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    Masks are better at hiding a ugly face; it does a better job than makeup.
    Keeping your distance from other people is good. It reduces body odors when you pass gas.
    Washing hands removes the visible dirt that hides germs.
    Therefore, since it makes me feel good, I happy to stop and put on my mask and glove, in the garden, when you yell at me from 30 feet. 🙂


    Interesting perspective:
    — So on a mind control level, a new concept would have to be introduced. It was, “morality above freedom”

    However, the idea of “morality above freedom” is hardly new. The Puritans at Plymouth Rock were quite familiar with the concept. I was raised in mainstream Mormonism…a religion which got its footing in the 1830s. It is sometimes seen as a very “American” religion. As a child I was taught that God had granted us all free will, but if we violated God’s moral code (as outlined by the religions leaders of the Mormon church) and did not sufficiently repent (repentance for major sins intermediated by those same religious leaders) that we would not be able to live with our families in the afterlife. (Ouch! Have been watching The 100 recently. The nefarious AI would get people to submit by causing pain/threat of death to loved ones.)

    I propose that if we are going to pit freedom vs. morality-defined-by-authority that both sides of the coin have been in this country since it was colonized by religious zealots in the 1600s. It ain’t new. Perhaps it is “newer” that the politico-economic Titans are the ones pulling the strings, rather than dominant religious leaders?

    And, technically, there is a benign side to this. Humans have empathy. Our minds are wired so that when we see suffering in others who are deemed similar to ourselves that we feel some measure of their suffering. This can be seen as the biological underpinning of morality. There is nothing wrong with choosing to curb one’s own desire if the expression of that desire causes distress to another. The freedom is in the choice one has to act or refrain from acting.

    Of course, when an authority dictates to us what our actions should be, creating a “meta-morality” this subverts our freedom — we lose the ability to choose.

    (However…it is not necessarily malign for an authority to dictate morality…parents need to do this for their young children, as their minds are not developed sufficiently to do it on their own. The difference is in the relationship — emotionally healthy parents are strongly invested in the well-being of their children, and in close communication with them. This helps parents to navigate minding their children. I do not propose that this is foolproof — it is not — but it does work much of the time. However, in the case of adults…an authority dictating to them a moral code is anathema to freedom, it is treating adults like children.)

    Mr. House

    “THEMATRIXREVEALEDVolume 1:JONRAPPOPORTInterviewsELLIS MEDAVOY (Part 1 of 3)Copyright © 2011 by Jon Rappoport74A: Look, it’s ALL about PR. Take Tesla, Royal Rife, this doctor, Koch, you’ve been writing about. They were buried by PR operations put together by people who knew what they were doing. So you get a wipe‐out of the real knowledge, the real potential breakthroughs, and then on top of that you have kids learning about science that can’t be the latest thing, because the latest thing was buried 70 years ago. It…an analogy would be someone studying how to play the violin by using his elbows, after the actual way to play the damn thing had been discredited for some reason or another. Do you see?Q: And in the public schools?A: They say, “Look, we have kids who can go to college and they have social skills, they can get along, they know a few things.” The PR people do a dance, and yet when you make a kid sit down and write something, it looks like a spider dipped in ink was let loose on the page. To allow that takes PR. You have to spin it. You have to account for it and excuse it and say it’s better than nothing. You have to say a lot of things, and then you have to outright lie too. But beyond that, you have to understand that the lesser IQ and lesser ability is like a planned state. It’s planned to work out that way. The teachers and the school people‐‐‐they’re really the pawns. They work in the dark. They try. But way above them, planned lower IQ and ability…they are implemented like a train wreck might be planned. You move the train on to the wrong track over time, and you supply PR to make it seem like it’s all right. The PR is the glue that makes people believe it’s the best that can be done, or something like that.I could get into a lot more detail, because I know something about curriculum, how you can make a method and an outcome look intelligent when really, underneath, the kid has very shaky basic skills. You can make this kid look like he’s sophisticated when he really isn’t. You feed him ideas that are pretty impressive on some level, and he finds a way to paraphrase that in his mind, and he makes you think he’s very smart to the ways of the world and what’s important…but really he’s not. He’s subtly programmed. He knows that something bad is going on with trees dying of diseases, and he can talk about that, but really he can’t do the English. Not really. He can’t. He’s a nice child and he has a good heart, but he is programmed. …you’ve seen kids like this. They seem to be wise beyond their years, but because some central element is missing from their learning, they are handicapped. They have to choose what they’re choosing. They are directed. They are fed a given theme and they are plumped up with some nice ideas about that theme and they can converse about it…but it doesn’t come from them. Not really.”

