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    This could be fun…

    Veracious Poet

    There are many ways to fail (50 ways to lose your shirt at farming?): selection of land, selection of crop/niche, finding markets/marketing, knowledge of techniques for crop-raising, capacity for work… This was a bit of a revelation for me – all challenges are not necessarily caused by big bad external stuff- sometimes we visit them in ourselves thru our own errors or omissions.

    No worries, an apparatchik or bureaucrat will be along shortly to explain it was someone else’s fault & if you believe hard enough they’ll make it all better…


    @ boscohorowitz

    Two thing that might improve you plans
    1. Remember how easy Vancouver got isolated from the rest of Canada
    2. Remember how Hillary got deceived by the MSM . Say one thing to MSM and do the opposite in the voting booth.


    Dying WITH Omicron is not the same as dying FROM Omicron, and being in hospital with it says nothing either, if you don’t know a patient’s age, history, comorbidities etc.

    All very true, but where does the with/from distinction leave us? It’s a tricky question. What happens when a person’s death is caused by a combination of things? Suppose a person has diabetes, Covid, and hypertension and all of these are working together to make someone sick enough to die — but the person would have gone on living with two of those three conditions. How do you count that death? Do you just pick one of the three? Do you say “cause unknown”? Do you list all three contributing causes? If you do that, how should the statistic be counted? As 1 Covid death? 0 Covid deaths? Or 1/3 of a Covid death? Or do you just leave it up to the doctor’s judgment?

    I am not sure what the answer ought to be.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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