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    John Day

    @AFewKnowThe Truth:
    Thanks for the summary of the Military Summary report. The Russians hijacking the electrical golden goose to crimea seems like a good enough reason for Nazis to shell the big reactor until it creates a huge dead zone. They have nothing personal to lose, it seems.
    How to stop them when they will evacuate allof th civilian hostages in East Ukraine to wherever they set up the howitzers next?

    People have a lot of defense mechanisms that come into play when you talk about oil running out.
    Your prime defense mechanism, as I interpret what you have told us, is intellectual mastery, which you then turn to modification of your physical reality.
    I like that approach. Humor is good, too, but it doesn’t get you beans and rice.
    Denial is the standby in this life. That is often upgraded to snarky denial, then furious , screaming denial, then we should be gone.
    There are other approaches to intellectual mastery, like knowing secrets. A lot of people know secrets that there really is a lot more oil, and I’m inclined to believe some of those secrets, especially about the arctic oil. the test wells that remain classified and Carter locket it all up.
    I think that’s one step short of the truth, and that step is that secret oil will never be for “us”, so it may as well not exist, or maybe it would be better if it did not, because military will get it, and we’ll be defenseless. I try to know as many secrets as the next guy, but they are not for me, not for us…
    Knowing the hell out of a failing paradigm is ok until it fails…
    I often wonder lately if our deep subconscious mind communicates with itself from the back to the front of our lives. We have memory to go from the front to the back. I feel like my deep subconscious is kind of doing that for me, but I have to be truthful with myself. lying messes it all up
    It’s my feeling. I can’t prove it. You should go with your honest feelings.
    People here have layers of letting themselves be known, defense mechanisms.
    I keep watching, which is fine, because I have no interest in harm. what goes around comes around.


    Mandelbrot rabbit hole from unz on sott. Via a commenter on ZH (Ms No, I think). When it involves Cass Sunstein, it’s always blubber time.
    It’s an article about itself, to some extent: the pollution of “conspiracy theories”.

    Life on earth will continue. It has survived ice-over, all-water, big CMEs and all other stages of hot and cold.
    It would even survive the detonation of every warhead on the planet.


    There has been some talk of power.

    We here know that political power is acquired and maintained via complex mind control systems, many of them active from the moment a baby becomes cognisant of the world around it, and in full swing by the time a child goes to school to be ‘educated’.

    For physicists, power is the rate of doing work, joules per second, force times distance divided by the time over which the force acts.

    The great attraction of petroleum-derived fuels is their extremely high ‘energy density’ – a huge [chemical] potential to do work contained in a relatively tiny volume. Thus, a [car] tankful of petroleum is regarded as equivalent to about 6 weeks of hard labour. Try pushing or pulling a vehicle the same distance that a tankful of fuels will move it. It will take you about six weeks -using pulley systems or similar if the terraine is hilly (because the force a human can apply would not overcome gravity, let alone friction.

    That takes me to the Tos thermobaric systems now being applied by the Russian military to the pockets of resistance holed up in concrete bunkers and large factories in the disputed areas.

    Whereas the Romans were able to fling oil-soaked bales of straw into defensive positions, the Russians are able to roll up a tank chassis fitted with multiple launchers of shell cases containing high-density fuels such as ethylene oxide. The energy density of such thermobaric weapons exceeds that of conventional explosives -which typically have 25% fuel and 75 % oxidant. The Tos systems utilise 100% fuel, and are designed to deal with resistance in urban settings..

    All that is required is to ensure that the enemy cannot attack the vehicles. And near-100% control of the airspace over the battle zone by the Russians appears to be doing that.

    Thus, we see that the NATOstan nations are willing to not only cause the collapse of the EU (including NATOstan nations, via energy starvation) but are also willing to see large numbers of Ukrainians ‘fried’.

    I understand the US-UK orchestrated carnage in Ukraine is in order to defend ‘freedom and democracy’.

