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    Former U.S. President Donald Trump had warned Germany against overreliance on Russian energy at a UN General Assembly meeting in 2018.

    The real problem was Germany’s subservience to the USA. Trump as POTUS was as ineffective as the German government, but that is not really relevant. Both Turmp and Germany need to discover their balls and do the right thing for themselves, rather than pandering to third parties.

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    American political scientist and expert in international relations John Mearsheimer also told UnHerd how disappointed he was to be labelled in this way: “When I was a young boy, my mother taught me that when others can’t beat your arguments with facts and logic, they smear you. That is what is going on here.

    Ukraine has been losing since before it gained the headlines in 2014, losing seems to be the Ukrainian thing, their raison d’etre. Even Zelensky, at the start he thought he was a winner, wearing suits and the like, but after a while he couldn’t even be bothered to dress for any occasion, he reverted to type, the third rate comedian loser in a tee shirt. I cannot think of a single victory to chalk up to Ukraine. Never has a country been so obviously flushed down the toilet to assist western ambitions, apart from Libya, Iraq etc. Ukraine is totally dispensable, the people are not a consideration, the democracy is being publicly raped, all to show the minions like us how worthless we are and how we have no power, even at the ballot box, even logic no longer applies to the minions.

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    Thanks for that great explanation Farmer McGregor.

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    Farmer McGregor says

    My cows pulverize large volumes of plant tissues then rapidly ferment them through massive bacterial action (that is what fermentation is) …

    Okay, educate me. As a home brewer, I do not see fermentation as bacterial action. In fact, bacterial action will destroy your beer whereas fermentation by yeasts – which are fungi – will produce the good stuff without odd flavours.

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    @John Day said

    When humans are hunter-gatherers, humans are usually the apex predator.When humans are K-Mart-shoppers, how does that work?

    That is an interesting point because, as we all know, humans have become specialized beyond the traditional male/female roles. The Walmart people specialize in something other than food – I could be mean and say mostly unemployment – while someone else does the equivalent of hunter gatherer. The reason I find your comment interesting is that the WEF ambitions appear to be an attempt to move the majority of humans into the role of secondary predator, with the apex predators being the oligarchs. However, the oligarchs need the secondary predators in order to maintain their power, like a shepherd needs a sheep dog. The oligarchs cannot completely remove us until their precious AI advances to make impossible gains: either way they are trying to change our inheritance from apex predator to secondary. The question is whether technology is advanced enough – TV, internet, etc – or whether they will fail again and this ambition will have to wait for future generations.

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    @Noirette said

    Gonzalo Lira is imho a mixed bag. He likes to sound off about all kinds of stuff.

    Tend to agree and – although not worth my time thinking about it – have come to the conclusion that his disappearance was staged. As John Day says “true to the pattern”.

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    When people figure out that they were told by their government to take a shot that was way more likely to kill them than to save them, people are going to be livid. It won’t just be a few people that will be livid, it will be a lot of people.

    Really? I don’t believe that. The people are too hypnotized by TV to get livid. They will just continue on their way pretending that they knew all along that “it might not work” but wanted to support the government, the doctors, everybody else trying to help, they were on the team trying to find a solution. In other words, they will deny that anything bad happened and will pretend that their good intentions means that everybody else had good intentions and that is enough, even if those others’ intentions were to risk killing millions of people in return for cash and power.

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    Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, purchased between $1 million and $5 million of stock in a semiconductor company ahead of an upcoming vote on legislation containing $52 billion for chipmakers

    Wow, 52 billion for chipmakers just shows that even the USA’s last successful industry is not what it used to be. Fabrication has moved to Taiwan, their niche being that the Netherlands is permitted to export their chip fabricating machines to Taiwan but not to China. Companies like AMD just design chips, fabrication happens in Taiwan, the nano scale stuff being done by machines from the Netherlands.

    Why does this industry, which used to fabricate all chips in the USA in the days when the USA was worth something, why does it need enough money to finance a war big enough to try and defend one of the largest nations in Europe?

