Oct 312022
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A Tale of Three Narratives, Energy Edition

VIncent van Gogh Railway carriages 1888     Frequent and longtime commenter TAE Summary makes lists from time to time of differing views on topics as these can be found on The Automatic Earth and elsewhere. Since so few people understand the topic of energy (and thermodynamics), this latest list is useful as usual. What the media reports on energy is as much “The Science” as it is on Covid and the climate. We better start questioning everything about it,

Oct 312022
Debt Rattle October 31 2022

Paul Gauguin Huts under trees 1887   • Kremlin Outlines Why Solo Negotiations With Ukraine Are ‘Impossible’ (RT) • Kremlin Reveals Possible Basis For Putin-Biden Talks (RT) • New Details On Drone Attack In Crimea Emerge (RT) • Washington Seeking To Weaken EU – Moscow (RT) • Left-Wing Lula Narrowly Wins Brazilian Presidency (ZH) • Russia and China Can Shatter Dollar Dominance – Chinese Diplomat (RT) • Bad Economics Leads To Bad Outcomes (Denninger) • German Official Offers Controversial Solution

Oct 302022
Debt Rattle October 30 2022

Balthus Girl at the window 1955   • Americans Support Quick Diplomatic End To War In Ukraine (ReSt) • ‘Russia Will Lose The Energy Battle,’ Says IEA Chief Fatih Birol (EN) • Russian Energy ‘Will Never Return’ – IEA (RT) • US LNG Cannot Replace The Russian Natural Gas That Europe Has Lost (OP) • Putin: “The Situation Is, To A Certain Extent, Revolutionary” (Escobar) • ‘Massive’ Drone Attack On Black Sea Fleet – Russia (BBC) • Russia Suspends Its

Oct 292022
Debt Rattle October 29 2022

Pablo Picasso Head of a bearded man 1940   • Everybody Wants To Hop On The BRICS Express (Escobar) • Russia’s Move Away From Dollar ‘Irreversible’ – Leading Banker (RT) • Erdogan: Turkiye Will Ensure Distribution Of Russian Gas To Europe (Az.) • Russian Gas Supplies To EU Almost Halved – Novatek CEO (RT) • Putin Explains Western Economic Model (RT) • China Will Support Russia In ‘Overcoming Difficulties’ – Wang (RT) • Russia Suggests Alternative To Suez Canal (RT)

Oct 282022
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Debt Rattle October 28 2022

Salvador Dali Self portrait 1921   • Musk Says He Bought Twitter For The Sake Of ‘Humanity’ (RT) • Twitter CEO, CFO, & Top Censor Escorted Out (ZH) • The West Has Nothing Left To Offer The World – Putin (RT) • Russia Is Not An Enemy Of The West – Putin (RT) • West Can’t Sit Out Crises It Caused – Putin (RT) • ‘No One Can Sit Out The Coming Storm’ (RT) • Putin Says Russia Won’t Use

Oct 272022
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Debt Rattle October 27 2022

Salvador Dali Crepuscular old man 1918   • Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb (Chris Hedges) • Ukraine Is Test Range For Western Arms – Russia Defense Minister (RT) • Weapons Sent To Ukraine End Up On Black Market – Putin (RT) • US Vows To Protect Allies With Nukes (RT) • About The “Dirty Bomb” Thesis And The Role Of Hatred (Saker) • NATO Warns Russia And Iran (RT) • Moscow Urges UN Probe Into Ukrainian Biolabs (RT) •

Oct 262022
Debt Rattle October 26 2022

Paul Gauguin Breton woman and goose by the water 1888   • Exposure Of Ukraine’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Plans Caused Stir In Kiev – Russia (RT) • Russia’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Scare (Scott Ritter) • US Doubles Down On Denial Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ Warnings (RT) • “Progressive” Democrats Formally Retract Call For Diplomacy (ZH) • Why Ukraine Is Always Winning The War (Mazaheri) • Reflections on the Coup in Ukraine – 2014-2022 (Francis Lee) • Raytheon Making A Killing On Ukraine Weapons

Oct 252022
Debt Rattle October 25 2022

Rembrandt van Rijn Self portrait 1642   • White House Responds To US Lawmakers’ Call For Russia Talks (RT) • Russia Warns US and UK About Ukraine’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Plans (RT) • Russian Warning To The UN Security Council (Saker) • Ukraine Faces ‘Worst Winter In History’ – Head Of National Energy Giant (RT) • Russian Duma Speaker Compares ‘Kiev Regime’ To Al-Qaeda (RT) • The ‘War of Terror’ May Be About To Hit Europe (Escobar) • Full Demilitarization Area

Oct 242022
Debt Rattle October 24 2022

Paul Gauguin A seashore 1887   • Russia Says Kyiv Preparing False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Detonation In Ukraine (EWN) • Kiev Denies Moscow’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Allegations (RT) • US Rejects Russia’s Allegations Of Kyiv’s Preparations To Use Dirty Bomb (Az) • Macron Calls For Peace On Ukraine’s Terms (RT) • ‘Dancing On Edge Of Volcano’ With Ukraine – Sarkozy (RT) • Scholz and Von der Leyen Want A Marshall Plan For Ukraine (NOS) • 101st Airborne Deployed to Ukraine’s Border

Oct 232022
Debt Rattle October 23 2022

Rembrandt van Rijn Landscape With the Rest on the Flight into Egypt 1647   • Elite US Unit Ready To Fight In Ukraine If Conflict ‘Escalates’ – CBS (RT) • US-Led Force Might Intervene In Ukraine Conflict – Petraeus (RT) • Hungarian Foreign Ministry Criticizes ‘Pro-war’ EU (RT) • Ukraine War Evolves: Slouching Toward Armageddon (Falk) • Ukraine Confiscates Russian Cargo Ships (RT) • Russia Urges UN To Prevent Ukraine’s ‘Terrible Provocation’ (RT) • Zelensky Calls On ‘World’ To Strike