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    Henri Matisse Open window, collioure 1905   • Albert Edwards: “Chinese Authorities Lost Control Back In 2015” (ZH) • China Nationalizes Third Ban
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    Dr. D

    “ Albert Edwards: “Chinese Authorities Lost Control Back In 2015” (ZH)”

    Not saying we can win the trade war, or that there are any winners, but this shows we do have leverage. As said 20x, they cannot shut off U.S. AG since if they buy from Brazil, Brazil’s buyers then buy from us. There is no surplus on planet earth, we eat the food we eat. Is it really that hard to just enforce patent rights and cut down fentynl? Everybody else manages it.

    “ China Nationalizes Third Bank Since May (SCMP)”

    It is hurting them, but they also can do what they want because they’re not a market economy. (neither are we) So is this all necessary in the currency/trade reset, or are they still trying to start a war with China the U.S. can lose 1919-style?

    Like I said last week, I’d be shocked if nearly the entire protest wasn’t caused and run by us. Yesterday, we had the pictures. The U.S. said publishing the truth like that wikileaks guy was “gangster tactics”, i.e. illegal. Yes, we know you’d like to make real journalism illegal. You tell us every day when you call it “hate speech.”

    “Who’s Afraid of Tulsi Gabbard? (Matt Taibbi)”

    Tulsi is trying to help them, just as I am. What she said of Harris is true, so were Harris the DNC candidate what do you think DJT would say about her to voters? You want to hear this the first time then? There ain’t no safe space here, thankfully. If her flaws are too exploitable it’s critical you knock her out and not waste DNC effort with softballs and fake polls propping her up.

    She only “burst into headlines” as this candidate most likely to pull swing voters has had a total media blackout rivaling Ron Paul’s. These stances were not standard, as Harris has the low honor of being the only person on stage who is literally a slaver: like the Dutch in the 17th century, she pulled up to her neighborhoods, rounded up children who were innocent or guilty of only petty crimes she carelessly participated in (i.e. pot), sent them to private prison making uniforms to keep profits up, then when their release dates arrived, refused to release them. That’s quite a record, and not a winning one for 2020. And how is this not like the African coast in 1700?

    In response, the DNC breathlessly support her, then ignore this certain to be brought up, then attack and smear Tulsi with violent falsehoods who is doing them a big favor, then attempt to hide her entirely-public record by erasing Harris’ public data off the California government website. I can’t fathom the ways you are attempting to lose, by what breathtaking, awe-inspiring margins you are trying to lose by promoting a candidate like this. Apparently Buttigieg’s leveling of black neighborhoods and making them pay for it was not villainous enough; they had to find someone ‘more’. And it’s true: he’s just a piker in those terms.

    Anyway, so now they’re doubly mad that a Democrat is getting excitement and rising in the polls among Democrats and Republicans alike. No! This well-spring of popularity for us and our party must be stopped at all costs and by all means!

    And some would think it hyperbole that lifelong Democrat Kunstler says they’ve committed suicide.

    “Also from the Miami Herald. Epstein was abusing girls while serving a sentence for abusing girls.”

    So weird, and with all this sudden headline news this week, that the day this drops is the day the Federal Prosecutor retires. And they wanted her for the top job, overseeing Trump. Well, another mystery and coincidence, what can I say? Life is filled with them.

    “a slimy perv who recruited high school girls”

    To show we haven’t gotten to the bottom yet, he was also VIP at a Minnesota Girls’ theatre camp. Had his own house on site and everything.

    “40 Rebuttals to CNN’s Bias on Assange (Fidel Narváez)”

    Yes, well CNN attacks journalism every day they remain open. And attacks real journalists both within and without, which is their very reason for being: to pretend to be news to replace the real news with what their handlers prefer.

    “all major newsrooms should also be called “election interference centers,”

    You’re right! We need to shut them down immediately! And we’re working feverishly on that now, handing it all to Google, who openly vowed to interfere in both 2016 and 2020, then took visible, verifiable steps to throw perhaps 8 million votes, by colluding with MI6, GPS, and Ukraine.