    Figmund Sreud

    “Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee,”

    This is funny, … sort of: Premier of Ontario, Canada, swallow a bee while talking about privatizing health care, … vid and all at:


    those darned kids

    mr. ford most likely swallowed a wasp, most likely a yellow jacket.

    in other news, i won’t have health coverage soon..


    Just in case some one has not seen this yet- over from ZH from Chris Martenson.
    Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people….
    and more.
    As the top commenter says: “See? Two weeks wasn’t so bad.”


    I am surprised Mr. FORD hasn’t been charged with cruelty to insects for eating one.
    Oh, I forgot!
    Trudeau said w&7e are only to eat insects from now on.


    John Day.

    Here’s the truth about oil.

    Most of the oil was formed when there were super-warm periods (very warm compared to present day) when microscopic marine life forms proliferated and then died, sinking to the bottom of the seas of the times. Remember that the continents were in very different locations at the time, and many areas that were at or below sea level were subsequently uplifted by massive geological forces, over tens of millions of years. The dead bodies of those microscopic life forms that were trapped in suitable layers were subjected to heat and pressure that converted the carbohydrates and proteins into hydrocarbons.

    Much of that oil is still in (or under) rock strata, and is theoretically available. By some estimates the amount left in reservoirs is about the same what industrial humans have consumed since the 1850s, i.e. we are about halfway through the once-only endowment..

    However, the amount in theoretical reserves is of little consequence. What counts are:

    1. The ability to extract the oil in underground or undersea reserves on a daily basis, since is what determines the availability to consumers.. Peak extraction rate.

    2. The quality of the oil -light sweet (low sulphur), heavy, or kerogen…really thick goo that is impossible to pump without predilution with solvents (made from oil).

    3. The ability of the financial system to provide stable finance over long time periods.

    4. Political factors.

    So, we can say that Venezuela has ‘the biggest oil reserves in the world” because there is a lot of kerogen dispersed in rocks under the country. But getting it out is a different matter entirely. Huge amounts of enrgy are required. And lots of expensive equipment made using fossil fuels.

    It’s much the same with Canada, which has stupendous reserves of ‘tar sands’ that can only be extracted after all the trees have been cut down, around 75 metres of top soil removed (using diesel-powered machinery) digging up the tar sands (using diesel-powered machinery), and separating gluggy oily matter from the sand using electrically powered separators, that is after the glug has been heated using natural gas!

    The wear and tear on the separators is so fearsome the separators only operate for a few weeks before being stripped down for maintenance- sand being a wonderful abrasive!

    An area of Alberta the size of England has been converted into a ‘moonscape’ as a consequence of tar sands extraction.

    Try drilling in water 3km deep and then drilling another kilometre or two into the sub-sea layers to get the oil out. Deepwater Horizon is a lesson in how well that works out.

    Interestingly, Saudi Arabia is still pumping oil from Gahwar, quite a while after it was expected to go into severe decline: pumping seawater into the sub-oil layers and forcing out the oil works in the short term.

    Drilling holes all over America and fracturing the rocks to get the last pockets of oil out worked when interest rates were low and when there were were plenty of suckers with more money than sense who were prepared to ‘invest’ in projects that never delivered anything like what they were projected to deliver.

    Once you know “its all bullshit and it’s bad for you” (thanks George Carlin).you can stert to focus on things that do make sense.

    Other commenters have mentioned Charles Hugh Smith: now there a fellow with more than a few clues!

    D Benton Smith

    The real lesson to be learned from the boiled frog experiment is that the common (but mythical) version of the story easily distracts otherwise smart people from valuable lessons to be learned from the ACTUAL boiled frog experiment . . . which are strikingly different from those of the silly trope.
    And people are not frogs. In other words, the current multi-crisis humankind is experiencing has got absolutely nothing to do with our alleged failure to notice gradual encroachments against our welfare. The supposedly illustrative boiled frog analogy is just false and misleading bullshit. The degradation was gradual, alright, but our reasons for accepting it were totally totally totally other than inattention, insensitivity or complacence.

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