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    Unknown Butler’s dredge-boat, sunk by Confederate shell, James River, VA 1864 • SocGen: Corporate America Is Nearing A ‘Toxic’ Debt Crisis (BI) • US C
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    Banksters cancel elections…. Goldman Cruz and Hillary Sachs are being installed as nominees per the political private clubs… This is New York Times exposing that your vote never mattered… sucker.

    As Campaigns Seek Delegates (not votes!), Ordinary Voters Feel (are) Sidelined


    Another scary graph of the day

    “UAH V6.0 – South Polar”

    It is worth remembering that the sea-ice extent is still close to its maximum ever.

    “THE sea ice cover of the Southern Ocean has been GROWING, not reducing, for several years, NASA has claimed.”


    About Greenland and that “scary graph”, here is an alternative explanation:

    “Ice-penetrating radar and ice core drilling have shown that large parts of the north-central Greenland ice sheet are melting from below. It has been argued that basal ice melt is due to the anomalously high geothermal flux that has also influenced the development of the longest ice stream in Greenland. Here we estimate the geothermal flux beneath the Greenland ice sheet and identify a 1,200-km-long and 400-km-wide geothermal anomaly beneath the thick ice cover. We suggest that this anomaly explains the observed melting of the ice sheet’s base, which drives the vigorous subglacial hydrology3 and controls the position of the head of the enigmatic 750-km-long northeastern Greenland ice stream. Our combined analysis of independent seismic, gravity and tectonic data implies that the geothermal anomaly, which crosses Greenland from west to east, was formed by Greenland’s passage over the Iceland mantle plume between roughly 80 and 35 million years ago. We conclude that the complexity of the present-day subglacial hydrology and dynamic features of the north-central Greenland ice sheet originated in tectonic events that pre-date the onset of glaciation in Greenland by many tens of millions of years.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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