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    WES is a reliable treasure trove of anecdotes about a little bit of everything.

    D Benton Smith

    The only thing more dangerous than an adversary telling you the truth is you telling yourself a lie.

    John Day

    I’ll note that the 3 Abrahamic religions have been remarkably adept at war and conquest in history. Remarkably adept.

    D Benton Smith


    No need for the drivers to slow down or watch for pedestrians when the pedestrians are being so careful to stay out of the drivers’ way.

    D Benton Smith


    I understand the reference and its merits, but Temujin ( a Shamanist) was certainly no slouch, and neither were his kids, nor his predecessors for that matter.


    On the matter of the totally fraudulent narratives promoted by the WEF and the vast majority of fake western governments, here is a fine example of absolute bollocks being promoted by the NZ government and their bought-and-paid-for lackeys at universities -which were once places of learning and genuine research (40 or 50 years ago, before everything got commercialised and turned into short-term profit centres).

    Hot off the press:

    New Zealand and Germany are to do some research on green hydrogen projects. It will see the NZ Government ‘invest’ $5 mln into three green hydrogen projects, and our research teams will get access to European green hydrogen research facilities and expertise. Funded through the Catalyst fund, each project will receive $2 million over three years. These are the development of safe, low-cost hydrogen storage (led by Professor Sally Brooker from the University of Otago), investigating ways of producing low-cost green hydrogen (led by Dr Aaron Marshall from the University of Canterbury), and the creation of a New Zealand-German platform for green hydrogen integration (led by Dr Jannik Haas from the University of Canterbury).’

    As others have pointed out, manufacturing hydrogen by ANY industrial process causes a significant net loss of energy.

    There is only one truly ‘green hydrogen’, and that is the ‘green hydrogen’ formed in plants carrying out photosynthesis, whereby light energy is captured via a porphyrin ring containing a magnesium ion, and that light energy is used to split water molecules as building block for carbohydrates.

    Hence my previous comment about western societies functioning on the basis of denial of reality (and that is just one of a plethora of examples).


    Afewknowthetruth said:

    New Zealand and Germany are to do some research on green hydrogen projects.

    Trust NZ to team up with the one country in Europe that is as incompetent at managing their green energy transition project as the NZ neighbours in Australia. Politicians and academics in both countries are a joke and have been for a long time, I don’t spend any time following what they say or do, it drains my belief in the potential of humanity.


    “For a couple of hundred years we rose above the witchdoctor spells and promises of shaman.”

    Indeed, it feels like the TV chumps are leading us back in that direction. From

    Dr. D

    I did read about power sharing, but that’s been the human question for 5,000 years. My impression is it has to be something far more than humans doing it, doing the deciding. Because if it were them, a committee, a priest class, the “Economists”, in five years someone would capture that nexus point and control the entire system. So there can be no deciders. This is similar to money, or the next money upcoming: we’re not going to have a NESRA or a US$ or a SDR or Iraqi Dinar or whatever because nobody’s going to trust anybody. It has to come up organically. And that’s messy, that’s why I can’t predict and decree it without killing a million people. And it will be contained with geography in one place, in culture in another, and by corruption and self-interest in a third among hundreds of motivations. If I say I know best, I might as well put a gun to their heads, as I see every day with rules and laws and bright ideas.

    I’m on a similar basis to Tony but I don’t take it personally. The data is there but not as clear and overwhelming as Covid. And Covid too, I was on the opposite by being alarmist about it early, and only swapping as the(their) data came in. The problem with a-biotic is the same, however: doesn’t matter a bit how it’s created if it’s created far slower than we can consume it. 1) If it keeps up – with at a million barrels an hour doesn’t seem likely – then we have the problem of transforming the planet into a parking lot like Wall-E. 2) If AGW is real – which I also don’t believe – then burning that oil will ruin the planet not just with plastic bottles and cars (which is bad enough). 3) If both those are solved, then we still have Old MacDonald’s EROEI: Yes, we saw oil at the center of the earth 35,000ft under the Gulf, in 4,000ft of water, but could not contain the pressures, nor was the oil that good, not “Oil” in the Texas sense. Sure it proved abiotic perhaps, for their upcoming geopolitical moves, but didn’t it also suggest we COULDN’T use it so easily? And certainly not cheaply? And might with an accident destroy all natural life for decades or centuries? That is: “Too expensive” in several ways.

    These are different problems than Peak Oil but they’re also the same too: Oil energy return too low. Oil causing worldwide environmental harm. Easy oil being in shortage causes resource wars. And the one I think is the intent to cover here: Financial world = energy use. So if energy use wobbles or even changes, the unstable pyramid scheme we call “money” collapses, which is a bigger problem than oil.

    Then today, a problem bigger than all of those: Their “Solution”, “Helping” the situation appears to be to have those wars and kill everyone happily and intentionally to maintain Alien Ant Farmer control.

    Since these are mostly identical and we cover the still-true financial side, I don’t see a big deal in a disagreement concerning the origins. This is the Internet: QED, no one agrees with you. Would we want them to? If I want that I can re-read my own posts and marvel at how clever and right I am. That’s not really the point.

    You have to propose a rather different earth, different process, perhaps electric universe, but there was a Japanese experiment: what is the earth made of? A lot of calcium carbonate. So he ran water through tiny channels in a matrix of such rocks as a means of imitating the heats and pressures underground. Lo, when you squish water back and forth with carbon under these conditions, it creates hydrocarbon chains as the pressure forces attachment. But don’t be a scientist: just because we don’t yet understand WHY something happens, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. They discard their data all the time for this reason, and it’s nearly the height of ‘unscientific’.

    Why is it in sedimentary rock? Perhaps two reasons: One, there’s a lot more carbon in actual dead dinosaurs. like coalfields. But two, as known, the oil needs to collect in a permeable sponge under a rock dome. If it’s coming up all the time at whatever rate, those would be identical, that is, it will be found in porous sedimentary rock and not granite. his may explain oil shale where it’s collecting in rock that is too hard for easy containment. Question I have and suspect is, if there is no capture lid, the hydrocarbons escape as tiny emissions of natural gas, barely measurable in geologic time. As per science, consider this alternative hypothesis fairly according to what you know, or rather what direct evidence you can be sure of. …I’m pretty sure there’s no dead dinosaurs below 35,000 feet under 4,000 feet of water. And off Brazil. And in the Caspian. And everywhere else we drill that deep. So why is the oil there? I find the biotic oil argument much less compelling to explain that than vice versa. Reading the other guy’s argument extensively in detail is what science is supposed to be. I fear you haven’t even googled it for an hour. I can go either way, which is Science, depending on the data, which is Science, but that’s where I sit right now. And can be happy to express it because for all the reasons above, it doesn’t matter much as to my daily actions. …Except if we misunderstand it, there IS oil many places we haven’t tapped yet, available for emergencies.

    Are the eaters useless? Of course we always argue the opposite, but let’s take their side: What have YOU done lately to justify yourself, make yourself useful and necessary to life, i.e. “Not Useless.”? Or if you don’t want, then what have to done to scare them within an inch of their life to screw with you, being capable, determined, skilled, active, should they try anything with you? You’re not “useless’ then either: you’re strategically relevant and have leverage.

    “And there is one group amongst many that we know we cannot trust at all: the mainstream media.”

    We agree. Yes but there’s no more mainstream, no narrative in higher defense by mainstream, insiders, maniacs, and oligarchs than AGW. So if they’re always wrong, been wrong about everything else all my life, and you think so too, then this is the one exception? I guess. But why this thing? And why the first time?

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