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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Triumph of Death c1562   • Biden Considering Australian Request To Drop Assange Charges (BBC) • Iran Strike On Israe
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    Russian and Chinese space weapons “hold at risk our modern way of life and how we defend this nation, and we must be able to deter and counter these threats when called upon to achieve space superiority,” the general said.

    Your modern way of life is genocide in Gaza and global domination; God speed to the Russians and Chinese, someone has to beat Satan at his own game.


    Most Americans have common sense, the thing we lack is courage.

    Ouch, I hope Vivek didn’t say that on TAE otherwise all hell would break loose.


    How Trump could beat the deep state

    Trump is not for America, he is for Trump and his oligarch friends and he has no intention of changing much, he will do the same as he did last time. His game is to draw the fire of the Democrats – thereby boosting his exposure and ego – while promoting the worst possible people into positions of power. His administration will probably be as bad as Biden’s.

    Without the will – he has the ability, he just won’t use it – to promote people with talent, without the loyalty to defend his Mike Flynns (dumping Flynn was always the plan), he is a rich narcissist playing an ego game. He has no plans to save America, his policies are ridiculous and unreal, he offers nothing apart from cheering the flag; his reward from the owners is to water his own ego while being the disrupter. He loves these court cases, always in the news, always claiming he is being persecuted. It is a complete farce, an act, and he has volunteered to play the leading role. If you expect Trump to make any difference at all, then you are in for disappointment. Trump was a shock for most people because before his POTUS bid, most thought of him as a slimy narcissist. That is why he was chosen for the job.

    The USA is self destructing, the system is rotten and consists of millions of actors, one POTUS does not stand a chance against a dying system, there is nothing he could do even if he was genuine, the same applies to the other candidates. All they can do is work with the forces of destruction and hope they come out with more than the plebs. That will be up to their owners, the people who ordered the destruction of the USA.


    United States median income 2023 – $74,580.00

    “Every second, American taxpayers send $80,000 to Ukraine”

    don’t worry the same cadre of visionaries will make you safe with a super duper space based weapons system. Pretty sure the space is between the ears of these imagineers, truly the final frontier.


    spoke to a retired 23 year veteran, as a forensic photographer, of the Los Angeles police department yesterday.
    My question to the gentelman: “Who’s the biggest crook in America?”
    Veteran policeman: “Donald Trump”
    Next question: “Where do you get your news?”
    Veteran policeman: “Mostly from MSNBC”
    : “If you wanted to verify a story from MSNBC where would you look for information?”
    Veteran policeman: “probably the New York Times”

    won’t even write down the word salad offered on the second amemdment, however”

    Veteran policeman: “I’m thinking about getting a gun for protection.”
    : “are you prepared to kill someone to protect something?”
    Veteran policeman: “No not at all.”
    : “Don’t get a gun.”
    Veteran policeman: “Why?”
    : “if you don’t understand the purpose of a firearm and are not prepared to use it, you are safer without one.”
    Veteran policeman: “I just want one for protection.”

    he had a nice dog who could run really fast and was having a good time at the dog park

    Dr. D

    “Germany was once a safe nation. Violent crime has reached a 15-year high, with homicides, knife assaults, and rapes drastically increasing. Crime rose by 5.5% last year alone, with 6.6 million incidences reported. Other nations like the UK, US, Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, and everywhere else” –Armstrong

    What can it be? I think Global Warming.

    “Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson reemerges from the shadows whenever he hears word that a war may be winding down. Johnson made an emergency trip to Ukraine when Zelensky was considering a peace deal with Russia, urging him to continue the endless war. According to Johnson, Russia was a threat to world peace, and Ukraine had the responsibility to fight a war of good vs. evil. Now, Johnson has reemerged from hiding to issue the same warning about issuing a ceasefire in Palestine.” Armstrong

    He and so many hundred others. So why do we listen to them. If he were in an asylum, we’d ignore him. I’m sorry he’s not committed yet, but…same thing.

    “Alex Jones To Sue CIA After Undercover Report Claims Agency “Went After Him Hardcore”

    This sounds like the obvious bad, but it’s a bit different: THE CIA CANNOT WORK DOMESTICALLY. So…what legal mandate and premise did they think they were operating under? That they have the right to suppress all free speech? Oh do tell…

    “We’ve gone from 6 to 2 [Rate] cuts.” in one day.

    Gosh and golly, who could knewd? Said for 18 months in a row. Powell pivot! Alright WHO said Powell pivot? Can we discredit them now? Nope. Goldfish!

    Meanwhile: “[Yellen] warned against any actions of Beijing to bolster Russia’s military capacity by supplying ammunition or weaponry amid Moscow’s ongoing war in Ukraine…”

    Um, I think you went there as the TREASURY secretary? And we’re adding $1T/quarter and rising, like we have to re-finance half our debt or $20T every year or something, maybe think of that? Okay, so…two things: 1) Don’t do that if you want China to buy bonds. 2) I bet China didn’t buy bonds and that’s why she did that. 3) That means she’s really threatening default, which is the whole purpose of the “War” with China, which we will neither win, place, or show, totally lose before it even starts, the UN Navy has no ships, our ICBMs probably don’t fly and have a “Ejection Event” like UK did, so the only POSSIBLE reason to PRETEND to have a war, a war China won’t even notice, is to DEFAULT on out bonds.

    Oh, I’m sure that’ll hurt them much more than us — NOT!


    Again, hahaha? No: LEGAL basis. For several actions later, including a cause for an act of open war. But at a minimum UN, International Courts, and confiscation/extradition of the criminals. Alexanders point out that Russia doesn’t “Bluff”. They don’t “Signal”. Not in the sense that we do, and this is why we can’t understand them: they tell the TRUTH, and move forward. Now is this the WHOLE truth? Absolutely not. Do they emphasize/deemphasize things like to keep your eye off the ball on the front lines, etc? Sure. But what Rus MinDef releases is TRUE. That’s how they get CREDIBILITY, which is a critical military asset.

    So Russia isn’t “Signaling” to make “PR” about mud-slinging on the US/NATO. Or Biden. They don’t care about him, they don’t care about us. They have a legal case, with legal facts, and are moving forward because of internal decisions that lead to legal ends. I know we haven’t seen this in lifetime, but it’s actually possible to behave this way.

    He adds, in the Soviet days, they had men who read the tea leaves – famous stories, examining WHO was closer to who at a dinner party, if some official got a new car meant they were favorite. It was called “Kremlinology”. Fun! However, we now have the open records of what actually happened. And what actually happened is the same as what Russian papers and press releases said. There was no double-blinds, no 4D master plan. So basically 100% of all “Kremlinology” was dead-wrong time-wasting bulls—t that was mere PROJECTION of our psychology on them. Seeing shadows. Punching illusions. Which is how we like it best of course, in any dreadful midwit middle manager meeting, you’ll of course get the best sales and agreement off the illusion “everyone knows” and are projecting from their own Jungean shadow self. And THEN don’t cross-confirm anything, which at least we used to. O. M. G. …And adding, we now READ all that – public record – and make the SAME mistake. It’s like playing chess, then when the game is over, reviewing the moves and process, then playing the same game and losing again with the same moves. Like…??? How can I help when you’re like this?