    Just shows that the USA’s critical industries are basically all failing. I just hope that SnapOn can continue to make their tools, one of the few companies that would rather increase prices than implement the costs of inflation by reducing quality.

    Insider trading by a politician paid by Soros: who cares, at least she could find something worth stealing.

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    The December 2020 resignation of Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator under Trump, revealed predictable hypocrisy.

    If she had stabbed WEF in the back in the same way she stabbed the people in the back, she would have been assassinated by now.

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    A Foreign Affairs Committee aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the U.S. intelligence community is planning to brief Spartz about her claims in a classified setting Friday morning.

    You can just imagine how this will go: I just wonder how they will threaten her, maybe threaten to destroy the lives and careers of her children? The security services may just threaten her with an accident, or her children with an accident.

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    Germany’s new leadership has gone “all in” on its alliance with the US, overturning a strategy that had underpinned its success What was known as the “memory culture” was an essential element of the foreign policy strategy of post-war Germany.

    Germany has been captured by the WEF oligarchs. The politicians of Germany have been bribed, blackmailed and threatened to comply with the WEF agenda. This is a coup. The German security services have failed the Germans, letting their country be captured by external forces. The whole reason for having security services is to prevent this sort of thing happening, but the German government has failed its people, the traitors in the security services have given into the WEF oligarchs and allowed the German politicians to be captured.

    Maybe this is why the Russian government appears to be working for Russia, maybe Putin’s experience in the Russian security services enabled him to prevent them being compromised by the WEF oligarchs.

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    Germany is facing an unprecedented crisis due to a potential Russian gas cut that will erase the prosperity Germans have grown accustomed to, warned Rainer Dulger, head of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations.

    The whole world is facing the same crisis. The oligarchs behind WEF have obviously gained control of all significant governments and banks, which means that the crisis is in full swing for us, the plebs. The one-world government and one-world bank already exists in all but name, the power and control is already centralised and the interesting thing is that the oligarchs are keeping their roles secret.

    We know some of those involved, such as Gates and Soros, because they cannot keep their mouths shut, but this level of control takes more than just them, the rest remain anonymous. They obviously will stop at nothing as we have already seen a number of assassinations and governments have done nothing to investigate and reveal the people paying for those hits. I assume that a number of the political changes are also due to people trying to get out of the game alive. You can assume that all the security services are compromised, so they will soon be shooting people in the streets when the hunger riots start.

    The banks will also continue to force countries to waste money in return for finance. You can see that in Taiwan where the government is on its knees pleading for US protection from China. Taiwan wages are well below China wages due to the government economic policies and the Taiwan government spending tons of cash on US weapons and US green initiatives. The wages are low despite Taiwan leading the way in the Chinese world’s semiconductor industry. We have electric buses, electric scooter systems etc all paid for by the government because otherwise they would not survive in a free market. All stuff that the country cannot afford.

    Watching the Netherlands farmers, it is sadly obvious that the people have already lost this battle and are soon going to be entering a century of slavery. You would expect the whole Dutch nation to be on general strike and marching in the streets demanding policy change, but instead they show us that the TV has control over their brains, they trust the TV, it is their parent, it is their guru, it will also be their death.

    Violence is the only way the people can restore their power, but the oligarchs behind this operation are hiding, so the solution is the mass slaughter of oligarchs before the mass slaughter of plebs. This will not happen while the TV leads the people into the slaughter house.

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    Liz Truss the megalomaniac puppet front whore who always makes the decision to support the WEF agenda, everytime? That Liz Truss the decision maker?

    How could such stupid mental defectives ever get into positions of power without the assistance of the WEF oligarchs. They must scour government wannabes looking for politically involved over-driven, over-ambitious, over-inferior, over-unscrupulous people who will do anything to be in the limelight and feel important.

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    On the other end are doctors and scientists at the top levels of the NIH, FDA and CDC. They are variously frustrated, exasperated and alarmed about the direction of the agencies to which they have devoted their careers. “It’s like a horror movie I’m being forced to watch and I can’t close my eyes,” one senior FDA official lamented. “People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.” That particular FDA doctor was referring to two recent developments inside the agency. First, how, with no solid clinical data, the agency authorized Covid vaccines for infants and toddlers, including those who already had Covid. And second, the fact that just months before, the FDA bypassed their external experts to authorize booster shots for young children.

