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    Dr. D

    Powell has his 10% correction, and has hammered one-way volatility, as he said. There may be more, but after the uber-dove signals impossible, world-ending rate hikes, lo! he’s already signaling “fewer” (none?) and Q-eternity. Inflation, stuff the world with the US$ loss, Dow goes up on inflation after sucking the muppets in.

    And rigged VIX? I would not take a bet it wasn’t rigged before, “moderated” by Yellen with all their back-end rigging power as part of some former plan they abandon. Rigged markets??? Yes, what do you think setting interest rates is? Or rigging LIBOR? Or paying fines for gold rigging? Or mis-marking MBS’s with no consequences? Or aluminum by shuttling inventory on trucks until Sachs makes 5c a can? Or same with oil inventories appearing or disappearing. Or the PPT which officially is real or fake depending on the media day. And with that, you would take any bet the VIX is real? If it were, it would be the only real market out there.

    Get out there boys, that money isn’t going to steal itself.

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    Dr. D

    Nailed it. The system doesn’t, cannot care; that is not its nature. Nothing personal. Therefore, care for your own.

    And scaling, this oddity shouldn’t be important but is pivotal, daily. A love, a family is the essence of pure communism. We give freely and perhaps receive nothing. But that does not scale well to the family reunion of 20, to the church group, the school, of 200. Then not a little to the town of 2,000. By the time you’re at 20,000, nothing works. We are now on scales of 200,000,000 or 2,000,000,000, 1×10^8th larger. Yet no matter how many times it fails, and people die openly by the thousands in plain sight, they never adjust.

    In fact they do the exact opposite. Seeing the family is the only communism, the only functional structure, great tireless effort is spent in destroying it. By the Right? Heavens no, the main attack on actual, working communism comes from the LEFT. They demand the care and charity needed be delivered a) not in love but at the end of a gun and b) at a scale already proven to fail for 150 years. And so it is now as the DNC attacks DJT from the RIGHT, saying he’s not warlike enough, he loves Russians (sadly, this is still code for “pinko commie”), and his co-puppets-of-Putin, Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders along with BLM. …Because, you know, clearly they’re all the same and working together. Why? To purge the DNC of any actual Democratic Socialism, anyone that might attempt to do good for the citizens, and divert money from the corporate and war machines.

    I wish I were kidding about the best journalists saying with a straight face that Sanders and Trump are working together, but I’m not, and later they will marvel at the vicious, partisan illogic, just as we marvel today at McCarthyism and Nazi Germany. The smartest people in this appear to be the dumbest, the most easily lead, the most irrational, and the most certain, as always. Dumb guys don’t know much, but they know which way is up, and which way the wind blows, and if you don’t know that much, aren’t you even DUMBER than middle America? Geniuses like Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman don’t even know that much, but then they’re paid to with our money.

    “… innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

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    Dr. D

    I usually make ruthless fun of clueless authors from obsolete media, but Mr. French is accurate and straightforward. Those are indeed the lines and challenges, and moreso. However, there are equal opportunities to come together no one is recognizing yet.

    As DJT becomes President and the left fears for their life (SMH) they have turned away from a hostile government, started pantries, and bought and trained with guns. You know, like Republicans. Once they are doing this, it’s an easy step to then not want this cost and effort to be taken away, leaving you naked at the mercy of the Other.

    At the same time, the Right has come out of their bunkers and engaged, needed desperately to solve social issues of isolation, opiods, poverty, and engaging with functional government to effect change. You know, like Democrats.

    It’s still a rough uncertain road, however. “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” –Winston Churchill, attr.

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    Dr. D

    A brilliant article. Too bad it’s about such a terrible subject.

    Note, these are the soft agencies. Can you imagine what the hard industries do, who have no fear of their reputation?

    And we wonder, how, how did they chain men to slave ships? How did they wipe out all the Indians? How did they firebomb the women and children in Dresden? How did the Soviet system kill and oppress millions? Seems like a dream compared to us, doesn’t it? So, when is it going to matter? Fire these people? When will they be swiftly tried and punished, abuser and enabler alike? You mean by the same politicians, judges, and investigators who are committing the crimes?

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    Dr. D

    Thought I might try to be more positive in what the Ice Age cycles actually are, or could be.

    We do have CO2 evidence and a whole lot of other data over the multi-million year time span, and as you go further back, it gets ever less certain. For example, they measure ice cores by location, but over such timescales there is continental drift, so it’s not fair to compare ice core build on the latitude of Greenland if it used to be the latitude of Scotland. They geolocate continental drift by magnetic stamping in the rock (mostly). However, the poles, and therefore the magnetic map are moving at the same time the continents are moving, and going back ever-further into ever-more speculative time. It’s very complicated, and they try to get a map of these many, many moving parts best they can, but it’s easy to see if the poles moved differently over a period, or a tree ring grew differently, or we mistake one volcano ash-layer for another, it can throw off the science quite a bit, and they’re correcting themselves constantly.

    But let’s follow a theory: suppose, just suppose it is the sun, because the sun is the one constant for the planet and suppose that this is its EKG:
    Ice Age(wiki chart)
    Or small-scale:
    Which matches the small-scale temps:
    Medieval Cooling
    Look! 1700! A match!

    And very regular, going WAAAY back. What’s more, long-term the temperatures gets stuck low, then for no apparent reason, spikes wildly right on schedule. If the earth is homeostatic, unchanged for 10,000 years, why one day does it wake up and warm? And what does that have to do with CO2 which follows the warming (mostly)?

    Well if the Ice Age closes in with great stability, then it’s likely ice builds up on the poles endlessly. Over the 10,000 years it’s one mile, two, five, ten, until it crushes the earth, making it bulge at the equator, leaving artifacts like the hole of Hudson Bay where the pole (probably) used to be.
    It does this for 10,000 years in a row, then the sun cycles, warming the earth. But more than just warming, the ice begins to melt, causing a spiral effect: less ice, less cold, less white, more absorption, more heat. The glaciers melt, sometimes suddenly, then the poles. The earth then becomes round, but far more quickly than it was oblong. As this last drive of heat finishes, the earth is cracking on all the fault lines, creating more earthquakes and eventually volcanoes, particularly undersea ones. The oceans warm from volcanoes like we see in Antarctica, mass CO2 is released, as was measured, thousands of years before man.
    The sun finishes the cycle, the warming seas increase evaporation and precipitation, turning places to rainforests, as recorded. The volcanoes throw enough ash to darken the sun DESPITE the CO2 they also release, which accelerates vegetation. The weaker sun, now darkened, with increasing warm rain, then turns to snow, more white, more cold, more glaciers, then ice caps, and the whole thing repeats another 10,000 years.