    “he says there are multiple Epstein Islands run by intelligence agencies”

    That’s cray-cray, he says as a private operator like P Diddy is exposed, who may have FBI protection (compliance), AFTER both Nexium and Epstien came out. “Air is a conspiracy theory.” “The sun is a conspiracy theory”. That people have sex and compromise themselves is a conspiracy theory.

    Alex Jones: Weird life. He chose to get protection and go after the Bad Guys years ago. It’s been back and forth of course, and his positioning, originally they let him exist as “Goldberg”, a discredited honey trap to monitor any resistance, but as it worked instead, then targeted. And still mostly protected, by someone, somewhere. Here he’s on a counter-attack. Pretty good for guy from Georgia.

    But regardless of where people stand, this thing cannot just go on and on and on indefinitely.”

    Time exists. That ALREADY happened. And then happened. And then happened several more years. Probably kids are in collage who were born when Assange was asylumed. And no it won’t go on indefinitely, just like Gaza: when everyone involved is dead, it will be over. Thanks, BBC. This is the clever understated spin we’ve come to expect. How about this, UK: HE’s NOT a U.S. citizen. He CANNOT be tried as such. You are free to go, sir.

    But this is MI6 Derp: THEY blame us, WE blame them, world goes ’round and no one notices. Don’t care: you’re free to go until this is resloved. Oh but you think the US can’t extradite him from Aus, Thailand, anywhere he is? Of course we could. THat’s why the TRIAL IS THE LIFE SENTENCE. So we never have to prove anything. Everyone applauds and wrings their hands.

    “How Bibi draws the west into the war…
    • Iran Strike On Israel ‘Imminent’ (RT)

    Interviews pointed out several things, I think from Garland Nixon, who I highly respect each time. IRAN IS WINNING. They don’t need to DO anything. HAMAS IS WINNING. They don’t NEED to find those prisoners. Israel RETREATED. I know pearl-clutchers will say, “But all the deaths, etc” THOSE PEOPLE WERE DEAD ANYWAY. Under the illegal occupation. And I bet you could go down to Raffah and ask them, even the mothers. They’re not living in the fantasy land of what it takes: WE are. And that you will allow 6M Algerians to be killed for independence, or 90% of all Gazans dead to end this, only demonstrates the Human penchant for freedom and self-determination. That we literally cannot live without it, and the Overlords can’t understand that, confused anew each time. As they are Mindless Minion Midwits.

    But the point is, WHY would Iran react? Why would you react at all? You’re on the battlefield, your troops are winning, cleaning up, and you…. Throw in a couple battalions on a lark? To see what might happen? Lord no! You just TAKE THE WIN. Yes, Iran will have to respond, and because Israel is dead but may not keel over for 5 years yet. Why hit “Israel” at all? They hit the Red Sea, for instance, is that Israel? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to hit Israel in their illegal occupation of the Golan Heights or something? What can they say? “Don’t hit us where we’re illegal, stop enforcing the law”?

    If you can pick the TIME, place, method, at your leisure, you probably can’t lose. That’s Iran’s position and they’re smart enough to know it. That means they don’t have to trust the U.S. who said they wouldn’t respond, but the U.S. lies about everything, every time, even when there’s no sensible reason for it. They would love to say that, then like Kuwait, double cross after greenlighting Saddam’s attack of their cross-border drilling with a full scale war. Why? Hit Israel somewhere else. Right now they’re wasting resources WAITING for the hit. That’s way funnier.

    • Jews Who Vote Democrat ‘Should Have Their Head Examined’ – Trump (RT)

    Pretty amazing to alienate BOTH the Jews AND the Muslims at the same time. But it’s all an accident. A coincidence.

    “• Star Wars Coming – Top US General (RT)

    That means they already have it. And we know because that was invented in 1960? With Star Trek “Phasers”? And you’re saying we’ve neither improved, NOR put any test units in action since then with $40Trillion dollars missing? Okay, so Russia doesn’t “Shock and Awe” because…we have UFO’s and Space-Laser weapons that can erase all Russian tanks on the rail cars in Archangel? Do YOU want to find out if we have them or not? Or just win like this? Let it collapse on its own? They have General Winter, how about that Chinese General, General Time.

    Like telling the Truth, this is the other thing the West can’t understand: to not be Impatient. And always have to march around DO-ing everything, ordering everybody, moving and changing everything. Sit Down. Sit the F down, and shut up, for just two seconds,I can’t take it.

    Well, I guess Russia will just paint their tanks blue.

    ““’s not about the number of people. It’s about the quality of the weapons.”

    Excellent! …We don’t have any of those either.

    “including direct weapons supplies and military technology for domestic arms production.”


    “ He expects Western weapons to be so superior to Russian ones that Ukraine’s inferior troop numbers will be irrelevant.”

    And again, we have wars to end the anti-reality psychosis of … violent psychopaths. Us.

    “tens of thousands of dollars more per piece than their Chinese competitors, the WSJ noted. US producers aiming to sell their UAVs to the Pentagon must meet its regulations,”

    These are not problems. These are made-up problems. Like everything here. What’s a “Made up problem”? It’s when pinheaded Middle Managers make up a rule “Just ‘cause” that has no relation to reality, then use other pinheaded middle managers to enforce it.
    Busy-busy beavers, they “Just make it up” all day long, to have something to do. Mark their territory. Instead of NOT doing, and by not doing get things done and have “profits” for example. Their call-center people take calls instead of training all the time.

    But any middle manager (MD Tunnels) will DIE and take his whole organization with, starting with killing every worker, rather than let another middle manager (FSKey “Bridges”) move his cheese and change made-up, pointless, outdated, costly, middle manager rulz.

    This is everywhere. It isn’t even in their 360 degree THOUGHT horizon to THINK about otherwise. Never since birth has the concept of “getting things done” been broached. It’s new, alien, facehugger concept to them, horrible, dangerous, leaping out of nowhere. And so the drones, F35s, etc. Nixon says the F35 is the world’s most perfect jet….at making profits. It does everything every decision maker asked it to do. …Except fly, because that wasn’t even on the bottom of the 5th page. Sadly, we probably don’t have enough people who do things any other way to make a difference. Yes, there are SOME, but even the lower classes have never done anything effectively, intelligently toward a goal, since that has been ruthlessly penalized for 50 years. Like Machinists, there’s just no one does that anymore.

    “told there could be another request for $100 billion? I’m just trying to understand the totality of the request to the American people for this war,”

    That’s a very straightforward, unemotional, appropriate question for his job-description of Oversight. That’s why Austin can’t answer it: it’s not a lie and it makes sense.

    “Such attacks must stop,” the EU’s top diplomat wrote on X”

    Note we’re at a point where you have to SAY these things. “Don’t irradiate the planet”. In public. And the “public” still ignores it as if it isn’t real. Both Public AND government deciders. Yup.

    “• DOJ Uncovers ‘Inconsistencies’ in Fani Willis’s Use of Federal Grant Funds (FB)

    BIDEN’s DoJ. Before an election. While she’s ALSO arresting Trump. Suuuuuuure. There’s no two sides, no scam, no eyewash going on. It’s not White Hats popping up from time to time. So…White Hats pop up in DoJ. And then Garland doesn’t shut them down? And fire everybody, and/or arrest them for breathing?

