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    Jack Delano Bridge with 5-ton coal bucket, Milwaukee Western Fuel Co 1942   • World Should Have ‘Listened Carefully’ To WHO Advice In January – T
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    Zerosum glad to hear no pain and seeds growing! Glad to hear you got seeds especially now when they are so hard to find.

    So here’s the conundrum: locking everyone up means no opportunity for the immune system to develop any kind of resistance. All locking folks up does is slow the rate of transmission to enable the health care system to keep up. If the health care system is not overwhelmed, then it makes no sense to quarantine anyone other than those who are symptomatically ill, fagile or elderly.
    With no opportunity to build resistance through exposure, the present full lockdown has no feasible exit strategy – we will all come out of lockdown no stronger, and probably weaker, than when we went into lockdown. Are you all prepared to stay in lockdown until they have a vaccine or treatment??? It strikes me that if you look at how TPTB handle financial stuff, it gives some insight into how they are handling the virus -kick the can down the road and help your buddies as much as possible. They no more have an exit strategy for the virus than they do for QE.
    Saying the virus kills some kids too does nothing to change the underlying reality that disease, any disease, will find and wreak the greatest havoc in the weakest, whether that be the result of age, pre-existing health conditions, poor diet, exhaustion (that could be health care workers or high performance athletes who over-exert), stress, exposure to toxic chemicals. To argue exceptions, in a venue like this, is really missing the point – we are not virulogists here equipped to argue the fine points of medicine.

    Captain Nemo

    The curves concerning the SARS-CoV2 positive cases in Southamerica provide a biased picture as usual. Normalizing the provided absolute numbers with the populations in the respected countries, the lead goes to Chile.


    Are you all prepared to stay in lockdown until they have a vaccine or treatment?

    Sumac, don’t you agree that social distancing measures are warranted until the outbreak is under control and physicians have at least had time to develop a standard of care? Not necessarily a complete lockdown, but at least partial closures of some businesses and large gatherings, and with a requirement that everyone wear masks in public indoor places? On treatment, we are still learning, and only recently has the idea emerged that this is not a respiratory disease after all, but a blood disease, and one that attacks many organs, possibly leaving permanent damage even among young and healthy survivors. And as a result, maybe ventilators are not the answer. In a couple of months we will know a lot more, including which drugs might be helpful at treating symptoms. Are you so impatient that you cannot wait a minute longer to leave your house, go next door, and kiss your neighbor?


    Fair enough nemo, but both Ecuador (by a lot) and Peru are worse than Chile again.



    “opportunity to build resistance through exposure”
    I hear your point of view.
    It could be right. Time will tell.

    My point of view is a bit different.
    I used to get the flue shot every year because I was going into a dozen care homes per year, and I did not want to bring the flue to the residents who were also getting the flue shot every year. ( I still got a mild flu)
    I stopped that activity of going to a dozen care home and stopped getting the flue shot. For the last four years I haven’t gotten the flue shot and I have not gotten the flue.

    Therefore, due to my ignorance, I lean towards wondering if there is a possible link with getting a flue shot and covid19 using care homes as a petri dish.
    Therefore, Time will tell.

    Right now, there are many countries, getting the opportunity to build resistance through exposure.
    Time will tell.

    If covid19 changes a little bit every year then, I read that a covid19 shot would not change the death rate. Personally, I would not take a flu shot.
    I’m going to stay out of care homes for the next 3 years with hopes of reaching my full life expectancy.

    I was not fortunate to get hugs from a papa, my kids also lost out on getting hugs from papa, My grandkids must substitute a pitiful, half hearted wave for a hug.
    Things have changed. Time moves on.


    Sumac.carol: Unending, inescapable fear also weakens the immune system- forever, I understand, because cortisol levels permanently rise, especially in children.

    Every marketer knows that the word “banned” is a great sales pitch.
    Banning the two doctors video will greatly increase its popularity. Maybe that’s what they wanted?
    Unabated confusion and mixed messages lead to helplessness.
    Who would want a world of helpless tremblers?


    Coronaviruses are respiratory diseases. They can be deadly. They are not diseases of the blood, and doctors seem to homing in on hypoxemia.
    There’s something missing in this whole pandemic- a cofactor.
    It may be that the cofactor is the real culprit when a healthy, younger person suddenly dies “of” The Virus. (Sumac mentions exhaustion.)

