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    Théodore Géricault Prancing Grey Horse 1812   • Justice Thomas Raises Scrutiny on Jack Smith Appointment in Trump Case (ET) • Was Trump Set Up In
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    The Empire of Lies is a “country” masquerading as a mirage of manufactured consent.

    It’s just smoke and mirrors

    That’s what is the base ground of Lies

    Smoke & Mirrors

    A cheap carnival act

    Pedo Joe is yesterday’s fish

    Trump will be the new Ring Master

    Step right up my little chickadees!


    “House Speaker Johnson did a complete 180-degree U-turn and proclaimed himself a “Reagan Republican” passing a series of aid bills for astronomical overseas spending that he had otherwise blocked for months, as he denounced an “axis of evil.”

    Judas Goat Johnson is emblematic of the moral wasteland of Duh’merica.

    The Uni-party doesn’t even hide it anymore.

    In your face, piss on your shoes, tell you it’s rain.

    The Sheeple bend over for more at every chance.

    Impotence taken to an art form.

    All the “men” are shooting blanks

    All the “women” are men





    goddamn images not posting right



    Fucking Around with Russian Assets

    “Germany is considering trying to use the funds as leverage during potential peace talks between Moscow and Kiev…”

    Pirate Scholtz

    Blackmail and extortion.


    Just another cheap punk=ass petty thug in the third string Eurotard-Trash roster.


    Hey, this is a nice country you have here, be a shame if it ‘accidently’ burnt to the ground one night….

    Just sayin’





    “Reagan Republican”
    That’s just the ticket. Remember the Reagan/Teller romance? Thirty five years after the “Great Communicator” who has hypersonic missle technology and the best Air Defense on the planet?

    cooperating with an adversary to prevent the release of hostages to sway an election
    amnesty for undocumented aliens
    turning the US economy over to the casino with the 1986 Tax Reform Act
    creating and running black op weapons and drug smuggling
    not one inch to the east

    “axis of authoritarian states” – after Galloway’s recent electoral victory who will declare themself a “Thatcher Conservative”?

    Falklands and Grenada – such bravado!!!!!

    The road to the future detours back to 1981 – 1989. What’s for breakfast? It’s Morning in America.
    What’s for breakfast? Toast – dry, all of the butter has been misappropriated.


    “Washington is a criminal enterprise, and there is no electing someone big enough to change this.”

    This line by CAF is a shot to the Kippah aimed at Trump



    Trump is the New Face of Manufactured Consent

    Suckers indeed



    Tennis-ball biceps and all……


    That’s a turkey in his head band

    Nice touch!

    Dr. D

    They sure used a lot of black and gloom in those years around Mt Tamboora.

    “’FX Vigilantes’ Strike – Yen Suddenly Crashes To April 1990 Lows Against The Dollar

    This is huge, however it’s too huge for me to understand. Forex. Yen Carry. Tie to US$. Bitcoin.

    “Justice Thomas Raises Scrutiny On Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Appointment In Trump Hearing
    Mr. Smith was “never nominated by the president or confirmed by the Senate at any time…”
    In it, the two attorneys general noted that irrespective of what one thinks about the immunity issue, Mr. Smith “does not have authority to conduct the underlying prosecution.”

    Well thank God someone noticed. I was about to go up there and start prosecuting and see if anyone noticed. Now will they do anything?

    Speaking of:
    “NY Judge Claims ‘2nd Amendment Doesn’t Exist In Her Courtroom’ In Case Against Gunsmith
    ‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York…’

    “There will be no Law in this courtroom.” She also instructed the jury to him him guilty. So they did. Totally normal, daily occurrence.

    Putin: There’s a comic artist who did this. He decided that he would draw Powergirl’s boobs slightly bigger with every issue, and stop when anyone noticed and told him to stop. Yeah, that took quite a while, and now is Iconic for that character.


    Dr. D

    (Image posting)

    That may be unrealistic, but there are hundreds of Cosplay girls who fit that type:


    Of course everybody likes it because boys like boobs and girls like being pretty. …Which is why it must be stopped.

