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    Detroit Publishing Co. Nightfall on the Ohio River at Cincinnati 1910 US President Barack Obama begins a three-day visit to Japan on Wednesday. As for
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    steve from virginia

    Enough with the David Stockman and Zero Hedge, already.

    Stockman is a crank who gets the history and the economics wrong, everything out of his mouth is creepy, self-serving, self-justifying drivel; his articles are like something written by Albert Speer.

    Zero Hedge rants are also self-serving, stupid and flat out wrong. it’s bad enough to continually see Russia Today propaganda over here; Keiser is at least entertaining.

    Thank you.

    John Day

    Hi Ilargi and Stoneleigh,

    I’m personally fine with Stockman, Zero Hedge, Keiser, Yves Smith, Simon Black, Charles Hugh Smith, and a host of others.
    I sure do appreciate the vast screening which you must do to present so many good articles and essays.


    steve from virginia – then who do you think best represents what has happened? Post a link or two of articles you like (as long as it’s not Krugman).

    I think Stockman is another voice pulling back the curtain on the fraud and lies we are being told. He may not be correct on everything (who is?), but I sure wish we had more people like him speaking up. We are not getting the truth from the media.

    Post a link to an article you really admire. Ilargi and Nicole, I think you’re doing a superb job!


    For me the surprise from Japan is the complete buffoonary being displayed in the reaction to the Fukushima accident. My impression of the Japanese prowess in science and technology was set in the late 80s when the country seemed unstoppable. I was absolutely sure that by this time a new breed of industrial robots would have completely contained the multitude of problems and would now be scouring every square inch of soil collecting all remaining contaminated. Boy did I miss that call.
    I guess 25 years of depression can really take a toll on a nations phyche. There are just too many issues going on in Japan to hope for a soft outcome. A significant cultural revolution now seem inevitable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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