    It’s a theory, one we can test now, and confirms ancient data we have that a warmer earth with multiples higher CO2 did NOT cause a runaway loop, nor did the cooling cause a runaway cooling into Ragnorok, the icy end the world. I think before the AGW tax-grab, this was just conventional schoolbook science.

    Just to think about since we’re in exactly the same earth cycle we always were, and humans are not all that powerful and likely to plummet further in influence with the slightest setback in food, electric, inventories, communication, or nuclear war. Ask Rome how well it is to field armies in a mini ice age, dropping ever into 500AD. There’s one out there waiting for us, somewhere, or so 2.4 billion years of science suggests. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_age

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    Dr. D

    Come the Recession, Don’t Count on That Safety Net (NYT)

    We have a safety net? Maybe someone should tell the guys in Baltimore and Detroit. They don’t look too good…for the last 30 years. I remember how health care got suddenly better after ACA…oh wait, that was the OPPOSITE.

    Wasn’t going to add, but that CO2 thing is just…bleh.

    Here’s the temp history (and remember, even this is not as solid as it appears)

    Climate Change Conspiracy Against us All

    CO2 levels have been both higher and lower in the past. Without SUVs. More importantly, without ANY runaway greenhouse effect, EVEN when the ice caps were (may?) have been completely melted. In fact the very first thing reported about Global Warming was the Ice Core vs CO2 numbers. Guess what? The CO2 FOLLOWED the warming. Therefore it was not, could not be, the cause. We all assumed this was an anomaly, remedied by more research. Nope. Not only did CO2 FOLLOW warming, but CO2 and warming are not related all that well at all. Which, if you’ve followed the terrible attempts at modelling is not that surprising, as they discovered water vapor — highly influenced by warming — has the largest effect and is impossible to model. At the same time, they seem to minimize the effects of the sun and mass volcanoes, which clearly DO affect climate, and would be the #1 suspect considering the 100,000 year timescales and sharp regularity of ice ages vs warming a million years before humans. Heartbeat of the sun. Maybe that’s why all the planets are experiencing global warming, not just earth.

    But anyway, talking to the corner, no one is convinced with facts anymore. Not even when they get caught fabricating evidence twice a year for a decade and have a trillion-dollar profit/control motive at stake. The good news? Relax! It’s all good, mate. The world is not going to end. NYC is not underwater. At All. If anything, the terrible Depression and/or war will stop oil use long before these dumdums do anything except steal from us and power grab. Better use of time to stop actual environmental destruction with plastics, nuclear, and pesticides. …Oh wait, that would reduce profits. Nevermind.

    ”People rolling in and out
    Those circles and tides confound me
    And there’s just one thing
    Yes there’s just one thing
    Who can stand in the way
    When there’s a dollar to be made?”


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    Dr. D

    Since you’re covering Sodom and Gomorrah, here’s the official reason for it:

    “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, fat and full of bread, unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things…”Ezekiel 16:49-50

    Sound familiar?

    And for kicks, what is the grave sin of the Whore of Babylon?
    10″Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
    11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:”
    17 For in one hour such great riches is come to nought…
    23 and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; … for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).”
    24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”
    Revelation 10-24:23

    So what have we here? International trade, to the point of unfeeling greed and decadence, along with killing the whistleblowers, those who would warn you, tell you what you are doing is wrong, there are rules and limits, while they are killing the Godly and good people who help others, killing immigrants and foreigners. And “Sorcery,” “pharmakeia,” which means huge lies and public illusions? Or does it mean “pharmacy”, the international drug running with volumes so large, as reported by the U.N., that they have supported the entire western banking system for over a decade killing millions in Leeds, Sonora, and Ohio? And with that hundred-billion drug running supporting international arms trafficking and the subsequent multi-million death toll, the “death of all”? Maybe supporting that, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Sudan and Libya was the crime of New Babylon?

    And what happens to nations who behave like that? Well, similar to Sodom, “a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.” That is, they ultimately are nuked from space and destroyed in a single hour if that’s what it takes.

    But hey, that’s all academic, just some old paintings and stories that has nothing to do with us, right?

    Bonus question: is it an actual angel? Or like Nebuchadnezzar, can it be a person or nation simply doing the will of God to stop a madness that has gone too far?

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    Dr. D

    I wasn’t suggesting your intent, just that the young have been screwed.

    If they could see it clearly, and many do, they’re so overwhelmed by trying to survive the week, they’re viewed as stupid and complicit. Really, it’s more like being in a war: after this fire-fight over rent and the car and some medical bill there will be another fight tomorrow, and another, and another, through Normandy and the Black Forest all the way to Berlin. But right now you can’t think about that, only about today, enjoying clean socks and a cup of coffee when you’re not being pulled over and shot, sleeping on the basement couch which is at least not outside, and keeping your equipment (cell phone) in perfect order in the chaos so you can survive tomorrow’s firefight (zero-hour job hunting). And tomorrow’s, and tomorrow’s, forever and ever until death. It’s only by not looking at that bigger picture you won’t be scared sh-tless and can function. So what’s the point? The war will find you, go home, eat ramen, and hit Netflix until they shut it off for non-payment.

    My addition is that this was chosen for them in 1969, 1979, long before they were born, by eliminating restraint and choosing the national debt instead of Carter’s sweaters. It was said in “Guns-n-butter”, in 1980 when Reagan talked about debt “enslaving our children”, and reported every year of my life since I was born. They put the debt on me, America’s children, every year, 100% of the time. And however it worked out, they got the party; a debt-boom economy until I was in the workforce, then a booming stock market until I was old enough to invest, then an expensive house until I was priced out, then health care in retirement that’s denied to the young-and-working. Meanwhile, I got all the bills, but I’m supposedly the slacker here. In America it couldn’t be clearer, on average the old are 10x richer than the young, and like London and Melbourne housing, it leaves not only no money, but no hope.
    Notice the break here is about 60, back when there were young wages that could compound.