    Anyway, that’s what they’re doing with Putin: See how long they can do this before someone notices. Also, maybe why they don’t bother assassinating him? Or already have 4-5 times? Really, what do you expect someone to do? No? Okay, remember in 1991 when the media ran non-stop that Saddam had 20 body doubles? We were killing them one by one (‘cause, ya know: extrajudicial illegal UN killing of heads of state without a declaration of war is okay when WE do it). Nope. Memory hole. Never happened because it happened but didn’t happen. Both. Neither. Ai.

    Dr. D

    (Image posting)

    Anyway since they’ve made every video game character ugly as barnacled whales, I’ll complete my enjoyment this morning with the complaint that Chun Li and other video game characters are unrealistic.


    No, they’re just way outliers of human form, like all actors, actresses, Olympians, Nuclear Physicists….are.

    How about Eve in Stellar Blade, who they said is misogynistic, bizarrely thin, and set unrealistic standards because no woman could look like that?


    Yeah, she’s basically a direct 3D cut of this actress. Any questions?

    Again, what’s the deal here, really, with Millennials and this stuff? They OBEY. They are obeying monsters. IF anyone says anything, they ASSUME everyone does, can, MUST slavishly follow it. It was said, therefore it’s an order AND I AM A MINION. What do you mean, “Unrealistic expectations”? “Expected” by whom? You think in 1940 they “expected” they would fit into Carole Lombard’s evening dress? Or was it Mae West’s? And if you could “Obey” either form, what’s the problem, sounds like you get a huge range of types and avatars to choose from. Like Amelia Earhart or Elanor Roosevelt. Well the key here is they’re Communists, so they must outlaw all fun. Somebody, somewhere, MIGHT be having a good time and thinking about something other than Communism and the Eternal Glorious Revolution. They must be stopped!!!

    Back to our regular program:

    66 Years apart! Yeah, the B52 bomber we still have in service and Russia’s missiles, both AntiAir and Hypersonic. But we da bestestest!

    Tax: Because it’s not a tax. It’s moving money FROM each according to their ability TO insiders according to their greed. Once you have a wealth-transfer system, it MUST happen, because anyone who can get transfers then uses the stolen money to defend their theft. YOUR money. They use YOUR money to steal YOUR money. …And all the bridges and roads fall down. Despite higher taxes than the history of the universe since King John. No one notices. They’ll defend it. But Daddy government would never do that. …As nothing works in the whole country from sea to sea because he’s doing that for twice their whole lifetimes.

    “• Was Trump Set Up In Classified Docs Saga? (Margolis)

    He’s so guilty they have to fabricate all the evidence to be sure!

    “• Spielberg Helping To Direct Biden’s Campaign – NBC (RT)

    Well, he’s certainly failed. And that 43% is ridiculous. At the same time he has this, he hold ZERO demographics, not even demographics of Democratic voters, nor women who like their daughters raped in the shower (a very small demographic indeed). So he holds no subcatagories but is 50-50 at the macro category. Nope. His approval is like 8%. But they don’t care because: Diebold! If you protest, they get a Civil War! Win-Win!

    ‘Then the UK decided to devote its largest ever aid package to Ukraine, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warning of an “axis of authoritarian states”

    Who? And Alexander dissected this and noted it’s just re-stating aid they gave already. Almost last year. They said it: therefore it’s a lie. No new Money, which they don’t have, for a war they lost. As even The Guardian, mouthpiece of MI6 wrote. They SAY this so another half-million Slavs will be killed, their one true God. A sacrifice of millions to the Father of Lies.

    “The Kiev government is negotiating with President Joe Biden’s administration on a long-term agreement”

    This is a contradiction in terms. That’s a key disadvantage of our system: it works in short cycles. We can undo ANYTHING (and usually do) except a ratified treaty. We just pretend it’s both. Neither. Ai.

    “after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) overrode opposition in his own party to pass the bill”

    HE changed Republican votes? You want to change this sentence? Because very obviously the vote was the vote and Republicans all voted for it except 112. All HE did in this scenario was allow the vote to happen.

