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Pieter Brueghel the Younger Construction of the Tower of Babel 1595



It’s pretty amazing, but finally Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said something that is actually true. Not because he intended to, but hey, beggars are choosers. Zelensk(i)y(y) today compared western weapons and sanctions to Covid vaccines. A tad late, for sure, given the vaccine fatigue, but then his audience are not the smartest sheep in the herd.

But he is so right it’s impossible to let this slip. Because any additional weapons delivered to Ukraine will have the exact same effects that the Covid vaccines have had. That is, they will kill more people and end more lives, than no vaccines and no weapons could ever have done.

A unintended brilliant insight from a murderous clown. There are actually Ukraine voices claiming that with enough weapons, they could take/retake Sievierodonetsk and other places in 2-3 days. I wish I was kidding you. They want you to ignore Russia’s warning that for them this is an existential issue, and to think Putin is just a madman looking for Lebensraum.

That way Raytheon et al can keep on adding up profits, and no Americans or British or Germans will die, so it all looks good in the media.

This is the Guardian’s take:


Zelenskiy: Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Is ‘Covid-22’ And Weapons Are Vaccine

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has compared Russia’s invasion to Covid and described weapons and sanctions as a vaccine, as Ukraine’s military position in Donbas worsens. The Ukrainian president, speaking via video link at a gala to celebrate Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year, lobbied again for more outside help because “the Ukrainian military are dying on the battlefield”. He asked rhetorically whether the US president, Joe Biden, and members of Congress were using “all the capacity of our influence and our leadership” and called on them to be “100% influential”.

“Weapons and sanctions are … a vaccine … against Covid-22 brought by Russia,” Zelenskiy said, hours after he warned that the fight for Sievierodonetsk could decide “the fate” of the entire Donbas – the name given collectively to the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk in the country’s east. [..] Russia’s permanent representative to the UN told the BBC that Moscow’s forces were making steady progress in Ukraine and predicted that the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions would be captured shortly.

Vasily Nebenzya said: “It seems to me that there is progress. No one promised a result in three days or a week,” and added: “Just give it time … and you will see the Donetsk and Luhansk regions liberated. And, I hope, this will happen very soon.” Overnight Zelenskiy acknowledged that the struggle for Sievierdonetsk, which has been raging for several weeks, was “probably one of the most difficult throughout this war” and that “in many ways, the fate of our Donbas is being decided there”.

Ukrainian insiders have previously argued the city is not particularly strategic and that their goal has been to inflict heavy casualties on the Russians but Zelenskiy’s statement suggests the city has symbolic importance, not least because it is one of the last two population centres in Luhansk province that Kyiv controls.

Western media and politicians continue to claim that Ukraine can win. They can’t unless NATO goes in full force, and even then. Besides, they won’t.

In precisely the same way that the leaky untested vaccines (plus boosters) won’t stop the pandemic. It is a perfect metaphor.




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    Pieter Brueghel the Younger Construction of the Tower of Babel 1595     It’s pretty amazing, but finally Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensk
    [See the full post at: Zelensky Finally Speaks The Truth]


    I wish the Ukrainian military would just put a bullet in Z’s head and stop this mad rush to potential nuclear war.


    My guess is this will end with a military coup once ukrainian military casualties reaches a sufficient threshold. Then Zelensky will either go to the US and become Juan Guaido the second. If he’s not welcome in the US he’ll try his luck in Georgia and probably end up sharing a cell with Mikhail Saakashvili.

    John Day

    Yesterday kultsommer said: “Note to myself (English is my 2nd lang) – mindless re-post of an article about the plight of Assange’s family that was already included in TAE list was explained to me as an “overlap with a reason” in reply to my previous inquiry about the practice that, in my opinion, shows that poster is barely reading what’s offered on this site.”

    No offense intended. I read everything and (almost) always catch up on previous days and comments. I spend many hours reading and knitting together stories I find about the flow of history we are in. I post them on both mirror versions of my blog (uncensored drjohnsblog.substack.com and sometimes-censored http://www.johndayblog.com )
    They form a composition, a grouping and a flow of linked excerpts. Many of us here naturally find the same stories/links, whether here or in our routine searches.