    NPR, Uri Berliner. “Ich bin ein Berliner”

    Yes. Problem is I CAN’T GET THEM TO NOTICE. As elsewhere, the argument is “Our reporting standards seem to be declining.” “Shut up you racist Putin puppet!!” As with AI, if it’s IMMUNE to all reason and logic, then…what then…? Contradictions aren’t…seen? But at a least aren’t addressed, responded to, as if they never occurred.

    “What’s worse is to pretend it never happened, to move on with no mea culpas, no self-reflection…” None. Even now after 50 more, each dumber than the last.

    “Like many unfortunate things, the rise of advocacy took off with Donald Trump. “

    Totally false, NPR has always been a far-left advocacy PAC. They haven’t told the truth in decades and I left them after they were all in for the Iraq war…in their smarmy, passive-aggressive, blame-others way. After the previous 20 years where they also were advocates, but at least accountable for it. I understand what they mean though. Also if THEY are going to be like this, don’t make fun of Fox being your parallel and antithesis. They’re YOU.

    “There’s an unspoken consensus about the stories we should pursue and how they should be framed.”

    Yes, that’s called “Groupthink” and it’s the antithesis of Intelligence. And Science. And particularly newsrooms. It’s part of what’s hard to explain: the CIA doesn’t HAVE to bribe these people to be morons. They’ll be morons on their own. All I need to do is DONATE “Ford Foundation, Melinda Gates Foundation” and pick the hiring Editors. THEY hire the morons who are too retarded to realize it.

    “I found 87 registered Democrats working in editorial positions and zero Republicans. None.”

    This has always been the case. Since 1970. Since birth. You only just noticed? You only just realized that’s a problem? You took a lot of paychecks in that time. Not that “Republican” is a good measure, or what we should be measuring. But it’s an indicator.

    Also though the clip ends here, the headline is critical: the realization that they’ve LOST TRUST. And more, THAT IS APPROPRIATE, long standing, and richly deserved. For about ten years we’ve been reading, “They don’t trust us, but THEY’D BETTER F-ING START. Right now, mister!” F-ing jackass neanderthal -ssholes. Why won’t they just die? Don’t they know what’ good for them?” Might notice that approach is not conducive to “Trust”? Smartypants?

    “Deep State” Er, yes, but the Derp State is WORLDWIDE. In MI6, Iran, elsewhere. You going to take over the world to get rid of them? That’s THEIR plan. It’s really James Bond Dr. No stuff which is why that was created and released back then. WHAT IF, you had secret power centers, whole armies it seemed, that weren’t even Soviet but wanted to blackmail and take over the world? Follow me? Yes – Yawn – what if? indeed.

    So you can’t ask TRUMP to be involved here. It’s larger than him and even if he erased Derp State K.A.O.S. from all America it wouldn’t matter a bit. They’d still be there, trying to make another Federal Reserve, or draw us into WWI or something. You simply have to see this as a world, human issue, or not at all. Therefore, as we here think, Trump is an irrelevant mascot, not a “leader”, and we ignore his Vaccine or whatever instantly on sight. That doesn’t happen if we ‘follow” him. Consequence of that: Murdering Trump will make no difference. Other than as a nexus point, the battle is unchanged. We’ll carry on as if he never was, just like any army when a General is killed. We adhere to our values and objectives, or not at all. Or else we’re just a warlord mafia.

    “Humans must destroy all traps, & wild animals ought to live in a free world.”

    Er, so many misunderstandings here. By definition Wild animals DO live in a free world. Humans must destroy traps: really? What kind? Do we still eat and how? HUMANS are ALSO “Wild” and “The free world” although we don’t call it that. The essential error of all Environmentalists is that humans aren’t natural or part of the natural world. That’s why they never can, nor will, succeed at anything. We ARE natural, we ARE part of the natural world. If we started acting like it, everything would fix itself. We’re not “Saving the Earth” we’re saving “us”. Be honest. Then the focus is “How do we be MORE natural, live in MORE harmony” rather than on on ever-dwindling space pod eating soylent green so we don’t disturb anybody like a hated, unwanted child? This is essentially a religion, and the worst religion, they are 100% consumed with the religion they universally hate, Christian Churchianity of the deep fundamentalist type. Man is separate. He left the Garden. That is their core, fight-to-the-death premise. This puts them in direct conflict and Death-match with every remaining native tribe or traditionalist, and makes them, say, pave the planet to erect fragile, deadly solar arrays instead of planting trees their barefoot children can climb. They are essentially Anti-Life, Biophobes, but worse, not even like Consumer-capitalist biophobes, they are Anti-HUMAN, kill-everyone now, Anti-life. Because it’s more subtle it’s more dangerous, more deranged, harder to reverse, and harder to address. Although as I say above, it’s simple: WE are nature. That’s beautiful. Accept it! That also means there’s no conflict at all, or with Science, or with Christianity. All solved, moving on to dinner.


    The wheels aren’t moving. Everyone is sitting still. What do you mean? If you move the conveyor forward to like 200mph, it will take off just fine, all things being equal (the engineer’s universe-sized caveat).

    John Day

    Biden: “You’re not really black.”
    Trump: “You’re not really Jewish.”

    TAE Summary after bedtime last night:
    * Religion
    – The rebel angels won
    – Satan will have his own rapture
    – The New Testament is raw, astonished and halting
    – Billy Graham slept around and never got fired; Who would have thunk
    – Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough to mask thy monstrous visage?

    * Technology
    – James Tiberius Kirk could out logic 23rd century computers; I am the companion; The man must continue
    – For you, on the other hand, arguing with an AI is like having an affair with your vacuum cleaner: It’s a machine and you’re wasting your time and even though you imagine you’re bonding it will never love you back and it’s creepy when you tell us about it
    – There is known evidence excess deaths are linked to the vaccines
    – Amazon does block chain and healthcare

    * Politics
    – RFK should step aside because he might take enough votes from Biden to make stealing the election difficult
    – The Climate Change brand is dead
    – Parents fear their bright children and it leads to a bad childhood that is useful to the CIA
    – Black Sheeps Matter
    – The CIA knows how to get things done
    – Don’t worry about NATO, Russia, China’s got your backbone
    – Schumer says Ukraine will beat Russia and he knows what he is talking about
    – The Saudis believe a 500 foot tall glass and steel wall in the desert can keep the free folk out; You know nothing Won Snow

    * Why Biden Deserves All the Nobel Prizes
    – Physics: He co-delivered the Web space telescope
    – Chemistry: He fixed toxic drinking water by putting in chemicals
    – Medicine: His Covid response saved millions of lives and delivered us from a future of severe illness and death
    – Literature: His memoir will be a bestseller if he writes it soon
    – Peace: He is co-finalizing the solution to the Palestinian problem
    – Economics: He has created the best economy the US has ever had since he took office

    John Day

    tboc related: ;-( (I run mental scenarios. It can actually be even worse than this if you are not a killer.)
    Veteran policeman: “I’m thinking about getting a gun for protection.”
    : “are you prepared to kill someone to protect something?”
    Veteran policeman: “No not at all.”
    : “Don’t get a gun.”
    Veteran policeman: “Why?”
    : “if you don’t understand the purpose of a firearm and are not prepared to use it, you are safer without one.”
    Veteran policeman: “I just want one for protection.” (“Comfort” ?)

