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    Nicolas de Staël Mer du nord 1954   Punxsutawney Phil Hammond, the UK chancellor, presented his Budget yesterday and declared five more years of
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    V. Arnold

    Ilargi; I’m now pretty sure the only solution is blood in the streets; open revolution; across the western world; most especially the U.S..
    And for the first time; it won’t be enough.
    We, the collective, have cowd too long in our various corners; and the ruling elite have won.
    We have entered the period of the slave; a revisiting of a brutal past which we have forgotten; and will have to live again in the darkness of this time.
    I only see this for the west; not the enlightened east; they have not forgotten history, becaused they lived it; sufferd it; and died for it.
    Unlike the west who have only vicariously visited it at their leisure.


    Austerity has failed the British people and the British economy.
    Therefore, print and print some more,

    War production has saved many countries.
    Therefore, have more wars.

    Building ghost cities has worked.
    Therefore, dig more holes and build more piles of resources.

    Capitalism has worked.
    Therefore, arrest the rich and keep them in a luxury prison until they sign over their wealth to the gov.



    Of course,,,no more austerity, more profligacy,,,,everyone loves profligacy!

    Ken Barrows

    Capitalism has worked in converting natural resources to waste as quickly as possible. It raised material living standards for most at one time but now it does not. Without perpetual stimulus, we all face austerity.


    This brings to mind my new favorite word: Kakistocracy. Coined by British author Thomas Peacock in 1829 but ascending to new heights of terrifying relevance in our present ‘interesting times’. It denotes a system of government ruled by the least competent and most corrupt.


    Macron is just a Rothschild stooge. He invited Hariri to Paris and after wanderings worthy of Dionysus ended back in Lebanon – but his kids are still hostages in Riyadh.

    The ones held in “Hotel California” are getting regular beatings by American mercenaries. The whole thing is a joint effort – Israel, USA and MBS. The Western fake MSM is busy portraying MBS as a “reformer” sorting out “corruption.” Most important of all, he is planning to let women drive cars.

    The MBS – Blackwater marriage of convenience

    V. Arnold


    Kakistocracy: What a fantastic find; thanks.
    It’ll be my new go to word…

    Dr. D

    If only there were some way to track that centa-millions in campaign funds. We should pass a law demanding banks keep “books” of names money going in and out. We should pass a law on this “campaign finance” thing, and have it all tracked, so the voters know where the money comes from and protect democracy from being undermined by bribery and undue influence.

    Then we could have the government enforce these honest and open rules on…themselves?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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