    I’m sorry it worked out this way, and those who have saved for years will naturally have more net worth, and certainly the process locked out a lot of pensioners as well, but the income disparity is off the charts. Normally, the young have jobs and income, but now having no jobs or income, cannot save normal amounts even if they wanted. How do you compound no money added when starting at the market top?

    I don’t know what to say to that, but that’s what happened, and once you can rig markets, the largest demographic group will probably always demand that government make their assets rise. Wall St goes along for the ride. Then that demographic, being richer, has more political power too in a spiral upward. Ultimately that demographic owns everything and the others own nothing because wealth comes from somewhere. Then it reverses. That used to happen when farmers and miners were the voting bloc, then reversed to manufacturers, then 401k speculators, or in countries where one ethnic group is the voter. Advantages are always by insiders, but this time it was also by age. Raul posts daily on the desperation of the young over housing and jobs throughout the Anglosphere and Europe as well. And even though poor and plundered, people don’t choose much different today. But that’s what was chosen for them by their parents before they could vote, and applauded for 40 years as “winning.” And they certainly won. Trouble is, retirees are supposed to sell their assets TO the young-and-working. They cannot, and the whole economy has frozen, young and old alike. This is true of every extreme income disparity.

    More productively, what do we DO about it? How do you make housing affordable in Melbourne again without collapsing the whole nation’s collateral, breaking the market, and destroying the pensions? Because we’re here now, and we’re supposed to be in this together. While it’s too late for me and I will no doubt die here, if the young are young enough, they can still catch up. How does it become fair again? By markets being allowed to find real and fair value? Wouldn’t that be by the Dow falling 11,000 points, wheat tripling, and housing going back to 3x income, or $75k? That may have winners, but it would have losers too. What would that do to a pensioner with a failed 401k, housing cut in half, and food tripling? You don’t equalize freezing by putting your head in the oven. You don’t make the young rich by making the old poor, although that’s what historically happens: historically, it collapses. So how do you fix it when even fair market value would destroy an economy built on lies?

    “Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
    mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
    ché la diritta via era smarrita”

    “Midway along the journey of life I woke to find myself in a dark wood,
    for I had wandered far from the straight path…” — Dante’s Inferno,
    A description of hell.

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    Dr. D

    Definitely pulling the plug on the old system and telegraphing it. Accident? No. Plans.

    Hey, anyone remember last month when Powell said the market is effectively a paired trade, short volatility? And the day he gets in, they not only jam volatility, break the pair, but actually bankrupt two of the major VIX ETFs, leaving Hedge Funds naked? What a coincidence!

    So, they’re just going to let this drop, and not respond. Riiiiight. No, they’re going to respond, and they have plans. I may not know the plans, but they have them. No doubt they have an entire plan/decision tree with 15, 150 end points in a model run by a supercomputer.

    Problems? Rates have cracked, and could not be held forever anyway. Debt is extreme. US$ reserve system reached its 40-year expiration and Cheney-n-pals’ plan to take over the unipolar world failed in flames. And anyone remember the 1988 cover of the Economist?
    Funny ol’ world. Weird how that turned out exactly like their white papers said they would make it. So how do they reset? Well if they’re going for a weaker dollar, as said in the election and to inevitably default on the debt then crack the bonds. If bonds rise, money will flood out of the mass glacier of UST’s and into…where? Normally stocks, but they’re quite high. Foreign currency, but they’re in the same condition we are. Gold. Cash Dollars, which at least won’t actively LOSE money like bonds will. And in this case cryptos, as a sort of foreign currency/gold-like asset.

    So as they pull the plug by watching the UST hit 3%, what do they do? By golly, gold is set back. Cryptos. And the Dow. You know, the exact three things that are in danger of running away. The US$ is put into uncertainty with a yes man/no man tag team. So they start the run from a lower level.

    Since we already know from multiple paid fines worldwide that we no longer have markets, the market is whatever Powell et al says it is. And he needs to drive Yellen’s irrational one-sided speculation out of the market. What’s more, he needs to drive it out quickly before it causes political damage to his boss. Then the bonds, being easily 10x larger than stocks, will drive it back up again and Cap’n Crunch can take credit for awesomeness of what is essentially inflation + velocity finally unfrozen. Although it may rise at first, ultimately the US$ drops 50-75% and our debt is restructured by a bankruptcy/restructure expert. Tariffs + Currency lead to reindustrialization while we also discover we’re the world’s 1st or 2nd largest oil producer (see recent headlines and pipeline builds).

    Do I like it? No. Nor do I like the endless lies about how great the economy is, how low unemployment, but once you had a party where you sold the furniture and let the roof cave in, every remaining decision is a least-bad one. They welded this debt collapse into the nation’s steel foundation by 1979, and we’ve only been playing it out since then. They got to live it up on credit and as V. says, give it to the young good and hard after retiring with the loot.

    There’s no good story that ends that way, but maybe we can start a new story, once this is over, because you can’t stay drunk forever.

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    Dr. D

    I wouldn’t worry about the deficit. We were never going to pay it anyway.

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    Dr. D


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    Dr. D

    Yellen Wolf St

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    Dr. D

    Yellen for the win!

    Charts over 120 year-highs in every metric? “is that a bubble? …it’s very hard to tell.” Or not. At all.

    Also doesn’t know what collateral is. Or leverage. “…our overall judgment is that, if there were to be a decline in asset valuations, it would not damage unduly the core of our financial system.” Somehow I think if you have out an 80% loan, or stocks on margin, if the collateral drops 20%, you’re repossessed. And yes, that is not voluntary, which leads to more selling, lower prices, etc. The complete loss of adequate collateral is the definition of “undue damage.”

    On markets: “Recoveries don’t die of old age.” Yes Janet, they do. Look at any chart and you’ll see an 8-year, 20-year, 37-year etc cycle. Trees don’t grow to the sky, you might have heard. But when we no longer have markets, but soviet central planning, the sky’s the limit, yes?

    PS, We have regulations on banks? First I’ve seen. Anybody planning on using them?

    And like I said about ivory towers in the 12 blesse’d cities where journalists live: can’t figure out why Americans don’t use over 10 vacation days when I bet 60% of them don’t have even 5. For any purpose: sick, dying, kids: sucks to be you. You think Bezos is made out of money or something? Get back to that $21K a year, the ambulance is outside if you can’t hack it.