    [Dog better than gun.]

    those darned kids

    “Pieter Bruegel the Elder”

    whoa, that means the dude had kids.

    imagine: “wilhelm, wilhem, stop moving! i’ll never get this painting right! now, put that giant fish head back on!”

    John Day

    @Dr. D: The Bush II admin told NPR to “get behind the president or lose funding”, so they “got behind the president” and I turned them off then, too. No more “Morning Edition”.


    You are not paying attention if you did not notice the changes.
    Acknowledging you are delusional.


    Law & Order
    Truth & Lies
    Volunteers & Mercenaries
    Economics & Inflation
    War & Peace
    Electronic defense & attack
    Confession -How We Lied
    • I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust. (Berliner)

    Uri Berliner, a senior business editor at NPR, says he started sounding the alarm internally when he noticed a bias creep into the network’s coverage. (Pete Kiehart for The Free Press)

    I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.
    Uri Berliner, a veteran at the public radio institution, says the network lost its way when it started telling listeners how to think.

    By Uri Berliner

    April 9, 2024
    Comments 1,878

    $60 billion for Ukraine, adequate controls (with +60% going to USA military procurements)
    Since 2014, Every second, American taxpayers send $80,000 to Ukraine/War effort



    Sasha Latypova’s substack.
    Message from AirBnB: expect governments’ restricting travel after June 6, 2024.

    Odd timing, the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Does AirBnB expect something to pop off in Europe this summer, like, I don’t know, expanding war?


    Energy is the foundation of the country’s life. If there is no energy, there is nothing.
    The U.S. has said that it does not like the Ukrainian strikes on Russian oil facilities because they could lead to an increase in global gasoline prices which could lower president Biden’s chance for a re-election.


    Russia Delivers Major Blow to Ukraine by Destroying Kiev’s Biggest Power Plant

    Russia Delivers Major Blow to Ukraine by Destroying Kiev’s Biggest Power Plant
    Posted on April 11, 2024 by Yves Smith

    Helmer also described how the loss of power will triggers a mass exodus from cities, as has happened with Kharkiv, and will also cripple the military, since many activities rely on electrical power and it seems vanishingly unlikely that there are all that many backup generators.
    The refugee flood will trigger an internal and potentially an external crisis.
    Helmer pointed out that one check on the otherwise predictable movement of citizens to the western Ukraine would be that men would be subject to being captured and sent to the front lines.

    The Trypilska thermal power plant 50km south of Kyiv, which so far was protected by air defences, was completely destroyed in the attack, officials said. The plant provided electricity to millions of people in Kyiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions….

    Oleh Syniehubov, governor of Kharkiv, said 10 missiles had struck the north-eastern region, knocking out power to more than 200,000 residents. Kharkiv, which borders Russia’s Belgorod region, has been pummelled by missiles, rockets and drones in recent weeks.

    Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national transmission system operator, said power substations and generation facilities were damaged and that emergency shutdown schedules were imposed in the Kharkiv region.

    It called on Ukrainians to limit the use of electrical appliances from 7pm to 10pm, when it predicted a shortage of electricity might occur because solar power plants, carrying much of the load after Thursday’s attack, would decrease.

    The Financial Times article includes much rending of hair and garments over the failure of the US to approve additional Ukraine, which is depicted as contributing to Ukraine’s inability to defend itself. But as many commentators have pointed out, money won’t magic weapons or trained men into existence. It would take well over a year to produce the needed armaments, even before getting to the wee problem of competing demand (Israel and Europe restocking).


    For you, on the other hand, arguing with an AI is like having an affair with your vacuum cleaner: It’s a machine and you’re wasting your time and even though you imagine you’re bonding it will never love you back and it’s creepy when you tell us about it

    It’s a black box fake conversation-machine. How else do you ping something but by throwing particles or waves at it and see what bounces back?

    The most noteworthy takeaway, for me, is that it isn’t actually interactive. And from there I reflected on how many other elements of my society are ostensibly interactive but actually …dictatory? dictional? Dictorial, if that’s a word? An adjective for dictat but not meaning “of a dictator.” (that we know of)?

    I met up with an old friend I’d known since the 80’s – since childhood – a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t communicated with him since 2015. So we knew each other from a different universe with different laws for mass, motion, time.

    Turned out he was VERY into following events in the Ukraine.

    He didn’t know, and was in denial over the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014, the earlier color revolution, the installation of picked people for the government often not Ukrainians, the bombardment of civilians for a decade, the biolabs, the cia centers.

    Just for example, the 2014 coup:

    Dude, you say you’ve been spending an average of 4 hours a day studying the Ukraine situation since February 2022 and you never ever came across the 2014 coup?

    (That’s preposterous, conspiracy theory, russian propaganda etc)

    Bro, I listened to the leaked recording and then watched the assistant US Secretary of State openly confirm it on TV in a press conference about that recording. She SAID who we were going to put into government positions, and afterwards, that’s exactly who ended up there. She SAID we spent billions to change the government there

    (well, I don’t know about any of that, I’ve never heard of THAT…)

    Isn’t it kind of your business to know basic facts about the conflict if you’re going to invest 3,000+ hours on it? What do you think of all the biolabs we have going in Ukraine, doesn’t that seem weird or a contributor to hostilities?

    (Guffaw guffaw, you mean like some chemical soap factory is a BIOLAB, har fucking har {Incidentally, he mentioned in the conversation he thought Assad Gassed His Own People and was nonplussed to hear that a pulitzer prize winning journalist debunked that conspiracy theory years ago. They get us coming and going with inversion})

    Uh bro, I watched a US State department official talk about The Biolabs and how dangerous they would be if Putin were to overrun them. In front of Congress. I watched it on fucking CSPAN bro.

    (Heh. Heh. Welllll. I don’t know about any of that, I’ve never heard of THAT, ho-ho…)

    I’m summarizing. Generally, his reaction to each item of shocking info was to go into a monologue for half an hour or more, vomiting up, in somewhat disorganized fashion, a bunch of things he believed. I really tried to keep my side of things concise, 1-3 sentences and then patiently let his thoughts run their course.

    This is kind of what Microsoft’s AI did, so that’s interesting to think about, play around with explanations. It should be no surprise that the “AI” reflects the behavior of its owners? The notavax really DID have self assembling thingys that have some collective computational power and we’re kind of talking with that now when we try to have discussions?

    Various concerning items of information came out in these long responses.

    –my friend had not enlisted to fight as a merc in Ukraine by only a hair’s breadth
    –he had, on multiple occasions, made multi-thousand dollar donations “To Ukraine”
    –one of these was specifically to Azov Brigade

    When I mentioned that Ukraine had started outlawing Russian and Russian culture back in 2014, he scoffed – no they didn’t. You can’t do that. what does that even mean? Later, he went on a LONG speech praising the Baltic states for outlawing Russian, praising the anti Russian policies, their expected effects. What?!? How were these things firewalled so well?

    I did touch on the SS patches and Nazi flags and tattoos, Bandera, Nazi collaboration, 6 million non-combatants exterminated. Gently as possible, like Bro, you wanted to help but ah, you might not want to do that again.

    In response I got a long lecture on, yeah, I KNOW, but you need to understand how Ukrainians have a negative view of jews and poles due to, in past times, Poles being absentee landlords and Jews managing their properties. Uh, several different responses come to mind, including: I don’t think it’s that simple, also, 6 million bro.