    People are so selfish, they pretend to care about other peoples’ children, they have the means to not be involved in the disabling or even killing of other peoples’ children, but for personal reasons they choose not to say anything and to go along with the crime.

    I am enjoying watching this because to me it is confirming what I already thought I knew: civilisation is just a veneer and humans are really just extremely violent animals that could not survive as a species without civilisation. Civilisation and social skills prevents us from destroying our own species, only those humans that adopted civilisation rather than outright hostility have survived, the others were Darwined.

    Our civilisation enables us to live together and survive by supressing our instincts, which are to oppress and kill each other. We think we are civilised, better than other animals, but actually we are worse than other animals because we will even eat our own species as food: our social skills have enabled us to survive, without them we would have gone the way of the Darwined individuals.

    I totally believe this because I am certain that the species at the top of the food chain naturally emerges to be super violent. It has probably happened before, some species emerged and then killed itself off by being too violent without sufficient brakes on its instinct to prevent self destruction. Sure, the known fossil record shows no such species, but that does not exclude the possibility.

    In this case it is remarkable how easily these government employees can forget their religion, their principles, their adherence to the law etc and go along with a crime that they are aware is happening. The Nazis did the same as, I am sure, have many human groups in the past. We are just one step away from causing our own destruction.

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    Egg production has been constrained by the avian flu outbreak that cut the number of laying hens by about 8 percent in recent months.

    Does WEF have its own security aparatus that releases these pandemics or do they use the US security aparatus to do the dirty work? Food processing plant explosions etc etc, I am sure the US security state allows this to happen, so are co-conspirators, but do they do it themselves. I am interested because I am wondering what the status of the army will be when things turn violent, will they work for WEF (like the US government) or will they work for the American people.

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    French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a humiliating setback in parliament after his vaccine passport scheme was defeated.

    After seeing the Uber papers you just know this scum bag is taking money from Big Pharma.

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    A few days passed and both the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, resigned and fled the country.

    You destroyed your country for WEF? Don’t worry, WEF will look after you, you will not have to take responsibility for your actions. Sri Lankans should have fixed this problem and sent both to join Abe in politician hell where they can continue to practice treachery on their countries and stabbing each other in the back for ever.

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    The sad fact is no one knows how to change it, because no one knows how to take on the corporations.

    I think everybody can think of a few ways to start taking on the corporations and, for me, the first is to fix liability. Remove all protections of the corporation as a legal entity, force the individuals managing and working in corporations to take on all liability, force the corporations to fund the full life-cycle of the products they produce, force the shareholders to take on liability.

    Shareholder liability means that if you own Monsanto shares today and they are selling Roundup today, then you personally are liable for anybody being injured by Roundup today – which may manifest itself later. Exchanges keep records of who buys and sells which shares and so it is now easily possible to know who profits from bad corporate behaviour. Yes, it would make share ownership a more serious venture as your ownership of shares could come back to bite you.

    Woody Harrelson is really saying that nobody knows how to get the politicians to take on the corporates, all the politicians being puppets of the corporates.

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    Just been reading this by Michael Hudson … https: //”>

    It still amazes me how westeners like Hudson are so ignorant about China. Sure, it is an insular society and is very difficult to access due to the language, >\both spoken and especially written. But when I read this from Hudson, I almost fell off my chair:

    Guided by a people-centered philosophy, since the day when it was founded … the Party has been working tirelessly for the interest of the people, and has dedicated itself to realizing people’s aspirations for a better life. China has been advancing whole-process people’s democracy, promoting legal safeguard for human rights, and upholding social equity and justice. The Chinese people now enjoy fuller and more extensive and comprehensive democratic rights.

    People still refer to Hong Kong’s democratic election of the chief executive: there was only one candidate approved by Beijing, the people selected to vote (about 5000 of them) had a choice of voting for this person or not voting. Their vote is not confidential, it is published.