    “• ‘Motherland Is Not For Sale’ – Zakharova (RT)

    U.S. authorized the theft BECAUSE we hold almost none of it. So we steal $6 B, then look at Europe and say “I jumped in front of that train, I double-dog dare you” Because when Europe does it – as we’ve now prompted them to – they’ll collapse. Europe still talks big as Jupiter but refuses to take the poison. So good on ’em I guess. I really need them to collapse though.

    The other part here, not discussed in wars: They made the war expensive for Russia, so they took 4 Oblasts to pay for it. That reduced the Trillions the West already stole, promised, and hypothecated, so they stole Russia’s money to pay for it. Hey, wasn’t there a country at the bottom of this somewhere? A 3rd plumber’s assistant getting blown up? A: Who cares? All we need is an excuse. Any excuse for stealing will do.

    “Zelensky, who was sworn into office in May 2019, said it was “not the right time” for elections.”

    Hey that’s what Trudeau said! Any time I lose is not the “right time.”

    ““.. a number of Western states, including the US, UK, and France, promised support to Kiev, but refused to guarantee it.”

    Um, what? So “Promises” mean nothing here. What else can you say from that sentence? If a “Promise” means there is no guarantee, no action, then it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Or else what? Might as well not meet. Might as well not talk. Might as well ignore everything and go your own way…like Russia.

    “Kiev has fulfilled every requirement the EU has set out for it, and is ready to begin accession talks,”

    No they’re not: Ukraine is not NEARLY corrupt enough to join the EU. They can’t collapse now, there are bunch of key elections to launder rigging money for…right, Johnson?

    “The US-led military bloc “should not be afraid of its own strength or shy away from its own foundations,” he said, calling for a “strong political signal.”

    What “Strength”? We are being beaten by Yemen after being beaten by Afghanistan. And “Signaling.” Boy, sure glad we Signaled!

    “.. the Hague could not consider arrest warrants against Israeli leaders without Washington’s informal consent…”

    Then the Hague doesn’t exist and is useless. Eyewash. Puppets. Stop the show, it’s cheaper.

    Stanley Meyer: that seems unlikely. If you know physics. Now could there be SOME discovery there someone wants protected? Sure. It’s been proposed that water vapor injection improves cylinder combustion, they would not want a 10% drop in sales bc efficiency. It’s not magic as clearly if you put ALL water in a car it doesn’t work, but it could nicely add %.


    Cj’s piece today is epic
    RFK Jr can’t drain a swamp he has said he will keep filled with swine. Neocons in support of Zionists.


    Crazy blood thirsty Uni-party witch

    Tells you how to live your pathetic little Sheeple life…

    Oh yah

    Just sayin’


    Dr. D

    Time Magazine, literally “If we allow free speech and democratic process, Hitler will win.”
    I seriously kid you not.

    “If God had intended aristocrats to run the country, Hitler said at one rally in fall 1932, “we’d all have been born with monocles.”

    “Hitler exercised his constitutional right to free speech and freedom of assembly to hold rallies”

    We need this to stop right away! If only the Deep State (recent article in NPR) and the aristocrats were running things, we’d have…um…no free speech and no assembly? No Democracy? Hold on… What?

    “[Hitler spoke]. He chided the ruling elites.” How dare he speak! How dare he not do what his betters told him!

    “Hitler had essentially and surprisingly quickly transformed a democratic republic into a constitutional dictatorship.”

    Um…what? What the what? A government ruling entirely by decree and emergency powers (the paragraph before) is “Democratic” while Dictatorships are “Constitutional”? Uh. I GUESS that is possible in THEORY, but has never occurred anywhere in time or space in the universe, since the definition of “Dictator” means, “Invents laws” and therefore does not adhere to the limits of a Constitution, as say, in theory, King George does. That’s why King George or Edward were not (legally, technically) dictators.

    So, “Time”: “We Make S—t Up!” Made up that definition, right now, in me head! If you can have a Constitutional Dictatorship, can you have an Egalitarian Dictatorship? Or a Royal Democracy? Or Socialist Capitalism? Or…???

    Why not? All things and their Opposites are true! Both. Neither. Ai.