    I said please, please just listen for a minute here (in as calm, unhurried, and compassionate a voice as I could muster – this was my longest turn in the exchange):

    1. Whatever money is desired for the Ukraine war, it will be printed. There will be no shortage of funding, I promise you. (patiently waiting for the end of the near hysterical outburst – No! They are destitute! it is desperate! Funding has been cut off!)

    2. If the money doesn’t get printed, they’ll still just ship tons and tons of arms and munitions there.

    3. Or the massive black budgets from 3 letter agencies and the us state dept, Pentagon “accounting errors,” human and drug trafficking revenues, etc, will make up for any shortfalls

    4. Same as above will be coming from all NATO countries

    5. Your money will be embezzled and not go towards munitions anyway (Have you seen the scandals that made it into the news already? No? With 3000+ hours invested on this…)

    6. Your money is going to guys flying nazi flags with swastika tattoos

    Please, for the love of god, buy something nice for your wife instead of for Azov’s middle management.

    He’s not some nazi weirdo by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a somewhat nerdy, sensitive guy who reads a ton of books, lots of them on history. Working class, not managerial, not intelligencia.

    In 3,000+ hours of deep-dive on Ukraine, it is possible for an intelligent human being who studied history to never ever come across the most fundamental aspects of the conflict. That’s kind of amazing.

    I suppose it just shows how corralled we really are. When I “talk” with AI, I’m just blindly pushing on the fence, seeing where it is.


    And I just want to add, he has got to be an absolute god-level genius at marital relations. I get a bit nervous about buying a new sub-$1000 guitar and this guy is making multiple multi-thousand dollar donations to paramilitary organizations on the other side of the world.

    He could be amassing a mighty hummel figurine collection and I would stand in just as much awe. Respect.


    Freeland making easier to become debt slaves

    RRSP withdrawal limit increased to $60,000, repayment … up from $35,000 also getting more time to begin repayment — up to five years in total rather than two.

    First-time homebuyers will now have 30 years to pay off their mortgage instead of 25


    For the majority of Canadians who don’t own property, the dream of homeownership is feeling elusive, a new CIBC report suggests.

    According to the report released on Thursday, 76 per cent of Canadians who aren’t homeowners say that entry into the housing market feels out of reach.

    The two biggest reasons for homeownership feeling out of reach were overpriced housing markets (70 per cent) and the inability to save for a down payment (63 per cent), according to the survey.

    These findings are from a Maru Public Opinion online survey undertaken exclusively for CIBC

    Maxwell Quest

    747 – An interesting thought experiment.

    To keep the 747 from moving forward to achieve lift the conveyer belt would somehow have to absorb ¼ million lbs of thrust from the 747’s four engines. If it can do this, the plane will sit still, otherwise it takes off.


    Can the plane take off?
    No. Poor concept. Impossible to work.
    The plane cannot move on the conveyor belt. The wheels turn at the same speed as the conveyor belt.
    Lift comes from the design of the wings moving through the air.

    The conveyor belt would fly apart if it moved at takeoff speed.


    Biden: “You’re not really black.”
    Trump: “You’re not really Jewish.”

    Biden- “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. I’m a Zionist” Loud applause
    Trump- ‘Everyone should be a Zionist like me. So sad.’

    Both are Zioterrorists, neither are really humane.

    “Welllll. I don’t know about any of that, I’ve never heard of THAT, ho-ho…”

    ‘In response I got a long lecture on… (Libtard-splaining?)
    He’s not some nazi weirdo by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a somewhat nerdy, sensitive guy who reads a ton of books, lots of them on history.’

    Your “friend” is a retarded brainwashed pos. A classic long winded hypocrite who is certain they are “right” about everything while simultaneously excusing. No logic, no reasoning, zero critical thinking skills, just a propagandized sub-human trash virtue signalling scumbag. They avoid truth like the covid mask wearing “following my science” cultist.

    I’m surrounded by a million NWest Americans who play the same sick game every day. Negate truth, negate reality.
    In a Nation of 100s of millions Americans negating truth and reality every day.

    The Dharma wheel.

    Small wheel of Hinayana, big wheel of Mahayana, Diamond vehicle of Vajrayana, also known as the “thunderbolt vehicle”. The path of enlightenment requires truthful courage. Few will travel, most will mock in their broken minds and lives full of cowardice.

    Their established mindset of “cancel culture” reflects concensus reality of the truly ignorant and delusional. Many wise enlightened spiritual teachers simply refused to waste time on these dimwits and openly stated how foolish it is to try.
    Nothing to do with ‘compassion’ which many Westerners refuse to see. Think of it as Spiritual enabling undermining truth and reality. A waste of your precious time better spent on refining yourself.

    “Buddhas don’t practice nonsense” – Boddidharma
    There are hundreds of millions right behing your “friend”, none of them are interested in truth.
    The lost are going to stay lost for a very long time.
    None of them are asking for truth- they are splaintarding.

    “The Wheel”

    The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down
    You can’t let go and you can’t hold on
    You can’t go back and you can’t stand still
    If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightning will

    Won’t you try just a little bit harder?
    Couldn’t you try just a little bit more?

    You don’t believe you have been brainwashed and lied to, because you have been brainwashed and lied to.

    For the majority of Americans, freedumb means exactly that. The freedom to remain dumb.
    It seems counter intuitive, but that is the reality of things.
    Nothing you say or do to an alcoholic will stop them from drinking until they choose.
    Same with truthseekers. If people want truth- they can have it in a flash.

    Like NPR “selling compelling” equates selling lies.

    Alan Watts wrote- “Psycotherapy East & West”
    He let the cat out of the bag on Western Psychology and Eastern Gurus- how the maya or illusion was just a “social conditioning game” of falsehoods built upon socially agreed unspoken bullshit. He also cuts through the notion of reincarnation.

    Truth will set YOU free-
    -chains of ignorance are for cowards.

    Which reminds me of a young Liberal feminist with serious emotional and mental health problems. I asked her why she cut herself to the point of bleeding and hospitalization. She replied- ‘because I feel something’

    Americans would rather “feel” something of wrongful false anger, hatred and injustice than the truth of inner peace and calm wisdom. They are addicted to the tension of lies fed by those selling them.

    Truth is free. You can’t sell it. The masses want the excitment of being controlled by lies so they don’t have to think and do the free work on themselves.


    A better problem.
    How is the universe made.
    Off topic

    Learn something new. Find the similarities.
    Take the space out to activate the access to the links
    Packing, lumpiness, fractal

    https: //
    the average density is ( 0.74048.}
    2. https: //
    3. https: //
    4. https: //
    5. https: //
    6. https: //
    7. https: //


    The ability of a plane to take off is determined by the speed of the air passing over and under the wings.

    So no, the plane on the conveyor belt can’t take off.

    By the way, the slowly burgeoning disaster increasing atmospheric CO2 just keeps on slowly burgeoning.

    Apr. 10, 2024 427.35 ppm
    Apr. 10, 2023 422.29 ppm

    1 Year Change 5.06 ppm


    By the way, the slowly burgeoning disaster increasing atmospheric CO2 just keeps on slowly burgeoning.