    People in mainland China do not vote on anything. They have no democratic proces>\ses at all. Yet this Hudson guy, whom I know a lot of people respect, is saying “The Chinese people now enjoy fuller and more extensive and comprehensive democratic rights.”, the man is either an idiot or was paid to say this, I suspect the latter.

    You cannot trust any writers these days, you have to do your own research.

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    Will this post?

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    @Neal said:

    I can’t see the logic of the WEF crowd pushing for the Ukraine conflict.

    My main assumption is that WEF is wanting to set up a global government.

    I have a number of parralel theories about what could be happening: different ways that the national governments could be put under the yoke of a global government so that the global government has the power to run the world. At the moment the USA runs the world followed by Europe: WEF only has control over those governments via their traitor politicians. How to convert that into direct power over nations.

    1. The simplest is that Ukraine is used to disarm NATO in Europe and that Russia ends up taking over Europe – the countries in Europe become subservient allies to Russia, forced either militarily or due to the energy sanctions. I am not very confident in this theory because of the BRICS+ developments, but if Russia allied with Europe, Russia would have captured a large block of power from the west and could bring that power to the global government. Of course, this still leaves the USA etc and how will they be taken over by global government?

    2. The second theory is the Sri Lanka model: WEF destroys the country and now the IMF is offering relief to rescue the country, with plenty of conditions. The IMF will then control the country. I assume that the same basic process will happen in Europe, the system will collapse and then WEF global government will march in with their famine relief schemes – Bill Gates’ deep fried grasshoppers – and energy relief – they will probably do a deal with Russia to turn the gas back on. They will be the rescuer.

    The global government will be invited to take over the EU countries and the ruling government will move to the WEF, a bit like it is at the moment: WEF ran the Covid synchronised swimming. Their politicians will force the EU countries to become subservient to the global government and the people will have no say in the process: it will be an emergency! Basically the whole thing is designed to take power away from the national governments and move it to the global government.

    I am sure that they will then do the same to the USA.

    All supposition, but if global government is the goal, how are they going to transfer the power?

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    Russia is doing a perfect job of destroying Europe for WEF, placing the blame firmly on Biden’s shoulders. I am still not convinced that the elites from all over the world are not in on this destruction of the west. The elites in the west own most stuff in the west, so no problem paying Putin in higher gas prices, a fair exchange for his work destroying Europe.

    It is very hard to believe that the WEF crowd did not see this coming. They have people in every government and have effected a global political coup. Given that level of access to intelligence all over the western world, their ignorance that Russia was preparing for the Ukraine invasion for the last 8+ years seems far fetched to me. Why would WEF only bribe politicians, why wouldn’t they bribe anybody else in the deep state, intelligence people like the ones at Facebook?

    Russia, China and Western elites are doing this together, they need the global elites to cooperate to make this work, which is why they would not have started Ukraine without Putin’s cooperation.

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    @Dr D said

    Now although nitrogen is a GOOD thing, not bad, farm practices do need to be reformed. Just slowly and very carefully, testing each step of the way. I’ve got an idea: undo all the brilliant bright ideas you’ve had for the last 50 years that turned from family farms to foreign-owned MNC petro-based agribusiness state-protected monopolies.

    The last 50 years of bad practice produced cheap food so that large corporations – you know the ones, the same people preaching ESG today – could make huge profits. Now the people who introduced bad farming practices for profit are going to introduce more bad policies, again for profit.

    The difference is that this time the super rich who want to impose these policies own most of the world already. They have no need to be richer, in fact they are now focusing on quality of life, their lives, and that means fewer poor people like you. They just need a few hundred million slaves to keep their worlds going, slaves who have a minimal impact on their world, do not clog up the tourist locations they like to visit, basically out of sight out of mind slaves. They will then be able to enjoy their hard stolen fortunes.

    The only way to stop this is to remove the elite people who own most of the world. As an elite crowd they have nothing much left to fight over between themselves and so are focusing on you. Either we remove these people from the planet or we get removed from this planet.