    Greta Thunberg…………………….

    Mr. House


    Its not the overall larger picture of that since the founding, i’m saying look at it now. If you don’t take these never before used experimental vaccines, you are a bad person and everyone should shun you. Kinda like the scarlet letter.

    madamski cafone

    @ pheonixvoice

    “Over the winter the state allowed localities to have rules about masking. The state mandated schools use masks, and recommended remote learning for much of the winter. In the summer there were strict rules about number of people in stores and such, but the rules had been relaxed during the winter, as compared to the summer — and the government imposed rules regarding masking and number of people in stores are gone now. (I believe there are still rules for care homes for the elderly and vulnerable.) There have been a few minor rules…the local libraries are still curbside and online service only…that was a local, city decision. What lockdown during the winter?”

    It makes good sense to me. Summer is when the builkdings are closed and running nasty dry airconditioned air moving all over everyone; winter is often shirtsleeve weather down there, so indoors is then relatively safer.

    Masks make some sense in schools because, well, kids are retarded. (As are people who object top me using that word.) They spit on each other. They’re gross. Masks reduce that.

    Most issues these days are B&W polarized into false dichotomies roughly reflecting one or the other duopoly parties. Masks not all bad/masks not all good. Lockdowns not all bad/lockdowns not all good. etc.

    Mr. House

    Read that pdf link posted by Dr. D I can’t recommend it enough. Think about what that person is saying with regards to the last 20 years in the united states. Hell the last five years.


    Mr House: you’re hitting it out of the park today. Period. Whether the sun is in a person’s eyes so they can’t see the ball depends on where they’re sitting in the stadium. Keep posting. It’s appreciated.

    madamski cafone

    @ phoenixvoice

    “Ouch! Have been watching The 100 recently. The nefarious AI would get people to submit by causing pain/threat of death to loved ones.”

    We got tossed about by our love. Xtians make a huge thing about Jesus being cruucified to “atone for our sins” and “the power of the blood”. (I don’t disparage these ideas, per se, just saying they’ve become the de facto measing of the cruucifixion since at least 300-ish CE.)

    This ignores something more essential, more human and, more godly: letting Himself be crucified to shopw that He too must suffer consequences and so will they if they wish to pursue life as God allegedly intended it to be. Who here wouldn’t offer their life for one of their children?

    Real leaders risk, even offer, their lives to honor the privilege of being followed for love of love not money. I’d give my life to experience just a week of that. As price for three years of being surrounded by people trying to live by the higher truth of love than by the mundane rule of law ot worse, I think JC cut a fine bargain on Golgotha. As did WIlliam Wallace in London:

    Wallace was transported to London, lodged in the house of William de Leyrer, then taken to Westminster Hall, where he was tried for treason and for atrocities against civilians in war, “sparing neither age nor sex, monk nor nun.” He was crowned with a garland of oak to suggest he was the king of outlaws. He responded to the treason charge, “I could not be a traitor to Edward, for I was never his subject.”[48][49]

    Following the trial, on 23 August 1305, Wallace was taken from the hall to the Tower of London, then stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield.[50] He was hanged, drawn and quartered—strangled by hanging, but released while he was still alive, emasculated, eviscerated and his bowels burned before him, beheaded, then cut into four parts.[51] His preserved head (dipped in tar) was placed on a pike atop London Bridge. It was later joined by the heads of the brothers, John and Simon Fraser. His limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling and Perth. A plaque unveiled 8 April 1956, stands in a wall of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital near the site of Wallace’s execution at Smithfield. It includes in Latin the words “Dico tibi verum libertas optima rerum nunquam servili sub nexu vivito fili” (I tell you the truth. Freedom is what is best. Sons, never live life like slaves.), and in Gaelic “Bas Agus Buaidh” (Death and Victory), an old Scottish battle cry.[52]

    Itals show how it’s done, imo.