    1 Year Change 5.06 ppm

    I’m here to help you

    5.06 ppm = 0.0005% change in CO2 as a portion of the Earth’s atmosphere

    pro-Climate Disaster media says humans are responsible for 33% of CO2 increase

    0.0005% x 0.33 = 0.000165%

    Still waiting for you to say negative things about Communism and say nice things to Westerners for having declining CO2 output.

    And please explain what exactly you are trying to get us to do about Communism and its burgeoning disastrous CO2 production? Nuke them? Threaten to hold our breath until they stop? What do you want from us?

    John Day

    (I am having to work hard at this today, and will keep meditating on HOW) Choose Love

    Scott Ritter, Sympathy for the Devil, Part Two , The Amalek Effect [Work hard for the God of Love. Seek Guidance.]
    On November 3, 2023, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu penned a letter to Israeli officers and troops serving in Gaza. “The basis of the existence of the thousand-year-old nation of Israel is the constant struggle for our lives and freedom,” Netanyahu wrote. “The current fight against the ‘Hamas’ murderers is another chapter in the story,” he added, extoling the soldiers to ‘Remember what Amalek did to you,’” before concluding that “This is a war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness.”
    Netanyahu’s words, which were clear instructions that were picked up and acted upon by the soldiers he addressed, introduced a sense of moral righteousness to the Israeli cause, appealing to religion and tradition to attack those who might otherwise question the legitimacy of their actions.
    The Palestinian people were reduced to nothing more than the “seed of Amalek,” to quote Israeli soldiers inflamed by Netanyahu’s exhortations to violence. And Israeli retribution will be, literally, biblical in nature, a conflict of the bible, justified by the Bible, and as such righteous in the eyes of God.
    Shortly after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, the Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, has likened the modern-day “seed of Amalek” (the citizens of Gaza) to animals. “[Israel is] imposing a complete siege on Gaza,” Gallant said. “No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel. Everything is closed. We are fighting human animals, and we are acting accordingly.”
    Gallant’s words were echoed by Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian, the Israeli Army Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). “Human animals,” he said, “are dealt with accordingly. Israel has imposed a total blockade on Gaza, no electricity, no water, just damage. You wanted hell, you will get hell.”
    Starvation became another weapon to be wielded against the civilians of Gaza by the Israelis in their biblical quest to impose genocidal “justice” on those they deemed the “seed of Amalek.”
    On February 28, 2024, Carl Skau, the deputy executive director of the World Food Program, informed the United Nations Security Council that more than 500,000 people were at risk of starvation in Gaza.
    The next day, February 29, a food convoy that had been organized by Palestinian businessmen, and coordinated with COGAT, arrived in northern Gaza. As crowds of starving Gazans gathered around the trucks, the IDF opened fire on them, precipitating a stampede as desperate survivors tried to escape. At least 118 people were killed and 760 injured in what has become known as “the flour massacre.”
    A destroyed World Central Kitchen vehicle in Gaza.
    To help combat the scourge of starvation, celebrity chef Jose Andres dispatched members of his non-governmental organization, World Central Kitchen (WCK) to Gaza, where they established two main kitchens—one in the southern city of Rafah and another in the central town of Deir al-Balah, which served more than 170,000 hot meals daily to Palestinians. Up until April 1, 2024, WCK had provided over 43 million meals to the starving citizens of Gaza.
    “Human animals,” however, cannot be allowed to eat.
    Prior to April 1, the IDF had killed more than 200 aid workers in Gaza. Most of these workers, however, were Palestinian, and their deaths were soon forgotten, just another statistic in a conflict that had killed more than 33,000 Gazan civilians since it began.
    On April 1, 2024, a three-vehicle WCK convoy departed the Gazan town of Deir al-Balah, having dropped off food supplies that had just arrived from Cyprus. Riding in the vehicles were an Australian, Zomi Frankcom, a Pole, Damian Soból, a dual US-Canadian, Jacob Flickenger, a Palestinian, Saif Issam Abu Taha, and three British citizens, John Chapman, James Henderson, and James Kirby. The convoy was driving along a route that had been cleared by the IDF.
    But “human animals” cannot be allowed to eat.
    Shortly after departing the Deir al-Balah warehouse, the convoy was tracked by an armed Israeli drone, which proceeded to fire a missile into the lead WCK vehicle. Survivors from that vehicle evacuated to a second WCK vehicle, which then, together with the third vehicle, fled the scene, only to be struck by a missile fired from the Israeli drone. Once again, survivors were loaded into the last WCK vehicle, which was in turn struck and destroyed by a third missile fired by the Israeli drone.
    All seven WCK employees were killed.
    One of the immediate consequences of the attack was that ships carrying aid to Gaza, including food, turned around, their respective organizations having concluded that the security situation in Gaza was too dangerous for continued operations.
    The Israelis investigated the attack and concluded that the drone operators had not been told by their command about the WCK convoy due to “internal failures that led to critical information regarding the humanitarian’s operation to not go properly down through the chain of command.”
    The Israelis contend that they had assessed that the convoy contained one or more armed Hamas operatives.
    As a result of the investigation, the Israelis fired a major and a colonel in reserve who were responsible for coordinating the drone strike. Three other IDF officials were formally reprimanded: the commanders of the brigade and division involved, and the commander of the Southern Command, who, according to the Israelis, bore “overall responsibility” for an operation which the Israelis claim was carried out in “serious violation of the commands and IDF Standard Operating Procedures.”
    This is the same Israeli command which allowed Hind Rajab and her family to be murdered and used Hind as bait to lure in two Palestinian paramedics so they, too, could be killed.
    Because the “seed of Amalek” must be destroyed.
    The same Israeli command that has given Israeli snipers the green light to kill a mother who was trying to cross the street, hand in hand with her young son, waving a white flag.
    Because the “seed of Amalek” must be destroyed.
    The same Israeli command behind the genocidal policies which have left more than 33,000 Palestinian civilians dead, including more than 15,000 children.
    Because the “seed of Amalek” must be destroyed.
    The attack on the WCK convoy was no accident.
    The IDF knew who they were, and what they were doing, when the order to fire the missiles was given to the Israeli drone crew.
    “Human animals” cannot be allowed to eat.
    Because the “seed of Amalek” must be destroyed.
    “Amalek”, however, is not the word of God.
    “Amalek” is the product of a man—and people—who walked away from the God of Abraham, people who followed the corrupted priest, Eli, to Shiloh, and in doing so destroyed the integrity of Moses’ Tabernacle.
    “Amalek” is the byproduct of Eli’s deal with the devil, which spawned Samual, a false prophet, who encouraged Saul, a false king, to commit murder.

