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Pope Francis: Russian War In Ukraine Was ‘Perhaps Provoked’ (Pol.eu)
Russia Tells Sievierodonetsk Defenders To Surrender (G.)
Economic Security is National Security (CTH)
Economic Security is National Security – The case for Trump (CTH)
Will Democratic Senators Endorse Biden In 2024? (DC)
Usual Midterm Indicators Very Unfavorable for Democrats (Gallup)
Biden’s Summit of No-Shows (Lawrence)
Children Are Being Infected With Up To Three Viruses At A Time (DM)
The Stock Market At The End Of The World (EdZ)
“Real Estate Tech” in Existential Crisis (WS)
Elon Musk Comes To Defense Of ‘Libs of TikTok’ Over Twitter Death Threats (NYP)
Twitter Responds To Death Threats Against ‘Libs of TikTok’ (JTN)
UK Asylum Flight To Rwanda Cancelled After 11th-hour ECHR Intervention (G.)
US And Partners Enter Pact To Secure Critical Minerals Like Lithium (R.)



“We didn’t do a good enough job explaining why my policies that caused the border crisis are Putin’s fault” ~ Biden



Tucker Kamala



“Joe Biden says he can’t remember a time when the American economy was stronger than it is today and I, for one, completely believe him.”







It’s official: the pope is a heretic. What media does he read and watch? We said 1000 times that it was unprovoked. But no…

Pope Francis: Russian War In Ukraine Was ‘Perhaps Provoked’ (Pol.eu)

In an interview published Tuesday, Pope Francis said Russia’s war in Ukraine was “perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented” — controversial remarks that will raise eyebrows internationally. He made the remarks during an interview with Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica conducted in mid-May but published Tuesday. “Someone may say to me at this point: but you are pro-Putin! No, I am not,” Francis said. “It would be simplistic and wrong to say such a thing. I am simply against reducing complexity to the distinction between good guys and bad guys, without reasoning about roots and interests, which are very complex.” The pope also recalled a conversation he had before the war with an unnamed head of state — a “wise man” — who told Francis he was concerned about NATO and Russia.

“He said, ‘They are barking at the gates of Russia. The situation could lead to war,’” the pope said. “That head of state was able to read the signs of what was happening.” The remarks will likely spark criticism as they echo Russia’s narrative that NATO expansion into former Soviet Union territory forced Moscow to invade Ukraine. Russia’s all-out assault, which began in late February, was launched unilaterally, leaving thousands dead. In the interview, the pontiff did criticize Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, pointing to the “brutality and ferocity” of the Russian troops, and emphasizing “the heroism of the Ukrainian people.” The pope’s new comments come a month after he said himself in an interview that NATO may have “perhaps facilitated” the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine by “barking” at Russia’s door.

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“stop their senseless resistance and lay down arms”

Russia Tells Sievierodonetsk Defenders To Surrender (G.)

Russia has told Ukrainian forces holed up in a chemical plant in the embattled eastern city of Sievierodonetsk to lay down their arms by early Wednesday. Ukraine says more than 500 civilians are trapped alongside soldiers inside Azot, a chemical factory where its forces have resisted weeks of Russian bombardment and assaults that have reduced much of Sievierodonetsk to ruins. Col Gen Mikhail Mizintsev, the officer who was in charge of the devastating siege of Mariupol, said fighters should “stop their senseless resistance and lay down arms” from 8am Moscow time (5am GMT).

The Russian army has shifted the bulk of its military efforts to capturing Sievierodonetsk in its attempt to take full control of Luhansk and Donetsk, collectively known as Donbas. Serhiy Haidai, the governor of the Luhansk, told Ukrainian television on Tuesday that two more Russian battalion tactical groups had been moved into the area. The fight for Sievierodonetsk is turning into one of the war’s bloodiest battles and is seen as a potential turning point in Russia’s advances in Donbas.

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Two segments of the same -long- article by “sundance”.

Economic Security is National Security (CTH)

Donald Trump moved to face the challenge of China. A major shift in U.S. policy that is likely considered the biggest geopolitical shift in the last 75 years. Trump strategically began with Trade Authority 302 national security Steel and Aluminum tariffs at 25% and 10% not only toward China but targeted globally. The entire multinational system was stunned at the bold step with tariffs. But remember, before Trump went to Saudi Arabia, he held a meeting with Chairman Xi Jinping in Mar-a-Lago. The global trade world was shocked by the tariff announcement, but I’ll bet you a doughnut Chairman Xi was not. That February 2017 meeting, only one month after his inauguration, was President Trump graciously informing Chairman Xi, in the polite manner that respectful business people do, that a new era in the U.S-China relationship was about to begin.

New trade agreements, new terms and conditions were to be expected in the future. The tariff announcement hit Wall Street hard, but not Beijing – who knew it was likely. U.S. financial pundits proclaimed the sky was surely falling. These tariffs would cause prices to skyrocket, the global order of all things around trade was under attack by Trump. They waxed and shouted about supply chains being complicated and intertwined amid the modern manufacturing era that was too complex for President Trump to understand with such a heavy handed tariff hammer. Remember all of that? Remember how cars were going to cost thousands more, and beer kegs would forever be lost because the orange man had just triggered steel and aluminum tariffs?

Did any of that happen? No. Of course it didn’t. Actually, the opposite was true and no one could even fathom it. Communist China first responded by subsidizing all of their industries targeted by the tariffs with free energy and raw materials, etc. China triggered an immediate reaction to lower their own prices to offset tariffs. Beijing did not want the heavy industries and factories to start back up again in the U.S, so they reacted with measures to negate the tariff impact. China’s economy started to feel the pressure and panda was not happy. Eventually, as the tariffs expanded beyond Steel and Aluminum to other specific segments and categories, China devalued their currency to lower costs even further for U.S. importers. The net result was something no one could have imagined. With lower prices, and increased dollar strength, we began importing all Chinese products at cheaper rates than before the tariffs were triggered. Yes, we began importing deflation. No one saw that coming…. but Trump did.

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Segment 2.

Economic Security is National Security – The case for Trump (CTH)

We don’t have to guess at whether Donald Trump can put together a program to ensure Economic Security is National Security. We don’t have to guess at whether Donald Trump can deliver on economic policy. We don’t have guess if Trump’s policy platform, proposals and initiatives would be successful. We have the experience of it. We have the results of it. We have felt the success of it. We also don’t need to guess at who is the best candidate to lead Making America Great Again, we already know who that is. There is no other 2024 Presidential Candidate, who I am aware of, who could possibly achieve what Donald John Trump has achieved, or who could even fathom contemplating how to achieve a quarter of what President Trump achieved.

Governor Ron DeSantis has a lot of really good skills and policies on the domestic front unique to his position in Florida; however, it is not a slight toward him to point out he has never expressed any larger economic proposal that would give any confidence in a national economic policy. Look at the sum total of it, and there’s so much more that could be outlined to what Donald Trump achieved and could yet still achieve, it’s not even a close question. And that my friends is exactly why Donald Trump is under relentless attack from both wings of the UniParty in DC. Additionally, it is clear the Wall Street Republicans are trying to position Ron DeSantis as an alternative to another Trump term.

