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This brand new 3-hour long video sets the stage for a broad limits to growth scenario, including finance, energy and resource limits, then guides people through a decision tree of choices they need to make at family and community scales.

There’s a lot of emphasis on what kind of environment one might want to live in – urban, rural, suburban, small town and ecovillage – and the advantages and disadvantages of each option, along with the contextual factors to consider.

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What some of our friends say about The Automatic Earth, Nicole and A World of Change:

For years, The Automatic Earth has presented the most consistently intelligent, wide-ranging, and intellectually rigorous view of the overall ongoing financial fiasco in the written blog format.
James Howard Kunstler : Author of Too Much Magic, The Long Emergency and other books

Nicole Foss is one of the prescient few who anticipated today’s never-ending economic crisis. She brings a scientist’s perspective to this economic topic, and unlike many other commentators on this topic – including me – she seamlessly blends her economic commentary with a focus on the two other great challenges humanity faces, Peak Oil and Global Warming. For a holistic view on a species in a whole lot of trouble, you can’t go past Nicole Foss and The Automatic Earth.
Professor Steve Keen : Author of Debunking Economics

Nicole is one of the most original thinkers in the financial/cultural world today. Her YouTube videos are classics. I’ve been repeating her “shrinking trust horizon” thesis to all who will listen.
John Rubino :

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