    ​ ‘Come out, you animals’: how the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital happened
    ​ During the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army shot patients in their beds and doctors who refused to abandon the sick, separated people into groups with differently-colored bracelets, and executed hundreds of civil government employees.​

    ​ ‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 188: Tensions rise over potential Iranian response to Israeli attack on consulate in Damascus
    Israel and Iran escalated threats of war as the U.S. central command chief visited the region on Thursday. Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes intensify in the central Gaza Strip.​
    33,545 + killed* and at least 76,049 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
    456+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.**
    Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,139.
    604 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 7, and at least 6,800 injured.
    Israel kills 63 Palestinians, wounds 45 in the past 24 hours across Gaza, raising the death toll since October 7 to 33,482 and the number of wounded to 76,049, according to the Gaza health ministry.
    Israel kills six members of Hamas chief’s family, including three sons and three grandchildren in al-Shati’ refugee camp in northern Gaza.
    Israeli army launches dozens of strikes on al-Nuseirat refugee camp and its surroundings.
    Israeli army targets fishing dock in Gaza City.
    Israel and Iran conduct air maneuvers.
    Axios quoting Israeli officials: Israel is preparing for an Iranian attack, coordinating with the U.S.
    Israel’s Channel 12: Netanyahu didn’t keep his promise to Biden to open Asdod port for humanitarian aid.
    Israeli security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir asks war minister Yoav Gallant not to allow the release of body of Walid Daqqah.
    Israeli police to open investigation against Palestinian professor at Tel Aviv University for “terror incitement” after mourning the death of Walid Daqqah on social media.
    West Bank: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian villages, torch cars.
    West Bank: Israeli forces raid Qalandia refugee camp north of Jerusalem, villages in Bethlehem and Hebron.

    ‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 188: Tensions rise over potential Iranian response to Israeli attack on consulate in Damascus

    ​ 2 days ago: ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 186: Hamas maintains calls for permanent ceasefire as Netanyahu ‘sets date’ for Rafah invasion
    ​ Israeli police raid deceased Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa’s family house and forcibly disperses mourners just hours after it was announced that the famed writer and prisoner died due to medical negligence in Israeli custody.​

    John Day

    Children 44% of Palestinians Killed by Israel Since Oct 7

    Children 44% of Palestinians Killed by Israel Since Oct 7

    Biden Walks Back Call for Israel to Declare a Ceasefire in Gaza
    He is sticking to his position of linking a temporary ceasefire to a hostage deal and says it’s ‘up to Hamas’

    Biden Walks Back Call for Israel to Declare a Ceasefire in Gaza

    ​ Biden says will provide ‘iron-clad’ protection for ‘Israel’ from Iran
    US President Joe Biden underlines that he will provide protection for the Israeli occupation against Iran, whom it attacked first.​–iron-clad–protection-for–israel

    ​ Israel Kills Hamas Leaders Sons, Grandchildren Amid ‘Ceasefire’ Negotiations​ , Israel reportedly claimed that the sons were Hamas operatives
    ​ “Our demands are clear and specific and we will not make concessions on them. The enemy will be delusional if it thinks that targeting my sons, at the climax of the negotiations and before the movement sends its response, will push Hamas to change its position,” the 61-year-old said. He continued, “The blood of my sons is not dearer than the blood of our people.”​ Israel killed his three sons and three grandchildren.​

    John Day

    Israeli media sources have claimed that Iran is poised to launch a major attack on Israel, but that the strikes were postponed “at the last minute”.
    ​ Israeli news website Ynet reported Thursday that “Tehran decided to either delay the strike or change the nature of its response to Israel’s attack on its consulate in Damascus, likely due to warnings from the administration of United States President Joe Biden.​..
    ​..The last 48 hours has seen Washington raise the possibility that it could intervene militarily in defense of Israel if Iran retaliates for the April 1st Israeli attack on its embassy in Damascus.
    ​ Meanwhile, some international airlines, most notably German airline Lufthansa, have paused their flights to Tehran, citing heightened fears of imminent military action in the region. Russia has also taken steps to warn its citizens against travel to the region, particularly Israel, as the region remains at boiling point.

    ​ US Drones Are Expensive and Error Prone so Ukraine Turns to China
    ​ The Silicon Valley company Skydio sent hundreds of its best drones to Ukraine to help fight the Russians. Things didn’t go well. Skydio’s drones flew off course and were lost, victims of Russia’s electronic warfare. The company has since gone back to the drawing board to build a new fleet.
    ​ Most small drones from U.S. startups have failed to perform in combat, dashing companies’ hopes that a badge of being battle-tested would bring the startups sales and attention. It is also bad news for the Pentagon, which needs a reliable supply of thousands of small, unmanned aircraft.​

    US Drones Are Expensive and Error Prone so Ukraine Turns to China

    ​ Advertisements for replacements of Vladimir Zelensky aren’t unusual, even if he has disposed of almost all of them already.
    ​ That leaves just one, Andrei Yermak, head of the Presidential Office — prompter, grey eminence, comfort blanket of Zelensky in almost every significant move he has made since 2019– and now candidate to become prime minister in a revolutionary transfer of power in the Kiev regime, reducing the presidency to a shadow; centralizing all military and civil command in Yermak’s office, but letting Zelensky stay alive.​

    ​ The European Parliament has approved the controversial EU Asylum and Migration Pact, which will see countries forced to accept their fair share of new arrivals into the bloc or pay a fine for every migrant they reject.
    ​ “The new legislation is not perfect but we can only make migration manageable and humane with one European solution,” said Hilde Vautmans, foreign affairs coordinator for Renew Europe.
    ​ Nationalist politicians across Europe expressed their anger at the passing of the pact, which they claim cedes sovereignty to an ever-centralized European Union.
    “The Migration Pact organizes the tutelage and control of nations, the legal impunity of NGOs complicit with smugglers,” tweeted Marine Le Pen of France’s National Rally.​ She further vowed to “put an end to the accelerated pursuit of policies to encourage and organize mass immigration,” on June 9 at the EU elections in which her party is expected to win the most French seats.​

    ​ Social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has received an inquiry from the U.S. House of Representatives regarding alleged illegal actions it took in Brazil, Elon Musk said on Wednesday.
    ​ In a post on the social network, the owner of X said the platform had “just received an inquiry from the House of Representatives regarding actions taken in Brazil that were in violation of Brazilian law.” “There were hundreds if not thousands. This is getting spicy,” Mr. Musk added.
    ​ The U.S. House could not be immediately reached for comment and X did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.
    ​ In a later post on Wednesday, Mr. Musk, a self-declared free speech absolutist, further claimed X was being asked to “suspend sitting members of the Brazilian parliament and many journalists” from the platform.
    ​ The businessman’s online comments came shortly after Brazilian Supreme Court justice and president of the Superior Electoral Court, Alexandre de Moraes, opened an inquiry into Mr. Musk.
    ​ The inquiry—backed by the current leftist government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva—came after the Tesla CEO challenged a court order requiring the removal of certain accounts on X as part of alleged efforts to crack down on fake news and misinformation in Brazil.​

    John Day

    ​ The AI Revolution Has a Problem: Energy​
    It’s all because of the enormous amounts of information AI programs need to process to perform a task. De Vries has calculated that if Google switches its search engine to generative AI, the electricity consumption of that search engine would shoot up to 29 TWh per year. And that’s just Google, which started trialing AI-powered searches in the UK earlier this month.
    ​ “The more information they gather, the smarter they are, but the more information they gather to get smarter, the more power it takes.” This is the description provided by the chief executive of Arm, a chip design company owned by Japan’s SoftBank.
    This amount of power, in total, could come to represent between a fifth and a quarter of total U.S. electricity demand by 2030, Rene Haas told the Wall Street Journal this week. “That’s hardly very sustainable, to be honest with you.”​…
    ..”Gas is the only cost-efficient energy generation capable of providing the type of 24/7 reliable power required by the big technology companies to power the AI boom,” the founder and senior partner at Energy Capital Partners, an investment firm, told the FT earlier this month.
    ​ This is why growth in AI use would require an expansion of gas generation capacity, according to the company. The word “critical” was used. Or as EQT chief executive Toby Rice put it, echoing the message of Ernest Moniz, “It will not be done without gas.”​​

    ​ Great Britain is facing an economic North Sea oil fiasco
    ​ This is reported by “The Telegraph”. The consumption of fossil fuels in the United Kingdom will never fall as quickly as the amount of North Sea oil available will decline. The income of the operating companies is shrinking drastically and at the same time the costs for extracting oil, as well as those for decommissioning the oil platforms, are skyrocketing.​ https://transition–

    ​ There Is No “Natural Capital”: Transforming Nature which is Alive into Her Opposite”​ , Theses about the Relationship of “Monsieur Le Capital” and “Madame la Nature”
    Without nature there is no capital.
    There is no way back from capital to nature: it is a one​ way road, only.
    As nature is limited, capital is, too: When everything has been turned into capital, there is no nature and thus no more capital, anymore.