    They seem to have pulled the plug on the old system, it’s being swapped out for the new one right now.

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    Dr. D

    When are they finally going to give up on the I-Y-I class and think for a second? The Phillips Curve was a failure in the 1970’s — 40 years ago. Yet they trot it out regularly as a pretense for the Fed to raise and lower rates — the Fed who has been wrong 100% of the time, always over and undershooting the market, causing, if possible, even worse booms and busts than the 19th century wildcat markets, which is really saying something.

    In the 40 years of the Phillips Curve, getting it completely wrong, never having either stable prices NOR full employment, the boom-bust has coincidentally transfered a majority of the national wealth FROM the employed-stable-price people TO the friends-of-Fed people, Wall Street, banks, speculators, and insiders.

    To make this even MORE of a kick-in-the-teeth to everyday Americans, you’d have to truly be the nation’s dumbest American — hyperbole accepted — to believe we had anything within 1,000 miles of full employment, meaning they’re lying, OR low inflation, meaning they’re lying, OR a working economy, meaning they’re lying, while they just raised your mortgage and credit card rates and drove the last remaining hangers on into bankruptcy. And saying it’s your fault for your benefit.

    Golly, why are people so steamed at DC, Wall St. and the Fed? How come they no longer trust the experts on CNN, economists, sociologists, scientists? The world may never know.

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    Dr. D

    Only their carmakers have lost their moral compass?

    Youtube, welcome to AI! How do you like me now?

    In general terms, unprocessed food is cheaper as well, so what you really have in processed food is a drug-running outfit. Same as tea, sugar, coffee, beer, taurine…

    Oddly, and for better or worse, Capt Crunch’s supporters do not believe he will save them and never have. That’s why it’s so odd they voted for him anyway. It was just either that, or an immediate shooting war. So mostly they don’t think much of him, nor need him in particular, just the process, nor even count on him not to fail. If he fails, falls short, dies, is removed, his supporters will carry on the same push; or at least so far as I can see, sitting here.

    Never believe the media on any side, which is full of bloviating partisans. Obama was also considered the messiah, but I’m not sure it wasn’t similar with him: that’s why they weren’t all that disappointed he was a sellout. Failing big didn’t help in the next election though.

    Similarly, for the Cap’n’s successes: so the FBI is going to arrest itself now, or what?

    Nassim: did you check your mail?

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    Dr. D

    The world’s biggest bubble is bonds, especially the UST.

    Crypto commentators had a great phrase “Bitcoin isn’t the bubble, it’s the pin that pops the bubble.”

    That is to say, the real bubble — phony financial assets that can never repay – has been pumped so high and is under so much pressure it’s looking for an outlet. Gold is the usual, but it’s been rigged and bolted shut. So although not all the wealth is going to get into cryptos — most of it is fake anyway — there are so many trillions in fraud even a billion, or in this case cumulative market cap of $500B is enough to drive these tiny issuances like a rocket. https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/

    You know how they say “In a bull market even turkeys fly”? Like that.

    Not saying they’re good, like the .com 2/3 of them will disappear, and some others will survive only in niche use. But like the .com bubble we still have the Internet, Dell, Microsoft, Amazon today, and the Internet makes and flows a lot of money every minute worldwide.

    The Pin, not The Bubble.

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    Dr. D

    As it’s an active chart, it’s probably feeding. It certainly wasn’t the best one. A candlestick chart shows it now-vertical. But it was here.

    Sorry it was CNN, I was desperate to find something that captured the motion. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s fake.

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    Dr. D

    Houston, we have a problem.


    Does that say interest rates just rose 25%?

    Good luck boys. Hope you brought extra pants.

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    Dr. D

    Since global temperatures are still plateaued for 15 years running, I’ll take the under on the 1.5c bet.

    Actually, that’s unfair, as every model prediction they’ve ever made is completely wrong. Wasn’t NYC supposed to be underwater already and there be no snow in New England, much less 16″ in the Sahara? I think I saw a movie on that once.

    Temperatures may be changing, but for certain these are not the guys who can predict to where.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2018 #38604
    Dr. D

    Och, we used t’dream of “paychecks reasonably large and life is comfortable at the moment.” Woulda been a palace to us.

    The numbers here, as everywhere, are made meaningless by the extraordinary wealth disparity. Some portion of each city is also dead zone, but let’s say 40% of the nation is “comfortable at the moment” although under 3 months rent (and why? Could it be interest rates are rigged too low and punish savings? And naughty people respond to this by not being robbed? How dare they!) However, those 40% are in 12 cities, with a few in the other 20/40 2nd tier cities, leaving 90% of the counties in the state of total collapse. So…are they comfortable, or not? They have a big paycheck, or not?

    Well, where EVERY. SINGLE. decider and reporter live, things are sorta not too bad. When all 10 richest zip codes are in D.C. you think you’re winning and can’t imagine what the rabble is on about; you know, the same thing Ms. Antoinette said. There have been a few intrepid journalists who did a cross-country tour and were promptly ignored. Why? Like the environment, we’d have to stop driving our Prius over to buy a 128-pack of plastic bottled water and DO something. Like stop stealing from them, from the periphery to the center. But since the power is by definition IN the center, they are obviously NOT going to de-power themselves and start powering Omaha. You know, by dismantling Amazon, Berkshire, and the U.S. Tax code.

    The income disparity is so extreme, it’s bending space-time. That is, when they say the “average income is” they are averaging in Bezos who made $2.4B more in one DAY. I also suspect they don’t average in 100M unemployed or the 50M or so who have net NEGATIVE income due to food stamps, welfare, etc. You know, the guys who work for Bezos for $16k/yr and get hauled out of the warehouse into the waiting ambulance the county pays for? While he natters on about Basic Income? So when they say it’s $45k, it wouldn’t shock me if the average wage outside of the top zip codes of the 12 anointed cities is like $33k HOUSEHOLD, not person. And that with no health care or retirement.

    Translation: 90% of the U.S. counties are effectively the 3rd world.

    So be careful overseas if you’re reading these numbers. Or heck, if you’re from the unreachable planet of the 5% blue counties, who like any self-respecting South African, wouldn’t dare leave their gated community of journalists and professors and visit apartheid. You might run into those “other” people and have to look 60 years of “helpful” policies in its unshaven, unemployed face. Some new roads ain’t gonna fix that.