    Incidentally, on torture: modern psych finally realized that torture works best without a public audience. Making martyrs is usually stupid, almost always if they’re publicly executed. Try torturing someone with their family around them also being tortured. You’ll be astounded by how much resilience they draw from each others’ presence, and how forgiving they are if one of them cracks.

    Extreme rendition in isolation works not as a means of gaining secret info but as a means of totally terrifying and humiliating an individual. Even so, many of the Gitmo gang survbived their years in isolation. pretty sure it was because they were extremely religious, and focused irrational human energy is perhaps more powerful than anything but, the putative God it so often turns to.

    madamski cafone

    What Mr. House said about Dr. D’s .pdf with the Matrix reference.

    madamski cafone

    Incidentally, one problem with all the people staying home is that the more media they consume, the less they like it and fall for the bullshit. Repeat a Big Lie too long… and it falls apart. They’re credulity balloons much like the monetary balloon blown by Wall Stree/Fed, huge flimsy gossamer that looks huge across the sky supported by all that warm bloviation and a bit of bread’n’circuses, but requires ever more bloviation power and circus bread to stay aloft and expanding without showing too many wrinkles betraying it’s an illusion.

    I see wrinkles. Big ones. Fault line wrinkles.

    Now, more and more people are coming out from unter the masks and talking to each other even with the political porcupne syndrome so many have endured here. (“Ow! You hurt me!” they cry as they shoot barbed quills into your skin.) This will be a huge fault line, this talking without interface except vibrating air molecules and body language.

    Maxwell Quest


    “They have also embraced other questionable beliefs, such as the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. The organization’s founder, Simone Gold, is a physician who was recently arrested as part of the coup attempt at the United States Capitol on January 6.”

    I, too, didn’t make it very far into your posted article attacking the AFLDS before screeching to a halt. When it insisted on immediately referencing the establishment talking points about the stolen 2020 election and its resulting capitol protest, I knew that the authors were either paid propagandists or victims of their own echo-chamber profession. It had all the hallmarks of an establishment ‘hit piece’.

    When it comes to the recent election, I would have no qualms about plopping down $100,000 betting that it was stolen. The evidence is overwhelming. As for the Jan 6th ‘coup attempt’, the claim is just too silly to merit rebuttal.

    The content of the article was nothing different than might be seen on CNN or MSNBC, or for that matter, found on any of the establishment-controlled ‘fact-checking’ web sites like Snopes and Wikipedia.

    madamski cafone

    from the “matrix” article:

    “A: You have to know your people.
    Q: Spot the weakness.”

    Fauci was such an obvious wannabe insecure gloryhog, filled with enough internal smoke’n’mirrors to hide the truth from himself. A natural choice. Clenis was another. Not that I saw him for what he is back then. I was a total sucker. But it’s so obvious. Hillary, probably as much his handler as his wife, seems to have gone rogue and has had to be diminished. I wonder what her mysterious ailments in 2016 were. JU&st sick enough to appear too weak for the job.

    Obama is SO Orlando Calrissian but without Orlando’s redeeming qualities. “This deal keeps getting worse, ” he says, but goes right along. No hero badge for him.

    I DON’T think Obama is running Biden. I suspect that, if anything, Biden was, instead, one of Obama’s many handlers back then. Just an earpiece, certainly no persuader: Obama probably despised him. But there he was, been in the Senate forever, Old Joe, in closest immediate audio range. A voice of influence. Hillary was probably more Obama’s handler than Biden, probably knew that having the first black man as president carried more political water than the first woman (dynasty) president, but hated having her Red Queen act challenged. She seems to have this bloodlust, being a sociopathic nightmare while Obama is merely a lameass high-functioning psychopath chickenshsit as much in over his head as the rest of them.

    Sure, the cabinet is all old Obama era retreards. But that doesn’t mean that OBAMA is their boss. We haven’t had a president in charge since… Carter, and they did him like they’ve done Trump the past 4 years: interference all around. Before that, JFK seems to have been in on the deal until he took LSD (my preferred perspective) and caught the utopia fever the CIA had unwittingly spawned by letting all that LSD run wild for awhile. Got taken out.