Look carefully at the current advocates for DeSantis, Nikki Haley and/or Kristi Noem, and you will note every one of those early voices are attached to favorable Wall Street politics and multinational corporate advocacy. Look at what Donald J. Trump was able to achieve while he was under constant political attack. Just imagine what Trump 2.0 would deliver. They, the leftist Democrats and Wall Street Republicans, are yet again absolutely petrified of that.

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“..Biden’s “leadership on the world stage has been impressive.”

We Asked All 50 Democratic Senators If They Would Endorse Biden In 2024. Only 5 Said ‘Yes’

Will Democratic Senators Endorse Biden In 2024? (DC)

The Daily Caller contacted all 50 Senate Democrats repeatedly and asked if they would support President Joe Biden in his 2024 presidential bid. Five Senators said “Yes.” A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader and Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer responded to the Daily Caller with a one-word answer: “Yes.” Spokespeople for Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Jack Reed of Rhode Island responded in the same way: “Yes.” Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s spokesperson also said the senator would endorse Biden, noting, “Yes, Senator Booker supports President Biden for re-election should he run again in 2024.” Several members of the Democratic Party have recently cast doubt on Biden’s support for his presidential run in 2024 amid his desperate polling numbers.

This week, Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refused to answer if she will endorse Biden, saying “we’ll take a look at it” when the time comes. Democratic officials and voters also cited the poor state of the country and Biden’s age as reasons they are hesitant to be fully behind Biden now in an article from The New York Times. (RELATED: A Slew Of Democrats Are Quietly Hoping Biden Won’t Run In 2024) Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coon’s spokesperson answered the Daily Caller’s inquiry with a reference to the senator’s recent comments about Biden’s 2024 run. “It’s my understanding that the president intends to seek a second term, and I understand why,” Coons said in a Monday interview, adding that Biden’s “leadership on the world stage has been impressive.”

Coons cited Biden’s performance in foreign policy, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden’s vow to tackle health care costs and his “clear plans” on how to handle inflation as reasons for why Biden deserves support. “I can understand why he might think running for reelection is a good idea,” Coons concluded in the interview. Coons’ spokesperson then confirmed to the Daily Caller that the senator would endorse Biden in 2024. “Yes, If President Biden runs, he’ll support him,” he said. The 45 other Democratic Senators did not respond to several inquiries form the Daily Caller if they would endorse Biden in 2024.

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Historic defeat? Or will mail-in ballots come to the rescue?

Usual Midterm Indicators Very Unfavorable for Democrats (Gallup)

With less than five months to go before voters elect all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate, the current Democratic congressional majority is facing an extremely unfavorable election environment. The party of the president typically loses U.S. House seats in midterm elections — an average of 23 since 1974. However, 2022 is not shaping up to be an average year. Rather, as of May, Gallup finds presidential job approval and three other key national mood indicators well below the historical averages measured in past midterm election years. On their own, those numbers would all predict a greater-than-average loss of seats for the Democratic Party this fall.

Gallup’s latest data, from a May 2-22 survey, finds 41% of Americans approving of the job President Joe Biden is doing, 18% approving of the job Congress is doing, 16% satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S., and a 32-percentage-point deficit in positive (14%) versus negative (46%) ratings of current economic conditions. Each of those metrics is at least 10 points lower than the historical average at the time of past midterm elections, and most are on pace to be the worst of such readings. Midterm elections are widely seen as a referendum on the incumbent president, and this is justified by the high correspondence between overall job approval and seat loss for the president’s party. Given this, congressional seat losses for unpopular presidents’ parties have been above average historically, averaging 37 since 1946.

Biden’s current 41% approval rating puts him in the lower tier of all prior presidents’ job approval ratings taken just before past midterm elections. Biden currently has the same approval rating that Donald Trump did at the time of the 2018 elections, when the GOP lost 40 House seats, and similar to Ronald Reagan’s 42% in October 1982, before the Republicans lost 26 seats. Only one president, George W. Bush, had a lower rating than Biden does today, and his 38% rating in November 2006 was associated with a 30-seat loss.

Biden’s fellow Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama lost an even larger number of House seats in 1994 and 2010, respectively, with slightly higher approval ratings than Biden has now. Those steeper losses reflect the relatively large number of House seats held by Democrats going into those elections in addition to the president’s unpopularity. The Democratic Party lost fewer seats in Obama’s second midterm in 2014 when Obama was no more popular than in his first midterm four years earlier, but Democrats were defending fewer seats.

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Historic shift.

Biden’s Summit of No-Shows (Lawrence)

I tip my cap, as we all should, to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico. And to Presidents Luis Arce of Bolivia, Xiaomara Castro of Honduras, Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala and Nayib Bukele of El Savador. They all pointedly declined to join President Joe Biden at his Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles last week, joining to protest Biden’s refusal to invite Miguel Díaz–Canel, Nicolás Maduro and Daniel Ortega, the presidents of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua respectively. Add it up. Eight of the region’s 33 nations were absent when Biden convened the summit “to demonstrate the resurgence of U.S. leadership in the region,” as the government-supervised New York Times forlornly put it. Don’t they ever get tired of these long-exhausted phrases over on Eighth Avenue?

“There can be no Americas summit if all the countries of the American continent do not participate,” López Obrador explained at a press conference announcing his decision. “Or there can be, but we believe that means continuing with the politics of old, of interventionism, of a lack of respect for the nations and their people.” Well said, Señor Presidente. Speaking more bluntly, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president until the U.S. cultivated a coup that forced him into exile three years ago, called the summit “stillborn.” There is nothing like clear, plain language to get a clear, plain point across. This, the ninth such summit since Bill Clinton convened the first in Miami in 1994, was far more than Biden’s latest flop on the public relations side. In my read it is another sign among many that Washington is losing its hold over its southern neighbors.

This could prove an historic shift, reversing more than a century of usually coercive influence. Dollying out still further, the administration’s failure in Los Angeles last week signals a startlingly swift decline in American power everywhere other than Western Europe and among longtime allies such as Japan and South Korea. Biden drastically misread his moment with his “America is back” bit as he took office 18 months ago. Having overplayed his hand, he is now destined to preside over a significant inflection point in the late-phase imperium’s crumbling hegemony. It is exactly what Joe “Not on my watch” Biden wanted most to avoid.

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Immune systems need training.

Children Are Being Infected With Up To Three Viruses At A Time (DM)

Children are turning up in doctors’ clinics infected with as many as three different types of viruses, in what experts believe is the result of their immune systems being weakened from two years of COVID lockdowns and mask-wearing. Medical staff have come to expect a surge in cases of flu and severe colds during the winter. But they are reporting that there is not the usual downturn as summer approaches – and they suspect it could be due to the strict pandemic practices. Furthermore, some of common strains of the flu appear to have disappeared, flummoxing scientists. Thomas Murray, an infection-control expert and associate professor of pediatrics at Yale, told The Washington Post on Monday that his team was seeing children with combinations of seven common viruses – adenovirus, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human metapneumovirus, influenza and parainfluenza, as well as the coronavirus.