    ““The big joke on democracy is that it gives its mortal enemies the tools to its own destruction.”

    Yes, this is the literal handbook of Socialist Parties. National Socialist Parties. Who are by definition not CONSERVATIVES, that is, Right-Wing. You’re not “Right” if you want to tear everything down and replace it with the new you-just-made-up. That would be “Progressive.” The “Right” would re-install the Kaiser and perhaps balance a Monarchy. Paleoconservatives would re-establish German Tribalism perhaps. They wanted the merger of Corporation and State, or indeed ALL national functions, including shopping, religion and entertainment. “State controls the means of production”. Anyway, even the PROCESS was not Right-Wing, it is “Rules for Radicals” which is no doubt exactly where he got it from. Ruin everything. Destroy everyone. Shatter the country. Break all norms, rules, laws, and traditions. And for WHY do we cause this misery? For POWER. Raw POWER Alinsky says. …But of course, when HE gets the One Ring, he will use it for GOOD, as Galadriel will, and totally not shall not be dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. Where All shall love me and despair!”

    Totally not. Just give me the One Ring and Trust me.

    ““The Führer was a man who was possible in Germany only at that very moment,” Frank observed …Had Hitler come a decade later “when the republic was firmly established,” Frank said, it would have been impossible for him to have seized power. Had he come a decade earlier, the German people would have returned to the Kaiser.”

    Yes. This is why when you socially engineer these things, the Timing is Critical. ONLY the Millennials could go full Communist. ONLY because they were abused in ONLY that specific way that was arranged for them. “it’s called the Lycopodium personality. This is the kind of people that are simultaneously sycophantic towards those he perceives as superiors and sometimes peers, and despotic towards those below in the social hierarchy. The root of this behavior lies in anxiety and insecurity (often caused by a disciplinarian parent or authority figure).” –Internet

    If you WAIT, if you MISS that time-window then you see that Zoomers grew up with this S—t and are immune or inured to your bulls—t. If it’s younger, like GenX, they have too much grounding in the previous ways (in their case: Freedom and Autonomy). ONLY Millennials can cause the Glorious Communist Revolution and the White and Red Bolsheviks so much-to-be-desired. Aaaaaaaaand…?? “They Never Thought She’d Lose.” And why should she when they rigged the vote? She said the vote was stolen, why didn’t she call for a recount, a Congressional investigation, or holding of Electors as is the process? BECAUSE THEY WOULD FIND THE RIGGING.

    Anyway, ONLY then. Or even a few years later, possibly now but probably the door is closed. As Hitler’s planner and expert (social engineer) said: “The Führer was a man who was possible in Germany only at that very moment,” Timing. If I’m a narcissistic sociopathic abuser, don’t you think there’s a window where I can get away with that before you get wise to my bulls–t and poison my tea? Before you club me with a frying pan and take the kids? OF COURSE there is. And with national level too.

    More? The point is not to make CHEETO the Führer, that is what THEY would do, what THEY expected. What they’re still trying fecklessly, to do. The point is merely to PREVENT a Führer of any kind, by ruining it, smashing it, wandering around like a bull in a shop, breaking things. Then the nation will re-constitute only as an AMERICAN people will. Whatever that is but-we-can-guess.

    I keep saying this, so I hope it gets through. THAT is all the White Hats need to do, and THAT is why the Black Hats are so pissed about it. Their plans are VERY, VERY exact, very specific, very difficult. Screwing them up is natural, simple, very easy. Free almost. They are WITH the Tao, the Way, the Logos, and the Black Hats are AGAINST the Tao, the Way, the Will of Heaven. By definition, duh.

    Timothy Ryback is Harvard. Atlantic. NYT. Hague (As above, indicting Euro-Oligarch enemies but never their friends). Austria. He is the very definition of the “Aristocracy” which cannot be criticized and who must be obeyed if you know what’s good for you. If you criticize him and want freedom, you’re Hitler.

