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    Figmund Sreud

    Re: Treasury Bond Massacre, Mortgage Rates Hit 5.35%, Highest since 2009, and it’s Only April

    If there is massacre in the markets, … there is an opportunity! Every time, …

    Consider: Treasury Bonds currently are oversold and down by almost four (4) standard deviations. Unprecedented!

    Usually – at least for the last hundred years – two (2) standard deviations is (was) just a right call for a turn around.

    … hence high time to buy bonds?

    … fwiw,

    F.S. ( … just musing out loud!)


    Part 1 of what promises to be a great series of posts by Igor Chudov on the methods used to manipulate public behavior in the wake of Covid:

    John Day

    Formerly T-Bear said:
    “TAE of late is reading like social media.
    Once some time ago the site subsisted to large extent on factual exchange and considered opinions.
    Facts are facts only if they can be proven or disproved.
    Beliefs, faith, religion, doctrine, theology, ideology, creeds, cults and cannon all cannot be disproved or proved – they are not factual although they may be fact in they exist.”

    That is eminently reasonable, and we should all give and receive slack.

    The main form of “reality testing” which humans practice is to see what their fellow group-member humans seem to believe. In times when there is rapid change, and worldview assumptions must be freshly questioned, our responses are largely social. It seems that our species-survival over the eons has relied more upon group cohesion and coordination than upon “facts”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love facts. I really enjoy finding an embedded flaw in fact or cognition, which might be making a hypothesis go all jiggledy-piggledy.
    Don’t you love finding the flaw in reasoning which is leading to intellectual suffering, and slaying it?

    It’s not always possible. We’re an inhomogenous aggregation of adults here, so the social-reality-testing is more difficult. I think we are agreeing to terms of engagement. I’m a Central Texas Buddhist with both Tibetan and Japanese leanings and a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, who feels like all truth should agree with all other truth, but who could not particularly get physics prof or church deacon interested in the proposition.

    Can atheists have ESP? How about agnostics?
    A Tibetan Buddhist teacher told me that “atheists can also know the truth”, and he told me without pausing to take a breath, POW, immediately, as if he was already completely sure of it…

    It would be wrong of me to expect anybody to take an experience of mine, which I relate to them, as proof of spiritual or psychic “realities”, which they have not personally known.

    I won’t do that. We still have a lot to discuss and share.


    Michael Reid

    The latest JMG

    Shortages of food, fertilizer, and a hundred other things are putting lives and livelihoods at risk, drought tightens its grip on the western half of North America, and equally unwelcome climate shifts hit other parts of the world.

    The Future At Five A.M.


    Facts- My Local, State and Federal Govt have attacked the citizens with psychological ops, forced lockdowns, forced masks, forced injections. All of these forced mandates are of extremely dubious nature both scientifically and ethically.

    Beliefs- All of the Organizations and Personal supporting, encouraging and enforcing these mandates should be stripped of all power and their livelihoods and THEIR personal freedom so that they may never do such harm again.

    Pivot to Ukraine War- Uniquely it is the same Clan/Cult that are “invested’ in advocating more destruction, control and death with their hypocritical War mongering.

    My reality? Both the Covid Cult and War Clan members are hypocritical scum causing immense damage locally and globally. They are destroying life, harming and damaging human lives, brainwashing
    and lying. They are doing this for their own personal pleasure and profit- be it financial gain or personal power gains within their cults.

    Awareness and Truth are wonderful potentials for a meaningful life. Do No Harm. When others seek and actively pursue harm, when they lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture and abuse- then what? Let them carry on abusing? No I don’t think so. They have gone too far for too long. Why? Because they are allowed the space to do so.

    It is time to close that space for their continued abuses. They will always try to continue abusing until they are stopped. Do not confuse yourself for one minute any longer- Compassion and loving kindness in action may also require harsh words and strong brutal responses- honorable violence is just that.

    When someone physically attacks you and gets the upper hand on you, when another comes to your defense and thwarts the attack on you- will you be grateful or offended a complete stranger (not a paid cop) took action to defend you?. This is the Spirit of community. Psychological and emotional attacks are just as sinister yet not as obvious- they may mess you up worse.