    “Conductor Boots Racially Abusive Teenage Girl Off Wellington Train (Stuff)”

    This is quite likely to be harassment or even assault, which are not protected free speech. Neither are aggressive customers required equal service, as any pub knows. However, the only reason anyone published the article is because of WHAT she was saying to be disruptive, and the WHAT doesn’t matter: if she is arguably accosting customers, she is required to be legally removed. Another common day at work on planet earth.

    christopher cobb

    Have you posted a single positive story about China this year, or ever? And your argument about China having no answer, or communism having no answer, was completely without substance, and laughable. A Langley thought experiment.

    You disappoint me.

    christopher cobb

    ‘There is no surplus on planet earth’- baloney.

    We throw out half the food grown.

    There was plenty of food in the great Indian famines of the nineteenth century, and the bengal famine, and infrastructure to distribute it, but ‘markets’, a benthamite experiment that prefigured future holocausts.

    And you know what China doesn’t have, for all the talk of ‘shadow banks’, a quadrillion dollar ‘market in derivatives.

    Here from Luciana Bohne:

    “The IMF is the debt trap, not China: some VERY basic observations

    China’s infrastructural assistance to African countries (and not only) is pissing off the usurers of the IMF. Why?

    1. The main reason is that China makes bi-lateral agreements, the terms of which are secret, not available to institutions like the IMF. This hampers the IMF’s ability to assess risk when it negotiates its own loans to China’s bilateral partner

    2. Follows on #1. Risk assessment is crucial to IMF because creditors are private investors while Chinese creditors are state-owned enterprises (much more sustainable as “risk). In other words, the creditors are the Chinese people.

    3. The IMF loans are granted based on demand to constrict expenditures in the public sector and expanding them for the private sector, based on the market fundamentalist faith that the engine of economic growth is the private sector. Thus, IMF loans require of the debtor “structural adjustment” of public services and utilities–shrinkage of government role in the public good. This means that the IMF dictates domestic policies. China’s loans are not predicated on interfering with domestic policies. They calculate their returns in terms of human development–believe it or not. Whereas the IMF calculate in terms of returns to investors. In other words, China lends to countries (23) that the IMF considers at risk and even severe risk (16), without forcing them to adopt market fundamentalism–or communism, for that matter.

    4. In the Congo, right now, the IMF has a big headache because it cannot assess risk of debt renewals.. On the one hand, it does not know the terms of China-Congo debt agreements, and, on the other, it does not know how much China has covered IMF death distress to the Congo in one-time deals. The IMF, therefore, complains of “lack of transparency” by China and partner. (who would be “transparent” with loan sharks?)’


    Epstein’s dead. Well, didn’t see that coming /sarc

    christopher cobb

    China’s 5G Leadership Means US Eavesdropping is Blocked, Spies Unemployed

    “The issue comes down to whether we get everyone’s data or China gets everyone’s data,” a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me recently. But I don’t think that is the issue at all: More than one kind of technology now exists that will make eavesdropping impossible — not just difficult or expensive, but outside the realm of physical possibility.

    The ultimate form of data security is quantum communications, an application of physics that China has pioneered. Two years ago Chinese scientists had a video call with colleagues in Vienna, creating the signal by entangling atoms halfway around the world. The system that makes the communication possible cannot be stolen, because any outside intervention destroys the signal itself. It is like a letter that disintegrates the instant you set eyes on it. Commercial applications of this technology may not be too far away. In 2018, Huawei conducted field trials for data security in optical networks with the Spanish telephone company Telefónica.


    It’s only 3 weeks ago that I wrote:

    How Long is Jeffrey Epstein For This World?


    “Authorities” say Epstein hanged himself in his cell. How is that possible when you’re on suicide watch?


    “Authorities” say Epstein hanged himself in his cell. How is that possible when you’re on suicide watch?

    Doubting the official story? Sounds like conspiracy talk to me. Somebody notify the FBI and Twitter!