    “There’s this guy from the CIA and he’s creeping around Laurel canyon.” Frank Zappa

    Plastic People Who’s running Biden? The usual collage, I say, with shifting members and intra-power balances

    Please, don’t anyone here think I don’t believe in core elite cabals infested with evil. Jeffrey Epstein alone proves glaringly otherwise. Actually, I believe in Masonic Illuminati AND Nephilim ancient conspiracy theories. I’m a frickin NUT. Flying saucers, ark of the covenant, guardian angels, Melurian ley lines… gimme summorah that stuff, yeamen.

    I just don’t think they have much power outside their ability to (sotto voce) get people to constantly pay attention to whatever shit charade they’re showing on your silver screen including countless conspiracy websites who “…make it complex enough that it will take armies of people to sort it out and argue about it, and then you have them.” (It’s not unlike the Biblical notion of the Debbil as The Whisperer, if you look at it.)

    Whomever they are, they can’t command armies or genuine economies or anything more than parasitic leechings via mind control, and mind control only goes so far. Your Jedi tricks won’t work on me, said the little brother to his bossy big sister. I know about your dildo. I took a picture.

    As long as the focus is on them, they’re in power even if your focus on them comes from an entirely skeptical cynical rational facts-only basis of incredulity: focus on them and you give them your power. Consider another well-known focus on power: worship of God. People obsess over it, in the process typically altering and sullying their interface with God as they understand It. Almost all serious spiritual adepts follow practices ultimately aimed to make you forget your programming, to NOT OBSESS and thereby attain the clarity of awareness to sense that deep inner basic current in one’s soul. They obsess on not obsessing because you can’t make yourself know God by thinking about God even though, hyper-cerebral as we homo saps are, we have to initially follow the thinking path to reach that place. About the time the battle between the impossibilities — that of thinking on how to not think about God and that of thinking about how to think about God — have bashed one senseless, one’s mind collapses and lets God make Itself known. Something like that.

    Same with this here stuff we call politics. It all happens locally, not on the silver screen. Witness Florida versus Washington states. Different narrative filters, different handlers, different dynamics from each other despite them all sharing easily 90-plus the same media exposure profiles, different covid responses. A crowd, a populace, a mob are made of individuals. Disrupt the matrix lattice that holds them together in effectively copntrolled harness, and they roam all over the fucking place and pretty soon they’ve burned Bill Gates’ house down.

    So I focus internally on things one can do, here, now, soon, whatever, and where I focus my outward energy, I look for things that actually empower my basic optimism, enthusiasm for life… including enthusiasm for things like heroism, cuz anyone who thinks it won’t require either heroism or a buncha good luck (and probably both) to get through this cusp without being horribly degraded within oneself, is totaly blowing smoke out their eyes.

    I find simple huge targets like God, be it planetary gods like Gaia or cosmic gods like YHVH or (take your pick) especially effective for me and many that I know, but it doesn’t matter what you name your hronir, I feel. It just helps to have a giant imaginary friend to focus on rather than a giant (and also mostly imaginary) enemy to focus on.

    Get thee behind me, Jesus told Satan.

    Eat my dust, in other words. I don’t fear you even with a gun pointed at my back, because as I fear, so dies my soul, and I believe I have a soul and that it is my entire life, not the parade of thoughts and sensory data I create/consume. (If He’d placed Satan before Him so He could keep an eye on him, he would be following Satan as much as His own sense of direction and purpose. Not wise to splt oneself between the holy and the profane.)


    Now that’s what I’m talking about.

    madamski cafone

    I want a toilet that plays this when it flushes for Moab:

    Listen to the Song of the Ooh-woo Girls

    Mr. House

    ” I told you many years ago—and you used this—that if you can show the public other people dying all over the place, you can construct the name of a new disease around that image, and people will accept the “fact” of the new disease. Because they react. Because they FEEL. It works. That was and is AIDS in Africa. I helped build that time line. That was my job. You and I did at least one interview around that.”

    madamski cafone

    “A; Because that makes people more governable. You coalesce public opinion so that
    the public becomes more governable. Otherwise, people will just destroy each other.
    Q; You believe that.
    A: Yes.”

