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    Rembrandt van Rijn The Three Crosses 1653   John Rubino recently posted a graph from Bob Prechter’s Elliot Wave that points to some ominous signs
    [See the full post at: America is in Terminal Decline]


    Any thoughts or plans at this point (now that the pre-TSHTF, preparation-period window is closing) on shifting the focus of this site to some form of positive action–or at least direction/suggestion for action, Ilargi? Maybe some targeted revisiting of the Primer piece(s)?

    V. Arnold

    If one can clearly understand the problem/s and views the present accurately; then solutions should be obvious.
    IMO, very few have the mental dexterity to act in meaningful ways…
    I think Ilargi has done a spendid job of covering a wide range of today’s myriad problems. Certainly enough to have some idea of how to act.


    What will the 0.01% do when they are the only survivors?
    They cannot do any of the survival tasks that they really on to survive.

    Then …..
    The earth will heal itself and only those willing to live and let live will prosper.


    The terminal decline is also caused by a lack of honesty. Lying to the public about pretty well everything guarantees an expedited trip to the bottom.

    Here is an example:

    Revelations of a High-Profile Qatari Official Reveal a Wider anti-Syria Conspiracy

    This guy is one of the richest people in the world. He was prime minister of Qatar – an ostensible ally of the USA – and is obviously saying what the Qatari government wants him to make known. His older brother is the ruler.

    He is saying that ISIS, al-Qaeda and all the other terrorists in Syria were created, trained, equipped and paid for by the USA and its allies – including Qatar. This is not some journalist based in Jakarta writing an opinion piece. Of course, everyone in that region has known that was the case a long time ago – but not the Financial Times, NYT, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, BBC etc.

    I did a Google News search for this man and there was not a single publication repeating the incandescent contents of this interview. Not one. The most recent article that mentioned him was all about the vast property investments that he makes.

    Qatari royal HBJ bought the mortgage on the Plaza Hotel
    Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber al-Thani is also the main equity behind 1 Wall Street, 432 Park retail

    The lying is directed solely at those living in the West – including Australia, Japan etc. No serious attempt is made to fool people elsewhere.

    V. Arnold

    This from ZH is hugely important to understand;
    It delineates the difference between capital consumption and consumer consumption; most important to understand each, and how it applies to us.

    Dr. D

    I was just looking at that excellent article myself.

    How will they survive? In their bunkers or in mountain chalets. They’ve never paid yet in a world war, why worry now? Who will provide for them? Why do you think they put 40 years and trillions of dollars into automation and a robot army? Even food production, picking strawberries, all humanless, all sci-fi. This is why at the last hurdle here, they have billions a year to unemploy drivers, billions for A.I. Stephen Hawking says will kill everyone, billions of subsidies and oversights to bankrupt retail using Amazon, and nothing for 99% of citizens. And the two pillars to insure this automation will happen and ruin humankind are 1) an artificially high labor rate via unproductive insurance and regulation, (Obamacare and the 30h week anyone?) and 2) an artificially low interest rate that makes purchasing human-replacing equipment literally free. This language speaks to 100% of companies, bankrupting anyone who dares continue to employ humans. In the meantime, until we get rid of 4B pesky humans — as advertised regularly, e.g. by Deagal — we give them UBI that requires them to be obedient on pain of bankruptcy and certain starvation. It’s not like they’re hiding it: you can read their white papers on what and how all day long, or the pop versions in “Wired” or articles on the latest from Boston Dynamics. Apparently people love it. They’re happy to support it and participate.

    So not to worry: they’ve got it all worked out. …Unless you’re a human, that is. In that case their plan is not so good.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    And your point is?
    I could’nt weave my way through your comment; a salad of many ingredients…

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    Your posts are usually good, so, I re-read your above and was able to stay with it; point taken.
    Sorry for the brain fart…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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