    We need Dr. Gregory House on this. Of course, you’ll need a kidney transplant and a bionic arm before he finally realizes that all it was was a bad batch of meds. /s

    Dr. D

    Only if the cost isn’t worse than the medical lead time we buy them. Right now, medicine knows substantially LESS than when we started. If now hits children. It now attacks blood. It now has 5 new symptoms. They claim it will have 5 new variants we now need to be immune to. There is now no immunity, making no point in lockdowns at all. Certainly no point in tracking or passports then. On the other side, lowering the curve definitely extends the pain. We have definitely caused Great Depression unemployment and GDP. We are definitely shutting down the food system. We have shut down access to ordinary medicine. It is definitely not a pandemic hazard in most areas, even if it might be some day in the future. And disputed, all numbers point towards 0.1% for general population, with a high recommendation that an easily-identified <10% at risk should take caution. So the expense on the 90% or 98% is total, while the gains for the 2% are marginal. …Because they have no job, no economy, no supplies, and soon, no food. Perfect #OppositeLand, where we attack the many to save the few.

    Pelosi Changes Position On Trump Travel Ban Once Called Racist (Turley)”

    Don’t worry: facts. Therefore no one cares.

    Judge Blocks 30-Day Extension of Illinois Stay-at-Home Order (CBS)”

    Certainly is an appropriate legal battle. Both interests are essential.

    US Doctors Have Started Giving Men with Coronavirus Estrogen (DM)”

    Seems a bit extreme when the delta between them is only 10%, doesn’t it?

    “Italy, UK Explore Possible COVID19 Link to Child Inflammatory Disease (R.)”

    Since children don’t – or didn’t – seem to get this, does that turn back to 5G again? Where are the children located? Any other correlations? That this must be two or more concurring things every day seems more and more plausible, necessary, even. And every day China says they don’t have it, never did, while Beijing and Shanghai are wide open and get no cases. Explain?

    Globalization doesn’t provide the right scale.”

    We are reducing the scale right now. Or changing. Yes, bringing work back from overseas, but then also downloading world-wide free .stl’s and 3D printing the same boutique things worldwide. Would that be more global or less?

    Gundlach Is Shorting the Market: Retest of the Low ‘Very Plausible’ (CNBC)”

    It is. The market is 99% rigged, however, they say “They” won’t let it happen. Fine, so where were “They” in ’99 and ’08? Rigging isn’t free: it has daily costs and physical limitations. Centralization and oppression of fair pricing is the opposite of “AntiFragile” (Taleb) However, by the numbers, Dow could be 6k and be just low priced, and +10k would only be fair-priced. Finance (and medicine) are 5x their historic average. Dow-Commodities ratio is at all-time extreme and should cycle back. As indicated by gold, that would be 1:1. 1,700 Dow or a $24,000/oz gold price, your pick. (probably somewhere in-between) That would match upcoming food shortages and price hikes in a 1970’s spiral: a spiral back to the norm.

    “a person is free only to the extent that they are capable to pursue the ends that give value to life. Thus, a lack of access to healthcare is an element of unfreedom,”

    This is well-covered territory that they are determined to misrepresent. Okay, YOU can “pursue” healthcare. You have the right to pursue your happiness. So…go to medical school and get a degree. Learn all you can. Fix your health. No one’s stopping you. What you want is SLAVERY. That is, — I — want to GET medical care, so YOU have to give it for me. Whether you like it or not, whether you get paid or not. Will they do it? Probably. Is it a social good? Definitely. Did they train themselves to help all people? Generally. But if they can’t say no, they are unfree. That is, you have now trampled THEIR rights. You have rights, but SO DO OTHERS, almost always forgotten now. That’s positive vs negative rights. Your rights are as those on a desert island: right to do things, to keep things you make, to do what you think best, believe what you want, defend yourself, etc. In practice their model is the antithesis of Liberty because it is financial coercion: pay taxes or we will remove all your Liberties in jail, forever. Nevertheless, we agree to this in aggregate because in a Democracy “we” theoretically “agree” to the contract. We don’t of course: the system is lying and rigged, but we concede the premise as a practical compromise as the only thing worse than Government is Anarchy. Mob Rule. Getting closer every day as long-feared.