    Is it not obvious these past years that we are all under sinister attacks physically and psychologically? If you have not prepared yourself then begin now- if you are not willing to defend truth, love, social contracts, natural law, or spiritual principles then get the f out of the way. Courage negates cowardice and one simple action can change the planet and Universe to the direction of growth, balance and wonderful potentials for all. I’m not on this planet for my ego, I’m here to learn, grow and take action when necessary.

    Truth to Power, when they no longer hear or accept truth- if you can listen with awareness then you’ll know just what to do.

    My greatest respect towards the truth seekers and writers- Assange, Snowden, Manning, Gonzalo, Raul and all the others. Bring the light- and sometimes rip the curtains down violently to let it shine.

    Formerly T-Bear

    RT is reporting U. S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen and the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak have boycotted any G-20 ministerial meetings that the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov is present. Say by-by to the G-20 as an international forum. How infantile can U.S. get; third graders have matured well beyond Yellen and her British lap dog. This stupidity will sever most trust from other leading economies with U.S., U.K. and E.U. leadership for a long time to come.
    (remove spaces either side rt)

    https://www. rt .com/news/554236-g20-summit-boycott-russia/


    This comes off of a comment on Greer’s site. It’s an electric bus having a bad day.
    Maybe this is where “Ze Gyeat Yeset” is heading.

    those darned kids

    that’s just kiss’s latest tour bus.


    Ahh. Nice light show.

    Veracious Poet


    Our discourse has progressed into the obviousness of disinformation-conspiracy since 2016.

    I was hoping & praying that gen pop would start noticing the frothy jumping of the sharks, almost a daily phenom now, but alas it hasn’t happened, YET…

    RE: Spirituality…

    My experiences at attempting to commune with The Infinite & align with The Way, is that it’s almost impossible for the human brain to quantify, understand, explain.

    It has to be experienced, first through noticing the serendipity of existence, than by a personal introspection that usually requires varying amounts of pain…

    Spirituality is an individual experience, an inside vocation ~ Which is Infinitely made more difficult when that trickster the EGO is throttling control of free will.

    That is why when you happen upon someone explaining “Spirituality” in great detail, using absolutes, run away as quickly as possible 😯

    Regarding religion, it is the bastion of sociopaths seeking control of spiritually experienced teachers for power & riches IMHO…

    That is also why historical events like the Wisdom of Jesus was thoroughly polluted with contrarian absolutes, when the “scriptures” were written 30+ years after his crucifixion.

    You shall know them (other sojourners on The Path) by their fruits ~ A task quite easily done in this Godforsaken moment in history 😕

    In a sea of poisonous insanity, all one can do is keep their head & spirit above deep turbulence, until help arrives…

    Peace be to you & yours,



    @Germ said

    The good news is that Julian Assange most probably won’t be going to the US.
    The sad news is that it’s because he will likely end his own life in Belmarsh.
    It is beyond shameful what they’ve done to him.

    It could be argued that the aim has always been to kill him without turning him into a hero. An objective made easier as the British establishment loses its reluctance to be seen as the corrupting influence.


    @Figmund Sreud said ,,,

    The wise are the lovers of the harsh, unadulterated truth. They are capable of looking into the abyss without fear and trembling. They recognise neither God nor moral imperatives. They are devoted above all else to their own pursuit of the “higher” pleasures, which amount to consorting with their “puppies” or young initiates.

    A perfect description of Jimmy Saville. Maybe that is why the British establishment were attracted to his shit.

    D Benton Smith

    I’m sorry that my starkly unambiguous statement about the global conspiracy to revoke humanity’s occupancy permit put a brick through the glass of @VArnold’s closed Overton Window. My challenge to him is to go find and present good evidence that falsifies my hypothesis. Jimmy The Greek is giving 4 to 1 odds that V Arnold will be transformed in his opinions about my sanity by that process.

