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    From zh in an article on yen/yuan, Albert Edwards of SocGen uses the delightful phrase “monetary incontinence”.
    It made me laugh out loud.

    Continuing with hawks- the red-tailed hawk (which the squirrels fear) does not bother birds, but the redwing blackbirds despise it. They are less than a tenth the size of the big bird, but harass it whenever it shows up, even going so far as to land on its back (in flight) to peck at it.
    Redwing blackbirds are the bane of my feeders. They eat everything and they are abundant. Kind of like life, I think.

    It’s not their fault they’re so successful
    Greedy, smart and so fecund.
    The songbirds often find them stressful
    For these reasons, they are shunned.

    Susan C

    @ Willem #106737

    I still can’t figure out what the problem might be that won’t let me access Strategic Culture. My Firefox has adblockers and ghostery but Safari I’ve left untouched since I rarely use it and clear the cache each time I do.

    But thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.
    ps: The Brave browser didn’t like either of our OS’s – sheesh..

    It’s possible too that SC changed something recently that’s had a bad effect.

    Veracious Poet

    Spitballin’ here…

    What if G20, WEF, NWO, UN/WHO et al. had determined that Peak Energy = Peak Civilization, worldwide?

    Moreover, what if it was proposed & agreed by the Rich & Powerful nation states (+ their lapdogs), that a population reduction of at least 90% was in order to escape existential crises that would swamp the planet?

    With that said, what if Putin/Russia said no thanks to this surreptitiously EVIL scheme, considering that Russia is already so sparsely populated, across their sovereign lands, the depop plan clearly would lead to the end of the Russian Republic?

    Or what if Putin/Russia, as the only viable counter to the NWO, was never invited to the sitdowns?

    All of the other psychos

    Used to laugh and call them names

    They never let poor Russia

    Join in any NWO games

    Would explain a lot, including WOT, bankster bailouts, Ukraine, COVID, blatant theft of 2020 elections, Deagle’s 2025 projection…

    Then there’s this:

    Just got news that my friend who was an English teacher in China died of starvation because of that Governments crazy lockdown measures. I cannot believe this…

    Perhaps that is the real purpose of the reset, where you’ll own nothing & be happy to survive & breath free air (mostly, make sure to send your tribute vig!)?

    Trouble ahead, trouble behind ~ And you know that notion just crossed my mind. 😕

    Now all “They” have to do is get the Sesame Street kids to buy Russia Bad!, almost there…

    Michael Reid

    Bad is the opposite of good

    Veracious Poet

    DBS said:

    I will tell you what I found. The world (meaning the Universe itself) does not merely contain the phenomenon of consciousness of awareness. It literally IS awareness, and the consequence of that most fundamental of all truths is manifested in such extremely dependable patterns that to call the patterns “laws” would not be far from the mark

    The Way that I personally have comprehended & experienced “awareness”, is this:

    EVERY living thing on planet Earth, and elsewhere in the Universe, contains the *SPARK* of the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite, or it is not *ALIVE*, ie inhabited by “the phenomenon of consciousness of awareness”.

    All life is connected in *AWARENESS*, even when “special” humans delude themselves into believing they are separate, but the EGO no matter how insane, can NOT destroy the spirit *SPARK* within…

    When I was gifted with this awareness, it was one of the greatest gifts during my existence in this realm 🙂

    Moreover, animals & plants, not having higher “consciousness” are true to their innate “awareness”, living out yīnyáng in harmonious province, fit-form-function…

    Humans, as agents with illusion of free will (EGO), can chose to act beyond DARK-LIGHT, that by definition is either GOOD (Natural Law), or REBELLION (Evil).

    Every moment in the “NOW” involves choices of consequence, for the individual & the “community”…

    When HUMAN society fails to properly educate & mature children, concerning the inner journey to “awareness”, truth becomes unreality, lies become the great delusion & suffering is inevitable 😕

    There is no “Everlasting Dissatisfaction” for the infinite spirit, only the finite EGO is consumed by such insanity…

    There is a path to harmonious civilization, ie a rule of law, where “good” choices are encouraged, “evil” choices admonished & judged ~ John Locke was the first to define it properly, in 1690:

    The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions ~ Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    It is my gut feeling that Russia has not intentionally tried to cull its population.