    Dr. D

    “it’s called the Lycopodium personality. This is the kind of people that are simultaneously sycophantic towards those he perceives as superiors and sometimes peers, and despotic towards those below in the social hierarchy. The root of this behavior lies in anxiety and insecurity (often caused by a disciplinarian parent or authority figure).” –Internet


    AI generated women

    Virtual LSD for the Masses

    3-D Soma

    AI women don’t have babies


    Dig it



    She needs to get dressed to maintain the ‘manufactured consent’


    Be my new friend


    AI encore

    I Dream of Genie

    Duh’merican ideal of the feminine



    AI generated ideal custom “people” will take pornography up several magnitudes.

    Imagine the addiction potential and you have to subscribe with a monthly fee approaching a mortgage payment to be re-united with your ‘ideal’ AI chatting lover.

    It will swallow up an entire generation of young people and liquefy their brains


    The naughty Nun

    She will manipulate you six ways to Sunday!

    Most Excellent



    Ahhh, a Sister of Mercy



    Here Happen Can’t It – Lewis Sinclair
    White Hats – Weapons of Massive Delusion

    even though i was a little boy i knew taking Ole Diz off the TV would end badly. Ole Diz could hum the pea and speak baseball but was no good with pronouns or tense and left the participles hanging, had to go.
    “Hold er down Pee Wee, I’m goin for dawgs” bring back Chin Music Populists


    Hillary comeback
    Aaaaaaaaand…?? “They Never Thought She’d Lose.” And why should she when they rigged the vote? She said the vote was stolen, why didn’t she call for a recount, a Congressional investigation, or holding of Electors as is the process? BECAUSE THEY WOULD FIND THE RIGGING.
    classified information
    Secrets, lies, wrong doing, embarrassing, mistakes, stealing, Immoral, abused
    Highly confidential facts and data, restricted to a select few. confidential data. private facts. restricted data. secret intelligence.
    “proxy war”
    covert conflict.
    shadow war.
    surrogate war.
    undeclared war.
    clandestine conflict.
    hybrid war.
    indirect combat.
    indirect warfare.
    mercenary war.
    military advisors
    Forever War
    Scam, Blackmail, and extortion.
    The Kiev government is negotiating with President Joe Biden’s administration on a long-term agreement that would put Washington on the hook to provide Ukraine with military, economic and political support for the next decade,

    Ukraine has already signed bilateral security agreements with several NATO members
    Over 900 peace demonstrators have been arrested in US.


    “normalisation” comes from Israeli or Israeli-supporting sources. It is all a big Israeli talking point;

    Private US firm wants to coordinate aid boats to Gaza
    Former military, CIA officials want to tap foreign donors to expand a sea route.

    By Anne Flaherty
    March 20, 2024,

    A private U.S. advisory firm of former senior American military, CIA and humanitarian officials is proposing to operate the anticipated daily deployment of international aid ships from Cyprus to the Gaza coast, in a plan that would increase the American presence in the volatile region.

    The proposal, pitched by the firm Fogbow with the hope that foreign donors will sign on in meetings this week, is being pursued separately from a U.S. military effort to build a giant pier off Gaza to enable the delivery of aid.

    While such a plan would put more Americans operating near Gaza, Fogbow’s effort calls for its team to stay offshore, providing primarily logistics and other support from nearby sites.

    “Right now, the plan is to have no Americans on the ground. But there will be former military and former humanitarian officials advising at each level,” said the person, speaking on condition of anonymity because the effort – coined the “Blue Beach Plan” — hadn’t been publicly announced.

    Three sources who spoke to the British Reuters agency, said that the expected cost of the commercial maritime project is around $200 million for a period of six months, with one source estimating the cost at around $30 million monthly.


    Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War With 10-Year Agreement

    But ultimately a key purpose in locking such a long-term deal in would be to keep it immune from potential interference by a future Trump administration.

    Below is what The Wall Street Journal spelled out last year:

    The goal is to make sure Ukraine will be strong enough in the future to deter Russia from attacking it again. More immediately, Ukraine’s Western allies hope to discourage the Kremlin from thinking it can wait out the Biden administration for a potentially more sympathetic successor in the White House.

