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    Doc Robinson

    Today the UK government published the latest report on weekly deaths (from all causes) in England and Wales, for the week ending 16 April (Week 15).

    “This is the sixth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average [2015-2019]”.

    madamski cafone

    @ MIster Roboto

    As I read your post, it flashed on me that Trump derangement syndrome is, more than anything, an attempt to reject what Trump’s election meant: the nation is already broken beyond repair. Hence the delusion that if they removed Trump things would be ok.

    I fear I’m developng a bit of Biden Derangement Syndrome. I mean:


    What IS that thing?!? Joe, head to toe, is like the living equivalent of Trump’s flyover… with nothing under the scalp but Stepford circuitry. My dog barks at it.;)


    The redemption in that main panel is the curve of the heads of the horses. They are exquisite; they lack the ugliness of the depraved humans. H. Bosch is an inappropriate artist to hang in a child’s bedroom. Or mine.

    The fingertips skating on tiny glass ponds
    Or tap-dancing lightly on raised letter tiles-
    The only sensations defining what’s real
    In this grim new existence of death-shrouded smiles.

    [Also posted on Ed Curtin’s recent lovely essay. Which is more real? A walk in the woods? Or an online debate? Or the TV nooz? Or taking a walk in the woods with a mask on looking at your cell phone thinking of what you’ll post on twitter after watching the morning nooz?]

    This article from 2014 on mRNA being used for cancer treatment is fascinating:
    “Importantly, several types of RNA are involved in the synthesis of proteins. Of these, mRNA represents the template that copies the information contained in DNA sequences. Taken together, RNA is regarded as the only molecule comprising all biochemical functions of life and therefore remains a central player in all processes involved herein.”


    They suggest that vaccinating adolescents in the UK will prevent a third wave.
    Yeah, sure. Thanks Tony!


    The Israel report is very interesting. I didn’t see any trigger memes. The study is supported by the by the ringing reports of protection of healthcare workers at first, but the private/public PR campaign has been deadly silent about this the last two months. It is becoming clear that mRNA vaccines won’t prevent breakout infections. Coronavirus will remain endemic in South Asia, Europe and the Americas without comprehensive public healthcare programs. If these reported serious adverse reactions are the result of the vaccines themselves, this will be the West’s Chernobyl.


    “Already in mid-March 2020, at a time when many people were still buying toilet paper, SPR argued that the coronavirus situation appeared to show aspects of a possibly serious pandemic, a mass psychosis, and a psychological (i.e. propaganda) operation (the “three P’s”).”

    Did China Stage the Videos of People Collapsing in Wuhan?

    They left off the P numbers, 4 and 5:

    Pharma Profiteering


    “What do the gig economy, European football, and thefts from cars and churches have in common? At face value, very little; but each, in their way provides a warning sign of how our economy will attempt to respond to the growing crisis of surplus energy.”

    Signs of things to come

    Always a good read.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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