    My gut is telling me the culling is being lead by the West working with China.


    @Michael Reid: “Bad is the opposite of good.”

    Linear thinking. Evolution doesn’t happen in a straight line (despite human’s attempts to state such). Nothing natural is straight. Nothing. Bad vs Good is not a “perfect balance” between the two. Gray areas exist.

    D Benton Smith

    Clif High connects dots in this outstanding interview by Greg Hunter. Clif graciously edits down some of the spookier content to “normal” levels to make the truth more accessible to General Audiences . . . but it’s kick-ass nonetheless. Basically it’s an eagles eye view of Ukraine/Russia/WEF and what the coming weeks might bring. Good stuff.


    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith


    Very well said, in my opinion. I really like the way the conversation here on TAE is addressing such fundamentals as they apply to so-called ” Real World situations and current events. I believe such an approach holds great promise for finding acceptable solutions in feeling our way forward through the murk.


    @Veracious: ain’t that the truth. 😉

    Veracious Poet

    Michael Reid, reread what I hypothesized ~ We are in agreement, the macro evidence is indisputable.

    Unfortunately, for the West & China, it’s not looking good…

    Now my head hurts, my spirit is sad 😕



    Your keen observations that higher education students are going crazy/failing their studies interests me greatly. Maybe the academics are also going crazy too because they created these conditions with their mindset and actions, but now don’t want to admit it nor take responsibility for what they wroth?

    My daughter is halfway through her 5 year business co-op course, having completed 5 of 8 semesters and just about to start her second work term in May.

    Do you think this is because of the covid lockdowns? Lack of physical classes with virtual courses instead? The lack of normal social activities replaced by isolation instead?

    We now know how the very young have been adversely affected by covid and the masks. Delayed development of social skills. Maybe we are still learning how this is affecting the late teens/early twenties grouping?

    Kassandra , I am guessing the academics in your university haven’t yet figured it out, or have figured it out but the reality doesn’t meet with their self proscribed illusions?

    Surprisingly my daughter has been much happier with virtual classes and being able to live at home. But she is the minority of one, amoung her university age friends. Since she is natually introverted, going out and meeting people would be good for her long term. This fall all of her classes are in person again.

    Maybe virtual learning is the future and academics are desperately resisting it?


    A lot of very deep thinking today about “awareness”.

    I think all of us wonder about this on and off throughout our lives.
    Maybe it is a good thing that none of us face a fixed deadline as to when our answers are required.
    In the meantime it let’s us evolve our thinking and answers, as time goes by.

    As for those nasty Red winged blackbirds constantly emptying the bird feeder, maybe you can put up a bird feeder that only opens when very light weight small birds land on it. I think I have seen such feeders. The feeders can be adjusted so bigger heavier birds that land on the birdfeeder cause the feed openings
    to stay closed. Same applies for squirels trying to rob the bird feeders too.

    My wife’s father used to get so mad at the squirels emptying the bird feeders just minutes after he had filled them, that he started shooting them with a short 22. It worked for a day or two, but unfortunately n the country there seems to be an endless supply of squirels, so he mostly gave up and got a squirrel proof feeder.

    D Benton Smith

    @WES squirrels and bird feeders.

    I just gotta tell ya about the ingenuity and sheer courage of a kamikaze squirrel that lives over near a friend’s house. The lady wants to feed birds, not squirrels, so she bought the premium squirrel-proof bird feeder and placed it as far from tree limbs and roof tops as possible. Its smooth cylindrical design and mounting offered no way for the squirrel to climb up or hang on anywhere. Squirrel-proof! But not proof against this guy. The squirrel races across the roof and launches itself at the feeder which it can just barely reach at the maximum range of a long arc. No way to hold one once it gets there, but hanging on isn’t in his plan. He just smacks into it at high velocity and falls half-dazed to the ground, where he can then eat the seeds that were shaken out of the feeder by the impact.

