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    Tintoretto The crucifixion of Christ 1568   • UK Home Secretary: “Full Force Of The Law” Against Extinction Rebellion (G.) • Warren 1st Democrati
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    V. Arnold

    Carter said he did not “really fear that time, but it bothers President Trump and I don’t know why. I’m not criticizing him this morning,” he added, to laughs from fellow churchgoers. Carter—who normalized diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing in 1979—suggested that China’s breakneck growth had been facilitated by sensible investment and buoyed by peace. “Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody?” Carter asked. “None. And we have stayed at war.” The U.S., he noted, has only enjoyed 16 years of peace in its 242-year history, making the country “the most warlike nation in the history of the world,” Carter said. This is, he said, because of America’s tendency to force other nations to “adopt our American principles.”

    Well; there you go…
    There’s actually some sanity in the U.S.; it’s just that one has to search inordinately hard to find it…


    Jimmy Carter is an incredible gem for the US. Ironically, it’s almost exclusively foreigners who understand this. For many, he’s been the only reason left to respect the country, for many decades. He’s negotiated peace in countless places after his presidency. Which happened to coincide with an economic downfall.

    V. Arnold

    Jimmy Carter is an incredible gem for the US. Ironically, it’s almost exclusively foreigners who understand this. For many, he’s been the only reason left to respect the country, for many decades. He’s negotiated peace in countless places after his presidency. Which happened to coincide with an economic downfall.

    All true; but sadly shuffled to the back pages of U.S. history.
    “History is bunk, says Henry Ford, the American industrial genius, who knew almost none.”
    From Joseph Heller’s Picture This
    More truth there than meets the eye……………..


    How’s the book treating you?


    If Jimmy Carter was to disclose the contribution of the USA military to the greenhouse effect, then he would probably be able to reduce/delay the melting in the Arctic more than all the other movements.

    Dr. D

    “Warren 1st Democratic Presidential Candidate to Call for Impeachment (CBS)”

    Great! Awesome! …For what crime?

    “obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior”

    To go over this again, they are saying since after two years of Mueller, with subpoena power that seems to extend to all time and space cannot find any evidence of a crime, they need to investigate why the investigation found no crime, so they can find a crime. …I don’t believe that comports well with the standard of “presumed innocence.” So since they have no crime to point to and none that could even legally launch the original investigation, what would his behavior be obstructing? Mueller’s discovery of his innocence? Gee, wouldn’t want that to get out!

    So – and literally here – they are saying they need to impeach him for opposing and speaking out about a illegally-originated investigation that obstructed democratic progress, subverted an election, trampled the Constitution, overturned 1,000 years of attorney-client privilege, and undermined the nation’s business? And he was supposed to be HAPPY about that? So supporting law, elections, and the Constitution is now treason. Got it!

    Bonus round: WHO exactly was he disloyal to? Not his voters. Is it the “Secret societies he wasn’t member of”, that Newt Gingrich said ON NATIONAL TV, was the reason he couldn’t be elected, and the reason why the CIA and letter agencies would come after him? Was that the same as when top Senator Chuck Schumer said Trump had better obey those same people, post haste, because they have “six ways to Sunday to get you”? Is starting an investigation based on fabricated evidence one of those six ways?

    As Mr. Comey said, “So many questions…”

    “Admitted Russian Agent Butina Asks US Court to Be Lenient (R.)”

    So Butina is secretly infiltrating a private organization, like the Kiwanis, by buying a membership and meeting the private club’s members? I’m sorry, what crime has happened? A woman joined an open organization while Russian? How does this legal visa-holder’s membership compare to so many open illegals working in Congress and openly campaigning for themselves while legal citizens of foreign nations? Cause I think that’s been okay with everyone.

    So anyway, her vile, un-American activities included, what exactly? Supporting the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Wow, you’re right, in this environment, that IS treason, and apparently we need to import H1B Visa holders for the job because nobody here is doing it. Beyond joining a club that is open to all, has no standards, is not a security risk, holds no legal power, and whose exclusive platform is supporting U.S. law, what else has she done?

    “to try to make Washington’s policy toward Moscow more friendly.”

    So she, and Russia, are promoting peace and friendship in a time now risking nuclear armegeddon? That’s evil indeed. We must stop this nascent friendship! We must root it out!

    “China Has Not Wasted A Single Penny On War (NW)”

    Jack Ma said the same thing so politely. He said, why is China ahead? You’ve spent $6 Trillion on wars that got you nothing. So . . . conclusions? Nope, none the American establishment will make.

    And actually China has spent quite an amount on defense, new ships, planes, tanks, satellites, but the point’s the same.

    “Sometime in the near future it is highly probable that the Arctic will no longer have sea ice, “

    Sea ice is now building, all over. Polar sea ice, glaciers in Pakistan, early snows in Tasmania, Arizona, L.A. London, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Spain, the Sahara, and no-freeze tea area of China and India, and another and another 2m snow in the Alps and Austria. Not definitive yet, but considering heat has embarrassingly plateaued for even 20 years while CO2 has risen, and is now perhaps 2 years on the downside with constant extreme cold events, I’ll take the other side of the Blue Ocean Event.

    But cheer up! unlike the AGW proponents who predicted the end of the world in 10 years every year for 30 years, the loss of NYC, the end of ice, the lack of snow on earth, the end of all polar bears, none of which have happened; AND unlike them who openly hide historic data, fabricate evidence, get caught, hide it, then shut off every temperature or satellite source whenever it goes against them, I actually CAN be discredited. Unlike them, if I’m wrong in 5 years — not 40 — I can be discredited and retract my argument. But not them. Never. No matter how many decades or how many failed computer models, which was ALL of them. Every one. Still waiting.


    Well put!

    V. Arnold

    How’s the book treating you?

    Very well. I’m enjoying it very much, but; boy oh boy is it packed full many details, history, satire, and tongue in cheek humor. Heller is like a talking time machine leading me back and forth through history’s events.
    Spanning centuries in one or two sentnces…
    But then, I’m barely breaking the surface at this juncture.

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