    the banks were allowed to engage in practices with no social benefit but great potential for destruction, like the insuring of bonds they didn’t own”

    Well, let’s see, Insurance: that’s covered and regulated by the governments for 400 years, all corporations are licensed by the government, and fraud of selling what you don’t own has been illegal a few thousand years longer than that. So which one would you like me to pull your license and prosecute you on? A: none. No one can ever get arrested. No possible action can have consequences.

    to make the British government take on the responsibility of feeding the entire British population”

    If the “Government’ is the ‘People’ in a Democracy, then aren’t the “People” then feeding the “Population”? That is, the people are working to feed themselves? If so, what is the “Government” providing except useless overhead?

    culture of sharing does not seem, so far at least, to be gaining much ground”

    “Sharing” like where the people work, and the government takes it from them? Give insider shopping and palatial Dachas? They put themselves first in line for masks, gloves, food, security, while leaving Blackpool to starve and stab. Was that “sharing”? How about reducing your size and pay to “share” that wealth with Blackpool? A: Never. “Sharing” is one-directional only. From outsiders to insiders. From me to you. Why? People who don’t work have nothing to steal. So it has to be from the working to the non-working.

    Their insistence on directly reducing deficits and debt, in the midst of a downturn, he says, “led to severe cuts in public expenditure.”

    What he’s really saying is the government cut social expenditure, but DID NOT LOWER TAXES so the people could make that expenditure for themselves. This is by definition not a “crisis of capitalism” because the government expending on behalf of the people – as opposed to defending the nation and providing justice – is not “capitalism” at all. It’s ‘Socialism’ of some variety (in common parlance). “Disaster Capitalism” (i.e. Anti-Capitalism) is this exact process of over-levering, forcing a collapse, then selling off assets to the wealthy, then re-nationalizing, then re-levering, then re-collapsing over and over again, like hitting the gas then the brake in a determined attempt to cause an accident, then pick the pockets of the dead you caused. This is why they need a Left and a Right. Only a Left and there would be no work and no prosperity to steal; only the Right and they wouldn’t have control of major forces that could crash multi-billion or trillion economies to steal them, nor the fake cover of “helping the poor.” Only government are large enough to create that kind of mischief, so it must interfere and have that power, that is, must have some form of ‘Socialism.’ This is why there must be corruption, to maintain control of the few people who control those levers, the fewer the better. (Centralization)

    So I imagine you could run a state that does provide social welfare – certainly that has been done under benevolent Kings. However, the government then destroys the people’s provision for their own welfare, and not even by money, perhaps but by habit. Not even intentionally but inevitably. Then when the government weakens in the ordinary waxing and waning of time, the social state fails and the people no longer have provisions of their own. If the government had not done that, the people would have kept up their own resources instead, and the waxing and waning of family, social customs, etc is slower and more resilient. So again, government is a guaranteed failure, with a guaranteed drain in overhead costs. But as I say, this has become intentional, Disaster Capitalism, by which the rich prey on the poor and the poor acquiesce to the abuse, thinking a social state will get them something for free, when it’s really just a predictable bear trap, that “everybody can live at everybody else’s expense.” But they say, “No, governments will never weaken, they will only grow; taxes will only rise, never fall,” but that is children’s thinking. It can grow, and it has for 100 years now, but not forever.

    For the poor, the sudden imposition of the lockdown meant that, from one moment to the next, they were left without work and without an income, facing the prospect of starvation.”

    Bingo. The “sudden imposition” BY THE GOVERNMENT, is what threw the poor into starvation. He says so himself, and it is agreed by all that it was voluntary, however well or ill-advised. The next paragraphs highlight the useless overhead of the government, who also mismanaged the social welfare. Their coercion additionally trampled many rights, created unfreedom, overwhelmed the people’s response and caused the very medical spread and additional death they claimed to prevent. No one but the government has the reach and power to cause this death and destruction. That can and will benefit the rich. Perpetually, constantly, in history. Which is fine, but so often they seem to propose government as a solution to everything, ignoring they can also be the problem, so large they trample the people with their carelessness. When smaller, government cannot do that, not as badly, and also reduces the waste and overhead, improves the response time, and because services are now provided BY the people, must adhere to the will OF the people. That is, no deadly battles about whether we provide help to those people, with or without star-bellies or with planned clinics and firesticks or without.