    The Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed, with balance restored to the economy, before there can be any sustainable recovery. -Jesse’s Cafe

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2018 #38587
    Dr. D

    They’re still a little loopy as they try to lead back to order. Despite 50 or 100 years to the contrary, CONGRESS runs the United States. The Presider, the President, executes the will of CONGRESS. Not the other way ’round. Shocking, I know.

    Anyhoo, that’s the gist of Trump saying “You don’t need anything from me. You’re in charge. If you want the memo released, release it.” Congress, in standing with long tradition, instead abdicated power, handed the bomb to Trump and let him take the blame. Now they can claim it’s political, which they would anyway. I’m sure he’s not surprised.

    As point, the FBI requested a copy of this infamous memo and was shocked and appalled not to get one (since it isn’t released yet). You know what the committee said? “Hey blokes, YOU gave US the memo. It’s your info. Everything in it is information YOU, the FBI told US.” So maybe they should simply check their own internal and court records? Crazy! Appalling! How dare ye! How dare you report the reporting we reported officially to you? How political. ‘Round and round until people like us throw up.

    PS, apparently the “memo”, or actually the full 99-page FISA document was already released. Why? Because it’s official government paperwork that has to be posted, but the secret is to know what it means when you read it. So deep in arcane, vacuous bureau-speak no one understands (which is why they want the 4-page) you’ll be shocked to read that a) the administration went to the FISA court with nothing, bupkis. b) Said we’ve got “national security” emergency and a pretty face, can you authorize us with nothin’ and we’ll get back to you. c) Wiretapped not Trump Jr, not Trump Tower, but the fiber optic Trunc lines nationwide. d) Requested this coast-to-coast wiretapping by the NSA of all Americans everywhere e) to be used by 3rd-party outside contractors f) Promise honest injun we won’t look at anything and g) Returned to the court for a further extension after they still found nothing.

    If you’re extremely slow on the uptake of the 20 YEARS of continual, daily tramplings, this is all PERFECTLY LEGAL under the 2001 Patriot Act (I mean, apart from that Constitution thingy). Golly, you mean existing administrations would wiretap Senators on the thinnest premise — say a guy sold a dime bag on the same Trunc line — then blackmail them to get votes on critical legislation? No! Really??? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. And still no one’s up to speed on this? I was shocked to find they still HAD a FISA court that still PRETENDED to need evidence, that was the real news to me.

    Anyway, now you see why they were so desperate to plant evidence — which had to be the Russians, or at least foreigners by the way — through their man Manafort (paid by HRC’s law firm) to get Papadopoulos (a literal nobody) to convince DJT to meet with Russians, any Russians, anywhere. And fast. To get back to the FISA court with somethin’, anything. So instead set up with Trump Jr to meet with an English friend of theirs, which turns out instead to be a Russian lawyer talking about adoption policy, who met with HRC people immediately after the meeting, and from a nobody banished to the hinterlands was suddenly meeting with the Obama ambassador for photo ops eight days after.

    Does any of this say “wiretapping the opposing candidates for political purposes” to you? You know, to “interfere with elections” and “undermine our Democracy”? Hey look: let the best man win, but you can’t do that. And also, IF you lose, you can’t just go overturn elections you don’t like. The essence, the core, the very foundation of Democracy, is that you hand over power to the other guy. Then you hit the streets, go out to the polls, and win it back. If you do ANYTHING other than that, it is in essence the end of Western Democracy as we know it, and will ultimately lead to a violent overthrow and civil war. Which, by the way, Deplorables in Flyoverland already assumed would happen to them.

    All of this provably happened, as a matter of public record. It is provably, demonstrably happening right now as a matter of public record. And I don’t even need subpoena power to show it. I don’t even need to go past the public media to show it. It’s all been reported, months ago, here and there. The problem is no one will believe it. And even so, like every other of the 100,000 felonies reported each year, (lookin’ at you Robosigning, Wells Fargo, MF Global) no one will do anything about it. Perhaps this is because “western Democracy” and the entire heritage of Western culture means nothing anymore if my party doesn’t win, this one time.

    My country (party), right or wrong. Though the heavens fall.

    Fiat justitia ruat cælum Or that other catchy phrase, Kyrie eleison

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2018 #38575
    Dr. D

    Seems like the only people this is a secret to is us. If e.g. they’re in Somalia, the Somalians know. The Russians know. The Chinese will know. So who doesn’t keep any tabs on CIA/Pentagon black ops? You know, the big ones that aren’t really very secret. Congress, I suppose. Maybe they should download the Stravas app for House and Senate and they might find the 44,000 missing soldiers that somehow get army rations every day? https://www.stripes.com/report-44-000-unknown-military-personnel-stationed-around-the-world-1.501292

    Part of ongoing disclosure? The Democracy can’t vote when they have no idea what’s going on, since everything important is classified…on purpose. They don’t WANT you to know where your $21Trillion went while Detroit burns, or you might get mad. Space plane? No we have no space plane. Oh wait, I forgot, it’s Tuesday, we do. Until Friday, when we don’t anymore, and the news release is denied. Just happened this week with the SR-72, inheritor of the old SR-71 Blackbird, which was itself denied for decades after the U-2. The 71 was admitted to exist when it was obsolete and replaced in the 1990’s. …But we haven’t had ANY planes since then. Nope! Suggesting we have military planes we deny is just silly. Oh wait, I forgot! We already made one: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5251961/SR-72-hypersonic-bomber-made.html Hey, where did you think the F-35 money was disappearing to?

    We can admit it now because the SR-72 is retiring of old age and we have an “SR-73” …perhaps the Aurora SR-91. But no, that’s silly. They deny any such plane exists. But it was parked on Google maps the other day. But we don’t have one.

    And no matter how many times the military keeps ordinary, expected, pedestrian, garden variety military secrets about weapons and capabilities, it’s always outrageous, how-dare-you, crazy, tinfoil hat stuff to even suggest they wouldn’t advertise every military object and plan in the NY Post. …Until next time, when of course all those rumors are true as well.