Some children were admitted with two viruses and a few with three, he said. ‘That’s not typical for any time of year and certainly not typical in May and June,’ he said. CDC data obtained by DailyMail.com showed lower overall levels of influenza infections among young children – but an abnormal surge starting several weeks ago during the beginning of the summer months, normally a dead period for respiratory infections. Other strange patterns have emerged. The rhinovirus, known as the common cold, is normally not severe enough to send people to hospital – but now it is. RSV normally tapers off in the warmer weather, as does the influenza, but they have not.

And the Yamagata strain of flu has not been seen since early 2020 – which researchers say could because it is extinct, or perhaps just dormant and waiting for the right moment to return. ‘It’s a massive natural experiment,’ said Michael Mina, an epidemiologist and chief science officer at the digital health platform eMed, told the Post.

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“they can legally just steal all our money?” and “Fuckfuckfuck” and “Bruh I was gonna exit today too RIP.”

The Stock Market At The End Of The World (EdZ)

Yesterday, as cryptocurrency prices crashed and many lost their shirts and asses due to overleveraging, Celsius Network, a loan platform for cryptocurrency, chose to pause all withdrawals, swaps, or transfers between accounts, citing “extreme market conditions.” To be clear, this means that billions of dollars of funds are being held hostage on a non-specific timeline by a company that several people have suggested may not have the liquidity to handle a full withdrawal of funds. It’s a bit like if you went to a bank and put money in there, but there was a rough day on the stock market, so now your debit card doesn’t work, and you can’t transfer money to anyone.

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, also paused withdrawals of Bitcoin, citing a “stuck transaction,” a hold that lasted for three hours. In the last 48 hours, I’ve watched Bitcoin crumble from just under $25,000 on Monday to just over $21,000 as I write this – a number I’ll likely update multiple times before I finish writing this – and people are despairing. The Celsius Network subreddit includes some of the more depressing posts I’ve ever read, with users saying stuff like “they can legally just steal all our money?” and “Fuckfuckfuck” and “Bruh I was gonna exit today too RIP.” Crypto.com and BlockFi have both announced layoffs, and Coinbase retracted hundreds of job offers from people who had agreed to them, including at least one person who needed it for a visa.

What we are seeing is a connection between actions, consequences, ignorance and hubris. This crash – to whatever extent it continues – may end up damaging many millions more lives than the ones in 2017/2018 simply because more people have been exposed to crypto through hucksters and celebrities telling them this was the future. And just like the rest of the startup world, the crypto industry massively overhired to deal with the rush of new money and excitement in the industry, with clearly no strategy to prepare for the thing that crypto is best known for – crashing.

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Housing itself will follow, and mortgages.

“Real Estate Tech” in Existential Crisis (WS)

Here’s the problem with companies whose hype-and hoopla stocks have collapsed by 80% or 90%: They’re facing an existential crisis. They cannot raise more money. But their operations were never designed to make money in the first place. Their business model relied on burning cash, and the whole thing was designed from get-go to use home-made growth metrics to bamboozle investors into buying the stock and pump up the shares. Then the companies, based on their high share price, could issue more shares and raise more money, and feed their cash-burn machine. The plan was to fake it until they could make it.

But with their shares down 80% or 90%, they cannot fake it any longer, and they cannot sell more shares because no one wants them, and they’re going to run out of cash and won’t be able to cover their expenses, and then they cease to exist, and their shares will go to zero, unless they can get the cash-outflows under control, which means cost-cutting. And the fastest and most significant places to cut cost is staff and advertising. If they cannot cut their costs enough, and cannot get their expenses to be less than their revenues, they’ll eventually run out of money. And then that’s it. But if they can cut costs enough, and cut their staff and advertising and other things enough, so that costs come in line, their revenues may sag, or sag even more, and then they may be reporting declining revenues, or more rapidly declining revenues, and continued losses because revenues are now declining faster than expenses, and the whole thing turns into a classic mess.

There are hundreds of companies in this position that went public during the hype-and-hoopla era of money printing and interest rate repression, and they’re all fundamentally facing the same existential crisis, though each company has unique challenges, and in addition, all have to face their industry challenges.

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“A platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is biased against half the country.”

Elon Musk Comes To Defense Of ‘Libs of TikTok’ Over Twitter Death Threats (NYP)

Elon Musk has come to the defense of the woman behind the controversial Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” after she tweeted that she was receiving death threats. Musk, the Tesla CEO who has committed to acquiring the social media site for $44 billion, tweeted: “Why?” after the “Libs of TikTok” creator — who was identified by The Washington Post as Chaya Raichik of Brooklyn, New York — tweeted on Monday she had “now received about a dozen death threats after radical leftists accused me of being a domestic terrorist extremist.” “Twitter has not removed any of the accounts of those who sent the threats,” she added. Musk then commented: “A platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is biased against half the country.” The tech mogul has vowed to change Twitter’s content moderation policies once he takes the company private once the acquisition is complete.

Musk has said he intends to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which was shut down after the events at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Raichik also tweeted that she was forced to relocate due to continuing death threats from other social media users. “Update: After the events of the past 2 days I’ve decided to move to a safer location until things calm down,” read a post from “Libs of TikTok” that was tweeted on Tuesday. “Thank you all for your kind words and support.” Raichik on Monday posted a screenshot of a message she received from another social media user who claimed to have sent her a pipe bomb “for literally supporting nazi bigots.” “Hi @FBI, I’m being threatened with a pipe bomb. Can you please look into this?” she tweeted in response.

Raichik tweeted that she received at least a dozen death threats from other social media users. Last week, Raichik was prevented from posting on her Twitter account after users protested a tweet thread about drag shows to which young children were invited. “Libs of TikTok” posts TikTok videos from liberals who often speak about gender identity and other hot-button issues that have become a staple of political and cultural debates. The account has amassed more than 1.2 million followers.

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But only after Musk commented.

Twitter Responds To Death Threats Against ‘Libs of TikTok’ (JTN)

Twitter suspended the accounts of users who sent death threats targeting the owner of the Libs of TikTok Twitter handle after Elon Musk criticized the company. Musk, who has been in discussions to buy Twitter, asked the company why it has not responded to the threats targeting Libs of TikTok, which reposts videos made by leftists. The Libs of TikTok account claimed on Monday to have “received about a dozen death threats after radical leftists accused me of being a domestic terrorist extremist.” The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz revealed in April that Chaya Raichik was behind the account, and Raichik told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson she was forced into hiding after Lorenz’s article.

Commentator Ian Miles Cheong responded to Musk questioning Twitter by criticizing the platform’s apparent bias against conservatives. “On a just platform, everyone would be treated equally. As it is, you can be banned for merely criticizing (not even threatening) woke progressives, but they can send conservatives death threats without any repercussions,” he wrote. “A platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is biased against half the country,” Musk responded to Cheong. On Tuesday, Raichik thanked Musk and posted pictures captioned “How it started” with Musk’s comments and “How it’s going” with emails from Twitter notifying her about the threatening accounts being suspended.

