humans as broken machines. It also follows that broken machines are either repaired (vaccinated) or discarded (trashed, shunned, put to death, etc). Ergo, how does she view other issues before the court? Say discrimination cases filed under the ADA, or abortion (controversial, but would she view a late term fetus as “broken” because it stills needs nourishment from the mother, even if only for a few more days), or welfare (are unemployed, fired, or poor workers “broken”?). Pay equity? That is only a few I could think off the top of my head, and I realize could turn into a slippery slop fallacy, but there it is.


    No argument there. Quite a few corps need to be executed,


    “(Actually, OSHA made the statement that it was needed to protect the unvaccinated, those with religious and medical exemptions)”

    Funny how the narrative has changed so quickly. First it was “the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated” and now “the unvaccinated need to be protected from the vaccinated”. I’m sure Psaki will circle back on that.

    those darned kids

    ctbarnum: if it’s any consolation, ct, mcdonald’s doesn’t actually sell food, and being denied there will make you healthier.


    As for the ADA example, I suppose she views everyone with a disability as a “broken human” and thus can be treated like a sparking machine,

    Total insanity that would make Hitler proud.



    The very definition of irony.

    TAE Summary

    Statements I Think All Agree To:

    1. Covid 19 has several phases. In the final phase the body’s own immune-response does the damage.
    2. Covid 19 spreads primarily via aerosols.
    3. Properly worn N95 masks are much more effective than cloth or surgical masks.
    4. Air filtration and ventilation are effective against the spread of Covid 19.
    5. The CDC gave no early treatment guidelines for Covid 19.
    6. Pfizer made a profit of $8 billion on Covid 19 vaccines in the 4th quarter of 2021.
    7. The definition of vaccine was modified by Merriam Webster to accommodate the Covid 19 vaccines.
    8. The Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccines contain mRNA which enters human cells and gets them to create spike proteins like those on Covid 19. The immune system creates antibodies for these spike proteins.
    9. The vaccines cause adverse effects in some people including Bell’s palsy, myocarditis and death.
    10. Long Covid affects a some people infected with Covid 19.
    11. The Covid vaccines reduce the severity of Covid 19 symptoms in most people for some amount of time.
    12. The Covid vaccines lose effectiveness after 6 months or less.
    13. A lot of things about the vaccines that are known now were not known when the vaccines were released.
    14. The long term (3+ years) effects of Covid 19 vaccines are unknown.
    15. Vaccinated people can both contract and spread Covid 19.
    16. Lockdowns have had a terrible effect on society and the economy.
    17. Children are least likely to have complications with Covid 19.
    18. The aged and people with comorbidities including obesity are most likely to have complications with Covid 19.

    Questions that Make Me Vaccine Hesitant:

    1. Does the mRNA in the vaccine stay at the injection site?
    2. Is the spike protein a pathogen?
    3. How long does the spike protein stay in the body and at what levels?
    4. What causes adverse effects to vaccines such as Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis and stroke?
    5. How often do adverse effects occur?
    6. How long does vaccine protection last?
    7. How likely is one to get and spread Covid 19 if vaccinated?
    8. Does mRNA affect the immune system and how do we know this?
    9. How likely are long term consequences from the vaccine and how do we know this?
    10. Why have there been no early treatment protocols from the NIH, CDC, FDA and WHO?
    11. Why should I trust the information from the CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, Pfizer, Moderna and J and J?

    those darned kids

    no wonder they won’t listen: https://jessicar.substack.com/p/und-es-gibt-ohrenprobleme-ears-affected

    Thank you to you wonderful people and this wonderful platform. You asked for Ears. I give you Ears. 659,294 reports. No URF considered. When considered, that’s 27,031,054 ear adverse events with an URF of 41.

    Mr. House

    even the sober minded no longer believe the FED:

    “There’s a potential Issue 2022 worthy of a mention. It would be a very problematic development if the Fed responds to collapsing stock prices with large liquidity injections – and the Treasury market protests with a spike in bond yields. With inflation increasingly ingrained, a move by the bond market to discipline the Fed is not a totally wacky notion. At the minimum, I expect extreme policy, market and economic uncertainties to unleash wildly unstable currency markets. Currency values are relative – and the world is replete with fundamentally sick currencies. Destabilizing dollar and renminbi volatility is a distinct possibility.”


    John Day

    @Herr Werner: Meta-analyses are subject to what studies are included and the design and execution of each study. It’s like mortgage-backed-securities that way. The studies including Dr Borody are of excellent quality and use more than a little bit of ivermectin for a day or 2. They also use the synergy with zinc, doxycycline and vitamins D and C. I’m about to post that.

    Last night after my bedtime St. Deflationista posted older data that myocarditis risk was higher after COVID than after mRNA “vaccines”. Steve Kirsch had more recent and more extensive data. The link to the study is here: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.23.21268276v1.full.pdf

    John Day


    The second week of COVID-crud is waning on treatment, very similarly to last Saturday when I took my last round of ivermectin-based treatment, then got return of the same symptoms on Tuesday, and a positive nasal swab. This has not been the severe cytokine-storm second week that lands people in hospitals, just more feeling cruddy with mild fever and phlegmatic cough, “Groundhog-Day” COVID on treatment.