    Now that is what I’d call the voice of the devil if ever I heard it. THere is evil that thinks it is good, right there.

    Mr. House

    Keep reading, he gets better towards the end. I’m just about finished


    My dad and his artist pal knew Schulz back in the 50s and would bring me used paper from him. When Schulz moved in the late fifties, I got a bunch of it. I was always looking for more paper- I was (am) a drawing fiend. A while back Antiques Roadshow put an astonishing value on one of those pencil drafts. I coulda been a millionaire! (Of course, they would have to have ignored the toddler’s scribbles on the reverse). Ah, well.

    madamski cafone

    “A: It’s not my field. I’m sure there is a cover‐up of something, but I don’t know exactly what. You see, for me it’s all about the reaction. A colleague of mine once told me that saucers have been recovered. I didn’t accept what he was saying as the truth, because I didn’t exactly trust him. He might have been testing my own reaction.”

    Here is an example of why conspiracies only go so far. Plausible deniability equals mutual incredulity. The lines of command darken the more one uses cutouts.

    “As far as I can tell, the balloon testers are a bit unhappy about what they have learned in their experiments. It appears that a great many people are anxious to make new alliances…in other words, the idea of UFOs is very appealing because people feel that it symbolizes a way out of some kind of impasse, a doorway into a better reality. Not in a religious sense, necessarily, although there is that. But just as an escape from the oppressive conditions of life. UFOs become a symbol of freedom”

    FASCINATING. I recall that before 911, UFOs/X-Files theories were the biggest general regular search item on the net after the gold standard of porn. Then 911 sucked up all that energy and we all became fascinated with the All-Seeing NWO Order formerly broadcast from the Twin Towers (so to speak) but now run throughout the media complex recently fuly informed with surveillance capacity via xtml (among many new emerging methods including passing the Patriot Act so we could just plug right into the grapevine).

    What do they find? Whatever it is, it might have something to do with the zillion Hollywood superhero skiddy shows that pass for adult entertainment these days. Since I’m a nut, I’ll reward my secret fellow travelers and ponder that there really is a race of (possibly exiled?) “nephilim”/”aliens” on earth using certain advanced know who are scared shitless that some other demiruge force will return and kick their ass. Perhaps they’re doing research on how to discredit the returning Messiah or some crazier idea.

    Maybe the arms race is an attempt to defend themselves from returning space cavalry. Sure it’s crazy. So is reality. Indulge me, pls. It’ll be fun: maybe the rreason the likes of the Inquisition were so fussy about science being based, an arrogation of God, had a sincere initial impulse (the Inquisition seemed mostly about power and then the sickness power breeds). Maybe some of the early prophets and church fathers understood enough about this End Times stuff they went on about to know that the devil/demons on earth would want to make super-weapons aginst the Return of Jeebus or Mithras or whatever name was The Name for whomever. Steadily losing control of their narrative especially after Rome got involved, they retained certain essential things if possible, like don’t let the people build weapons that can reach the sky, even symbolic weapons like the Tower of Babel, more dangerous to its makers than alien incoming.

    Funny how the Library at Alexandria got burned in 46 BCE (free cheesy speculation, I wonder what googling that via udo/NWO etc. theory would bring up)

    Funny how sciencve finally broke through and 400 years later we’re scorching the planet with it. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s sour grapes: if we can’t keep it then you can’t have it. Here, terraform this, mutherfucking skygods! Fits with their incessantly insidiously narcosociopathic profiles, these crazy fuckers. Even fits with the Zionist component accompanying much of it. Makes sense that, if there IS anything to this prophecy jive about the Jews and their crazy cousins, Xtians and Muslims, then it’s logical that the Ginger Ones of Nephilia would want to coopt it in a way that has the Holy Sites nuked before Sky King can return, there being some limitations to space travel, time travel, inter-dimensiional travel, not to mention advance release dates of Hollywood movies about all this.

    Blast every drop of sacred naoparticle of, say, the Ark of the Covenant before YHVH can do whatever Yahweh does with such things, maybe even fucking FIND us in the first place. (Like maybe Das Portal only opens at certain times, and/or works in weird ways, and if you don’t get the homing signal, you’re lost?)

