Jan 192018
Debt Rattle January 19 2018

Vincent van Gogh Red Vineyards at Arles 1888   • The Most Sustainable Stock Market Bubble Ever (MW) • Global Debt Growing Three Times Faster than Global Wealth (Schiff) • US House Passes Stopgap Funding Bill and Sends It to Senate (BBG) • Conservatives Bring Russia Probe Demand to Shutdown Talks (BBG) • FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation” (ZH) • Hackers Have Walked Off With About 14% of Big Digital Currencies (BBG) • Blockchain Eyed for

Jan 182018
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Debt Rattle January 18 2018

Henry Matisse Bouquet of flowers for July 14 Oct 7 1919   • Japan and Europe Start the Central Bank Reset (BBG) • The Bubble That Could Break the World (Rickards) • South Korea Considers Shutting Down Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchanges (R.) • Trump Reveals Winners Of Controversial ‘Fake News Awards’ (AFP) • Trump Considers Big ‘Fine’ Over China Intellectual Property Theft (R.) • China’s Communists Take More Stakes In Private Companies (BBG) • Apple Expects to Pay $38 Billion Tax

Jan 172018
Debt Rattle January 17 2018

Eugene de Salignac Painters suspended on cables of the Brooklyn Bridge Oct 7 1914   • If Bull Market For Stocks Ends In 2018, Blame The Credit Market Bubble (MW) • Dramatic Stock Market Reversal Signals More Volatility Ahead (CNBC) • Bitcoin, Ethereum Suffer Massive Drops, Many Crypto’s Fare Even Worse (CNBC) • South Koreans Sign Petition To Stop Crackdown On Bitcoin ‘Happy Dream’ (CNBC) • ‘Black Swan’ Event Could Threaten China’s Financial Stability (R.) • US and China Brace

Jan 162018
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Debt Rattle January 16 2018

Jean-Francois Millet The flight into Egypt 1864   • Crytocurrencies Crashing Fast On South Korea Regulation Plans (Ind.) • PBOC Official Says China’s Centralized Cryptocurrency Trade Must End (R.) • China’s Shutdown Of Bitcoin Miners Isn’t Just About Electricity (F.) • China Is Heaping Debt on Its Least Productive Companies (CFR) • Xi Jinping’s Debt Clampdown Has Left a Trail of Dead Projects (BW) • Here’s What Historically Happens to Stocks When Bull Markets End (GoldSilver) • UK’s Carillion Crisis

Jan 152018
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Debt Rattle January 15 2018

Elliott Erwitt Jack Kerouac 1953   • Nearly 40% May Default On Their Student Loans By 2023 (Brookings) • 3 Years After Currency Shock, Swiss Central Bank Can’t Get Back To Normal (R.) • China Vows to Toughen Rules on $38 Trillion Banking Industry • Bitcoin Not Even In Top 10 Of Crypto World’s Best Performers (AFP) • UK’s Carillion Files for Liquidation After Failing to Get Bailout (BBG) • London Housing Woe Endures as Prices Drop to 2 1/2-Year

Jan 142018
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Debt Rattle January 14 2018

Carl Mydans Pearl Harbor 1940   • Hawaii Panics After False Alert Of Incoming Missile (AFP) • Rising Rental Rates Suppress Consumer Demand (Roberts) • The Chinese Are Now Spending As Much As Americans (ZH) • China To Step Up Banking Oversight In ‘Arduous’ Fight On Financial Risks (R.) • EU Set To Target UK’s Overseas Tax Havens (Ind.) • Historic Brexit Vote Could Be Reversed, Admits Nigel Farage (O.) • Globalization Is Stuck In A Trap. What When It

Jan 132018
Debt Rattle January 13 2018

Rembrandt van Rijn The flight into Egypt – a night piece 1651   • The Household Debt Ticking Time Bomb (IRD) • The Stock Market Never Goes Down Anymore (BBG) • Fed Pays Banks $30 Billion on “Excess Reserves” for 2017 (WS) • Fed’s Rosengren Faults Inflation Target, Warns Of Harm (R.) • Goldman Warns Treasury Issuance To More Than Double In 2019 (ZH) • The Company That Runs Britain Is Near To Collapse. Watch And Worry (G.) • Spanish

Jan 122018
Debt Rattle January 12 2018

Do these people ever consider this perhaps helps Trump? The Man’s on Fire!   • Bitcoin Steadies But Set For Worst Weekly Slide Since 2015 (BBG) • Cryptos Surge As South Korea Backs Away From Trading Ban (ZH) • South Korea Is Talking Down The Idea Of A Cryptocurrency Trading Ban (CNBC) • China’s Trade Surplus With The US Hit A Record High In 2017 (CNBC) • China Sets New Records for Gobbling Up the World’s Commodities (BBG) • Household

Jan 112018
Debt Rattle January 11 2018

Gutzon Borglum Repairing the Face of Abraham Lincoln, Mount Rushmore 1962   • Japan Will Trigger ‘The Great Unwind’ – Albert Edwards (MW) • Central Banks Ready To Pop The ‘Everything’ Bubble (Smith) • The $50 Trillion Question for Bonds (BW) • China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of US Treasuries (BBG) • Is Beijing Bluffing On Treasuries? (BBG) • South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges Raided For Tax Evasion (R.) • South Korea Preparing Bill That Will Ban All Cryptocurrency

Jan 102018
Big Brother = You

Giorgione The Tempest 1508   Happy belated new year. Belatedly. Thought I’d sit out a few days, since there wasn’t much news to be expected. And it did pan out that way, other than Trump bogarting the limelight; but then, that isn’t really news either. Anything he says or does triggers the expansive anti-Donald echo chamber into a daily frenzy. And frankly, guys, it’s not just boring, but you’re also continuously providing him with free publicity. At least make him