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    D Benton Smith

    @V-Arnold you mused, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if the “good guys” were actually the bad guys; and those we identify as the bad guys were actually the good guys…………….??? 😉

    A lot of the religious literature speculates on that possibility, such as selling the Anti Christ to a traumatized and desperate humanity. But in the final analysis it’s not that hard to tell good guys from bad guys.

    Good guys are NOT devoted to the pursuit of suicidally attempting to impose their will over the will of others against their will. The reason they don’t is that it’s patently obviously wrong. (and the ability to tell right from wrong plays an important role in being good .)

    Good guys don’t pursue power for it’s own sake, because they intuitively know that doing so won’t work to produce the originally intended end result (gratified awareness of the survival of self) , and will therefore fail pretty quickly and have other undesirable consequences. So it’s wrong.

    The good guys know this. Bad guys don’t.

    There are many ways to spot them.

    Authoritarian power, hidden belligerence, ill gotten gains, and efforts to shut people up or negate the intrinsic value of other peoples are also dependably characteristic of bad guys.

    Few people (good or bad) would disagree with the notion that identifying ones SELF as an immaterial spirit vs identifying ones SELF as an objectively material system are a dichotomy of polar opposites. The differences of opinion are revealed (the trouble starts) over the question of which of the two one SHOULD be. Which one is “better” ? Which one should be sought after? If you had a choice then which one would you WANT?

    Good guys want to be better off in their hearts, in their awareness, because that’s who they are. Bad guys want to better off materially, because that’s what they think they are: material. They’re wrong about that, of course, which eventually leads to being more and more wrong about more and more things. Profound stupidity is a common trait.

    D Benton Smith


    One of the dependable points of stability that I personally fall back on when the going gets tough is that, popular or not, matter how murky the situation, you just can’t go wrong by becoming more aware.

    Veracious Poet

    But “becoming more aware” is an uncomfortable process, which pleasure-based humans avoid to “live the dream”…

    It would be awesome to be alive & witness the next Natural Law evolutionary revolution, but that obviously is not in the cards (or nuts), as it would entail “becoming more aware” on a grand scale 😕

    Dr. D

    “EU confirming all 27 member states will have to implement the Covid green pass by July 1st.”

    So we’re into full inflation, collapse, and war rationing by July 1st. Got it.

    I agree with the bad habits of both PCR and Orlov. Obviously Orlov has moved from a self-clever fellow to a raging jackass that has also joined with Russia as a mental merge, but having never done that, doesn’t realize it’s caused a blind spot. Or more like a wing. We all learn.

    Having listened to PCR for years, it’s very clear that he is so frustrated as to be beside himself and at wit’s end concerning what’s going on and having to watch it with nothing changing and his correct warning falling on deaf ears. And also the realization that at 80 or something, he’s going to die in this state. That’s a sh–y situation as someone recently said. So I think he had hope that “Something would happen” as we all do, and is far more disappointed about it than he thinks. Old men get like this, but if he could take a breath on well-proven cynicism and raw emotion, he would see that things that are happening are fine, but unfortunately for our 80-year-olds, far slower than we’d like.

    I like them both, maybe don’t put them in a room together as they are both acerbic?

    Speaking of, I have the same impression as PCR about everything – just kidding, but about like with a 6-sigma death rate and 100% of vaxxed people getting the disease, are they EVER going to notice. Notice, mind you, not rise up and DO something about it? We probably already lost a whole Vietnam in 1 year of shots. Are we?

    No, I guess not. But the REALITY of all those people disappearing, the rest of them ending in the cancer ward, have real effects of deflation, offsetting inflation, and they are the sleeping who worship the status quo. So what can I say? There’s a certain voluntary kool-aid conclusion to this and I have to make my adjustments and plans.

    …Although big problem as we (and they) cannot fine tune the smashing galactic forces of world inflation and deflation into each other. If one gets the upper hand, even for months, it will throw all your investments and plans into the chipper. It’s one of those times for diversification into friends, skills, and the return OF your money, not ON your money. For instance, what’s the value of a house or car with 1/3 less Americans bidding on it? Sounds like it might be a loss.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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