    It is a very simple, time immemorial scenario being played out: the greedy have run out of stuff to take easily so they are coming for you and your stuff. We are reaching the end game which always involves violence: violence to protect yourself and your family.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 11 2022 #111374

    I am visiting the outlaws in Taiwan at the moment. On arrival we have to do seven days of quarantine in a quarantine hotel. The strange, but very clever, aspect is that after the third day you are allowed day-release from the hotel: you can leave but you have to be back to sleep overnight, the curfew time depends on the hotel but we usually got back at around 10 pm. Sounds crazy but this is a very clever political compromise.

    The Covid fanatics want more than a week of quarantine, the anti-Covid fanatics want quarantine to be abolished. The compromise is seven days of quarantine but on the fourth day the prisoner takes a RAT test, if they pass they can leave for the day but have to back to sleep that night. The next morning the prisoner has a temperature test and if normal is allowed to leave the hotel for the day, again has to return that night. The same two-day sequence is repeated on days six and seven.

    The RAT and temperature monitoring is partly an honour system. Tests, thermometers and forms are provided by the government. You take the RAT test in your room, fill in the form and send a picture of the test and completed form to the reception (via Line), they then reply to give you permission for day release. The same happens with the temperature tests.

    The Taiwan government managed to come up with a political compromise that has been accepted by both the for and against groups yet keeps both happy. Such gems in the pig shit of politics keeps my hope alive that one day governments will help the people rather than helping the crooks. Naive, I know.

    I should point out that for people with homes in Taiwan, they can quarantine at home. They also have to stay home for three days and are supposed to have a monitoring system after day three, but the monitoring is not implemented, it is an honour system and many people simply ignore it.

    Don’t get me wrong, the whole arrival and quarantine process is still bizarre in a way that only the Asians can pull off. For example, on arrival you have to buy a sim card so that they can track you using GSM, you register the card against your pre-flight PCR test, then go through immigration, then people walk up to you and start spraying you with alcohol, your luggage is sprayed with alcohol, you get a badge with “Quarantine” printed on it, you have to do a spit test (the sort where nobody does it properly, but they all enter the cubicle, then exit after two seconds), you then get taken to your hotel by taxi, but the taxi is a special quarantine taxi where the passengers are behind totally ineffective plastic screens to protect the driver, then on arrival at the hotel you and your luggage get sprayed again, then you have to cover your shoes with a paper bag shoe, etc etc. The theatre is amazing, all totally pointless but very good humoured.

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    @Veracious Poet said

    Denninger is a toxic narcissistic, dead to the spirit within…

    Tucker Carlson: No Group Benefited More From the COVID Pandemic Than the Leaders of Communist China

    The western leadership benefitted immensely. The Chinese do not need Covid to control their people, they have absolute control over the people, even before Covid they can stop you from having access to your bank accounts and to payment systems, such as AliPay. They also have facial recognition everywhere and know where you are at any time of the day. They can stop you flying, they certainly will not allow all of your family out of the country at the same time. The list of controls is huge. They did not mandate vaccines because they do not need to, they already have absolute control over you. The only thing they added from Covid was mandatory testing – once every three days at the moment – and they have used the results, shown on your phone, to prevent groups of people entering certain building: they will change your pass result to a fail.

    The people who benefitted from Covid were the WEF crowd. They proved to themselves that they could imprisson the population, do it in a coordinated fashion, all over the world. They then extracted huge sums of money from the governments of the world, money which will now be funding the current phase of their plans. The amount spent by all governments was simply huge. In addition, they have managed to use compliance with Covid regulations to identify their enemies.

    It is difficult to see how China benefitted unless you believe they are part of the crowd running WEF. In that case I would agree that they benefitted by bringing down the western world and – their primary aim – defanging the USA in order to create a power vacuum.

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    “Sanctions targeting food and energy are economic weapons of mass destruction. They hit innocent people the worst. I have no doubt that billions of people will feel its effects,” he warned. Suffering people will want to hold those responsible accountable, and the EU won’t be able to shift its culpability, the businessman added.

