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    An old professor of philosophy I had used to say that Diogenes was not wandering the streets of Athens late at night looking for an honest man but for a dishonest woman.

    Nice painting

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    Dave Note

    The only way Canadians can wrap their head s around Covid

    The Gretzky of Viruses

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    Dave Note
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    Dave Note


    Thanks for the input on bed numbers in Britain

    What’s your take this mortality percentage chart that includes ‘lag time’ for deaths.

    It’s not accurate to report the number of deaths vs the number of infected on the same day. As the lag time or look back increases, according to this chart, the mortality increases.

    The 12 day lag-time increases mortality percent to 7%, a lot higher than the 1% being bandied about.

    Normal Flu is .1% mortality 7% would be 70X higher

    Lagtime mortality percentage increase

    The chart comes from Wealth Nucleus Updated COVID-19 statistics for Mar 1,2020

    It has the footnotes for the sources at the bottom.

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    Dave Note

    Why did the plague outbreak in 1348 (The Black Death) miss Poland?

    “Poland had at the time a very competent CEO – King Kasimir the Great. The guy was a very methodical administrator. Most Polish cities had been renovated from the ground up during his reign – this could have helped, the whole infrastructure was brand new.

    He also seized with both hands the once-in-a-millennium opportunity – provided all European Jewry a (relatively) safe immigration haven. This meant medical knowledge and the health rules.

    It is recorded the King kept borders sealed for the Plague duration, and enforced the isolation of the towns.

    The guy was wildly popular and meant business – he probably was able to pull off restrictions which in other places could cause people to rebel….”

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    Dave Note

    China let there population go completely out of sync with their land base and natural eco systems. The shear density of their population is what makes the Covid so deadly.

    The Middle east and Islam is still clinging to a 7th century mindset and will continue to congregate together in great numbers for prayers five times a day and congregate for the Hajj in even greater numbers which will spread the Covid like the South Korean religious cult did by having three quarters of it’s cult members infected. But it will infect three quarters of all countries of Islamic faith because of the structure of their belief system. No amount of faith will spare them from this plague, their faith will actually accelerate the speed of the disease spreading.

    The US doesn’t have the population density of China, except in a few metro areas, and certainly doesn’t have the religious requirements of Islam to make huge congregations mandatory, (except football games and Nascar and rock festivals) But the US has fallen down a mental, cultural and spiritual rabbit hole of echo chamber deep state propaganda so far, it will be impossible to deal with Covid in a sane adult like frame of mind.

    The US has lost it’s collective mind and will to reason. What country would have painted itself so far into a corner as to be utterly dependent on China for critical medical supplies, drugs, masks, etc…that are shutdown in China because of the very same virus it needs the equipment and supplies to battle?

    Out sourcing pretty much every critical component of it’s economy, the US is like a big dumb, dangerous wounded animal.


    Your on Your own


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    Dave Note

    Dr Chris Martenson – The Last Day to Prepare (Mostly)

    The panic buying is well underway in some US locals.

    The WHO’s China expedition just released some more precise figures from on the ground for symptomic patients:

    80% mild cases just stay at home
    13% severe cases needing hospitalization.
    6% critical cases needing ICU intensive care units

    Do your own math as far as say, 6% of 100 million residences in the US who will get it.

    Mean while Britain announces they have a maximum of 28 ICU respiratory beds for the whole country.
    Yes you read that right 28 beds of all of Britain, think they’ll fill up quickly?

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    Dave Note

    Here is a photo inside one of the air transports bring aAmericans back to the US. Note the plastic sheeting with duct tape to separate the 14 virus victims from the rest of the passengers, very high tech. I just don’t see how 25 healthy passengers got it on the flight back.

    Doomed Flight

    From the Epoch times article

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    Dave Note

    When It Comes To Protection From The Coronavirus, You’re On Your Own

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    Dave Note

    From back in January:

    On January 23rd last month, Syrian jihadi cleric Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Mahdi celebrated the spread of coronavirus in China and urged Muslims to pray for Allah to “annihilate” the people of China.

    “Al-Mahdi is a prominent cleric who is well respected by jihadi factions, and who is known for his sermons and fatwas…

    Titled ‘Fatwas from the Land of Sham’ – Al-Mahdi was responding to a question from Muhammad Abu Nassir, who asked, “Is it permissible that we express our joy for what China is experiencing – the coronavirus and the death of the Chinese people?”