Raichik seemingly had a sense of humor about the situation. Commenting on a tweet from the Daily Wire about Musk’s response to the threats, she said: “It could’ve been worse… I could have been misgendered.”

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The UK is immoral and amoral.

UK Asylum Flight To Rwanda Cancelled After 11th-hour ECHR Intervention (G.)

Boris Johnson’s plan to send an inaugural flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda has been abandoned after a dramatic 11th-hour ruling by the European court of human rights. Up to seven people who had come to the UK seeking refuge had been expected to be removed to the east African country an hour and a half before the flight was due to take off. But a ruling by the ECHR on one of the seven cases allowed lawyers for the other six to make successful last-minute applications. The decision is a significant and embarrassing blow for Boris Johnson and his home secretary, Priti Patel, who had promised to start sending thousands of asylum seekers 4,000 miles to the east African country in May.

It comes hours after the prime minister threatened to take the UK out of the ECHR and accused lawyers of aiding criminals exploiting refugees in the Channel. The legality of the Rwanda policy will be tested in a full court hearing next month. Responding to the decision, Patel said she was “disappointed” by the legal challenge, made pointed criticisms of the ECHR ruling and said that the policy will continue. “We will not be deterred from doing the right thing and delivering our plans to control our nation’s borders,” she said. “Our legal team are reviewing every decision made on this flight and preparation for the next flight begins now.” Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said that the government must take responsibility for the failed flight, and indicated that the government does not mind clashing with lawyers and the European courts.

“Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable and that won’t tackle criminal gangs,” she wrote on Twitter last night. “But they still paid Rwanda £120m and hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row and someone else to blame.” [..] The ECHR examined the case of a 54-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker who crossed the Channel in a boat. He claimed asylum in the UK last month citing danger to his life in Iraq. Five days later, he was served with a notice of intent indicating that the Home Office was considering deeming his asylum claim inadmissible and relocating him to Rwanda. A doctor at the detention centre issued a report saying that he may have been a victim of torture, it is understood.

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“You will need six times more lithium by 2050..”

aka the death of “Green”.

US And Partners Enter Pact To Secure Critical Minerals Like Lithium (R.)

The United States, Canada and other countries have established a new partnership aimed at securing the supply of critical minerals, which are essential for clean energy and other technologies,as global demand for them rises, the State Department said on Tuesday. Demand for the minerals, such as nickel, lithium and cobalt, is projected to expand significantly in the coming decades. Massive amounts of these minerals will be needed to meet the United States’ emissions reduction goals, Jose Fernandez, under secretary for economic growth, energy and the environment at the State Department, said in a telephone interview. “You will need six times more lithium by 2050 than you use today in order to meet the clean energy goals,” Fernandez said, speaking from Toronto.

Canada “is an important supplier of critical minerals,” he added. The minerals are key inputs in batteries, electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels, and are also used in products ranging from computers to household appliances. The Minerals Security Partnership will aim to help “catalyze investment from governments and the private sector for strategic opportunities … that adhere to the highest environmental, social, and governance standards,” the State Department said in a statement. The U.S. government has been working with Canada to boost regional supply chains to counter China’s dominance in the sector. Critical minerals are “a generational economic opportunity for Canada if we get it right,” Canada’s natural resources minister, Jonathan Wilkinson, said in a phone interview.

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 15 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet Meules 1890

    Absolutely stunning…I can see why it commanded a record price for an impressionist painting…


    Not sure if this link is what I’m looking for. If it works it’s an interview from last evening’s news in N.S. The rate of admissions for kids with the flu is off the charts at The IWK children’s hospital in Halifax and can’t it’s a mystery as to why? I’ve a few thoughts on that! The interview starts @ 33:40 approx. Record numbers of emergency visits. Completely clueless, no offence honky!

    V. Arnold

    Automatic Earth in Athens June 2022

    Shame, shame, for the posters here at TAE…2 responses…both mine…upping my monthly donation to Raul’s hard work…
    My total income per month is $1253 USD…that’s it!’
    But, I manage to donate $25 USD every month for this gem of accurate information and freedom from censorship…
    So, just what’s up with you’all???
    I don’t get it… 🙁

    Dr. D

    “TERRORIST ATTACK: Abortion activists firebomb Oregon pregnancy center in latest terror attack” (again)

    Aaand the sky is blue.

    WHO to hold emergency meeting to determine if monkeypox represents int’l health emergency”

    Better have ManBearPig by then. Gots to have a new scam to shake down new money and power.

    “WHO Renames Monkeypox”

    I vote for ManBearPig.

    “a “wise man” — who told Francis” what to think.

    That would be Kissinger. Said the Pope who showed up in a musclecar without his hat. (this was true, earlier this year. Probably all the coke and boyz he’s doing.)

    “Russia’s all-out assault, which began in late February, was launched unilaterally, leaving thousands dead.”

    Is there some other way to launch a war than “by yourself”? Are there wars where thousands don’t die? Heads of state do pistols at dawn in combat of champions or something?

    ““brutality and ferocity” of the Russian troops, and emphasizing “the heroism of the Ukrainian people.”

    But he’s not picking sides or anything. Good and bad guys isn’t so simple as unilateral aggression vs pure heroism of the Ghost of Kiev he sez. Actually, I saw a movie promo “Ghost”, of fighter jets, so I know where the DoD got this PR hooey from. It’s the sort of thing they would watch and be aware of. It’s appropriate since it’s not real, all CGI, winning awards earlier this year. He shot down 10,000 (virtual) jets.

    “Ukraine says more than 500 civilians are trapped alongside soldiers inside Azot,”

    Everywhere else they are called “hostages”. Again, if they are actually civilians, all they have to do is wave a white flag and they’re safe. They haven’t, so that means they are being prevented by the soldiers, as in Mariupol. Neither the media nor the Pope will ever report this.

    “Confidence in a national economic policy.”

    DeSantis has a “GOP” foreign policy. That is, the policy of the long noses. Rhinos. We would have to see some help on that front, and if it hasn’t already changed…

    Expect more approval for Israel bombing all their neighbors, right in the civilian infrastructure. (Public airports) Shooting foreign reporters regularly, and all that stuff. Hey, is Bennett a war of unnecessary aggression? On civilians? While a different country is occupying 1/3 of the nation, on top of the oil and pipelines, without an Act of War or even a theoretical premise?

    Sanction those countries! Oh wait: we did. Sanctioned and collapsed ourselves.

    Well that’s a pleasant change of pace. What do you mean the only reason they got punished was a pure accident? Surely the UN wouldn’t approve and would do something about it, wouldn’t they? Launch a biolab investigation or something?

    Biden’s “leadership on the world stage has been impressive.”

    Or as Trevor Noah said, “Things are lookin’ up! Gas prices are up, food prices are up, unemployment is up…”

    But really, why would they endorse him when he’ll be dead by then? Along with a bunch of the rest of us.