    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith

    When the wise old sage said “No man can tell another man what to do” he wasn’t spouting casual advice on how we ought to behave ourselves. He was abbreviating an immutable Law of Nature:

    The fact is, free will can not possibly impose itself over the free will of another against that other’s free will. Any attempt to do so is both misguided and doomed. It will always, only, and consequentially end up with the ‘imposed upon’ recipient of that imposition becoming “not present” at the receiving end of the deal. They just won’t be there any more. They will either be NO LONGER ABLE to be there (for example, dead) or at the very least they will be silenced and immobilized by the simple fact that the choice of doing anything other than that was withdrawn from the list of allowed choices to choose from.

    Quite ironically, the withdrawal of choices which actually allow free choice, is done at the command of the person who (delusionally) claims the power and authority to do so, and the equally delusional compliance to that “authoritative” command is acquiesced to by those who have, by an act of will, made the decision to pretend to comply. Let’s face it, they can’t actually let the imposer into their head to make that fatal decision (the choice of whether to comply or to defy) for them. They can only make that decision by deciding, which is free will. In brief, the only free will that one can POSSIBLY enforce is one’s own.

    The “logical spiralarity” of that one makes my brain hurt. But it’s true nonetheless. It is also the essence of all fights.

    But no matter which way the fight goes, the end will always always always be the same because that’s the only way that it CAN turn out. The imposer will wind up with no further victims with any free will to impose upon, and the would-be-compliant recipient will wind up having ALL choices being dictated, no more self-decided choices remain on the table. In other words, Free Will Is Compulsory, in the sense that you can’t not exercise it. And that one REALLY makes my brain hurt.

    Obviously this is just one more of those cases where seeking a balance between two diametrically opposite mistakes would seem to be the only practical way to avoid the predictable catastrophe of going too far toward either of the polar opposite extremes (Total Power or Total Subservience).

    So what does any of this philosophizin’ have to do with the alarming situation of genocidal World War 3.9 leading to probable extinction?

    Quite a bit.

    It means that the beatings will continue until some critical mass of people exercise Free Will (which they’ve had all along but have been fearful to use) by choosing to non-comply and stop pretending to be compliant with orders to do bad things to themselves and others, against their own free will. This requires and involves awareness and judgment. The capacity for awareness and judgement is what free will is in the first place, so that helps. It’s a positive feedback loop. The more you do the more able you are to do. The sooner that exponential resurgence ramps up then the less everyone will experience the consequences of earlier insane attempts to do the literally impossible act of imposing their will over another against that other’s will, or trying to allow others to actually decide decisions for them.

    In other words, if people don’t want others to keep on trying to impose false authority over every little micro-choice in their lives then they must stop doing those stupidly harmful things that the self-appointed suicide squad is telling them to do. Until that time, expect tin pot tyrants to continue what they’ve been up to so far.


    Noting Formerly T-Bear’s comments, I wonder if it is in a way a reflection of our economic state these days. Ever since we went off the gold standard, economics has evolved more and more from facts/numbers into non-facts/non-numbers.

    Today economics depends upon what the Fed/gov says it is. Today’s economy is totally rigged. Stocks, bonds, interest rates (price of money), real estate, etc. are all controlled. The are no longer any free markets anywhere now. Markets are no longer places where prices are discovered and set Arguing about economics is pointless these days as every economic thing we ever learned growing up, no longer is valid. Nothing is cut and dry. Today there is little investing. Only gambling now. Just the mention of the Credit Derrivative Committee underscores that economic means today what the gov says it is. TAE use to feature more economic discussions early in it’s life. Maybe this is what Formerly T-Bear misses. I certainly do.

    TAE has had to simply move on because economics is now like flailing a dead rotten horse.

    I define myself as the sum of my life’s experiences. That is why you and I are different. We all took different paths through life. How could it be otherwise?

    Sometimes I feel like the ant who takes it’s own life in it’s hands, by deciding to cross the busyious highway thre is, a human sidewalk! So I have sympathy for our furry friends who decide to cross human highways. As in “Dead Shunk In The Middle Of The Highway”!

    In some ways I envy the ant. It is not bothered in the least about the meaning of life, since it doesn’t have the capacity to do so. So the ant goes through it’s life, too busy to worry about the meaning of life. The ant leaves it up to us humans to do all the worrying about the meaning of life!