    Western officials are looking for ways to lock in pledges of support and limit future governments’ abilities to backtrack, amid fears in European capitals that Donald Trump, if he recaptures the White House, would seek to scale back aid. Trump has a wide lead in early polling in the Republican presidential primary field, but soundly lost the 2020 election to President Biden and has been indicted in four criminal cases in state and federal courts.

    We and others have previously underscored that NATO and G7 countries are desperately trying to “Trump-proof” future aid to Ukraine and the effort to counter Russia.

    Dr D Rich

    Time goes by so slowly…

    My favorite verse was George Benson’s choice for his rendition of Unchained Melody

      Lonely mountains gaze
      At the stars, at the stars
      Waiting for the dawn of the day

      All alone I gaze
      At the stars, at the stars
      Dreaming of my love far away

    Sam Cooke’s unparalleled cover still moves me like no other.


    Speaking of Hitler/Bankers/Gold :

    Some interesting history happened around the years 1933-4 :

    Hitler came to power.
    FDR came to power.
    War clouds forming in Europe.

    Bankers not involved in this anyone?
    The City of London (The Square Mile) – Rothchilds
    Wall Street

    FDR confiscated American’s gold in 1933.
    In 1934 FDR devalues USD by raising USD price of gold from $20.67 to $35.
    US taking world reserve torch from Britain.
    Britain fights loosing battle to defend weakening sterling.
    European/world gold starts flowing to the US in 1934.
    US becomes largest holder of gold in world by far.
    US gold holdings grow from $4 Billion in 1933 (about 6,000 tons) to over $19 Billion (19,000 tons) by May 1940.

    Side Note:
    (World Capital of about $3,700 Billion entered US from 1934 to 1940.)
    (British Capital of about $1,100 Billion entered US from 1934 to 1940.)
    Britain becomes has been.

    Sometime during/after WW2, US gold held reached over 27,000 tons.
    After WW2 broke Britain quickly loses it Empire.

    Sometime after Bretton Woods agreement, US gold reserves started to steadily flow back into Europe.
    When gold reserves fell just below 9,000 tons in 1971, the US (Nixon) suspended USD to gold convertability.

    Bankerrs not involved in this anyone?
    See a pattern here?


    More food for thought:

    I should note that Britain was set up to fight WW2 by guarantee of Poland.
    FDR was the one who encouraged Poland to fight Germany over Dedanks(sp?) Corridor to Prussia demands to get WW2 nicely started.

    The Rothchilds banked both sides.
    Hitler left Rothchild’s French Estate alone during the war.
    Gestopo and German military were not permitted with 2 miles of Rothchild Estate.
    Allied forces not allowed to fly over Estate nor enter Estate in 1940-45.


    Criminally, I forgot to add the illegal creation of the Federal Reseve in 1913 to your food for thought menus!
    Bankers plan ahead!

    Bankers not involved in this anyone?


    I had to check what site I was on. With all the boob pics, I thought I was at the Burning Platform Friday Fail.


    Toddlers throw tantrums when wishes aren’t granted.
    Babies will bawl when they don’t get their way.
    Salt for your wounds when their tears are recanted-
    Man up and teach them or someday you’ll pay.


    Robert Rothschild had his property and wealth stolen, got placed Dnancy and from there to Auschwittz. Germany went so far as to kidnap him out of an Italian occupation zone because the Italians weren’t being suitably harsh on him.

    so there’s at least one example of a Rothschild not being spared.

    Oddly enough, it appears they went after him because he wouldn’t sign his industrial plant over to Krupp – they had already completely confiscated it, yet they worked really, really hard to get his signature.

    Krupp, in collaboration with the German government, were making all kinds of declarations and “legal” documents stealing industrial plant all over Europe. Just have a document made saying it was always Krupp’s or that Krupp now has it legally or something. No, they had to send Robert Rothschild to hell on earth over his signature.

    If I were in a situation like in Gulag Archipelago, being tortured into a false confession, my first question would be “My being here, everything that is happening, will be covered in a thousand lies. Why the hell do you need me to utter a false confession and give a signature, all of which would be based on a thousand lies surrounding torture, etc – like, you’re going to do a thousand lies anyway, why not JUST ONE MORE lie by signing the confession paper yourself and skipping all the torture and effort?