    Thomas Borody MD extended his advised duration of treatment with ivermectin to 10 days (which seems about right to me at this point).
    Doxycycline and zinc complete the direct attack on the virus. Ivermectin helps zinc get into cells, reduces inflammatory response, binds to spike protein, and inhibits viral replication within the cells by at least 2 mechanisms, one of which is facilitated by doxycycline (viral protease inhibition). Doxycycline also has anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Zinc has been known as an effective treatment against coronaviruses since 1996 (hence advice to “take it for the common cold”, of which 20% is generally coronavirus.). A set dose of 36 mg ivermectin per day was employed in the US study , and 24 mg per day in the US study.
    None of the trial subjects who chose treatment died. Vitamin-D and vitamin-C were also used.

    Combination Therapy For COVID-19 Based on Ivermectin in an Australian Population​ ​Borody et al.​ (Australian trial)
    Retrospective 600 PCR+ outpatients in Australia treated with ivermectin, zinc, and doxycycline, showing significantly lower mortality and hospitalization with treatment.
    ​R​isk of death, 92.3% lower, RR 0.08, p = 0.03, treatment 0 of 600 (0.0%), control 6 of 600 (1.0%)

    Effectiveness of Ivermectin-Based Multidrug Therapy in Severe Hypoxic Ambulatory COVID-19 Patients​ (US trial)​

    John Day

    Robert Malone MD , originator of mRNA therapeutics, did a long interview with Joe Rogan last week.
    Here is the bullet-pointed Cliff-notes version for those with little time:​
    Mass-formation psychosis is being used as it was in Germany in the 1930s.
    Implementing digital money with digital “vaccine passports” will focus absolute control onto each person through central automation.

    More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40 – even as more colleges require booster shots for students​
    ​A huge new study has found the risk of serious heart problems called myocarditis in men under 40 soars with each dose of a Covid mRNA vaccine – and is sharply higher than the risk from a coronavirus infection itself.​
    (Myocarditis risk doubles with each shot. After 3 Pfizer shots it is 8X usual. After 3 Moderna shots it is 16 times the usual rate.)
    ​Link to the study: ​https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.23.21268276v1.full.pdf

    Insurance Companies Report 40% Increase in Premature Non-COVID Deaths
    Insurers in Indiana and India report similar rates of non-COVID-related premature deaths.
    Contrary to what the public might assume — given the media’s unremitting coverage of COVID-19 — Davison reported most of the death claims listed causes of death other than COVID.
    Commenting on the news, Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, wrote, “It would take something REALLY BIG to have an effect this big.”
    Moreover, Kirsch said, the culprit would have to be something first introduced in 2021 — “something new … that a huge number of people would be exposed to” — such as COVID shots.
    Vaccine scientist Dr. Robert Malone and statistician Jessica Rose, Ph.D., agreed that experimental COVID injections should be considered prime suspects. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/insurance-companies-report-increase-premature-deaths/

    John Day

    Former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan: What Kazakhstan Isn’t​ Ambassador​ Murray says the street riots were unanticipated, even by the CIA, according to his information. There was a puppet they wanted to install, but he wouldn’t be a puppet, so they gave up on him. Everybody drives LP gas converted cars, since Kazakhstan produces it. The government subsidized this to consumers and gas stations, then removed the subsidy. Riots ensued. The government mandated the prices go back down at the pump, but that price was less than the unsubsidized gas stations had to buy it for, so fuel became scarce, upsetting people’s lives. Kazakhstan is very big and people drive long distances. He foresees that Russian influence will increase in this country where 55% speak Russian, and Russian soldiers have been requested to restore order. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/01/what-kazakhstan-isnt/

    Moon of Alabama believes it is a color-revolution and foresees that Russian help will increase Russian influence, as it did in Belarus. Russia will be interested in reforms to constructively channel popular desires and aspirations into a political process. https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/01/the-us-directed-rebellion-in-kazakhstan-may-well-strengthen-russia.html#more

