Apr 132024
Debt Rattle April 13 2024

Edgar Degas Two laundresses 1876   • Here’s Russia’s Plan For Ukraine For This Summer (Poletaev) • US Has ‘No Viable Plan’ for Ukraine – J.D. Vance (RT) • No ‘Great Counteroffensive,’ Ukraine on Brink of Collapse – Scott Ritter (Sp.) • Zelensky Could End Ukraine’s Viability as Country With Mobilization Law (Sp.) • West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine – Boris Johnson (RT) • Trump Offers Conditions For Ukraine Aid Renewal (RT) • Taxpayers Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots

Apr 122024
Debt Rattle April 12 2024

Edgar Degas The laundress 1873   • The Deep State Prepares for a Trump Victory (Jeffrey Tucker) • Russia, China Sketch the Future as the World Awaits Iran’s Move (Pepe Escobar) • Israel Expects Iran’s Direct Attack Within Next 24 to 48 Hours (Sp.) • Had UN Condemned Israel, There’d Be No Need For Retaliation – Iran (RT) • Brits Should Not Be Part Of The Genocide In Gaza (Jay) • Russia Delivers Major Blow to Ukraine, Destroys Kiev’s Biggest

Apr 112024
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Debt Rattle April 11 2024

Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Triumph of Death c1562   • Biden Considering Australian Request To Drop Assange Charges (BBC) • Iran Strike On Israel ‘Imminent’ (RT) • Jews Who Vote Democrat ‘Should Have Their Head Examined’ – Trump (RT) • Star Wars Coming – Top US General (RT) • Zelensky Reveals New Counteroffensive Plans (RT) • Trump Plan For Ukraine ‘Primitive’ – Zelensky (RT) • US Drones Faring Poorly In Ukraine Conflict – WSJ (RT) • Bodies of American

Apr 102024
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Debt Rattle April 10 2024

Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Fall of the Rebel Angels 1562   • (Hunter) Biden-Linked Burisma Used For Terror Attacks In Russia – Moscow (RT) • Burisma ‘Vehicle To Launder Taxpayer Money’ – Lawyer (RT) • Musk Warns Of Terrorist Threat To US (RT) • No Russian Misinfo On X, But Western Influence Ops Present – Musk (RT) • Musk: Starlink Free for Brazil Schools If Government Cancels Contract (ET) • ‘Automated Murder’: Israel’s ‘AI’ in Gaza (Patrick Lawrence) •

Apr 092024
Debt Rattle April 9 2024

James McNeill Whistler Nocturne in Black and Gold, the Falling Rocket 1875   • America Has a Third World Economy (Paul Craig Roberts) • Lara Trump: RNC Focused Like a Laser on Election Integrity (ET) • Trump Says Abortion Should Be Decided By States, ‘Will Of The People’ (ZH) • Insiders Describe Trump’s Ukraine Plan To Washington Post (RT) • “Plainly Erred”: Judge Reggie Walton Rebuked by DC Circuit in J6 Case (Turley) • Historic ‘Uncommitted’ Vote Will SCREW Biden

Apr 082024
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Debt Rattle April 8 2024

James McNeill Whistler Arrangement in Pink, Red and Purple 1883-4   • Facing Nuclear War (Paul Craig Roberts) • Take up the NATO Man’s Burden. Send Forth The Worst Ye Breed (Hayes) • US Reluctant to Cut Off Israel’s Arms Pipeline (Sp.) • Ex-German Chancellor Calls For Diplomatic Solution To Ukraine Conflict (RT) • Ukraine May Have To Compromise With Russia – Stoltenberg (RT) • Stoltenberg’s Dido Moment Might Put A Halt To West’s Lies (Jay) • Kiev ‘Hostage’ To

Apr 072024
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Debt Rattle April 7 2024

James McNeill Whistler Miss Ethel Philip Reading 1894   • Extremism On The Ballot (Keenan) • America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War (BP) • Liberals Trying to Force Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Retire (ET) • Trump Accuses Biden of Unfairly Targeting 71-Year-Old Jan. 6 ‘Hostage’ (ET) • Fani Willis Accused Of Illegally Recording Lawyer, Till Monday To Recuse (ZH) • US, Allies Understand Ukraine Will Never Join NATO – Journalist (TASS) • Russia and

Apr 062024
Debt Rattle April 6 2024

Juan de la Corte (1597–1660) Lot And His Daughters Escaping From The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah   • The “Order” Based On Made-up Rules Is Descending Into Savagery (Pepe Escobar) • Putin’s Road to Armageddon (Paul Craig Roberts) • US and Germany Against Inviting Ukraine Into NATO – NYT (RT) • NATO Faces ‘Catastrophic Defeat’ In Ukraine – ex-Pentagon Adviser (RT) • Ukraine Plan Of Crocus Attack: Ethnic Pogroms, Civil War In Russia (Helmer) • MSM Reluctantly Admits Elon

Apr 052024
Debt Rattle April 5 2024

Jan van Eyck Crucifixion and Last Judgement 1430   • New York Judge Calls Trump Jan. 6 Case ‘Federal Insurrection Matter’ (ET) • Judge Denies Trump First Amendment Challenge to Georgia Election Charges (ET) • The Trump-Proofing Checklist (Manley) • Ukraine ‘Will Become a Member of NATO’ – Blinken (RT) • NATO Exists To Respond To The Conflicts Caused By Its Own Existence (Sp.) • Enlargement Made NATO Hostage to Agenda Pushed by Eastern Europe (Sp.) • Russia and NATO

Apr 042024
Debt Rattle April 4 2024

Edward Hopper Rooms By The Sea 1951   • Deep State Goes After Trump and Musk’s Financial Assets-Who’s Next? (ET) • Wife of Judge In Trump ‘Hush Money’ Trial Worked for AG Letitia James (ET) • Trump Lawyers Reveal He Kept Classified Documents in Trump Tower (ET) • Jack Smith Urges Federal Judge to Change Course in Trump Case (ET) • In America the Legal Process Is the Punishment (Paul Craig Roberts) • Zelensky Ignored Interview Requests – Tucker Carlson