Aug 012021
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Debt Rattle August 1 2021

Ivan Aivazovsky Lac Maggiore 1892   • Two Weeks (Denninger) • Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Individuals Have Similar Viral Loads (Medrxiv) • US Reports Almost 200,000 New Covid Cases In Worst Spike Since January (F.) • Why Are Globalists, Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? (AM) • Twitter Suspends Berenson For Postsing Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test (Turley) • Vaccine Mandates May Be Coming – But Will They Be Legal? (Turley) • French Protests Grow Against Extended Health Pass Scheme

Jul 312021
Debt Rattle July 31 2021

Vincent van Gogh Weeping woman 1883   • UK Gov’t Panel: Covid Mutation With 35% Death Rate ‘Realistic Possibility’ (RT) • CDC Releases Study Showing 3/4 Delta Cases Are Among The Vaccinated (RT) • White House Covid-19 Spokesman Yells At Media For Quoting CDC Documents (RT) • Fauci *ADMITS* I Was Right In Spring of 2020 (Denninger) • Had Covid? You’ll Probably Make Antibodies For A Lifetime (Nature) • Recovered COVID-19 Patients Possess Robust Immunity To Virus (Fed.) • DeSantis:

Jul 302021
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Debt Rattle July 30 2021

Paul Gauguin Van Gogh painting sunflowers 1888   • CDC: Delta Variant Spreads As Easily As Chickenpox, Causes More Severe Infection (CNN) • CDC Expected To Announce Friday That Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant (CTH) • Health Officials Less Confident About Covid Vaccine Due To Delta Variant (JTN) • Gottlieb: Delta Surge May Be Reversing In Hot Spots (ZH) • Antibody Evolution after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination (bioRxiv) • Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug? (WSJ) •

Jul 292021
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Debt Rattle July 29 2021

Paul Gauguin The Vision after the Sermon (Jacob wrestling with the Angel) 1888   • The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous – Malone (WR) • USA Today Scrubs Passage Suggesting Vaccinated May Spread More Virus (Becker) • California COVID Cases Rising In Most Heavily Vaccinated Counties (ZH) • Ruin Them (Denninger) • Pfizer Suggests Third Dose Of Vaccine ‘Strongly’ Boosts Protection (CNN) • Latest Data Show Efficacy Of Pfizer Vaccine Falls To 84% After 6 Months (ZH)

Jul 282021
Debt Rattle July 28 2021

Blu Mural Rome, 2015 (click for more)   • CDC Warns Covid-19 May Be A Few Mutations Away From Evading Vaccines (NYP) • Higher COVID Rate Found In Some Counties With Higher Vaccination Rate (CBS) • Booster Vaccines Could Be Offered As Soon As September (NT) • “Zero COVID” Experts Put Grandkids At Risk (ZH) • Unvaccinated Diners Only: California Restaurant (RT) • America, A Nation Which Once Championed Free Speech (Sinclair) • The Price of Conscience – Daniel Hale

Jul 272021
A Tale of Two Narratives

Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945     This is a double list from longtime Automatic Earth regular commenter TAE Summary , posted in yesterday’s Debt Rattle thread. It’s too useful, and nice, and well-done, to leave it there, it should -and deserves to- be seen by more people. Who will all recognize something here, but not all the same. Good! Now we’re talking!     TAE Summary:   The Mainstream Narrative – It is not known where

Jul 272021
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Debt Rattle July 27 2021

Roy Lichtenstein Woman in Bath 1963   • Spike Protein Is Still Circulating 5 Months From Vaccination (VT) • Early Vaccinees Are Twice As Likely To Catch Covid As Later Recipients (ToI) • New Mandate That MUST Be Enforced NOW (Denninger) • About The French Guyana Paper From The CDC (IM Doc) • A Last Word of Caution (VanDen Bossche) • Journalists: Covid-19 News ‘Censored’ To Create ‘One Official Narrative’ (PG) • Here We Go Again (Berenson) • Most Covid

Jul 262021
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Debt Rattle July 26 2021

Henri Matisse Reading woman in violet dress 1898   • CDC Withdraws PCR Tests: “They Can’t Tell SARS-CoV-2 from Influenza” (GN) • Bill Gates Primary Funder Of MHRA, Owns Major Shares In Pfizer & BioNTech (DE) • Little Known Osteopath In The Spotlight As An Anti-vaxx Superspreader (NYT) • CDC ‘Actively’ Considering Face Cover Advisory For Vaccinated: Fauci (RT) • The Other Side of the COVID Vaccination Argument (CTH) • 159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases (NBC)

Jul 252021
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Debt Rattle July 25 2021

Claude Monet Water lilies 1904   • Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing • Adverse Reactions To The Covid-19 Vaccines Suffered By Infants (DE) • CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day (SN) • Who Watches The Watchmen? – Fauci’s ‘Noble Lie,’ Exposed (Rixey) • Big Protests Mark Global Anger At Covid Restrictions (F24) • Sydney Police Fine 100s Of Protesters For ‘Filthy, Risky Behaviour’ (G.) • Australian Leaders Blast Protesters, ‘Strike Force’ To

Jul 242021
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Rage Against the Vaccine

Vincent van Gogh Pollard Willows and Setting Sun 1888     I have the feeling that the story about Covid and the vaccines is about to change dramatically, but that it will take some time for us to realize it, because so much on the topic is not reported. The change will have to be undeniable before it is acknowledged. That is, we will be moving from “the vaccines will save you” to “the vaccines may kill you”. And I