    Anyway, disclosure. But for whom? Any worthwhile secret service worldwide already knows this stuff. How to get the ordinary Joe’s attention long enough to read? How about his Fitbit? That’ll get clicks. <sigh>

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2018 #38569
    Dr. D


    But you guys saved me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2018 #38563
    Dr. D

    Because according to MSNBC, Europe will dissolve into the oceans unless there’s somebody on top ordering everybody about. No. Again, Europe isn’t dissolving, it isn’t leaving, it isn’t going anywhere; it’s right there above Africa and to the right of Asia, just like it always was. Their dread fear is that someone will notice nobody needs their overpaid nonsense and no one can tell the difference when they’re in session or not except a couple extra Greeks may survive.

    Stockman: he’s clearly not a fan. But tell me David, how would you SOLVE the problem? Because I think if we followed your prescription, the banks would collapse, currencies would vaporize, and worldwide trade would stop, leading to millions dead and/or a world war. And hey, if you want to fix the system by removing all the fraud and injustice, I can get into that. But you have to realize that, like Vegas, the U.S. and/or the world is nothing BUT fraud, gambling, theft, gin-joints, prostitution, and murder, with one used-car dealer on the side. Removing the fraud would remove 80% of the economy. Heck, removing fraud in Medical care ALONE would reduce GDP by 15%, and the instant implosion of banks as their collateral vanishes in the adjustment. So point taken, but also not helpful.

    I listened to the Davos speech (donations accepted) and it confirmed what I suspected: the Trump plan is to be “open for business” in order to draw all capital worldwide into the United States. Thus all the lying happy-talk about how awesome the tax cut and economy are. Heaven knows if it will work, but he clearly is hitting it like a hammer. Like most of his plays, it’s painfully over-acted and still no one gets it. To even try this, he needs the banks and currency to function and put out the neon sign with the always-rigged stock market, signifying nothing. Like I said, they’re going to have to build a hull underneath the rotting ship while underway, and the currency ultimately will be inflated to nothing (or at least 50-70%) in the switch. That’s why the Dow can just rise: OBVIOUSLY it’s not on economic activity. And beyond rigging, it’s signaling inflation. Gold is finally following; crypto, which was least-rigged before now was out in front.

    Better or worse, that’s their plan. We can always collapse and Mad Max later if it fails. I understand, but burning down every crooked casino before there is any other business in town is not wise. It’s childish.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 28 2018 #38561
    Dr. D

    “[Facebook] possibly in tipping elections in the United States and in the United Kingdom”

    …Because Facebook was so pro-Brexit and pro-Trump? Omg is everybody’s brain turned to pudding?

    Maybe it should tell you Facebook has no influence over the people and you shouldn’t advertise there.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 26 2018 #38502
    Dr. D

    Raul has premonitions with this month’s photos:



    I think it looked better in 1910.

    in reply to: A Modest Plan #38496
    Dr. D

    What people don’t realize is he controls nothing. The government is so infested with the one-party he can’t even pick his own cabinet. He’s running like 5%, or by now, maybe 10% of the machine, as best seen in the FBI which simply refuses to present evidence and appear for subpoenas for Congress and the President. Luckily, the part he controls apparently includes the U.S. Marines, (or rather, they control HIM) and **some** of the Pentagon. Not all. As we can see, the CIA is fighting the Pentagon (as we saw with actual U.S. forces shooting each other in Syria reported by the L.A. Times, i.e. a peculiar type of civil war overseas) but also certain parts of the Pentagon fighting itself. It’s pretty bad and they’re trying to keep it in-house and not break into an open shooting civil war, but that leaves other problems, like how they can’t just openly arrest or eliminate their opposition. Leads to a bizarre spy-vs-spy game that makes literally no sense in the nightly news.

    Anyway, having no control, what can he do? Well, places he wants things to collapse he keeps the incompetent people in there pushing their embarrassing, incompetent plans. Nikki Haley comes to mind. He can change his mind in Iran, shoot useless missiles in Syria, or make trade and peace treaties impossible to negotiate. The result: the world learns to go around the United States, that we won’t be there in any competent way, and to solve it themselves without us or our military. They dump the U.S. dollar and ring-fence the power structure in Wall St. He does that by feeding the bad guys rope to proceed with bad plans they don’t have the forces to accomplish. It’s not what one might want to do, but it’s what he can do given the limitations.

    That ends up reading like incompetence or schizophrenia, but the stakes are so high the good guys can’t afford to care — at all — about their public image. You have to read them from their actions only, not their words.

    Example? Americans just lit up at Sessions who, while these 10,000 felonies are still unprosecuted, decided instead to call off the truce and enforce marijuana laws when 1/3 of states have legalized in some way and like +65% are in favor of decriminalizing. “How can he do this!?! Doesn’t he know the whole nation is against it? Now we’re probably going to have to go up there and repeal the law in Congress, and we’ve got the votes to do it, by God!” Ding! So Sessions, whose JOB is to ENFORCE LAWS of Congress, is supposed to NOT enforce this unpopular law while you lazy-bones don’t bother to repeal it? Isn’t that how we got into this mess? And then his enforcing the law inspires you to — finally!! — fix a law long since discredited that nobody likes? Gosh, that does sound stupid of him to force you to do your civic duty. How tone deaf. /sarc

    You see this all day long, but only if you understand the field and the context, which no one’s reporting on. They’re happy to let everyone think they’re stupid, incompetent, crazy, whatever it takes to prevent shooting and mass death until they can get enough edge up to wrest control back into the civilian, visible government again. It’s been a long time.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 25 2018 #38495
    Dr. D

    If we’re doing shout outs, I’ve been inspired by core progressive Jimmy Dore. He’s been going tooth and nail after the moneyed insiders who are even now, post Trump, shutting down the winning platform of Bernie Sanders. They’re cracking the ossified party from inside, the way the GOP was slowly broken since the Tea Party. Anyway, it’s good to hear someone who stands for what he believes in.

    There’s not much news out there, as everything real is guarded like buried treasure:

    “The truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” –Winston Churchill

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 25 2018 #38476
    Dr. D

    The DACA answer is that non-citizens can become citizens? What a revelation. And both sides will crow victory for this entirely self-evident, pre-existing reality? Is there an emoji for OMG Beam Me Up?

