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    Dr. Diablo

    Libya? That may not be such a good idea. Remember how I said Libya had 3 governments, the real, the puppet, and the “Unity”? Well the Western hand-picked “Unity” government was smuggled into Tripoli this week–which under the constitution the real government must reside–and set up alliances with the oil interests and the central bank–not the people. Interesting reading, yes? France, Britain, the U.S. have placed special ops on the borders and have run all their surveillance for bombing targets over the past few months in preparation for war. …Under the veil of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya under the National Transitional Council. So it’s official, right? Voted and approved U.N. military intervention? Of course not, silly! They are only authorized to be non-military, but they’re counting on you not knowing and certainly not caring about the rule of law. I mean, no one has in the last 10 years, why start now?

    So, as the toppling of Libya, installing puppet government, and controlling/putting oil on the U.S. Petrodollar standard (with all its juicy profits we then use to attack other nations) was going badly, we set up a 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th phony government (the first few couldn’t agree despite staying in 5-star Swiss hotels for months), speak about them as if they’re real, install them in the capital, de facto creating a civil war from what was the most successful, prosperous nation in Africa. Then the fabricated hand-picked government claims to be the “real” government, asks for international help with ISIS–oops, I mean the real Libyan rival government–and have the West bomb the former government–and all the citizens–in an air campaign. Easy. And all it takes if for no one to give a hoot about the truth or rule of law, the only fact on which we can depend.

    So back to Syria: Syrians are going to walk from Aleppo, through Damascus (which is relatively calm, if leveled) through Jordan, Israel, Gaza, Egypt, then 500 miles across the Sahara to Libya, which is itself in civil war, and likely to be bombed in days? And then another 500 miles to Italy? That’s like walking across the continental United States on foot without an ox and Canastoga wagon, then swimming to Alaska. With 3-4 passport stops. Question: who’s paying for it? I know I couldn’t do that, and the U.S. isn’t 1500 mile war zone, or not officially, anyway.

    Who’s paying? Well according to Austria, who investigated the matter, a variety of NGO’s are spending billions shuttling humans between countries. That is to say, specifically from Muslim nations into Europe and no where else. Who are these NGO’s, where did they get their billions in free cash, and why do they have no other solutions than to cause acute distress in Europe? I’ll leave it for you to investigate. But Libya? Here there be monsters.


    “Demise of shadow finance?” Ha! Get back in your bubble, Ambrose.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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