    Brazil Court OKs Investigating Allegations Against Bolsonaro (R.)”

    What’s that about the government getting too large, that “when the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled“? Only 3rd world governments do this. Like ours for the last 30 years. RussiaRussiaRussia. Russia2: Ukrainian Boogaloo. Investigate Covid response.

    Biden’s Conspiracy Theory Given Credence By Media, Democratic Leaders (Turley)”

    And just like 3rd world governments, constantly create conspiracy theories and not facts, and actively promoted by the media and people by mob rule under the rule of men, keep them in scandal but never prosecute and rest, and not a republic where the people have rights and property and security under a rule of law. That being so…shouldn’t someone get arrested, sometime, ever? Cheeto? Any stable genius words for not doing your job?

    “Former Neighbor of Joe Biden’s Accuser Tara Reade Has Come Forward (BI)”

    Speaking of law, evidence, and arrests. Never. Not even if you take $1B from China or half as much from Russia (Ukraine, really, but no one can tell the difference.) I’m not saying you convict — in fact the statute is over on Tara — but the facts are worth looking into. Instead the NY Times said, “Believe all Bidens” after helping confirm (accidentally) Tara’s claim has merit.

    “Julian Assange Extradition Hearing Postponed for Up to Six Months (CW)”

    Thus a “speedy trial” as a right, because otherwise every appeal is a life sentence, and the burden is exclusively on the Prosecution (presumed innocent), with transparency. A weak government could not get away with this.

    Sidney Powell, Flynn, are Exhibit No 1. Three years’ prosecution, bankruptcy, with no basic access to the Prosecutions’ information as required by any and all laws, and even now, the evidence they have is still classified and not public, not transparent, protecting the malpractice of the government and giving prosecutors illegal lifelong impunity for their own crimes. Cheeto? Anyone enforcing the law? Barr is concerned about Constitution on the lockdown? Guessing that enforcing this other Constitutional thing is a bit more pressing.

    Since governments do this 100% of the time in history, why do you want to make them more powerful and hidden again? They need to have LESS power, scope, and authority. They are not your Daddy. They are not Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy if you didn’t notice from their recent behavior. YOU are the sovereign. YOU have the work and responsibility.


    Its not too late …. bring the troops home.

    Trump Wants All US Troops Immediately Out Of Afghanistan Due To Coronavirus


    Odd that no alt-media are covering this NYT story: ‘Nearly All Patients Hospitalized With Covid-19 Had Chronic Health Issues, Study Finds’:

    “A new study of thousands of hospitalized coronavirus patients in the New York City area, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, has found that nearly all of them had at least one major chronic health condition, and most — 88 percent — had at least two.

    Though earlier research has shown chronic conditions like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are common risk factors for severe Covid-19, the ubiquity of serious medical conditions in these patients was striking: Only 6 percent of them had no underlying health conditions..”



    Mmm, the link disappeared. Trying again:



    So who knew ducks liked to play and have fun sliding down a water slide!

    Speaking of ducks, up here in Toronto, we have been plagued for years by phone calls from India, offering to clean our furance air ducts!

    What made the calls so irratating was their efficient business model of ringing 2 or 3 phone lines at the same time, answering whomever answered first, while hanging up on the rest.

    That meant if you were slower answering the phone than someone else, you still had to stop what you were doing and make the effort to answer the phone, only to receive a dial tone for your efforts.

    Victimized by this repeatedly, I resorted to answering their duct cleaning speal by saying. “No, my ducks dodn’t need cleaning. I gave my ducks a bath this morning”!

    Being hard of hearing, the joke is ducts = ducks! I can’t tell the difference because they both sounds the same to me!

    More than once, they would call again, proving that at least some of the callers had a sense of humor!

    The best call of all, called 4 times in a row! I answered first, clearly provoking this caller from India! My son answered second. My daughter answered third. Then my deaf wife answered fourth. The guy was so frustrated because each time he called, he got a different person! He wanted me! Clearly I had gotten his goat and must have had my timing perfect, for I had succeeded in pushing this poor guy past his edge of frustration!

