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    Rene Burri Alexandria Egypt 1962 2016 brought a lot of changes, or rather, brought them to light. In reality, the world has been changing for many yea
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    I’ve changed but I can’t see any positive impact.

    Ken Barrows

    The problem is cultural: Anglo-American, European, Japanese, Chinese. Maybe it’s human but most of the world’s inhabitants haven’t had the opportunity to eat the seed corn, so they should be excused.


    People seem to forget Bernie Sanders. He was a huge surprise to the left. He also raised tons of money with grassroots donations. I think democratic socialist will only grow stronger under Trump as people see a need for safety nets. He may be a bit too old come 2020, but maybe Elizabeth Warren will step up. Trump will push the left into supporting each other as MLK day will show. Maybe the Demo party will realize that Sanders would have made a better showing against Trump, but not too likely.

    The young people who voted for Bernie are now searching for groups and networks that follow his platform. We shall see. I just hope the civil war motif will fade away.


    Trump won promising to protect and improve benefits and returning the American economy to manufacturing job growth. Obamacare would be improved and cost less. Trouble is, he ran for the austerity party and that is what they are implementing. All will, however, get a free TU degree, which should improve their life long earning power. Note: past results are not a guarantee of future performance.


    I tried to determine which party is in power. As near as I can tell, it’s Goldman Sachs. Same as in the Obama administration, W. Bush, Bill Clinton, H.W. Bush, Reagan, you name it. The voting machines hadn’t cooled off before someone from Goldman Sachs was appointed each time. So when you say that president should have done this, or this president is gonna do that, rest assured–They are gonna do their masters’ bidding, just as they have been. All hail Lloyd Blankfein! All hail!


    @ birdshank
    Now I get it …
    Goldman Sachs is the butterflie.

    Joe Clarkson

    Trump and Brexit are necessary, perhaps even long overdue, in order to break the illusion that things could go on as they were.

    Somehow I don’t see promising folks that we can “Make America Great Again” as “breaking the illusion”. Trump caters to the anger engendered by a stagnant economy, but all of his solutions are based on illusion. His entire life is a world of illusion, but it’s one he is determined to live in. How can pulling the wool over his own and other people’s eyes lead the “big wake-up” you seem to think he represents?

    Our economic systems have failed, and they can’t be repaired.

    Absolutely!!! But if so, why are Trump or Brexit good for anything? I fail to see either Trump or Brexit solving the economic stagnation we’re experiencing or the collapse we’ll see soon enough. Judging from your comments, I doubt you do either.

    When bad times start getting worse rapidly, we will need leaders who can defuse tensions and create mechanisms for keeping as many people alive as possible. Trump will only want to blame others for economic collapse rather than squarely face our predicament. If he doesn’t understand reality, how will he deal with it? Because he’s “so smart”?

    Rather than breaking through to face facts, Trump is likely to make things worse as he flounders around, railing against China, Mexico, Muslims or anyone else he can blame for all our unsolvable economic problems. We may have been sleep-walking into collapse under previous administrations, but rather than a healthy “wake-up”, Trump is likely to be America’s worst nightmare.


    I’m with you, Joe!



    If Trump saves us from WW3, I don’t care what mistakes he may yet do. It is clear that his opponents are still trying to start a way – even at this late date – with Russia.

    Why the ominous build-up of American military hardware and soldiers in Germany? Just the next phase of President Obama’s deadly saber-rattling crusade against perceived “Russian aggression.”

    I hope he has an international scientific investigation into MH-17 – and have any Americans involved locked up for good.

    Both journalists were apprehended by authorities upon their return, despite showing a willingness to cooperate. All the collected materials were seized, “but not only of MH17 also we had our laptops, telephones and SD cards in cameras all confiscated by the Dutch police,” Beck told RT.

    These days, whenever members of my family travel by plane, I ensure that they travel with airlines that are part of the cabal – British Airways, Emirates, KLM, QANTAS, Qatar Airways, Virgin – that does not get shot down. South China Airways, Aeroflot, Malaysian are not recommended.

    phil harris

    In Britain the Murdoch press was strongly BREXIT Trouble with ‘right wing’ is the spin when identifying causes of economic dysfunction. In Britain we have had ‘shirkers’ and more recently ‘immigrants’. The image is refugees but the reality here is significant numbers EU workers. And there is no way (I think)cBritain can deport something like 3 millions people.


    Thanks Nassium.

    Matt Colombo

    You rock, Raul! I really enjoy your posts. I will now likely be a more frequent commenter since I’ve figured out how to log in!

    Matt, transitionrewild.blogspot.com

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