    Historic defeat? Or will mail-in ballots come to the rescue?”

    They’re going to have to find a ManBearPig to stop this. Since it doesn’t have to be real, like the Ghost, or kill anyone under 80, like CV19 didn’t, it should be pretty easy. If it’s a lie, you can count on 100% public support.

    Biden’s Summit of No-Shows (Lawrence)”

    Bringing people together. In unity against him.

    “a startlingly swift decline in American power everywhere other than Western Europe”

    Yay! Biden is ending the empire. We’re winning.

    “Bruh I was gonna exit today too RIP.”

    This isn’t unique to crypto. The casinos are rigged everywhere else too. Stocks, bonds, GameStop, SEC specifically targeting the board, Real Estate, MERS and foreclosing on houses they don’t even hold paperwork on. Universal corruption. Universal lack of all rule of law. How amateur do you need to be to play the game without looking at the rules or the Ref enforcing them? You have better odds and more honesty in a casino. …Where even there, if you “Win” at all they’ll call you a “Card counter” and escort you out.

    SEC head says, “Hey, the Reddit Rubes aren’t supposed to win! Only my donors and golfing pals are allowed to win.” Yeah, there have been what, three BTC crashes since Coinbase and 100% of the time they locked the doors when the fire broke out? Bravo points out that, as a trader, they locked the door when he sold at $19K before the last $20k high. It took weeks to get them to clear a sale by then crashed to $17k. Nope! You’re not allowed to profit. Computer says no. Our algorithm allows only censored speech and losing trades.

    That said, here’s the only question that matters: Will crypto — BTC, ETH — cease to exist, or will they continue?

    If they continue, the price is up. If they are put in an NFT museum, the price is near-zero. So the future has them exist, being a national currency of El Salvador and Central Africa, closing oil and balance of trade accounts with Russia, Iran, and Uruguay, or are they all full of it?

    “Here’s the problem with companies whose hype-and hoopla stocks have collapsed by 80% or 90%: They’re facing an existential crisis.”

    This is most of the companies in a Free-Money, all-printing economy. Every terrible idea that will create no return, like Lemonade, Carvana, WeWork, gets financed. Actually more harmful is that every LARGE business – i.e. fascism – gets free money like Home Depot, Walmart, and the law allows them to stay open. Pa’s Hardware and Food n Stuff gets no financing and lose all. “Company Store”. As in: “I owe my soul to the company store.” Yeah, that’s called “monopoly”. It’s “Fascism”, you might have noticed.

    This is just ONE of the reasons you can’t have MMT, money-printing, unsound money. This one reason would be far more than enough as all R&D and employment comes from Pa’s Local Startup, but there are many, many more.

    Prime among them is Inflation, if you hadn’t noticed. But income disparity to those who speculate and do nothing too. “I MAKE nothing. I DO nothing. I OWN.” — Gordon Gekko, Wall Street.

    “There are hundreds of companies in this position that went public during the hype-and-hoopla era”

    These companies should never have existed and represent a total waste of valuable time and resources. All the gas driving to these companies should never have been burned, all the lumber they used to build the front office should never have been cut. THey paved endless farmland for the office space and parking lots. Just total waste, all the way down. This is why not high or low inflation, but STABILITY is the key to working economies. Business can adjust to anything. Except changing conditions with changing rules and no property rights. But of course that is what speculators get rich off of and pay Senators for. And the people cheer! $3 Trillion stimulus? “It’s my money and I want it now!!!” –JG Wentworth

    “Your money” makes 30% inflation that makes the rich 30% richer in 20 months. Go MMT!

    “now received about a dozen death threats after radical leftists accused me of being a domestic terrorist extremist.”

    Yeah, but only every day. Didn’t you hear there was going to be violence this summer over R v Wade? At least you haven’t been Swatted 12 times like Tim Pool and any other reporters/people who embarrass the DNC. Stochastic murder. Guaranteed. They show up to Supreme Court houses and DNC leaders don’t tell them to stop. Because they approve of murder. They only don’t like going to jail, thus the “stochastic.”

    “Hi @FBI, I’m being threatened with a pipe bomb. Can you please look into this?”

    N O P E . And they haven’t found the DC bomber either, with his cell phone in his hand, on 10,000 cameras. After 9 months they finally started asking about it, though.

    Again, what does this person do? She RE-posts public quotes from ordinary people who put them up voluntarily. That’s usually called “Support”. Re-tweeting someone is a GOOD thing. If you’re proud of and believe what you’re saying, if you were honest and well-thought. They say that anyone who repeats their own voluntary, unforced words, is a Nazi and against them. Okay, maybe in #OppositeLand. Doesn’t Coca-Cola pay hundred millions for this kind of grass-roots coverage, advertising, retweets, and engagement? Does Coke do that because it’s bad and they’re Nazis?

    Nevermind, using ye olde logic again. So last century.

    “UK Asylum Flight To Rwanda Cancelled After 11th-hour ECHR Intervention (G.)”

    Again, Rwanda? Like Cote d’Ivory, F-stan, exactly how many thousand miles, how many nations did you cross before you got to Manchester? 30? 50? Where did you get the money rather than settling in Amadabad, India?

    So I let it slide, but I’m moving to Naples without a passport seeking asylum from Trump and Biden and the political prosecution here. You can’t ship me home the ECHR says.

    I mean, why not? How is that different from Guatemalans in Uvalde? There are no borders and no international law, so therefore there are no nation states now. Only Multinational Corporations.

    US and Partners Enter Pact to Secure Critical Minerals Like Lithium (R.)”

    “Pact”, meaning “We wrote some words while eating 5-star catering” and did no work. Yes, but this shortage was only 100% scientifically certain from the first day. That’s why we ignored it and had no idea. “Follow the Scienz!”

    …And the Sciencz follows the money.

    …And the money follows the Stateless Multinational Corporations

    …Who follow the free money printing from Powell and the MMT banks.

    those darned kids

    i teach music, all ages.

    i’ve never seen so many kids and teenagers sick so frequently with multiple kids missing multiple lessons because of differing bouts of illness.


    The damage of the failed Rwanda scheme might give the UK Gov some pause, also where Assange is concerned. But it could also do the opposite. This is from a mail I received, quoting a man named Phillip Adams:

    The position of USA Ambassador to Australia has been vacant for about 4-5 years, so I believe. The USA government has covered this fact up by naming an interim one for that period, where the individual could not give a shit about the role. In my opinion basically vacated Australia to avoid political fallout during the Assange case percolated. That is my biased opinion.

    Anyway, the appointing of Caroline Kennedy is a positive development for our campaign to free Assange. She will be the local focus point and given her fathers words and what happened to him following his words about protecting the free press and “Repugnant secrecy” as JFK called it,

    I feel it is a very positive outcome and we will see. However the petition is now in a very powerful position. The Prime Minister of Australia (Anthony Albanese) signed my petition on his first day in office and I believe was the first document he signed after his swearing in as PM. The PM signed my petition on 23-5-2022 just before he flew to meet with President Biden on that very day. I am hoping that Assange will be free by June 29th 2022.