    Who cares if he did have info about other/elites peoples sex lives.
    Not me. The rich and powerfull don’t care if we know.
    Just maybe, there is rich and powerful someone who fears a wife who would use a paring knife on him.

    John Day
    The death of John F. Kennedy ushered in a new age of pessimism and cultural irrationalism from which our society has never recovered. The destruction of a long term vision as exemplified by the space program, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the New Deal projects had resulted in a tendency within the population to increasingly look upon present pleasures as the only reality, and future goods as the mystical expression of the sum of present pleasures. In this new philosophical setting, so alien in previous epochs, money was permitted to act as a power unto itself for short term gains instead of serving the investments into the real productive wealth of society. With this new paradigm shift into the “now”, a new economic model was adopted to replace the industrial economic model which had proven itself in the years preceding and following World War II.
    ​ ​The name for this system was “post-industrial monetarism”. This would be a system ushered in by Richard Nixon’s announcement of the destruction of the fixed-exchange rate Bretton Woods system and its replacement by the “floating rate” system of post 1971 fame. During that same fateful year of 1971, another ominous event took place: the formation of the Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group of banks under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which today controls upwards of 70% of the global financial system. The stated intention of this Group would be found in the 1983 speech by Lord Jacob Rothschild: “two broad types of giant institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with a global trading competence, may converge to form the ultimate, all-powerful, many-headed financial conglomerate.”

    To Avoid a Collapse Means Restoring Glass-Steagall (Without the Green New Deal)

    ​This may be the default “way forward”, a trade and currency WW-3 of starvation blocks to trade. Mohamed El-Erian is a globalist, a smart one.
    …with the US-China row now extending beyond economics to include national-security and domestic political issues, the best-case scenario on trade is a series of ceasefires; the more likely outcome is escalating tensions.

    ​China bailed out the Turkish central bank in June. What might be the quid pro quo? Turkey remains in play.

    ​Monsanto vs. Neil Young? Really?
    ​ ​The Monsanto “Fusion Center” – the name of its internal counterintelligence organization – produced detailed graphs on the Twitter activity of rock musician Neil Young, who released an album in 2015 called the Monsanto Years. The center “evaluated the lyrics on his album to develop a list of 20+ potential topics he may target” and created a plan to “proactively produce content and response preparedness.”
    ​ ​At one point, Monsanto officials were “closely monitoring discussions” about a concert featuring Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Perhaps it’s not too early to pen, “How Long is Tulsi Gabbard For This World?

    At this point, do I actually need to explain that comment?

    It appears to me that his jailers had something to lose if Epstein testified. I’ll believe Epstein’s dead when his victims are allowed to examine his corpse. Until then, just consider how sophisticated body doubles and CGI have become. Your first reaction to any MSM report should be skepticism.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    “Nucleix, a Tel-Aviv-based life sciences company, was able to create credible DNA evidence that could be used to finger the wrong person, proof that even genetic evidence can be manipulated (beyond planting a hair or used cigarette) just like other physical traces. ”

    It’s a real shame none of Epstein’s victims were packing heat. Everything downstream from arrest is no longer credible.


    oh right and mr. cobb, accusing me of sinophobia does not start a conversation, it ends it

    christopher cobb

    That’s okay by me, since you clearly have nothing of interest to say on the subject.


    We will kill the insects and fish and mammals , the rich will be ok until the poor eat the rich. China has turned most of their country into one huge farming experiment and the US and Canada are poisoning there ground and water. interesting answer on quora about how china feeds their people. It this is the future mother earth stands no chance.


    Raul was correct again. I am afraid that Gabbard has been shut down – regardless of the poll results she wont get the required 2% in four polls. But you are correct she speaks truth to power and if they cannot destroy her credibility they will stop her some other way. Trump is doing dramatic and incredible harm to the environment we may never be able to undo the damage he is doing and rewarding the idiot in brazil for decimating the amazon in crazy. but if they run Biden and its the same old bullshit I may skip voting for the first time in my adult life.

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