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    Marion Post Wolcott Negro woman carrying laundry between Durham and Mebane, NC 1939 • The Committee To Destroy The World (Michael Lewitt) • Our Curren
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    Dr. Diablo

    “Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow.”

    They’re screwed. But below the redwoods almost all of California is a desert. Did anyone not notice this when they built houses for 30 Million people since 1940? Because they are not on anything you might call a water-efficient plan.

    Although more sympathetic to farms that actually produce things, for decades they were growing hay and rice(!) on total irrigation as well. So maybe they can cry me a river if the bad planning of 50-100 years is finally showing some consequences. While they only–after 2 years of drought–stop watering 30M green lawns where sagebrush used to grow? Ever see the 1954 “Zorro”? Yeah, desert like that, right down to the sea.

    I don’t mean to be unsympathetic, but when you live in a blow-sand desert, you can’t take your New England ways with you. There are many great places in many great dry nations, but practically everything has to be thought of, built, and executed differently. Expectations are different. Crops, houses, industries are different. Not to leave on a downer, here’s an example of a little patience creating oasis from the desert:
    To a large extent, it isn’t the absolute rainfall, because rain is adequate in more areas than you’d expect, however, you have to store and use every drop to make it through the extended dry season. Dry years are far worse, but other desert cultures accommodate, so surely a wealthy and advanced nation can figure it out. Instead of denying reality of where and what we are, can we try a little?


    Senator “Professor” Warren, is it? Wonder who paid for that puff piece?


    So I see it again, not many are getting it. We have peaked in resources and in simplicity that means the end to growth. So many articles talking about returning to a growth model and the fact that increasing isn’t happening. If consumption doesn’t increase we call it lack of consumer confidence.

    Coal and Resources:

    If companies can’t pollute fuel resources faster we end up with a glut of cheap resources – LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND I say. A company write off? If we don’t keep mining coal then we have to place this as a ugly mark in the account books. Either we mine hard and fast or write off as a loss. What are you talking about. Stop mining your coal and fuel and leave it alone. Stake your claims and wait for brighter times. Only a duffus would think that reducing the amount of coal above ground will lower its value. If there is a demand for your product and price is low waiting for surplus to exit is always prudent. Slowing down consumption is not a world diasastor its a world victory.

    Consumer Confidence:

    What idiot chose to believe this lie? Great marketing. People entering into shopping malls is the peoples belief that times are good. Happiness and confidence can be found in the greatness of consumption. Am I surround by idiots? Our ability to consume will save the us. Sure I bet that thinking will save you stranded on a boat – the faster you consume the supplies the more confindent and thus better off you will be.

    These are the words of the court jester in our current stupidity ring of thought: growth, sustainable growth, consumer confidence, demand, prosperity. Come on folks we are talking the same stinking pile here conspicuous consumption. A consumption that all math and science states clearly can’t be maintained.

    Don’t be fooled an end to consumerism and the push for ever increasing consumption being an end in all of itself is not successful thought. One way or another we will find equaliberium of real need and exact amounts of supply – a resource based economy. This will be a happier time even though we won’t have our profits.

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