May 192024
Debt Rattle May 19 2024

Wassily Kandinsky Moscow Red Square 1916   • Zelensky Blasts West For Wanting Conflict To End (RT) • Russia ‘Done’ With Western Europe ‘For At Least A Generation’ – Lavrov (RT) • Zelensky Details Ukraine’s Weapons Demands (RT) • Scott Ritter: Belousov as MoD Signals ‘Revolution’ in Russian Military (Sp.) • Russian Supremacy in High-Tech Warfare of the Future (Miles) • Ukraine Asks US To Help Locate Targets In Russia (RT) • Biden Currently Not Scheduled To Attend Zelensky’s ‘Peace

May 182024
Debt Rattle May 18 2024

René Magritte The therapeutist 1937   • The Biden Re-Election Strategy (Victor Davis Hanson) • “Up to a Third” of Illegal Immigrants Are Registered To Vote (NTB) • Whistling Past the National Train Wreck (Jeffries) • The Demolition of Cohen on Cross Examination (Turley) • An Urgent Matter (Kunstler) • NATO Chief Allies With Gays (RT) • Russia Won’t Accept Any Ultimatums on Ukraine – Putin (Sp.) • Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time (ZH) •

May 172024
Debt Rattle May 17 2024

Leonard Misonne Waterloo Place, London 1899   • Why Trials Like Trump’s Must Be Televised (Alan M. Dershowitz) • Trump Lawyer “Dog Walks” Michael Cohen Through Lie After Lie (ZH) • Trump Believes a ‘Great Silent Majority’ Will Vote for Him in November (ET) • Joe Biden Invokes Executive Privilege Over Special Counsel Recordings (ZH) • Freezing the Arms Shipment to Israel Not an Impeachable Offense (Turley) • Martin Armstrong: ‘West Governments Need War’ (SF) • Zelensky Blames ‘Whole World’

May 162024
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Debt Rattle May 16 2024

Wassily Kandinsky Free Curve to the Point – Accompanying Sound of Geometric Curves 1925   • Robert Fico’s Life No Longer in Danger – Deputy Prime Minister (Sp.) • Slovak PM Robert Fico: Noted Critic of Western Approach To Ukraine Conflict (RT) • RFK Jr. Cries ‘Collusion’ After Biden And Trump Ditch Him For Debate (ZH) • Did Michael Cohen Commit Perjury in the Trump Trial? (Turley) • Clint Eastwood: Justice Prevailing over Authority (Paul Craig Roberts) • Blinken Tells

May 152024
Debt Rattle May 15 2024

Vittorio Matteo Corcos Conversation in the Jardin du Luxembourg 1892   • A Reckoning of Biblical Proportions (Turley) • “Trump Is Innocent”: Mike Johnson Speech Outside Trump Trial In Manhattan (ZH) • Putin Needs to Shake-Up Himself (Paul Craig Roberts) • Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito Warn About State of America (ET) • US Lags Behind Russia In Electronic Warfare – Ex-Pentagon Official (RT) • Western Elites Want To Prosper At The Expense Of Others – Putin (RT) •

May 142024
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Debt Rattle May 14 2024

Vittorio Matteo Corcos Sogni 1896   • Scott Ritter: The Russians Advance and Ukrainians Can’t Stop Them (Sp.) • One of Russia’s Top Economists is Being Appointed as Minister of Defense (Sp.) • Belousov May Create Problems for Russia’s Adversaries as Defense Minister (Sp.) • Biden Is ‘Surrounded By Fascists’ In Oval Office – Trump (RT) • Biden ‘Doing It All Wrong’ – Ex-Clinton Adviser (RT) • ‘Unusually Aggressive’ Anti-Trump Grand Jury Went Rogue With Indictments (ZH) • “I See

May 132024
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Debt Rattle May 13 2024

Henri Matisse Odalisque couchée aux magnolias 1923   • German MPs Suggest NATO Impose No-Fly Zone Over Western Ukraine (RT) • David Cameron: NATO Won’t Shoot Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine (Sp.) • Ukraine’s Air Defense From NATO Territory? German MPs Give the Green Light (Sp.) • Putin Removes Shoigu As Russian Defense Minister (RT) • Putin Proposes Belousov As Shoigu’s Replacement: About Cabinet Reshuffle (TASS) • Kremlin Explains Decision To Change Defense Minister (RT) • Russia’s Top Security Official

May 122024
Debt Rattle May 12 2024

Pablo Picasso Le repos 1932 This painting has a story. It’s very funny.   • 2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT) • James Carville Rages at Trump’s Success (MN) • Bill Maher Upends Stormy Daniels’ Testimony With 2018 Footage (ZH) • Nuland Explains Why US Never Pushed Ukraine Into Talks With Russia (RT) • Ukrainian Government Warns Citizens Of Possible Full Mobilization (RT) • Trump Sees Biden Willing To Stop All Aid

May 112024
Debt Rattle May 11 2024

Vincent van Gogh Daubigny’s garden 1890   • Scott Ritter Predicts How Ukraine Will End (Sp.) • Biden Weaponizing FBI and DOJ Against Americans – Tara Reade (RT) • Missouri AG Accuses Biden DOJ Of Coordinating With Trump Prosecutors (ZH) • Boxing Promoter Don King Endorses Trump for President (ET) • Hillary Clinton Denounces Trump for Doing What She Did in 2016 (Turley) • Ukraine A ‘Corrupt S**Thole’ – Ex-Boris Johnson Adviser (RT) • Tucker Carlson Interviews Catherine Englebrecht About

May 102024
Debt Rattle May 10 2024

Carl Spitzweg The raven 1845   • Jack Smith Has Few Options in Trump Case, Say Former Prosecutors (ET) • Trump Announces ‘Major Motion’ Filed in New York Appeals Court (ET) • Democrats Attack Judge for Delaying Trump Florida Trial (Turley) • Putin Doesn’t Bluff (Jim Rickards) • US Defenseless Against Russian Hypersonic Missiles, Iranian Drones – DoD (Sp.) • Boeing’s Setbacks Show Why US Industries Lose Competitive Edge (Sp.) • Aging US Fleet and Drained Stockpiles No Match for