    Pepe Escobar, Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution Maidan in Almaty? Oh yeah. But it’s complicated.
    ​ ​So is that much fear and loathing all about gas? Not really.
    ​ ​Kazakhstan was rocked into chaos virtually overnight, in principle, because of the doubling of prices for liquefied gas, which reached the (Russian) equivalent of 20 rubles per liter (compare it to an average of 30 rubles in Russia itself).
    ​ ​That was the spark for nationwide protests spanning every latitude from top business hub Almaty to the Caspian Sea ports of Aktau and Atyrau and even the capital Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana.
    ​ ​The central government was forced to roll back the gas price to the equivalent of 8 rubles a liter. Yet that only prompted the next stage of the protests, demanding lower food prices, an end of the vaccination campaign, a lower retirement age for mothers with many children and – last but not least – regime change, complete with its own slogan: Shal, ket! (“Down with the old man.”)
    ​ ​The “old man” is none other than national leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, 81, who even as he stepped down from the presidency after 29 years in power, in 2019, for all practical purposes remains the Kazakh gray eminence as head of the Security Council and the arbiter of domestic and foreign policy. ​…​
    Up to now, the succession game in Kazakhstan had been seen mostly as a hit across Northern Eurasia. Local honchos, oligarchs and the comprador elites all kept their fiefdoms and sources of income. And yet, off the record, I was told in Nur-Sultan in late 2019 there would be serious problems ahead when some regional clans would come to collect – as in confronting “the old man” Nazarbayev and the system he put in place.
    ​ ​Tokayev did issue the proverbial call “not to succumb to internal and external provocations” – which makes sense – yet also assured that the government “will not fall”. Well, it was already falling, even after an emergency meeting trying to address the tangled web of socioeconomic problems with a promise that all “legitimate demands” by the protesters will be met.
    ​ ​This did not play out as a classic regime change scenario – at least initially. The configuration was of a fluid, amorphous state of chaos, as the – fragile – Kazakh institutions of power were simply incapable of comprehending the wider social malaise. A competent political opposition is non-existent: there’s no political exchange. Civil society has no channels to express itself.​ ​http://thesaker.is/steppe-on-fire-kazakhstans-color-revolution/

    From the Moon of Alabama blog:​ ​China’s Excellent, Very Good Year 2021 was China’s best year. Ever.

    Doc Robinson

    Thanks Dr. Day for the updated myocarditis study link.
    According to the abstract, for males under the age of 40, there was more risk of getting myocarditis from the vaxxes than from a Covid infection.

    For example, in the 28 days following the second injection of the Moderna mRNA vaxx, there are an estimated 104 myocarditis events per million, compared with 7 additional events per million following COVID-19 infection.

    In an updated self-controlled case series analysis of 42,200,614 people aged 13 years or more,
    we evaluate the association between COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis, stratified by age
    and sex, including 10,978,507 people receiving a third vaccine dose. Myocarditis risk was
    increased during 1-28 days following a third dose of BNT162b2 (IRR 2.02, 95%CI 1.40, 2.91).
    Associations were strongest in males younger than 40 years for all vaccine types with an
    additional 3 (95%CI 1, 5) and 12 (95% CI 1,17) events per million estimated in the 1-28 days
    following a first dose of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273, respectively; 14 (95%CI 8, 17), 12 (95%CI 1, 7) and 101 (95%CI 95, 104) additional events following a second dose of ChAdOx1, BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273, respectively; and 13 (95%CI 7, 15) additional events following a third dose of BNT162b2, compared with 7 (95%CI 2, 11) additional events following COVID-19 infection. An association between COVID-19 infection and myocarditis was observed in all ages for both sexes but was substantially higher in those older than 40 years. These findings have important implications for public health and vaccination policy.
    Funding: Health Data Research UK.



    Robert Malone MD , originator of mRNA therapeutics

    And Al Gore invented the internet.


    Light at the end of the tunnel.


    Notes from a call with Edward Ryan MD, Director of International Infectious Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital:

    1 Close to 100% of the positive cases in MA are Omicron. Delta is almost completely gone from New England.

    2 This surge will peak sometime between 1/10 and 1/21 and then begin a quick downhill journey of two to four weeks.

    3 We will end up with a 20-50% positivity rate.

    4 February will be clean up mode, March will begin to return to “normal”

    5 Omicron lives in your nose and upper respiratory area which is what makes it so contagious. It isn’t able to bond with your lungs like the other variants.

    6 The increased hospitalizations should be taken with a grain of salt as most of them are secondary admissions (i.e. people coming in for surgery, broken bones, etc. who are tested for COVID)

    7 We won’t need a booster for omicron because they wouldn’t be able to develop one before it’s completely gone and we’re all going to get it which will give us the immunity we need to get through it.

    8 COVID will join the 4 other coronaviruses we deal with that cause the common cold, upper respiratory infections, RSV, etc. It will become a pediatric disease mainly affecting young children with no immunity.

    9 40% of those infected will be asymptomatic

    10 Rapid tests are 50-80% sensitive to those with symptoms, only 30-60% sensitive to those without symptoms

    11 Contact tracing is worthless because we’re all going to get it and there’s no way we could keep up with it.

    12 We are fighting the last war with COVID and should be pivoting back to normal life, but society isn’t quite ready for it yet.

    13 There is no need to stay home from work or to be a hermit unless you’re immunocompromised or 85 or older, but he does recommend staying away from large gatherings for the next six weeks.

    14 Spring/Summer will be really nice


    “One can also argue that the unvaccinated having such lower rates is because they have some level of natural immunity.”

    (This should also be true of the vaccinated that have breakthrough infections. Though they are being told to get boosters anyway, even after Omicron infection.)


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