    “Yes, yes we should express our joy and pray for their annihilation,” responded Al-Mahdi.

    Jump to this:

    Iran’s Clerics “Put World At Risk” – Urging Pilgrims To Visit Qom Shrine, Outbreak Epicenter, As “House For Cure”

    Not only is Iran lying through their teeth about Covid stats, but their Shia clerics not only won’t consider locking down Qom but are actively encouraging a packed attendance for the Pilgrims.

    Wow, Jim Jones would be jealous. This is a true death cult. They’ve Jumped the Shark.

    And the cleric at the top praying for “…Allah to “annihilate” the people of China” with Covid-19.

    Well, payback is a bitch homeys and since Islam doesn’t believe in Karma, we’ll just have to watch Covid go nuts in Iran like it was a cruise ship that ran to ground.

    Love Boat grounds out

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    Dave Note

    “Stephan Buhner has analyzed how corona viruses infect tissues, what tissues they infect, and the herbs that are useful to interrupt that process, as well as the herbs useful to shut down the cytokine cascade they create.”

    “Buhner’s Coronavirus Protocol has used with corona virus infections, including SARS, it works well.”

    Do your own research and decision making, cause the governments of the world don’t give a crap about you.

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    Dave Note

    Stephen Buhner, whose herbal protocol really helped me with Lyme, wrote a book in 2013 called:

    Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections

    Three bucks on Amazon for the Kindle version, the paperback is hard to find at thirty dollars or more

    Not anti bacterial herbals, anti-virus herbals, there’s a lot fewer plants that deal with viruses compared to bacteria.

    And although it was written 7 years ago, the core principles still hold.

    Just search for: Stephan Buhner Coronavirus Protocol.

    Very few people every bothered to research or study in depth antivirus herbal approaches much less write on the topic.

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    Dave Note

    The West won’t be any different, except the governments response here will be totally inept, more so than China if that’s possible.

    China’s Internal Reports on Coronavirus Response: Our Main Priorities Are Controlling Public Opinion, Social Stability

    “Chinese officials in Wuhan and other cities within Hubei province, where the novel coronavirus outbreak is most severe, reported to their higher-ups in the provincial government that people are not able to secure treatment, running out of supplies amid restrictive lockdown measures, and feeling fearful and anxious about the spreading disease.

    Despite such observations, authorities prioritized how to “control the society” and “manipulate public opinion” to view China’s efforts to contain the virus positively, according to internal government reports that The Epoch Times obtained….”

    “…Even within the central government’s “Anti-epidemic Leading Group”—China’s top agency tasked to confront the outbreak—most of its senior officials are from the Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security. There are no members from the National Health Commission…..

    …Officials from different levels want to keep their positions. In order to do so, Party members try their best to maintain social stability, which is treated as an achievement”,

    Tang added. “As for people’s lives, that is not important in the officials’ eyes.”

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    Dave Note

    Masks of Love

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    Dave Note

    I wonder how corona will effect the dating scene.

    Clinical error

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    Dave Note
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    Dave Note

    From Nucleus Wealth’s Updated COVID-19 statistics

    Updated COVID-19 statistics

    Coronavirus mortality outside China and Iran

    From the bottom of the above link, this deals with the mortality rate vs lag time

    Season flu mortality is approx 0.1%
    Covid-19 (minus China and Iran, which could would skew it considerably higher) is trending to 5.0%

    Approx 50X the mortality of seasonal flu. They are not the same beast.

    COVID-19 Mortality Rate using lag periods

    The mortality rate is where we can see distinct differences in data. Dividing the number of deaths by the number of cases during the early stages of an outbreak is very misleading. People who were diagnosed today with the disease are still alive, but they still might die from the disease in the coming days.

    A better way is to compare the current deaths to the number of cases from “x” days ago. We still don’t know how many days we should be looking back. The stats so far suggest that the median days from the first symptom to death is 14. But with a broad range from 6 to 41. And, we don’t know how long on average after the first symptom a person would take to become a case.

    The below charts show the death rate if the right period to look back is 4, 8 or 12 days. Using data without Hubei, a mortality rate of somewhere between 0.5% and 3% is likely.

    In recent days, data from Iran has skewed the results. There is likely a significantly larger outbreak in Iran than what is being reported. We have started showing our mortality rates for the rest of the world excluding Iran.

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    Dave Note

    The headline that leapt out at me today was China bribing citizens to report their illness.