    While we are on collective Western insanity. Not sure shows like this are big in other parts of the multi polar world

    John Day

    @VP Gary: I agree that you can’t relate with words , that which has never been experienced by the hearer, and that these explorations are personal. I am also glad we can mention it here.

    @D Benton Smith:
    Free will exists. When humans of domineering disposition seek to curtail all possible choices for a person or group, other than the choice of their choosing, they are usually threatening the group with death, or at least unemployment.

    To my perception, one of the greater exercises of free will is to avoid compromising situations in life.

    The assumption about forcing people to do one’s will implies that those people have been trapped by the wilful tyrant. It assumes that one can be trapped, which may not apply to everybody. I try to keep it from applying to me, and I try to be helpful to others who seek to be free.

    Spirit-nature, as I experience it, is less bound by time and space, and gives me clues and points things out to me, for my consideration. It seems benevolent towards me and towards other living beings, but I have to pay attention, and I have to want to escape tyranny and to want to help others escape tyranny. Tyranny is best escaped before one is in a trap, right?
    Pre-emptive escape.

    : Sometimes the practice of non-violence requires stopping or preventing a violent act, as I see it. That is the choice of lessening the total violence. It’s not non-violent to stand back and let a bully beat a weaker person if you can stop it. That’s my synthesis. In the moment, things are usually clear.

    John Day

    @WES: Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road, 1972, Loudon Wainwright III


    Wes I agree re finance. TAE started on the oil drum. It looks like we are now on the GasDrum in reality moving to a geopolitical Mad Maximum.
    We are mostly westerners here so it is shocking to be preyed upon as previously we have lived in a culture and physical life enriched by ‘spoils’. It’s our turn to be brown and it sucks on that level but has so many gifts…

    V. Arnold

    DBS #106484
    I’m sorry that my starkly unambiguous statement about the global conspiracy to revoke humanity’s occupancy permit put a brick through the glass of @VArnold’s closed Overton Window.

    You did no such thing…
    Quite simply: There is no conspiracy to cause the extinction of Humans on the planet Earth…
    That’s a belief not supported by reality; a failure of applied(?) critical thinking…

    Michael Reid

    I watched the Jessica Rose interview.
    She seems shaken and having difficulties communicating and thinking and I have been there.

    Ok so the thing is those who have been injected will die an early death.

    That is not speculation. We have seen the papers.

    The masses of injected are in a government cult and feel they are the good people.

    The government wants the masses to die. The masses cannot believe this.

    Therefore I see no hope for the masses even if they were to become aware of their situation.

    Those of us who refuse injection need to focus on survival.

    When it comes to survival violence is a useful tool.

    I do not have a clear picture of the future.
    In my remote location everyone is injected so I expect a rapid die off over a few years.

    How will the government deal with us who refuse? The government is not my friend.

    On a more positive note I made bread today.

    Michael Reid


    Sad report about Gonzalo Lira.

    BREAKING! Gonzalo Lira Kidnapped in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

    Figmund Sreud

    Greer talks about “the care and feeding of the imagination.”

    “If you want to understand why something is happening, insisting angrily that there can be no possible reason for it to happen is not a useful way to start.”

    The Future At Five A.M.

    The Future At Five A.M.

    D Benton Smith


    I reckon that the agency through which one gets entrapped by so-called authorities is the self determined choice of avoiding one’s own responsibility by deferring responsibility to them. For example, if I think I’m not strong or smart or informed enough to protect myself from big criminals then I might defer that authority to the police and the rest of the justice system to handle it for me. My personal views weren’t taken into consideration when the authority of that Institutionalized System was set up, but I acceded to its authority pretty quick when I ran into my first cop in an incident involving the velocity of the motor vehicle I was operating at the age of 14 or so. (the following redramatization has been extensively edited for artistic purposes).