    Thanks to CNN this may be a surprise, but the U.S. takes in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year from every nation on earth, who sign paperwork, get green cards, and start the process. Thanks to Congress and a government shutdown, they now can walk into an office that has always been open, and request paperwork that has always been availaible to begin a process that has always been legal. And this is all Americans were ever asking. But I’m sure, somehow, the existence of forms and passports is hate, while as a citizen, my being required to file similar paperwork and carry a similar ID card is love. Got it?

    So this was weird: LeGarde says the IMF’s policy position is that lowering taxes benefits a country, perhaps by a lot lot lot. Huh. Someone should tell Europe, I think she found the solution to your economy! Funny but I don’t think that it’s what the IMF has previously advised.

    And then Mnuchin is going to LOWER a currency that according to LeGarde is STRONGER. Sounds at lot like they’re tag-teaming and keeping it in a controlled direction. Maybe they fear it will rise but don’t want a runaway feedback loop, so Mnuchin comes out and tells the market they’re going to try to rig it down.

    Because The Guardian, they haven’t noticed that Grillo always stood aside from day one. This is hardly a change. He set up the original parameters and stepped back, doing little more than hosting visitors of the party. But hey, either knowing that, or reading old Guardian articles that would tell you that is too much to ask. We just make it up. I just wrote it in the Guardian, it must be true!

    in reply to: A Modest Plan #38473
    Dr. D

    Not to press quick enough: Mnuchin makes his public announcement of their official US$ plans. “Lower” but apparently only a little.

    I should have added, “Is this how it will go? Probably not. But the point is that these guys are planners. They execute plans when they’re in office, and make plans and white papers when they’re out of office. Because their life revolves around controlling everything and telling everyone what to do. It doesn’t even take Trump to have a plan; he doesn’t need one. A Presidency isn’t one man but a collective. His team will have plans, his generals have plans, the Fed has plans, everybody has plans and agitates and negotiates for things they wish they could do.

    The problem is that no plan survives contact with the enemy.”

    You know, something like that. But I’m guessing from the rhetoric and the pension catastrophe that the one solid point is “hyperinflating” the stock market, and there’ve been some big inside voices saying the same. Eras don’t end with a whimper but a bang. ’01 or ’08 might have been spike enough, but if you get out of that, as they have, you’ll need a blowoff top for the ages.
    Problem is, “spike” vs what? US$? Gold? Oil? Aluminum? LTC? Wheat? When a system ends, the anchor points are changed. That’s how we know it’s something new.

    Oh well, like it or not, we’re all tied to the mast now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2018 #38454
    Dr. D

    “…seeking to determine whether there was a “pattern” of behavior”

    A pattern of behavior where an employer fires his employees? Not to be crass but wtf are they talking about? Does Mueller’s investigation travel through all time, space, and reality to all events past and present, all decisions he approves or denies? Is it treason or collusion to fire your employees? Or is it only treason when the President didn’t get authorization from the actual controllers before making his mascot/spokesman decisions? Oi.

    I don’t know what to do with counterpunch. Maybe this should be their mascot?
    Look, yes, governments tax ONLY TO MAKE YOU USE THEIR CRAPPY MONEY. It creates a false demand for their worthless garbage. That’s why the Federal Reserve coincided with the Income Tax. And yes, they can just print the money instead and not tax at all.


    Wealth comes from real people doing real things. The U.S. can print a million billion dollars. That may make you THINK they can buy a billion trillion 2x4s with it, but they can’t. There are still only so many forests, so many saw mills, and so many men. You can get exactly the same number of 2x4s after printing as before: the amount your economy is physically able to produce. What the money printing WILL do, however, is raise prices, via inflation, the expansion/dilution of the money supply. That generally means the economy comes unglued and you’ll get even LESS 2x4s than before. And while he’s suggesting that ‘leftists’ are off-base with austerity and should just pump the skittle-crapping unicorn to help the poor, in fact inflation and printing money HURT EXACTLY THE POOR THE MOST.

    It ain’t rocket science: that’s why they use it. That’s why they built it in 1913, and that’s why it goes on every day since: inflation is a tax on the poorest and a direct transfer of wealth from the outsiders to the insiders. At the rate they suggest, 2%, it will cause the poorest to lose HALF their money in 40 years, and the real inflation rate is far higher than that. Sound familiar yet, where the inflation tax — the most regressive tax ever known — doubles the number of people in poverty and compounding effect leads to a runaway wealth gap? Yes, that’s the skittles-crapping unicorn of “free money” counterpunch and every other economic illiterate promotes. And believe you me, the insiders are going to say “Yes sir! Right away sir! We’re going to give that poverty-inducing, wealth-transferring, money-printing solution to you good and hard, night and day!” We already have 5 people owning more than half the U.S. due to such policies, 100% of national wealth is in a stock market owned only by the 1% and higher, when are they going to wake up?

    You can’t print your way to prosperity. Real things take real work. There ain’t no free lunch, there ain’t no magic clown to give it to you. You, YOU create the wealth.

    According to Kavanagh you could land on a desert island, double the money supply, and Lo! A condo and an open-bar cabana would appear! Double it again and an inground pool and lounge chairs, maybe a hospital with a fully-stocked operating room and well-trained ER staff appears! See? Easy! Nobody had to pour concrete, drill and burn oil, manufacture parts. Nobody studied in medical school for 8 years, no one made bagels. No work at all. Just print money!

    If this is the state of the discussion, we are absolutely going to print more, with the absolute consequence of poverty and income disparity doubling again. And again. And again. Until we get it right. He-zeus.

    Read this from Bart Simpson:

    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 21 2018 #38380
    Dr. D

    I thought the Democrats thought it was terrible and would kill people if the government shut down. So irresponsible. But that’s okay: just like last time, it’s impossible to tell. I mean, they don’t provide service or enforce the law anyway, so what’s the dif? If they stayed closed all year maybe fewer people would get shot and the EPA would spill less waste into the rivers of Colorado.

    So their argument is they can make things properly for sale in India with a hammer, but there’s no way to make products in a nation that has access to CNC, robotics, internet, reliable electric, and deep banking? You know, like Germany does? Tell me how that works. How is it that Britain is now therefore weaker than India? Bonus question: tell me how it’s not a national scandal and a national security priority if that’s true.