    Americans have such a horseshit fake ‘Sickcare’ racket in lieu of an actual healthcare system, and they are scared to death, pun intended, that it will bankrupt them so they avoid using it like the plague, pun also intended.

    Medical bills bankrupted over 900,000 US families last year.

    Medical bills bankrupted ZERO families in most other 1st world countries with universal healthcare systems last year.

    I posted before about a friend’s kid who had 5 stitches for $9000 in the ER.

    And I just read of a woman who had gotten her leg caught between the train and platform and it was obviously broken and she repeatedly pleaded, pleaded with the crowd NOT to call an ambulance because it would be too expensive and she could afford it. Make America Great Again, huh?

    And another story where some guy though he had Covid-19, insisted the ER test for it, it was negative and the hospital billed him $3500 and his insurance would not pay it. The $1400 bribe to report it doesn’t even cover the cost of the test!!! Hahahaha what a Clusterfuck the U.S. is.

    Couple this with $10,000 deductibles.

    So against this backdrop, how do you think most Americans will response after being conditioned for decades NOT to use the Sickcare Racket or go to the ER?

    Give them $1400 to report themselves, and then charge them $14,000 to treat them. Sweet.

    Makes Alice in Wonderland look sober as a judge.

    This is not taking into account the army of homeless and people living in their cars and trucks with zero healthcare. A bloody army of Typhoid Marys in every nook and cranny of the countryside.

    Do you really think even a fraction of them with seek help until it’s way too late and they’re spread this beast like the apocalypse?

    What about the 50% of the US workforce living paycheck to paycheck and routinely going to work sick, sometimes really sick, cause they can’t live without the money week to week?

    Or the 50% who don’t have $400 extra for emergencies.

    Does Covid-19 count as an emergency?

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    Dave Note

    The Global Financial System is Here

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2020 #54460
    Dave Note

    great chart set on Feb 27 Covid-19

    Updated COVID-19 statistics

    And the Epoch Times Special Coverage Section


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    Dave Note

    “Nassau County health officials are monitoring 83 people who have visited mainland China or may have come in contact with the coronavirus, officials said Wednesday…”

    Well, well, well. Not too far from the Masters of the Universe at Wall St.

    Hell, if it gets a toe hold in NYC, what you gonna do, quarantine the Big Apple?

    How? You and who’s army?

    Also sounds like they don’t have enough test kits deployed. Bluffing.

    One of the key points about Singapore keeping a lid on their situation is the ability to test locally, like right in the local ER, not waiting two day turn around mailing the test kit out.

    Let the shitshow begin.

    Half the city will hightail it out of the greater metro area before you can say Bob’s ur Uncle.

    Bob's your Uncle

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    Dave Note

    The latest Max K has him saying that the Covid-19 shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the global economy really did collapse in 2008 and never recovered.

    With global supply chains folding, the stock market just kept going up, up, and up because the vast majority of the companies are really just zombies, animated and propped up to simulate life and quasi health with endless free printed fiat money from the special near zero interest treasury window for stock buy backs.

    No profits, no research and development for new products and saturated markets (smart phones)

    Stock buy backs, the only thing that maintains appearances, which used to be very illegal are like formaldehyde, they keep the corpse from rotting in plain sight.

    Sounds right to me.

    Printing and QE are not going to stop, or slow or arrest this Covid-19.

    The virus ‘don’t play that’, like Homey the Clown, it don’t fool around.

    Homey don't play dat

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    Dave Note

    Wonder why the “WHO whores” haven’t declared this a pandemic?

    It’s always about money isn’t it.

    Investors flee from controversial pandemic bonds with coronavirus set to trigger payout

    “Pandemic bonds sound like a curious financial concept — but they were brought in by the World Bank in 2017 to help developing economies. Against the odds, the coronavirus outbreak may see investors lose money on them….”


    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2020 #54444
    Dave Note

    The other day when I heard that Japan surrendered to Covid-19, a lot quicker than they surrendered in their hopeless condition midway thru WWII, I knew the other nations would fold.

    Money and economy will always trump people and their general welfare. In fact, I expect all the Pathocrats ans Sub-adults in charge of all nations to cooperate with each other behinds the scenes to peddle the same basically false narrative that this whole virus thing has been blown out of ‘proportion’. The Pathocrats ans Sub-adults are an actual sub-species of hominid that arose the same time in human history as cities.