    The cop tells me to stop and answer a bunch of intrusive questions. I questioned his right to hassle me. He claimed to have the authority to compel my cooperation. I inquired as to where he got that authority from because it certainly wasn’t from me and he said it was given to him by the Government. This naturally led to the question of who made them the boss and he replied that voters elected legislators who then passed laws which created a government that gave him a nice paycheck and the authority to arrest smartass kids and put them in jail where they would learn a lot more stuff and have time to contemplate all sorts of things like force, and law and authority. I saw through the fraud instantly, of course, but I could also see he was bigger than me, carried a gun and was probably telling the truth about being backed up by an organized well financed gang of accomplices. Quickly calculating that resistance was futile I, too, acceded to his claim of having “authority”, even though I had played no part whatsoever in the original design or establishment of a system so prone to totalitarian abuse, corruption and vicarious violence.

    So authority doesn’t derive from the one who claims to have it or who uses it. It derives from some quasi-mystical source EXTERNAL to and PRECEDING the claimant , which supposedly GAVE it to them. Neat trick, and very effective, but it begs the question of where in the hell the so-called “authority” came from in the first place. Who the hell had the original “authority” to grant or certify more authority, and who gets the final say in determining adjustments? Kind of a deep question. And yet extremely pertinent to ordinary day-to-day living.

    I maintain that it comes from free will. We choose, of our own free will, either to take responsibility onto ourselves or to cede that authority (for whatever reason) to others. We tend to do that when we need or want something that we think we can’t accomplish solo. Urgency born of ignorance or fear tends to accelerate and amplify the process. We think we need the power to impose our will (to get what WE want or need) over the will of another, even when it’s against what THEY want (i.e. against THEIR will).

    That works fairly well as long as the “imposition of will” is limited to persuasion and voluntary dealing, but when it degenerates into robbery, lies, duress and even the threat of death it becomes a nasty business, which easily spirals out of control. I think it has spiraled out of control. I also think that the only way we’re going to get back to our regular real-life normal activity is to get it back under control.

    That requires reclaiming one hell of a lot of the authority we foolishly gave away earlier as a solution to being ignorant and afraid. And I don’t think that the guys we ceded it to intend to cede back voluntarily. The task would seem to be persuading them, and I don’t believe it’s wise to cede the authority to accomplish that that to anyone other than ourselves.

    D Benton Smith


    So show me the supportive evidence for your strongly held opinion. I’ve been wrong before, show me how I’m wrong this time. I double-dog-dare ya.

    Michael Reid

    I maintain that it comes from free will. We choose, of our own free will, either to take responsibility onto ourselves or to cede that authority (for whatever reason) to others.

    Nicely said



    I hear bye anoint you as a full fledged member of the Bakers Guild!

    V. Arnold


    So show me the supportive evidence for your strongly held opinion. I’ve been wrong before, show me how I’m wrong this time. I double-dog-dare ya.

    Nice try…you are the one who made the declarative statement that there is a conspiracy to make humans extinct. You offered no documentation or proof, or any evidence whatsoever….
    …and now I’m challenged to offer supportive evidence? Prove a negative?
    I don’t think so…

    D Benton Smith


    Please accept my apologies for making this any kind of a personal thing. I have sometimes been unintentionally insensitive to other’s feelings when I get wrapped up in the effort to make a point through clever language, and I fear I have in some way done so with you. I will be more careful and try not to do it again.

    V. Arnold

    D Benton Smith #106502

    No worries there…
    I have observed that you are generally a fair person to have dialogue with…
    We can leave this where it is and move on…


    I do not (and have never had) twitter, youtube, facebook (meta?) and so am (thankfully) blissfully unaware of the level of discourse found on those sites, only occassionally viewing a series of tweets from investigative journos and talking heads.

    I’m unsure if my comment regarding Assange’s fate laying in the hands of UK Home Secretary Priti Patel could be misconstrued as as judgement on her “based on my own non-factual mindset”. If it could be interpreted as mere opinion with a slight embellishment towards tragicomedy, I can rectify that with “facts”.

    This yt clip from BBC question time sees Patel arguing the case for capital punishment to return to the UK statute books as means of a “deterrent”


    For myself, in recent recalibration and on reflection, I’ve decided to replace the mental concept of (Western) “Nations” with “local Franchises of Globohomo”.

    With that simple substitution, my historical expectations of independence, rationality, citizen representation etc are “right-sized”.

    That is the simple reality we need to adjust to, though it is by no means the only option for the future.

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