    John Day

    Dr. Stein Zip Tied And Arrested

    Israel Rejects Calls for Independent Investigation Into Mass Graves
    Leaders from the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have called for an independent investigation into the mass graves that were discovered in Palestine. Volker Türk, the UN Human Rights Chief, said on Tuesday that an independent investigation into the mass graves – not an Israeli one – is needed “given the prevailing climate of impunity.”
    When asked by reporters about the mass graves, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Nadav Shoshani disregarded the reports as “fake news.” He also asked, “investigate what?” When asked if Israel will investigate the mass grave reports, he claimed that Israel had already looked into the report and found no evidence of wrongdoing.
    “We gave answers. We don’t bury people in mass graves. Not something we do,” said Shoshani, without providing details of the investigation.
    However, a US official who requested anonymity said the US is not “in a position” to validate Israel’s claims.

    Khan Younis Mass Grave: Bodies Beheaded and with Signs of Organ Removed…
    For the Israeli awful Black Market revealed by our investigation on Western traffic in NATO protected countries!
    US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said On Wednesday that Washington wanted to see the circumstances surrounding the hundreds of deaths “thoroughly and transparently investigated.”

    Netanyahu: ‘ICC decisions will not affect Israel’s actions, right to defend itself’
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on X: “Under my leadership, Israel will never accept any attempt by the ICC to undermine its inherent right of self-defence. The threat to seize the soldiers and officials of the Middle East’s only democracy and the world’s only Jewish state is outrageous. We will not bow to it.”
    “Israel will continue to wage to victory our just war against genocidal terrorists and we will never stop defending ourselves,” he added.
    Netanyahu also noted: “While the ICC will not affect Israel’s actions, it would set a dangerous precedent that threatens the soldiers and officials of all democracies fighting savage terrorism and wanton aggression.”
    Netanyahu’s statement comes in light of Israeli fears of the legal repercussions that may result from the cases being considered by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel, which may lead to the issuance of international arrest warrants against senior Israeli officials, including the prime minister himself, due to the war on Gaza.

    ​ I think the question is “when”, not “if”​. Who deserves it more? Israel Reportedly Concerned Biden May Throw Netanyahu ‘Under the Bus’ at ICC

    John Day

    U.S. memo shows Israelis violating international law​ , Leaked document highlights concern within the State Department

    Active Duty US and UK Special Forces “advisers” were reportedly killing Palestinians in Gaza, too. Israel uses foreign mercenaries in Gaza [$2200-$4200/wk, now hiring.]
    The US are trying to make the Kurds partners with Israel. But, many Kurds take the side of the people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance.
    Israel intends to use PKK terrorists in its land attack on Gaza as it does not want to send its own soldiers into the tunnels of Hamas. Nearly 2,000 terrorists and mercenaries from Europe, Iraq, Syria and the US have moved into Israel. Peshmerga forces from northern Iraq have also been sent to the frontlines in Israel.

    ​ Israeli officials are threatening to invade Rafah if a hostage deal is not reached amid Egyptian and Qatari-mediated negotiations with Hamas.
    ​ Axios reported on Friday that Israeli officials told their Egyptian counterparts that Israel is giving Hamas “one last chance” to reach a deal. If an agreement is not reached, Israel will order a ground invasion of Rafah, which is packed with over 1 million civilians.
    ​ Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Saturday that Israel could suspend its plans to launch an assault on Rafah. “If there is a deal, we will suspend the operation,” he said. “The release of the hostages is a deep priority for us.”​ [“Suspend” is not “cancel”, is it? Can’t trust these guys…]​

    ​I keep looking for a “good-cop”. Israel’s Smotrich urges ‘complete destruction’ of Gaza instead of truce talks Far-right minister condemns indirect negotiations with Hamas and calls for their assassination across the globe

    Gaza ‘Freedom Flotilla’ blocked in Turkey , The alliance of NGOs and groups failed to set sail after Guinea-Bissau withdrew their flagged vessels.–freedom-flotilla–blocked-in-turkey

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