    In the US, look how they’ve pimped the RussiaRussiaRussia fairy tale.

    50% of the sheeple have bought into it, so why not pimp them the Orangeman Bad Virus story?

    So what will be the two diametrically opposite pitches for explaining why the global economy/supply chain collapsed???

    The Blame Game is On

    In Trumpistan the narrative will be that the economy was humming along Great until the Evil Chinese Communist Dictatorship accidentally, through gross criminal negligence, allowed the Covid-19 out of their lab and destroyed not just the Chinese economy but the just-in-time supply chain to the good old US of A. We deserve better than that, we are the exceptional nation.

    If the Democrats hadn’t stopped his agenda of making America Great Again by making stuff here, we would not have the supply chain Clusterfuck we have. Including not enough medical supplies and drugs because we off shored them too.

    In Democratistan the supply chain was a great idea, Americans aren’t smart enough to manufacture their own basic necessities and the just in time supply chain would still be working if Orangeman Bad hadn’t picked on and bullied and triggered China into a trade war. By stressing China out, they couldn’t concentrate and thus the Wuhan Bio-lab dropped the ball.

    Trump obviously has the easier task of explaining how the Covid-19 got loose. The Demos will probably say the Russians did it, but they have no evidence.

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    Dave Note

    The 1918 Influenza was introduced into the US by returning troops from the “Great War”

    How ironic. The EU’s open borders at all cost will accelerate the spread there. One big happy family.

    When, not if, the Covid-19 gets into refugee camps and Gaza in the ME, they won’t do anything for them accept try to quarantine them in the camps they are already quarantined in to begin with. Ghettos have there uses.

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    Dave Note

    70% infection rate of U.S. 330 million people = 231 million

    Mortality currently rate trending at 3.4% of 231 million = 7.8 million mortality

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    Dave Note

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    Dave Note

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54395
    Dave Note

    Coronavirus Mortality percentage

    Seasonal flu death rate, 0.1%. Covid-19, using REPORTED data, is 3.4% and in an uptrend

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54391
    Dave Note

    So how about the US homeless population, half of which are in California?

    No one gives a crap about them now, what happens when they become an army of Typhoid Covid Marys.

    World War Z?

    Zombie Apocalypse?

    Round them all up and put them where exactly?

    Zerohedge headline just now:

    San Francisco Declares State Of Emergency Over Covid-19;

    Is that the same San Francisco with used needles and feces covering it’s streets?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54390
    Dave Note

    I also am not confident about the estimate of 40% of the population being infected, I’d plan for the 70% range

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54389
    Dave Note

    From what I’ve read so far 5% of the infected need ICU beds, not regular ward beds

    The majority of the one million beds can not provide ICU level care.

    1% of infected die, assuming the system isn’t overwhelmed and assuming a mutation doesn’t jack up the mortality rate 2,3,4%

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54387
    Dave Note

    So how do you think the U.S. sickcare system will fare in this Covid-19 Clusterfuck.

    This is the same system sickcare system that has produced a Diminishing life expectancy despite charging $11,000 per capita. It’s below 80 years, and has been dropping for the last three years.

    Healthcare per capita vs life expectancy

    Your kid falls off the swing set on the playground, you go to the ER and the kid gets 5 stitches and the bill is $9,000.

    So how is a sickcare clown show like U.S. medicine going to do against the Plague?

    Think it might get overwhelmed?

    The approx 100,000 ICU beds, in TOTAL, for the U.S. are already full with, wait for it, ta-da…. Intensive Care Patients.

    Where you gonna put them so the Covid Crowd can get care?

    Math alert, 100,000 ICU beds against 5-15% of 330 million people possibly needing them.

    Let’s be kind and say only 40% of the 330 million = 132 million and only 10% of them need ICU care.

    10% of 132 million = 13.2 million ICU beds

    Hmm, Houston, we have a problem.

    Do you think the U.S. might be overwhelmed? Raise your hand!

    Who you gonna call, Ghost Busters?

    Hazmat Crew

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54386
    Dave Note

    100% of 100 million people = 100 million

    1% fatality of 100 million people = 1 million

    1% fatality of the U.S. population of 330 million = 3.3 million

    This would happen in months, not years.

    This 1% assumes your medical facilities are not overwhelmed, then the fatality rate would shoot up.