    Dr. D

    ManBearPig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGoEP-IqoDg

    “I’m super-serial here, ManBearPig will end life on earth if we don’t do something. But luckily, I’m here to save you!”

    Remember: We only have 10 years to save the planet from ManBearPig. ManBearPig is sweeping the globe, and we must do everything — except shutting down air flights to its home town — in order to stop it.

    ManBearPig: not just for comedy anymore.

    D Benton Smith

    “WHO Renames Monkeypox”

    I vote for ManBearPig.

    I suggest the headline announcing the name change to read , ‘ Flunky Docs Change Monkeypox To Money Pots ‘



    “They used natural products like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and drugs, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. ” – Hahaha !! 🤡😂🤡


    HERE IT IS!!! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/14/people-who-caught-covid-in-first-wave-get-no-immune-boost-from-omicron

    Notice how it was “a study of triple vaccinated people”. Yup – the vaxxed are fucked. We know it, they know it. Pathogenic Priming has “fixed” their immune response to the original strain.

    The unvaxxed do get an “immune boost” from Omicron – but of course they won’t tell you that. Now – go get ‘yer booster! 🤡☠️🤡

    “We’re not getting herd immunity, we’re not building up protective immunity to Omicron,” he said. “So we face not coming out the other end of infections and re-infections and breakthrough infections.” DING DING DING – EXACTLY what Geert Vanden Bossche has been saying.


    Warp Speed clearly wasn’t fast enough! “A faster method — likely based on data from laboratory tests and trials involving mice or other animals — may be necessary to ensure that boosters remain effective.” https://ca.news.yahoo.com/covid-reinfections-set-to-spike-in-us-as-new-variants-evade-immunity-220029351.html Good God! 🤡☠️🤡


    Get vaxxed …. get Covid! https://twitter.com/BeccaSchenker/status/1536395505936130048 🤡☠️🤡

    Mister Roboto

    So can anyone debunk this?

    D Benton Smith

    Now that America is a failed something-or-other (state? nation? republic? democracy?. . . whatever) why don’t we try totally anarchic chaos for a while? Give those foreigners a break to recover from our brotherly ministrations of Democracy .

    Yeah, I know, it might be a bit messy, but talk about freedom! just wow! Everyone will be free to do any damn thing they want that someone else can’t stop you from doing. Wee, doggies !

    The body count can’t be that much higher than what we’ve racked up so far with those wars on terror, drugs, poverty, and viruses. . . and WAY more localized. Truly America First.

    Might even persuade some to giving that old Constitution and Bill Of Rights another shot . . . . . maybe even for reals this time.


    Should be thirds not half. Weird anyways.


    Does anybody know of a graph or chart or something that shows, say, a historical ‘mean’ death rate versus the excess deaths that (are alleged to have) occurred from Covid?

    An MD family member watched the Malone-van den Bossche interview from Spain, but replied, “What about all the people who died from Covid BEFORE the the vaccine was available?” I didn’t stray into the whole “with covid or from covid” debate again, was just wondering if deaths really were simply steady…

    No solid data, no solid money, then no good decisions, and no good outcomes.

    (V Arnold – thanks for reminder. Problem addressed this morning)


    The whole point of hair sniffing, bedpan old sleepy white Joe the Grift King is to humiliate the Sheeple to their faces every day in every way.

    It’s not enough to have embarrassing gaffs and non sequiturs in a constant poisonous stream.

    The world has to see what a Turd in the Punch Bowl the Empire of Lies really is on a regular daily basis.

    The photo of Putin signing the degree to raise prices in the Empire of Lies is well, priceless

    Brandon kills babies and children with Clotshots to this day despite the mountains of evidence.

    Brandon kills Ukrainians with the same reckless blood drinking abandon.



    One minute you think you’re done with the death jab – and the next – you’re not!

    See how they play the game ?

    John Day

    Re: Comments last night

    , Slimy Alligator Paul and Phoenixvoice: I have plenty of tomatoes. I canned 13 quarts week before last and gave away a lot at my son’s birthday party this past weekend, and have been cooking-with-tomatoes a lot. I get tomatoes in May, and tomato season has already peaked for me, due to the heat It is not getting under 78F at night, so tomatoes quite flowering when it doesn’t cool down at night to low 70s. “Juliets”, a small Roma type, produce the best in the heat. We’ll have few tomatoes until October fter the end of this month. Summer rains are a big help, if we get them, as they cool the nights down a bit.
    This post has pre and post canning pics. https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/as-time-goes-by?s=w

    I appreciate the perspective and tips on how your gardens or other gardens grow. Phoenix is the most like Austin in weather, and those clear glass bowls from Dollar Tree (“cloches”) would work even better there. I’d plant seeds in December in Phonix. (Hell, maybe I’ll do that in Yoakum.)
    My failures with starting seeds with lights and warmers have not been absolute, but more the failure to measure up to the starts in little pots from a nursery.
    Cutting tomato slices and keeping them in soil over winter is very much mimicing nature. I respect that.

    John Day

    @Mr Roboto: Yes, Texas is the biggest state investor in wind and solar power, and yes, they have been working with bright sunshine and steady winds to feed the grid that feeds the air conditioners. Natural gas plants are the big backup generator, and are ina b it of short supply in recent years. natural gas is essential if the wind quiets down in the heat of the day, or there are storm clouds overhead.

    John Day

    Van Gogh was influenced by Monet, they say. This looks like a kindred painting.

    John Ward, The Slog, has a post up about HG Wells’ book The Time Machine, wherein Morlocks underground support innocent Eloi aboveground, and secretly harvest them at night to cook in the oven and eat for Sunday Roast. Somehow he likens this predation to our current global system of ownership, finance and resource allocation. He’s skilled and clever, and living it himself, as he tries to exit France with some residual wealth to live on. (It’s rumored you might meet him, V.Arnold.)
    THE GREAT RESET CAPER: We saw you coming…


    Dr D posted in a prev. thread: Noirette, did you catch the whole Jacques Baud article? – link below

    Yes I did, role of Switz. etc. He makes some good points.

    reminder, Switz. abandoned its neutrality by sanctioning Russia / Russians, which it was not obliged to do by the UN. However, CH has refused to send arms / parts / ammunition to Ukr. because the CH Constitution forbids it, it would be going a step too far, there would be an outcry, but the MSM doesn’t report this.

    Baud makes the point that statecraft shouldn’t be guided by passion, but by reason (paraphr.), that ‘feelings’ cannot be the basis of policy. CH should not behave as a party in this conflict. Absolutely.

    Now, setting aside the mega discussion about the intertwining of reason and emotion and how one might distinguish them to begin with, Baud doesn’t venture to address the question Why.

    I believe that even 10 years ago facing such a conflict CH would have ‘kept out of it’ in all its forms; what efforts to pacification or resolution of the conflict it might try to instigate is another question, which also depends a lot on other’s reactions.