    His second, third, and fourth calls just greabtly increased his level of frustration, which he was clearly trying to relieve! An epic fail on his part! I often wonder if I drove him to jump off a bridge or something?

    Being a telemarketer must be a very frustrating job, since people are constantly hanging up on you! A great job if you want to get Rodney Dangerfield symdrom!


    From the NYT Science section, 7 April, 2020: “Ms. Eckert and her colleague Dan Higgins were asked to create “an identity” for the virus. “Something that would grab the public’s attention,” she said.”
    And so “what has become the representation of the novel coronavirus” was born.
    It’s that dog-ball at the pet store. It’s a Christmas tree ornament. It’s Sputnik.
    It’s an artist’s representation and it fills that need for a visual marker in a screen-addicted world.

    V. Arnold

    We here at the Hermitage have grown weary of the new.shiny.objects; in all their iterations…
    Governments suck hind tit; all of them…


    They are actually small particles within the gel inside the eye that become noticeable when they fall within the line of sight.

    Watch: Pentagon Releases US Navy Footage Of UFOs, Confirms The Videos Are “Real”


    From the April 20th issue of Chemical & Engineering News:
    Some worldwide-popular hypertension/heart and heartburn meds are recalled for contamination with NDMA. NDMA was also found in metformin (for diabetes type 2), but that hasn’t yet been recalled. These drugs treated three of the major comorbidities for SARS 2 (The new brandname.)
    “As a result of this hassle and confusion, patients are losing faith in the health-care system, Erin Michos of Johns Hopkins says, “With this loss of trust…it’s even harder to convince patients to take the medications they need.” …Michos says she even had patients who stopped taking medications that hadn’t been recalled.”*
    The contaminant was found by using Valisure’s** new GC/mass spec. They were looking at the “acid reflux baby syrup” that was prescribed to the cofounder’s daughter. [Infants have heartburn?]

    *The Lurking Contaminant, by L.K Boerner. c&en
    **Valisure is a company. A gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer is as cool a toy as you could want. It tastes the cake and tells you the recipe.

    Just lookin’ for a co-factor… Sequentiality is the stumbler here. I do love the “faith”, “need”, and “trust” parts, though.


    :myparentssaidknow ‘Infants have heartburn?’

    it gets much worse than that: Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics

    Cases like that of Andrew Rios, in which children age 2 or younger are prescribed psychiatric medications to address alarmingly violent or withdrawn behavior, are rising rapidly, data shows. Many doctors worry that these drugs, designed for adults and only warily accepted for certain school-age youngsters, are being used to treat children still in cribs despite no published research into their effectiveness and potential health risks for children so young.

    V. Arnold

    It’s always been important to be an informed medical patient; whether going for an office visit, or preparing for a medical proceedure.
    Given the deterioration in general, of doctors and medical care; it’s no longer important but critical to be as informed as humanly possible.
    In a sense, as well as (or better) informed than the doctor.
    That requires diligence and hard work on your part as a possible patient.
    A number of years ago I had a prostate biopsy amounting to 13 samples taken. I asked the doctor if the biopsy could metastasize the cancer if there was any present?
    His reply was no, it wouldn’t. I thought about it and decided he was mistaken; but went ahead with it anyway. It came back negative…
    About 3 weeks later, an article in a Florida medical paper, had found biopsies can indeed cause cancer to metastasize.
    For my part it was just common sense.
    Which brings me to Sars-2; I’ll decide what proceedures will and will not be done if, indeed I need any.
    I’ll leave it there as I’ve already said this before.
    Buyer/patient beware and be informed. Learn from the already huge cluster fuck going on out there…

    V. Arnold

    Many doctors worry that these drugs, designed for adults and only warily accepted for certain school-age youngsters, are being used to treat children still in cribs despite no published research into their effectiveness and potential health risks for children so young.


    V. Arnold

    Take full responsibility for your self and your family. Any and all decisions are yours, not your doctor’s.
    If you have questions that your provider (healthcare) cannot answer; keep looking until you are 100% satisfied you have all available information.

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