    There Is No “Natural Capital”: Transforming Nature which is Alive into Her Opposite”

    US ‘Considering’ Dropping Prosecution Of Assange, Biden Says​ [Talk is cheap.]

    John Day

    ​ Japanese Professor’s Message to World​ , “Fraudulent use of gene therapy in healthy people an extreme violation of human rights”
    ​ Masayasu Inoue is Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specializes in molecular pathology. Reviewing his publishing resume, I wasn’t surprised to see that he has a longstanding interest in oxidative stress. His paper titled Mitochondrial Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and its Role in Aerobic Life presents the following summary:
    ​ The present work also describes that a cross-talk of molecular oxygen, nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide radicals regulates the circulation, energy metabolism, apoptosis, and functions as a major defense system against pathogens. Pathophysiological significance of ROS generation by mitochondria in the etiology of aging, cancer and degenerative neuronal diseases is also described.
    ​ Lately “the etiology of aging, cancer and degenerative neuronal diseases” has been been on my mind a lot, as the young friend of a friend was recently discovered to have advanced, metastatic melanoma of unknown primary site that had spread to her brain. The day after I heard this news, I saw the following article in the New York Post:
    ​ “Cancer rates rising in young people due to ‘accelerated aging,’ according to ‘highly troubling’ new study​”

    8 minute video in clearly spoken English by Professor Inoue explains the process of forced gene-therapy production in under a year, and injection of most adults and children rapidly, as deaths and serious side effects were hidden. This same play is being run to prepare for “Disease X”. The WHO Pandemic Treaty will be used to enforce this further crime against the people of Japan.

    ​ Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex Under Fire​ , Rand Paul and Joe Rogan making strong statements and asking tough questions.
    ​ The world’s most popular podcaster recently dropped some interesting insights on episode #2132 of The Joe Rogan Experience with Andrew Schulz. Specifically, he crafted a logical explanation for why so many doctors are absolutely silent on COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths.
    ​ “It takes a very courageous person to say, ‘Not only was I wrong, but I probably f*cked people over. And a lot of people might have been adversely affected,’” Rogan said.​ “They told you to get it. They probably chastised people and scolded people [who] didn’t get it. So now, they have this opinion that they have started with and they stuck with, and they want to be correct.”​…
    ​..Senator Rand Paul went on Fox News’s Laura Ingraham to talk about the conspicuous fact that fifteen federal agencies were fully aware of Peter Daszak’s 2018 DEFUSE grant proposal in which his EcoHealth Alliance proposed to work with UNC Professor Ralph Baric and the Wuhan Institute of Virology to modify a bat SARS coronavirus to have many of the same unique features that were later found in SARS-CoV-2 after the genome was published in early 2020… The personnel of all fifteen agencies remained silent about the alarming DEFUSE proposal of 2018 and its obvious connection with the SARS coronavirus that began circulating in the human population of Wuhan less than two years later.​

    John Day

    @jb-hb: Thanks for doing so much human-research recently.


    hahaha thank you for reminding me not to talk to vacum cleaners before I gaze too long into one and become a vacum cleaner myself


    That about sums it up. If they know, or dont know, I dont need to tell them.


    When a 700 year old painting seems to fit the world you now find yourself stuck in….you’re in big fuckin trouble. Same Masters, same slaves, round and round we go.


    The wheels are free wheeling. The belt is no different than taking off on ice etc. Just doesnt matter.


    celt. nice.


    About that 747 sitting on a conveyor belt.

    The 747 can only fly if and when their is sufficient air lift created under the wings to lift the 747 off the conveyor’s belt.
    Engine thrust must be able to create the required air flow over the wings to create the required “lift” forces require for flight.

    In a normal airport runway takeoff, as the 747 speeds forward, air flows under the entire length of the 747’s wings, until lift forces are able to lift the 747 into the air.

    The one problem I see the 747 having trying to take off from a stationary position is that the required lifting air flow may not be achieved along the entire length of the 747’s wings.

    The 747’s jet engines would need to provide sufficient extra thrust to overcome the insufficient air lifting forces especially towards the utter wings tips.
    In otherwords extra lifting forces would need to be generated under the wings areas beside te jet engines to compensate for the lack of air lifting forces away from the jet engines.
    If the jet engines can create the required air lifting forces under the wings then the 747 can take off.

    However, I remain highly skeptical that during ramp up of the 747’s jet engines and ramping up the conveyor belt rotation that somehow the 747 wouldn’t suddenly accidently veer off the conveyor belt uncontrollablely onto the ground and completely wreak the 747! What I see missing is some initial directionally speed to ensure flight stability of the 747.
    Sort of like an airplane stalling in mid air.
    The plane suddenly becomes uncontrollable.

    During WW2, Hurricane fighter planes were caterpulped(sp?) off a ship’s bow. This setup at least provided some initial directiinal flight stability speed and wing air lift forces.


    “The conveyor belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, moving in the opposite direction … can the plane take off?

    Yes, the plane can take off.

    The plane’s wheels free-wheel when it takes off, which it does using thrust. Thrust is the acceleration of a mass of air by the engines, the higher the mass, the higher the acceleration, the higher the forward force; remember F=ma. The wheels are freewheeling, they do not contribute to the forward motion of the aircraft, so the conveyor cannot influence the forward motion of the aircraft (except during braking, which we ignore in this example).

    When the aircraft moves forward 1 meter (due to thrust), the speed of the wheels will be matched by the conveyor, so in the same time, the conveyor will move 1 meter in the opposite direction. I am assuming that the “speed of the wheels” is the linear speed of the wheels relative to the earth, as rotational speed makes no sense, but, due to the mechanics of the conveyor moving back 1 meter as the aircraft moves forward 1 meter, the wheels on the plane will be rotating at twice the rotational velocity as they would if the aircraft was on stationary ground.

    If “speed of the wheels” is relative to the top surface of the conveyor then the conveyor will be trying to keep the aircraft stationary and so will explode as it rotates faster and faster trying to move the aircraft back to its starting position. As it will never be able to push the aircraft back, it might accelerate until something goes bang. If that bang brings down the aircraft then the answer would be no, it cannot take off, but for different reasons.

    Nothing is simple.


    Doing some late reading. As a 50 year member of the deep state, this article reflects my experience to a T. You should have a look. https:// Watch the space after //.


    Duh’merica’s Media Whores

    Incapable of basic awareness

    Bring Retarded-ness© a bad name


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