Jun 262022
Debt Rattle June 26 2022

Caravaggio The Denial of St. Peter 1610   • The Fantasy of Fanaticism (Scott Ritter) • US Commander: China’s ‘No-limits’ Support Of Russia Threatens Humanity (JTN) • G7 Face Battle For Unity As Cost Of Ukraine War Mounts (BBC) • Adding $37 Billion to Biden’s Military Budget (CD) • Russia On Brink Of Default As Debt Deadline Looms (BBC) • Germany Fears Russia Could Shut Nord Stream 1 Within Weeks (ZH) • Just 5% Call Abortion Top Concern (WE) •

Jun 252022
Debt Rattle June 25 2022

Arnold Böcklin Mermaids at play 1886   • Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade (ZH) • What Progressives Get Wrong About Overturning Roe (Turley) • Biden Claims Abortion Ruling Makes US ‘Outlier Among Developed Nations’ (Fox) • Putin Suggests Way Out Of Global Economic Crisis (RT) • China Promotes ‘Non-Western Multilateralism’ at BRICS Summit (NI) • US Gov’t Body Plots To Break Up Russia In Name Of ‘Decolonization’ (MP) • Why The West Risks Condemning Ukraine To Slow Strangulation (G.)

Jun 242022
Debt Rattle June 24 2022

Georges Seurat A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 1884   • Frustration Grows In Ukraine, Casualties Spike, Russia Wins Territory (NBC) • EU Leaders To Grant Ukraine Candidate Status In Blow To Putin (G.) • The Third Incarnation of Russia since 1721 (Batiushka) • German Economic Minister Announces Restart of Coal Power Plants (CTH) • The Supreme Court Hands Down Major Gun Rights Victory (Turley) • Liberal Policies Have Killed Black Communities: Clarence Thomas (NYP) •

Jun 232022
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Debt Rattle June 23 2022

Georges Seurat Study for “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” 1884   • Why Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky Won’t Say Ukraine Is Winning the War (NW) • Jay Powell: Not Russia That Created U.S. Inflation, It Is Joe Biden Policy (CTH) • Exile on Main Street: The Sound of the Unipolar World Fading Away (Escobar) • Russia Says West Is Spreading Lies About Causes of World’s Food Crisis (R.) • Letter from Faina Savenkova (Saker) • Covid Vaccines More

Jun 222022
Debt Rattle June 22 2022

James Ensor Baths at Ostend 1890   • Just 11% of Americans Blame Putin for High Energy Prices (BB) • Ruble Rises To Seven-year High, Best Performing Currency In The World (BNE) • Russia Leapfrogs Saudi Arabia As China’s Biggest Oil Supplier (Fortune) • Inflation as a Political Power Play Gone Wrong (Varoufakis) • The Fed’s Austerity Program to Reduce Wages (Michael Hudson) • Biden: We Need More Money for the Second Pandemic (Celente) • Be Warned, A Full-blooded European

Jun 212022
Debt Rattle June 21 2022

Caravaggio Conversion on the way to Damascus 1600-01   • All This and World War Too (Kunstler) • ‘Nothing Will Be As Before’ (Batiushka) • The Triumph of Death (Chris Hedges) • Zelenskyy Officially Bans Ukraine’s Largest Opposition Political Party (CTH) • Russia Demands Lithuania Lift “Openly Hostile” Blockade (ZH) • A Permanent Shortage of Everything (Greenfield) • Orbán Vows To Dismiss Policies That Threaten To Impoverish Hungarians (RMX) • Adverse Effects Of Covid Vaccines & Measures To Prevent Them

Jun 202022
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Debt Rattle June 20 2022

Henri Matisse Notre-Dame, une fin d’après-midi 1902   • Boris Urges World Leaders To Hold Their Nerve For A Long War In Ukraine (DM) • Prepare To Fight Russia In A Third World War – Britain’s Top General (DM) • Lithuania Bans Transit Of Sanctioned Russian Goods To Kaliningrad (RFE) • Russia’s New Rules (Luongo) • St. Petersburg Sets The Stage For The War of Economic Corridors (Escobar) • OSCE: Ukraine Started Shelling Donbas Nine Days Before Russian Attack (KK)

Jun 192022
Debt Rattle June 19 2022

Henri Matisse Still Life with Apples on Pink Cloth 1925   • When The Lies Come Home (Douglas Macgregor) • Biden Tries To Climb Down From Ukraine Ledge (AT) • World War 3 For Dummies (Baltar) • Europe Committing Energy Suicide By Imposing Sanctions On Russia (PressTV) • Ukraine Proposed Viable Peace Plan in April, Then Cut Off Negotiations (LI) • Record Diesel Prices Could Lead To Food Shortages In US, Farmers Warn (NYP) • WHO Chief ‘Believes Covid Did

Jun 182022
Debt Rattle June 18 2022

Paul Ranson Apple tree with red fruit 1902   • Putin Claims New World Order, Blasts The West For ‘Insane’ Sanctions (ABC/AP) • Putin Says Sanctions Cost EU $400BN, Warns Of Severe Fertilizer Shortage (ZH) • Biden Told Secretaries Of Defense And State To Tone It Down (NBC) • Two Awkward Biden Moments Draw Online Scrutiny (JTN) • Macron Bends to Pressure, Now Says Ukraine ‘Must Win’ War With Russia (Celente) • Pro-Ukrainian, but Anti-Nazi (Batiushka) • How Low Can

Jun 172022
Debt Rattle June 17 2022

Albrecht Dürer Praying hands 1508   • Lavrov to Boris Johnson: Just Try to Bring Russia to Its Knees (Celente) • Fauci Admits ‘Not Enough Data’ On Boosters For 5-Year-olds (Fox) • Gazprom Defends Gas Cuts As Prices In Europe Soar (AFP) • German Official Warns Of Gas Shortages, Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes (RMX) s • Tesco Sales Fall Amid ‘Unprecedented Increases In Cost Of Living’ (G.) • US Energy Chief To Discuss Record Pump Prices With Refiners Next Week