    Figmund Sreud

    OK, folks. Sometimes what I’m hearing I just can not believe! For example – from Canadian MSM, today:

    “The U.S. secretaries of state and defence met Sunday night with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the highest-level visit to the war-torn country’s capital by an American delegation since the start of Russia’s invasion.

    The meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin was confirmed by Ukraine’s presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych in an interview on Ukrainian TV.”

    Consider: There is an active, raging war in Ukraine. And so, presumably – by now, Russia destroyed all important airports in Ukraine. Russian Air Force reign the sky over Ukraine, and bombed key railway stations, bridges and lines, … yet, YET “Travel Kiev” Travel Bureau is more active than ever prior to the war … totally unimpeded by the war activity.

    Boris Johnson, Andrzej Duda, Alar Karis, Egils Levits, Gitanas Nausėda, … all have been jolly tourists to Kiev. Now Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin. How is that possible, … unimpeded and safe?

    … and btw, also oil trains steadily supplying Ukrainian military with lots and lots fuel according to this:

    … most puzzling!



    D Bendon Smith:

    Hey your squirrel is one of us! We would all do that too! Close the front door, we just go in the back door! Close the back door, we go in through a window! Close the windows, we go down the chimney! We don’t like to take “No” for an answer!

    P.S. Thanks to the link to Clif High. I had never heard of him. He seems more optimistic on our chances to defeat the criminal WEF mafia. Hope he is right. But we might need a little help from the so called MSM’s “Bad Guys”.


    This was published 30 years ago. Just brilliant.

    <iframe width=”645″ height=”363″ src=”; title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>



    Maybe they are all just going to the Kiev studio set up in the US’s Warsaw Embassy?
    There never seems to be any actual proof of these guys actually being in Kiev.
    More likely it is just virtual travel just like winning the war.
    Afterall the MSM isn’t going to expose them because they are all virtual too.

    Maybe those railway fuel tanker cars in the Ukraine are just virtual too?
    That might explain why Russia can not seem to blow them up!

    We do know we are getting, at 300 dead Ukrainians per day, closer to the last Ukrainian!

    Veracious Poet


    Maybe the Russian’s are allowing “diplomatic” flights into Kiev, with transponders known before hand? :mrgreen:

    Then again, maybe Wes is right, as lying & obfuscation is the name of “Their” game & the meeting was “virtual” from Warsaw…

    Was there a parade for the dignitaries in Kiev? 😆

    those darned kids

    you’ll eat squirrels and be happy..

    Veracious Poet

    In Russia, squirrel eat you!

    TAE Summary

    * West vs. East
    – The great cull is from the west; Russian default is necessary for global reset
    – Russia has all the resources and a sane competent leader, the US is a hollow chocolate bunny with nasty big pointy teeth
    – Support for Ukraine is based on the broken country fallacy
    – Zelensky has the support of all civilized countries; Disaster awaits US puppets
    – Convince your kids to support sending weapons to Ukraine with the Nuke Me Elmo doll
    – Russia destroyed their biological weapons arsenal but the US claims they have mobile bio-labs they borrowed from Iraq
    – Joe says: “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”; It’s Boris and Natasha vs Moose and Squirrel
    – Take a cold shower to save Ukraine

    * The Daily Covid
    – Double vaxxed teenagers 50x more likely to die in England
    – Students are going crazy; Lockdown ruined kids
    – No one is compliant until everyone is compliant
    – Vaccine deaths are caused by unexamined lies; It’s crickets all the way down
    – The WHO: Predict, prevent, protect, assess, respond
    Translation: Model, lockdown, vaccinate, surveil, control

    * The Mystery of Existence
    – All life is connected in awareness
    – The greatest sin is to betray yourself without getting paid for it
    – Nothing is not the opposite of something. They are not complementary.
    – Everyone is playing a role; What e’er thou art, act well thy part
    – We all fear to be ourselves five years from now

    * Climate change trumps the laptop from Hell; Pollution is the solution to prosecution

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