    Who knows? I hope I’ve enertained and done so in a thought-intriguing way. And now, Lawrence Welk Presents:

    Sun Ra Speaks

    UFOs/space travel as a symbol of freedom, including Afrofuturism.

    Weird times we live in.

    Mr. House

    After reading this, i’m convinced something terrible will happen in the near future. If Covid is an “OP” then it isn’t taking well enough. How the person telling us this in Dr. D’s PDF talks, they’ll think, well we gave them a chance to do this the easy way, now the velvet gloves come off and you get smacked with the metal gauntlet.


    For the Schulz fans here – I was given these books by my father almost 50 years ago. I rarely open them, and have never translated the German one (bogged down in computer languages).


    I am so tickled y’all like “ellis medavoy”.


    Bayer seeking bankruptcy protection does not mean what you think it does!
    It is a legal way to avoid all present legal responsibilities and past harms.
    So Bayer going bankrupt means business as usual minus any past accumulated baggage.

    John Day

    Hi Madamski,
    I like your ramblings about aliens and the tower of babel, and Nephilim.
    It reminds me of this book I just got introduced to , week before last.

    madamski cafone

    from the Matrix thingie:

    “The cartels operate on the basis that, in order to lead the mass of people, you must
    direct their emotions toward an enemy. That mobilizes people. That keeps them in
    line. Without an enemy, the people will soon grow tired of external control. They
    will naturally drift into more natural freedom. The cartels know they must derail
    this drift.”

    This demonstrates why I rail against railing against The Enemy and, instead, working locally for the good. Defang the enemy in the public mind and the enemy becomes weak in the public mind. Since the enemy mostly exists only in the public mind, it becomes functionally impotent.

    @ JOhn Day

    Glad you like religiious sci-fi. 😉

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    Also, while Urantia was always too verbose for me to get into, Jaco Pastorius did:

    The Heaven Of Urantia

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “…now the velvet gloves come off and you get smacked with the metal gauntlet.”

    Which is where they lose. The whole thing is based on the *illusion* of freedom. Remove that and people go apeshit. They’ll try and float some populist charismatic for people to center on, but it won’t hold because they have nothing left to offer (having wasted it all), and nothing to take away (having wasted it all).

    China is all they have left; and China is in bad shape too, and only partly theirs.

    Russia quit playing their game. Armed itself to the teeth. Isn’t scared of them cuz it knows they’re failures at everything except lying. In fact, Russia’s hardest job regarding them is making them believe Russia is telling the simple plain truth.

    I don’t think they understand plain truth. Doesn’t compute. They keep looking for the lie they are convinced hides behind the lie. They really can’t believe someone is telling them, FUCK YOU. Even harder for them to believe is that Russia can continue getting away with it like it has since around the Georgia fiasco in the Caucasus.

    madamski cafone

    Matrix thingie:

    “I have to admit that there are many people who have managed to position their
    consciousness outside these thought‐forms, outside these fields. And THEIR
    problem is getting other people, the slaves, to do the same thing.”

    Here is where I see a professional liar incapable of perceiving the reality underlying the lies he helped create. He wants us to all learn how walk in lockstep together, but somehow free. If only we could all become immune to propaganda, he says. I don’t think the man is retired at all. I think he’s laying ground work for a propaganda vaccine, so to speak.

    Our problem is to stop expecting others to conform to this or that, but to practice working together on things we do agree about, period, with no regard for how this affects the hypnotic zeitgeist other than this: let our works be good and not promote, justify, and especially, not rationalize away evil. (“lesser evil” false dichotomies)

    It’s been a fascinating read, and revelatory in many ways, but the guy can’t retire. It’s in his blood. He’s still planting stories. A bit of a limited hangout with with some early tilling of the radical fringe zeitgeist to continue supporting the same old message: NOTHING IS GOOD UNLESS WE ALL DO IT TOGETHER THE SAME WAY.

    I love guys like Ellis Medavoy. They reveal so much more than they realize, being blind by a very isolatred life and its attendant hermitic confirmation biases.

    madamski cafone

    Also, the man sells the internet as if it were holy water when he knows damn well it’s the greatest surveillance/propaganda tool since the confession booth. Poor man just cayn’t hepp his seff!

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