    Like New Zealand, sounds like 100% pure B.S. to me. They can do whatever they want to. They take billion dollar losses in many sectors for decades (looking at you Bezos. How are those sales, Musk?) So if it doesn’t happen it’s because they don’t want it to. Let me rephrase that more clearly: they do not want jobs or industry in the U.K. at this time: they want desperation. Maybe later, with the right concessions. This has been true for decades, so let’s not blame Brexit.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 19 2018 #38338
    Dr. D

    “The U.S. securities regulator on Thursday raised alarm about the safety of bitcoin”

    Is this the same SEC who for years oversaw a literal, honest-to-God Ponzi scheme by Bernie Madoff, who had only one bank, JP Morgan with all transactions directly approved by the Board of Directors? You know, the SEC that ignored the Markopolos debriefing of the exact crime and methods? The one that every day approves the HFT front-running of customers in every exchange? The one that thought a trader living in his mother’s London basement was the sole cause of the flash crash? You know, the one that looked into the AAA rating of CCC mortgages and saw nothing? The ones who were caught surfing pron all day and not fired?

    You mean those guys are going to regulate and protect us? From honest-to-God Ponzi schemes in the token space? Okay, pull the other one. The only thing these guys protect is the mountain of systemic fraud.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 18 2018 #38320
    Dr. D

    “central banks could start issuing digital currencies”

    They don’t want to stop cryptos, they want to capture them. And one part of the government saying they want to regulate, while most other departments and the people say no, when there’s no legislation written anywhere much less signed, is a long way from shuttering Asian crypto exchanges and Bitcoin dying.

    Bringing some of that $3T home reminds me of “Too much money chasing too few goods” (Or in Carter’s words “Inflation is a bunch of mysterious things working in mysterious ways.”) It could kick off inflation/rate hike cycle that attracts more money from abroad because inexplicably, the RoW is even worse than the dreadful U.S. If so, it could eventually drive the US$ 50% lower (at least vs goods) which is the crushing inflation and debt relief they’ve been claiming to want. Enthusiastic cheer! It’s possible.

    And of course it’s awesome because it hurts pensioners and the most vulnerable the hardest! Hey, you didn’t think they were going to hurt K-Street lawyers the hardest, did you? Although a debt-relief reset would ultimately be good, nobody will like it. So DJT will need something to blame it on. His success, probably.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2018 #38316
    Dr. D

    It’s the victim game. Quick! Everyone pick a side:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2018 #38304
    Dr. D

    It’s hard to pin down history but I doubt it’s European. Starting Middle Eastern? The Chinese certainly pitched in, albeit only within the Middle Kingdom. The history of Africa is lost, but it seems they liked war and destruction as much as any. The Incas and Aztecs were no joke, chopping heads and spreading 1,000 miles. The Iroquois were proud to be cannibals, and feared.

    It seems hard to imagine since the Euros spread dat Roamin’ Empire worldwide, but what we call Euros — not Romans — are barely a scratch in history, only some 300 years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2018 #38299
    Dr. D

    • Bitcoin, Ethereum Suffer Massive Drops, Many Crypto’s Fare Even Worse (CNBC)

    Repeating the comment of yesterday, except adding that CNBC also doesn’t know grammar: please remember not every “s” needs an apostrophe. It’s not bacon and egg’s (yes this happens). An apostrophe is either “crypto owns” or “crypto IS”. If you were a journalist, or a news organization, and/or had a copy editor like actual newsrooms do, you’d know that. /rant, but honestly! Front page? In the Headline? And people should think the facts are correct when you don’t even check grammar?

    A double-digit drop? Oh heavens! Well, at least we’re finally anywhere near the 50% drop that is the common, standard, boring correction among very young markets like bitcoin, as illustrated by not just all the 50% drops, but a couple of 80/90% drops as recently as 2014. Again, if CNBC read an article or looked at a chart, they’d know this. Heck, 20% drops aren’t “massive” even in tech, biotech, and mining and those markets are a lot older.

    Apropos to nothing, did you know that Jan 15th was the worst year for cryptos 3 years in a row? Ain’t that funny?

    Hey, you know what else happens Jan 15? Wall Street receives their yearly bonuses. How cool would it be if, when you got your free $500k taken from taxpayer bailouts, that all the prices of the things you want to buy would just happen to be on sale? Say because of basically fake news planted on the AP pressline out of Asia? You know, like Jim Cramer said he used to do. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GOS8QgAQO-k
    –Even if they were the same stories posted 3 months ago. Wouldn’t it be awesome if somehow that would happen? Especially if like Ripple, the day after I buy it goes up 36,000% for the year? And then when it falls 50% after rising 36,000% everybody would be scared? Gosh that would be awesome, but we know there’s no insider trading, influence peddling, or market rigging. If there were, somebody would go to jail, right?

    Beam me up, Scotty.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2018 #38298
    Dr. D

    As you say, the “apex predator”, your Skipper, did not participate in the damage they wrought. Nor did the exact same humans for 100,000 years. Even up to 100 years ago, huge areas, whole continents of humans did not behave this way. Yet this is “our” behavior? “Human” behavior?

    No, if anything, this demonstrates that the present methods are IN-human behavior, not familiar and natural to our species. Which leaves the question, then where did it come from and why has it spread from a tiny outpost of madness to encompassing the globe?

    This is not human behavior. Leave me out of it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2018 #38287
    Dr. D

    Stopping plastic? Yes, great. Now quick: go cut down some trees.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2018 #38286
    Dr. D

    Again, I don’t know what market they’ve been following. Bitcoin corrections are +50%, and there were, what 6 last year? This one is +15%, or not even 50% cumulatively, as it went from $20k to $11.8K. Please just try to be taken seriously. Andrew Griffin, read at least one story, talk to one person and read one chart before you write an article for “Top” “Serious” “World-class” news organization UK Independent. It’s embarrassing.

    Will it drop? Who knows? But while Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon buy up cryptos using subsidiaries, https://news.bitcoin.com/after-the-boss-calls-bitcoin-a-fraud-jp-morgan-buys-the-dip/
    …they miss the point of the article. China and Korea are shutting down centralized exchanges, not bitcoins. Golly, with the money-printers rigging every market on earth
    …why would they think the crypto exchanges might be a weak point for manipulation by big money interests? Why would they close the exchanges for concentration but keep it available like cash in the hands of the people?

    Don’t be silly, just sell sell sell. It’s the end of Bitcoin. Just like the last 99 times.

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