    Please don’t be slighted. that is not my intention. I have frequented this blog since very early 2008. i like this current community, which is always evolving, and is different from the also good community 12 years ago, which had the original-Deflationista, whatever happened to him…



    The analogy holds in that both the virus and Russia’s actions were choreographed by the altruistic US of A. Their fingerprints could be seen by a blind man.

    D Benton Smith

    Our mentally and morally retarded oligarchic leaders and their sycophants (media, academicians, experts, etc.) can say anything they want with utter disregard of how totally illogical or insane such inane bullshit both is and sounds to be.

    They do this because at the end of the day they do not give the slightest tinker’s damn about what anyone listening to it thinks about it EXCEPT fellow retards and sycophant who MUST believe the inane bullshit or pretend to believe it.

    Nobody else matters to these bullshit bloviators because the nobodies are expected to be either dead or enslaved and there is no point to caring what a corpse or slave might think.


    Well Zelensky made an apt comparison, as an actor and media man he must be a tad aware of metaphors, symbols, etc.

    Z is a puppet or a hapless guy, while greedy and self-inflated. Elected on a pro-Russian “conciliation” ticket, he was credible as a Russian speaker (.. a Jew) as well as having had several of his films / shows (I don’t recall the details) in Russian banned in Ukr. Once in that position he was apparently, it is said, coerced and overwhelmed by the Azov guys (difficult to govern without silencing / getting rid of that lot, and the ‘far right’ in general, even 7% can make a heap of trouble thru violence, etc.) so, instead of quitting he capitulated. …. Rightio.

    Note, the anti-Russian (hate on Donbass citizens as vermin, etc.) extremists in Ukr. were, and are, encouraged and funded and boosted, and ultimately trained and gifted arms, by the W (US – UK – in first place, NATO, Germany complicit or participating, idk) along the same lines as using, coopting ‘Islamist’ proxies in the ME. Starting with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan (in my life time)… heh…Ultimately going so far as to set up fake humanitarian bodies like the White Helmets.

    Ukr. is the same model, but it is embarassing as the proxy dopes who are paid peanuts and armed and goaded and loaded to kill are Banderistas, that is Nazi types. And not only, they are, or were at origin, henchmen for oligarchs. All that has to skipped over in favor of other interpretations, memes, a difficult PROP exercise, a hard sell, doesn’t entirely convince..

    No doubt Z was promised endless W support in the form of Prop, arms, etc. as well as personal guarantees for impressive wealth (for a B – C actor in a failed state..!) and an out to settle in luxury in some other country.

    So, many W leaders went to meet him in Kiev, and he was, is, invited to speak at international venues, everybody applauds him, he is the new stalwart genuine opponent of the Greatest Evil in all time. It is difficult to come up with a more duped and thus pliant puppet than Z. Amazing, it must take some searching to find and co-opt someone that stupid. When Z is calling for more help, more arms, he is just doing the bidding of the W, who will send some arms, whatever, to feed the MIC, satisfy some Big Corps, and Gvmt. paid stooges…

    What happens next ?…Heh…the ‘collective West’ (USUK-EU-satellites-) is panicked and floundering about, Z may be thrown on the trash heap. Or not. Imho Russia doesn’t care who is the ‘nominal’ person they are called to treat with.


    “ No doubt Z was promised endless W support in the form of Prop, arms, etc. as well as personal guarantees for impressive wealth (for a B – C actor in a failed state..!) and an out to settle in luxury in some other country. “

    Oh his motivations are the usual all right, tens of millions, but also to those in the entertainment business, never discount the ego — FAME ! And the audiences he has been given, the unlimited glowing publicity. A-list baby! Made the A list!

    But in the slimy world of geo-politics, is but a short trip to that small plane flight over remote countryside ( Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ) and an intimate encounter with gravity.


    If someone has not pointed it out already, that would be “beggars can’t be choosers” As in but hey, I’m a beggar so I can’t choose what I get. So beggars have no choice. Therefore, beggars are NOT choosers.
    Hope that helps.

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