    The destructive plans of WEF have no single leader – Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc – for this very reason. The people of the world will probably remove a number of the politicians involved in the WEF plans. The WEF Global Leaders will suffer casualties. For that reason there is no leader at the head of the movement, for a head provides an easy target that can be instantly removed to kill the movement. Instead they have a bunch of people leading this movement, people in the shadows, people who will only emerge when the majority of today’s living have starved and the killings have stopped.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 9 2022 #111246

    Mass genocide is their game and despite reading many peoples’ views on how they could not be doing this, I am still waiting to be convinced. Denninger believes that the rich need the poor so much that they could not survive without us. His argument is that the industries that service their planes, drill their oil, grow their food, etc requires us plebs. Dr D has stated that a reduction in people will be a reduction in choice, that we need to keep this number of people in order to maintain our current standard of living.

    I disagree with both these arguments. In 1950, at the height of the western world’s tenure, when the USA and Europe were industrial power houses, the developed world survived on the populations of Europe (300m) and the USA (200m). Production technology has advanced significantly since that time and so when you look at how many people would be needed to support the elites, a number of 500 million is not out of the question, it seems very doable.

    Sure, the third world was providing resources to the first world, as well as some food shipped by sea (such as tea from Africa), but the numbers of people involved in the supply of essentials would not be very large. For example, mines are now dug out by huge machines, not by masses of manual workers. In addition, we can assume that their vision of a 500m world would not involve lots of people working on weapons systems and as bureaucrats in government.

    I agree that a sudden reduction would cause chaos, but a gradual reduction over thirty years would not really be a problem. Imprisson everybody by 2030 then continue the cull until 2050. Business would find and train people to replace the dead to ensure essential jobs continued, such as crewing their yachts.

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    Rishi Sunak Resigns as UK Finance Minister

    Looks like the sikhs are well embedded in Canada. Maybe this will be the historical theme of the 21st century for the commonwealth. Looking at the countries these immigrants left, they may even make an improvement to the UK and Canada.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 7 2022 #111142

    @Mister Roboto said:

    Despite all the specific reasons for this, I think that the real deeper reason is that people and officials in the UK clearly see that the man is a clown and not the serious leader that country needs right now.

    I wish I could believe that but my gut feel is that they are all driven by self-interest and want to escape being tarnished by the BoJo clown, so they are all desserting him to show the next leader how loyal they are to him. The earlier they declare their loyalty to the next leader, the clevered they will appear to be and the more likely they will be to get a good job. Look how quickly they all showed loyalty to WEF and the lockdowns, they do not care about the country, they only care about themselves.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 6 2022 #111096

    @Redneck said:

    Fossil fuels are running out and all our lives , except for the elites is going to change radically, it is happening right here now already! Australia has signed onto Zero carbon to be accomplished in eight years time , almost none of our autos are electric. Last week the eastern seaboard of the country was having blackouts. Where is the electricity to power all of the cars and trucks and trains to come from?

    Fossil fuels have always been running out, but they will not run out in our lifetimes, not even in this century. If you invclude coal then they will not run out for many centuries.

    Australia is destroying its energy generation system, they are doing it willfully, they are replacing reliable sources of energy with the likes of wind and solar, unreliable sources. Replacement has nothing to do with fossil fuels running out, that replacement is about destroying the western standard of living.

    Australia is also exporting uranium and gas to Chinese power stations while they close down their own nuclear and gas power stations for not being green enough. They don’t care about the planet but they particularly hate Australia.

    I saw that yesterday the Austalia Covid travel regulations were dropped. Despite having immediate family there, I will not go back to Australia for at least three years, until I am convinced that their Covid prisons are not waiting to be re-activated and I find myself unable to leave that political shithole. Until the people wake up, why would I want to travel to a country that is trying to kill itself?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 6 2022 #111095

    “..the steady encroachment on free speech has been sold as a “virtue” that all good people should applaud..”

    Chairman Mao did the same thing, selling totalitarianism as beneficial for the poor common man. Mao’s tactic was to eradicate the perceived threat from educated people by supporting the uneducated plebs to eradicate the educated, by accusing the educated of being imperialists.