    So what changed? The politicians in charge are not, as individuals, fundamentally different from those of 10 years ago. The MSM though has flipped. 20 years ago it was not bad at all, but today it seems like all news is spun or slanted and the ‘facts’ themselves come from Reuters and AFP…and one unique story line has to be followed, PUTIN-BAD and plucky valiant Ukranians good. What set of factors brought about this change?

    In CH we saw the same thing with COVID .. to the point where existing legislation (in CH experimental vaccines could NOT be used, while experimental treatments to ill ppl who agree is lax, easy, for ex. Thalidomide can be prescribed for lupus..) …was disregarded or overturned..

    These are sweeping societal / cultural / ultimately socio-political changes…

    Jacques Baud: “The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin”

    D Benton Smith

    Just because you’re trapped in an lunatic asylum by insane doctors who say you’re crazy for wanting to get out, does not mean you that you should stop trying to become sane enough to figure out a way to get out.


    magnificent art.

    Tagesspiegel, the ‘flagship’ newspaper of the German capital, lately running op-ed headline pieces pushing for “moar vepons for Ukraine!!” every day, hit comedic gold today with this gem:

    Drohende Engpässe bei Gasversorgung
    Robert Habecks Mission wird immer schwieriger
    Russland drosselt unter einem Vorwand den Großteil seiner Gaslieferungen nach Deutschland. Der Plan des Wirtschaftsministers für den Winter gerät unter Druck.

    Impending bottlenecks in gas supply [hmm.. who woulda thunk??]
    Robert Habeck’s mission is becoming increasingly difficult
    Under a pretext, [!! TrolLOLo!!]] Russia is curbing the majority of its gas supplies to Germany. The Economy Minister’s plan for the winter is coming under pressure. 🍿🤣


    On Denninger, “Ukraine has lost and so have we.” (prev. thread, link below.) We, being the USA I presume.

    Well, yes and no.

    Ukraine will be divided up, is already so, with Russia controlling a long consequent strip in the East (going to Odessa next ?), the future of Galicia (the parts that are in Ukr.) uncertain, a rump Ukr. left over, and so on.

    Nobody in the *Collective West* as it is now called (USuk-isr, EU, 5 eyes, occupied Japan..) cares about Ukr. or Ukranians. The only aim is to stick it to Russia, get rid of Putin, break into the tremendous ressources, etc. How Ukr. is broken up, if Poland gets a piece or not, is of no consequence, anything goes.

    Ukr. is seen as backwater only good for exploitation by ‘individuals’ (see Burisma, local oligarchs, etc.) even while it is overall a rich in ressources country. In fine, the aim is to simply create as many problems for Russia as possible, war In Ukr., plus to harm Russia and Russians by ‘cutting them off’, much like angry ppl ‘cut off’ their ex-spouses, their family members, friends, by refusing to see them, deal with them, honor obligations, etc. in case of discord.

    The USA has succeeded in the cutting-off aim, for many years (they hope..) annuling a fair trade, economic, and even political relationship between Germany, other European countries, and Russia.

    Tight ties, an alliance on that continent, would have seen the USA driven into nutty post-modernist insignificance, very poor, which is already happening anyway.

    So this aim – the supremo symbol being the cancellation of Nord Stream 2 – has been achieved. For now.


    Figmund Sreud

    Oil, gas, Russia, Ukraine, EU, sanctions, Putin, et alia: Art Berman interview:

    … fwiw,

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Noirette – Nobody in the *Collective West* as it is now called (USuk-isr, EU, 5 eyes, occupied Japan..) cares about Ukr. or Ukranians. The only aim is to stick it to Russia, get rid of Putin, break into the tremendous ressources, etc. How Ukr. is broken up, if Poland gets a piece or not, is of no consequence, anything goes.

    … and to the Russian side: Russia has presented its most clearly defined its strategic aims last December, … issued two draft treaties – with red lines- to the U.S. and NATO which included demands for a withdrawal by NATO to its former 1997 eastern limits ( East Germany lands were excluded). That is, … to the of Polish western border along river Oder *). This means that Ukraine is only in its way to that river.

    And so, once the Ukraine is finished, … Poland is next!

    Anyway, for the record: … the U.S. and NATO ignored the two drafts. Russia did not, …


    *) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oder

    Mr. House


    Sadly the survival rate is is way to high for the saint to shed his mortal coil. Perhaps he should be put on a vent and given remdisover

    John Day

    While we await the WHO renaming “monkeypox” to be less racist (‘different species, not different race”, sez I) we get some facts and statistics from Europe.

    A survey of monkeypox cases by the UK Health Agency has found that 151 out of 152 participants are men who “identify as gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men.”

    The survey found that 311 (99% of 314) cases were men, with just 3 confirmed female cases.

    “One hundred and fifty-two cases participated in more detailed questionnaires, implemented from 26 May 2022, and used retrospectively,” the survey found.

    “In this data, 151 of the 152 men interviewed identified as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM), or reported same sex contact, and the remaining individual declined to disclose this information.”
    Early outbreaks of monkeypox originated at a gay sauna in Spain and a fetish festival in Belgium.

    Despite monkeypox cases being overwhelmingly gay men, some critics have suggested that encouragement by health authorities for gay men who suspect they may have caught the virus to refrain from having sex is “homophobic” and a form of “stigmatization.”

    As we previously highlighted, the first monkeypox patient to go public revealed that he caught the virus from having gay sex with “around 10 new partners” after being deported from Dubai for testing positive for HIV.
    Got any non-racist naming ideas?
    Any of those “non pejorative”?


    John Day

    Take horse dewormer and some OTC supplements, Tony!
    I know you take 6000IU vitamin-D per day, so you’re ok on that.


    Steve Kirsh, substack.

    Pfizer admits to fraud in court

    Their defense to the fraud claims against them is that because the government was in on it, it isn’t fraud. Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson’s attorney, Robert Barnes, isn’t buying the argument.


    Sounds like Nixon’s defense: If the president does it that means it’s not illegal.”

    Mr. House

    Legally speaking, since Cominaty was approved last August as a “treatment” to covid, shouldn’t the EUA’s be revoked then? Since we have an alternative “treatment”? So Pfizer says they’re never going to produce Cominaty and have continued to use EUA jabs since they have so many, how is this legal?

    Veracious Poet

    Figmund Sreud

    Greer this Wednesday, June 15, ‘22:

    “As the American empire implodes and takes the imperial tribute economy with it, Americans will have to produce most of their own goods and services again. To say that we’re very poorly prepared to do this is to understate things considerably.

    The Twilight of Empire

    The Twilight of Empire


    Michael Reid

    Doug Casey: Things will continue to deteriorate for the foreseeable future. Trends in motion tend to stay in motion, and this trend is still accelerating. Actual Jacobins and Bolsheviks will be running the US for at least another 30 months.

    We’ve talked a lot about international possibilities in past conversations. However, if you want to stay in the US and you live in a major city—it doesn’t matter where—I would move to a rural area.