    3% fatality of 100 million people = 3 million

    3% fatality of 330 million people = 9.9 million

    The U.S. lost about 400,000 military killed in action during WWII

    The Soviet Union lost about 10,000,000 military killed in action during WWII

    The U.S. loss from a 3% Covid-19 death rate is roughly what the Russian military lost fighting Nazi Germany for 5 years, but this would happen in several months.

    Just to put things in perspective.

    WWII fraction of population killed by country

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54365
    Dave Note

    Ben Hunt’s advice about the corrupt political response to COVID-19.

    “As a nation that means a war-footing to build dedicated treatment wards before they’re required, to protect healthcare professionals before they get sick, to update our testing and diagnostic capabilities before they are swamped … to do everything possible to bolster our healthcare systems BEFORE the need overwhelms the capacity….”

    There’s a joke circulating aimed it the current younger generation that asks:

    “Do you know why the younger generation calls the obsessive habit of photo chronicling ‘Selfies’…

    Because Narcissisties is too hard to spell.”

    I’m not holding my breath for any self sacrifice from the U.S. population for anything, especially the young.

    Their response to dealing with the fantastically grim reality of COVID-19 will be, “Isn’t there an App for that???”

    My parents were from the WWII generation. My father survived the fighting on Okinawa and utter horror show on Iwo Jima. He never spoke about it until he was a very old man in his late 80’s and it still made him weep.

    I read a fictional satire recently of the young Woke hipster Gen we have now being in the landing craft about to hit Omaha beach during the Normandy Invasion.

    They just couldn’t get it together because their quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla substitute 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice well stirred. …wasn’t hot enough!

    And they were feeling “Triggered” by all the less than micro aggression that awaited them on the beach up ahead.

    Are you filled with confidence about the current generation tackling COVID-19?

    “Oh the Humanity!” kinda rings flat nowadays doesn’t it?


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    Dave Note

    Chris Martenson’s month long Youtube coverage got more than 10 million hits and Youtube Demonetized his channel because it does follow the ‘official’ narrative coverage.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2020 #54345
    Dave Note

    Another superb video covering the latest on Covid-19 by Dr Chris Martenson

    Coronavirus: Time To Prepare Is Running Out

    The sub-adult media whores in the U.S. MSM are criminally negligent.

    The 14 infected people the US State department allowed on the evac flight back to the US from the Disaster Princess cruise ship infected 25 people on the airplane ride home.

    Get this, the 14 infected people on the flight were “isolated’ from the rest of the passengers with a thin sheet of film duct taped to the cabin walls. Wow, sounds like it worked perfectly, nothing but Net!

    In the video,checkout how Singapore has been handling it, textbook on the money response, they learned from SARS.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2020 #54344
    Dave Note

    As soon as any country’s ICU unit capacity is reached and threatens to overwhelm the medical system and produce even more general suffering for those not critical, the only option left is either to provide a dark quiet place for the ‘over capacity’ victims to go die in, or go the disappear/cremate route.

    Mileage will depend on where the country is on the totalitarian bell curve.

    Think about the real death toll from the Katrina hurricane vs the news reporting that vastly underestimated how many people died.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2020 #54343
    Dave Note

    One more note about China ‘disappearing’ plague victims. All they have to do is inform anyone complaining about a missing a relativefrom the virus that they had better STFU or they, and their extended family, will also ‘disappear’ without a trace.

    Problem solved, nothing to see here folks, move along.

    The the rest of the world governments will follow in lock step and not make a peep because they will be faced with the same choice too.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2020 #54334
    Dave Note

    With the Chinese lying about everything related to Covid-19, we need to extrapolate from other countries whose numbers might not be as overtly false as the tripe pedaled by the CCP.

    Corona NON China nations

    It’s looking like South Korea and Italy have really dropped the ball.

    This graph should begin to allow us to see just how bad the Chinese situation is. They have ZERO credibility on the world stage as other nations post a better glimpse of the exponential nature of this Beast.

    If the CCP is between a rock and a hard place with Public Safety and Welfare vs the Economy, I’m confident they will choose the economy.

    They will then have to conceal a Holocaust of deaths as people spread the virus at work.

    They can only be planning to have special units, probably of the Army (PLA) instantly take away any and all diagnosed at work and make them ‘disappear’ to hidden locations. Anyone in these special hidden locations that needs anything more than minimal care to recover will be disposed of and cremated ASAP with no evidence. Kinda like the Nazis and WWII style.

    There, problem solved.

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