    One such group of imperialists were the people who worked for religions, be they Chinese or foreign missionaries. Mao’s excuse was that religions were run by imperialists from outside China so are bad, he used that excuse to lock them up and torture them, of course pretending to the plebs who did the torturing that they were trying to re-educate them.

    By declaring that anybody who is more educated than the common pleb is an imperialist as they had the money to be educated, he was able to turn the 80% against the 20%. The cultural revolution thereby solidified Mao’s grip on China. In the process China lost most of its culture, but Mao was an ignoramus, he did not care about culture, he was not proud of China or its history, he wanted power.

    Nowadays the CCP still have pictures of Mao up in offices, after all, he enslaved the majority so that the CCP are still calling the shots and still earning the big bucks. The differences in income between the CCP and the rest is staggering – the exact opposite of communism. Half the country is still in farming poverty, while the heads of the CCP are all billionaires. Blatant evidence that the idea of communism was a way to con the ignorant poor.

    The modern CCP is still paranoid except that they have lost the pretence of communism. Now they use the excuse of national security, which really means regime security. In China, the poor do not get any social services, no healthcare, no pension, but the rich get anything they want. The CCP is committed to defend that situation so that they can live the good life.

    The western green/ESG movement is doing the same, demonising people in order to gain the support of the majority as a way to solidify their destruction of the west. If their revolution succeeds, we will all be slaves like the people of China, free to work, not free to think as thinking is a threat to the CCP.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 5 2022 #111044

    All this talk of a higher intelligence is simply not justified. Blackrock and Vanguard are part of a cartel pushing ESG – the business variant of green destruction – and because they are so powerful – they manage huge quantities of money – they can push banks and other financial institutions into complying with their wishes. They do this by blacklisting any organisations or countries that invest in companies, investments, give loans etc, that do not comply with their ESG wishes.

    This is a very simple process: JP Morgan’s client wants to be included in such-and-such fund, but Blackrock runs the fund and only allows companies that meet the ESG standards. Blackrock will tell JP Morgan what their client has to do to be included in the fund, Blackrock will also decide if they can be included. This has nothing to do with being green, even oil companies are included in some ESG funds, it is about being obedient. The oil companies will only be allowed to invest in other ESG companies if they want to retain their ESG rating.

    Countries will be compliant when banks like JP Morgan refuse to service a loan to the IMF because the IMF decided to not attach ESG strings to a loan. No amazing intelligence is required, just control over the supply of money. Now, if these people did not control so much money, then the higher intelligence moniker might be justified, but this is just the mafia extorting the smaller guy, the same old shit that has been happening forever, this is capitalism at its worst: mafia capitalism.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 5 2022 #111042

    @my parents said know said:

    the worship of “Science”

    There is no worship of science. The people selling the Covid authoritarian doctrine use science as a crutch because they know that the average person respects science but does not respect authoritarian bureaucrats.

    By clinging to science they hope to steal some of that credibility. The problem that most people have is that they respect science but no nothing about it, so they are now lost.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110974

    @VietnamVet said:

    It is frustratingly weird that the rising authoritarian regime in the West has no single despot to rule the failing Empire.

    Maybe we are to be ruled by some amazing AI machine that will soon appear on our TV screens as our new leader. If the leadership commitee wants to stay anonymous, what better way than to pretend that AI is running the show and that the AI machine is way more clever than all of us, so should never be questioned? A sort of intellectual, mystic god, ripe to have its chips squeezed to give the right answer. Trouble with humans is that they tend to believe their own bullshit and then disaster awaits.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110968

    @WES said:

    Sadly it looks like the Dutch farmers protest is going to end exactly the same way Canada’s trucker freedom convoy did.

    People have very little power and what they do have is being removed. The Dutch farmers will lose their farms because the wider Dutch government is reporting to a higher authoritarian government in the same way as the Canadian government proved itself to be in the grip of a higher authoritarian government.

    Unfortunately the people are not yet suffering enough to stand up and fight, but the day will come when the only solution is violence and by then the people will be so heavily monitored that they will have no way of pushing back. China is a good example of exactly this, they still respect Mao, despite his track record of continual failure, but do not adhere to any of Mao’s beliefs. They only believe in totalitarian control with the aristocracy (CCP) controlling the country and having the best jobs and most of the money.