    People in rural areas are closer to the earth and reality. They have more traditional values and less bad habits. Their general worldview is more conservative. In big cities, it’s always more liberal. Like tends to draw like. In cities, urban gangs may start taking over in “no go” zones.

    Doug Casey on the Great Migration of Americans Out of Dysfunctional Cities

    John Day

    “Then All At Once” blog post is up, with picture of kitchen-in-progress in “rural area”

    Today the Fed hiked interest rates by 0.75%, the biggest hike since Paul Volker was Chairman. That response-to-inflation is in the context of having bailed out the big banks and financial institutions with trillions of dollars, beginning in September of 2019, as Event 201 and other preparations were being made for a coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic allowed the Fed and other central banks to “go direct” with massive slush to big banks, as advised by Black Rock. This article, which I am re-posting goes into that reversal-of-order, which makes recent events so very clear, even today.
    The pandemic-lockdown was cover for the bailout, and delayed the inevitable inflation.

    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    Now, the inevitable-inflation is here, and it’s not from paying factory workers too much. They have been progressively starved in “advanced economies”, and their jobs moved to “developing economies” where workers get paid very little and pollution is still ok.
    Inflation is now caused by a supply shortage of stuff, as all of the credit-money created in recent years keeps filtering into the “real economy”, trying to buy diesel, and computer chips, baby formula and tampons. Yes, there are supply chain problems, but it’s always something. Prices of some commodity triple, then maybe drop later to just double. Money supply can be easily increased, but the material goods are in short supply, and keep getting bid-up.

    A contrived “reason” for this is up and fully operational now. WAR! Shortages of fuel, food and manufactured goods are either due to Putin, or to sanctioning-Putin, or due to non-compliance with Russian sanctions. Creating an artificial shortage of Russian oil (for sanctions-participants) leads directly to a black-market in Russian oil, after it passes through Chinese tankers and Indian refineries, then back to the EU and US.

    Once again, a created-emergency has allowed for emergency-measures to make a problem acutely worse, but in a way that can be modulated by backing off and “cheating”. This allows for “control” of the situation by the controllers. It’s what they do.
    So the economy will never be what it used to be. I postulate that global industrial economy is in terminal decline because of high costs of hierarchy, parasitic owners, increasingly expensive oil and ores, pollution of all kinds and growing bureaucracies everywhere.

    On the positive side, there is more than enough of everything to supply everybody’s actual human needs.
    On the negative side, the system is designed to create scarcity, not meet all needs, and to bid up the prices for meeting any needs,
    then directing the excess payments as profit to the “owners”. It is a most sophisticated, broadly-instituted global system.

    The last adjustments to this system were instituted through World Wars 1 & 2, and during the postwar Bretton-Woods financial regime, during the cold-war.
    Despite the vast creation of credit-money provided directly to the biggest financial institutions, the system still has a lot of gas. The $US losing value is not acceptable, especially with the gold & oil backed Ruble making such a surprisingly good showing, and all of the talk about a new Eurasian trade currency, backed by commodities, about to be unveiled.

    To keep the demand high for $US, the credit has to be called-in. Interest rates in dollars are going up-up-up, so it is doing better than other currencies. Dollars being lent are going down-down-down, but $US loans still need to be serviced with $US, so $US is in high demand. This tightening of credit conditions is hitting speculative investments (“risk assets”) harder and harder, and that is one price for supporting the system. Companies may finally start going bankrupt, and real estate loans will be defaulted upon. Financial institutions, having made trillions in the crisis, will buy up real things for pennies on the dollar, yet again.

    There is no alternative, right? Loans have to be paid in $US or the lenders take your lithium mine, or oil wells and starve your country so people riot for food.
    Some say that there will soon be an alternative. That Russia, China, India, Iran, Turkey, maybe Brazil and a lot of little countries are about to release an alternative global trade currency, but it won’t buy Boeings or Patriot missiles. This bloc of countries will recognize nationalization of mines and oil wells, and will not ding a credit-score for defaulting on $US debts.

    This is all still “planned”, still hypothetical. I’m on pins and needles…

    John Day

    This seems just like Mariupol. Please jump to the ending.
    Up to 1,200 civilians held at Azot plant in Severodonetsk — LPR
    About 127 of them are children

    The Russians do not have the death penalty. Donetsk and Luhansk do have it. I suspect the Russians will make quiet deals.
    (Where is that Canadian general these days?)
    The Russian military has captured two US mercenaries who were fighting in the ranks of Kiev forces near Ukraine’s Kharkiv city​​

    Russian Army Captured Two US Mercenaries In Ukraine’s Kharkiv – Report

    Robert Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, were captured while fighting for the Ukrainian army last week
    The pair were part of a ten-men squad which encountered Russian forces in Kharkiv
    They disabled a Russian tank but then were lost in the fog of return fire then disappeared, comrades say
    Drueke served in Iraq in the US Army but Huynh, a former Marine, has never been in active combat before​

    John Day

    The AI doesn’t seem to want to take “pro-Russian” links, so I will put a space in them to de-activate, which you can remove.

    Not afraid of the big northern neighbor?
    Mexico condemns Western policy on Ukraine
    Funneling weapons into an active warzone is ‘immoral,’ Mexico’s president said
    https://www.rt. com/news/557177-mexico-ukraine-policies-immoral/

    Dmitry Medvedev trolls EU/US/NATO rather stylishly:
    “We are eagerly expecting yet another package of European sanctions and great sanctions solutions by Grandfather Joe [US President Joe Biden] over which the authors of these very sanctions immediately begin to come up with schemes to circumvent them,”
    https://tass. com/politics/1464815

    ​ India wins. Russia wins Europe loses. Who has “firsties” now? Will India still get Russian oil for $70/bbl when all of this is over?
    Despite Western demands to halt its purchase of Russian oil, a Helsinki-based research agency has found that India bought 18% of all the crude Russia exported in May, up from 1% before the military operation in Ukraine began. Discounts has ensured that New Delhi will not follow the path of sanctions, especially as Indian refiners are extremely satisfied…
    ..Although CRECA found that Russian crude oil imports into the European Union fell by 18% in May, “this reduction was taken up by India and the United Arab Emirates, leading to no net change in Russia’s crude oil export volumes.”
    ​https://www.globalresearch. ca/india-begins-replacing-eu-russia-major-energy-market/5783552

    Nicaragua letting Russian troops in for humanitarian operations and crime-fighting is nothing new, according to this. It’s a routine re-upping of the status quo. Lots of other militaries, including the US are on that list. Much ado about nothing. Daniel Ortega got elected again last December. The US still hates Ortega…
    Nicaragua authorizes entry of Russian troops, navy ships, warplanes
    https://www.laprensalatina. com/nicaragua-authorizes-entry-of-russian-troops-navy-ships-warplanes/

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States has targeted another 93 individuals with visa restrictions related to actions allegedly undermining Nicaragua’s democracy, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday.
    https://sputniknews. com/20220613/us-imposes-visa-restrictions-on-93-people-allegedly-undermining-nicaraguas-democracy-1096281677.html

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