    It sounds as though the west will be forced through a Jim Jones phase, similar to Mao and his cultural revolution, but this time trying to get everybody to be “happy” as slaves: being happy as a slave means losing your individualism, sort of rings a bell, just like Mao did to anybody who was not an uneducated disposable pleb. You will be happy or I will put a bullet through your head for resisting.

    The Jim Jones phase will be the most scary part of the great reset. If you do not respond to the torture they will put a bullet in your head or use you for some form of transhuman experimental shite, an extension of the Nazi medical experiments. That is probably the solution they will use for all the people who use “alternative” web sites such as TAE.

    I call it the Jim Jones phase because Mao went all “religious cult leader”, something that I have some immediate knowledge of watching the evangelical christians convert the sinners in Africa. The first step is to recognise you are a sinner, confess your sins etc etc then Christ (Mao, Jim Jones) will save you etc. The same old playbook that has been around for centuries, trying to show you what a bad person you are and how this new cult will save you, turn you into a valid person, a good person. Sure, Jim Jones and Mao used murder, Mao also used torture, not sure whether Jones used torture, but I suspect he did “for your own good”.

    And don’t fool yourself that the people in charge are not just as crazy as Mao and Jim Jones and all the other similar satan-on-earth devils.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110966

    Pfizer is trying to kill a significant portion of the population while the Dutch government is trying to close down sources of food. Given that WEF is pulling the strings of both, why is WEF not just waiting for the population to drop and then these farms will be redundant?

    The only answers to come to mind and I think they are probably doing both:

    • they are flexing their muscles to show you who is in charge: the more they beat you the more you will cower and accept their authority.
    • they are hoping to kill a second wave of people through starvation or poor nutrition.

    Every day it becomes more and more obvious to me that violence is the only way to stop these people. We used to have the power of going to the shops and choosing what food to eat, but now these people are going to take away that power and will tell us what food to eat. Every step is a step closer to slavery and although it will hit the city people first, it will end up hiting everybody apart from the oligarchs and their whores.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110965

    @John Day said:

    People now are so broadly unable to employ their rational processes for simple​ ​preservation​ of themselves and their families​ lately.

    Survival is a matter of problem solving and problem solving takes practice. Maybe we are being starved of problem solving practice?

    For example, if I wonder how best to lay the concrete for a path outside my house, I can go to youtube and see loads of videos of people doing the exact same thing. When I was a child, Dad and I would work it out ourselves, and sure we sometimes did it wrong – usually over engineering it – but we had to think through the problem.

    Has the ready supply of solutions impacted our ability to solve problems?

    I grew up without any internet and only TV when in my teens, so I did a lot of reading and a lot of doing. The doing always involved an element of problem solving, whether building a tree house or a go-cart or just helping Dad with some gardening or some rapairs in the house. I can still remember sitting down with my Dad and working out how to wire two light switches – one by each door of a room – that controlled the same room light.

    I can also still remember, in my thirties, reading my Dad’s brand new Readers Digest DIY manual and discovering all the things we had done right and wrong when working on the house.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110960

    @Raúl Ilargi Meijer said:

    Ever since the EU started, Germany was chided for its huge trade surplus. Now it’s gone. Anybody happy?

    China is happy, they will soon have the largest operational German-car manufacturing plants. All they have to do is buy the distressed Mercedes, BMW etc and they will suddenly claim to be the world’s largest luxury car manufacturer. The more the west is squeezed with “stupid-rules” energy, the more China’s “no-rules” energy will win. I am still waiting for western governments to introduce the laws that only allow cars made in China to burn gasoline.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 4 2022 #110959

    Community Guidelines

    Guideline: a piece of information that suggests how something should be done (Cambridge dictionary)

    Suggest: to mention an idea, possible plan, or action for other people to consider (Cambridge dictionary)

    Twitter cannot even tell the truth when playing policeman, when punishing people for lying. They have all the power yet they still can’t tell the truth. Reminds me of western government.

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