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    Elliott Erwitt New York City, USA 1955   • Many People Unexposed To Coronavirus Have Immune Cells For COVID19 (SMH) • The Speech Joe Biden Has Be
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    V. Arnold

    Elliott Erwitt New York City, USA 1955

    That could well be today, no?
    Deus ex Machina (god from the machine)…
    …but really, she just has no customers…
    …as to today? Well…
    We’ll see no?


    She practices social distancing

    V. Arnold

    She practices social distancing…

    LOL, indeed… 😉

    Dr. D

    On Taibbi: Read the comments. If your diet of umbrage is low. Priceless.

    Ralph Dratman18 hr
    “You are conspicuously fiddling while the US burns. (Not that I can bear watching any of that stuff from either party at this stage of my life. If I were required to do so (are you?) I might try some of your shenanigans to stay with it.) But other than such necessity, I think it’s stupid and vile to be playing drinking games while the president is sabotaging the post office so we won’t be able to vote properly in the upcoming election. Or don’t you care?

    The Design Flaw18 hr
    Ralph is conspicuously replying to Matt Taibbi’s drinking-game post when he could be phone banking for Biden. If Biden loses, I’m blaming Ralph’s poor decision making.

    Ralph Dratman18 hr
    More provocation. You think this country is not in trouble? Then you must be writing on a paid basis to disrupt discussion on this supposedly serious forum, which I pay to participate in.

    The Design Flaw17 hr
    That’s one more phone call you didn’t make.

    Ralph Dratman17 hr
    Just plain nonsense. Is anyone here falling for this?

    Ralph Dratman17 hr
    I do not agree. Playing drinking games now is simply giving in to alcoholism.”

    Sounds like “Dwight” from “The Office.” Hilarious. Okay, now we must support National Health Care to get that Sense of Humor transplant. Man the phones! (Oh wait, Biden et co are not for National Health care, nor Medicare-for-All)

    I say we make a different drinking game, from SNL. Drink everytime these loveless Church Ladies say, “Could it be…Racism???”

    Must. Ban. All. Fun. Staying awake at night worrying somewhere in America, someone has an opinion different from yours. Remember: Jokes are treason of the mind. Against the Uni-Opinion. All opinions must be identical to mine.

    Somehow, I don’t think that is a winning platform for Americans. Works in Germany, clearly, but not here.

    “72% of Detroit’s Absentee Ballot Counts Were Off (DN)”

    Hey, anyone remember that time Jill Stein called an election recount and Detroit had 110% of residents voting? All Democrat? Yeah, that stopped quick. Then it never happened! Good times, good times.

    ““It was so inaccurate that we can’t even attempt to make it right,”
    “precincts whose poll books don’t match with ballots can’t be recounted,”

    So if I make a “accidental mistake” the bad voting can’t be double checked, can’t be discarded, but therefore becomes law, KNOWING IT IS WRONG? Ah, clearly I have underestimated your capacity for deceit and corruption. But they’re lawyers, after all.

    “Johnson, Grassley Blast Colleagues For ‘False Narratives’ About Ukraine (JTN)”

    So if the media makes an “accidental mistake” by pointed and specific (illegal) leak, the bad press can’t be discarded and rectified, even KNOWING IT IS WRONG??? I did not underestimate the media’s capacity for universal deceit, corruption, and bias in pursuit of the Socialist “UniParty”, the Sociopath’s dream. Been living with their non-stop universal lies in media and school my whole life.

    “This is so nuts it can only mean she herself is certified nuts.”

    Nah, this has been happening all over the place. By riot-authorizing Democrats. One when they spray painted her house after allowing 60 days of murder, arson, and theft, Lo! Suddenly shall see the light! And got all mad-n-stuff when it was HER house. Minutes later riots were rolled up. See? Police CAN maintain order! Second, Portland, where the Mayor is the Police Chief, went down to riots WHILE THEY WERE MALTOVing THE FEDERAL BUILDING, but they booed him, you see, tsk tsk, ordered him to resign, and 30 minutes later said Mayor declared them a riot for embarrassing him, after 70 days of attempted murder. Lightfoot is only the footnote, but remember, she’s the one who took maskless selfies for the haircut, because her haircut is “Vital services” and everybody else in Chicago is arrested for masks. …Unless they’re holding a brick and trying to torch buildings with people inside, ‘natch. ‘Rona is our god. The ‘Rona knows.

    I’m sure if we looked, we’d find 100 more classic examples, these were just so breathtaking that even the media reported them. But you vote for these people and their ways, most for 60 years, so why complain now? Crime is only up 400% in NYC and 150% in the state, 3 of the 12 blesse’d cities are on fire, why stop now when the some of remaining tax base hasn’t left yet and a few buildings are still standing?

    28 Million Americans on Unemployment Insurance, 17.5% of Labor Force (WS)”

    The plan is to default on the debt and lift a $21-$50 Trillion dollar weight of the people. Then print our own money on the Hamilton plan to re-build ruined infrastructure. Worked the last two times, why not now?

    P.S., the U.S. has had +17% unemployment probably since 2001. It was just politically useful to admit it right now. How else could we justify our imminent tax holiday and default?

    “CEOs Get Big Pre-Bankruptcy Bonuses As Lenders and Employees Stiffed (NC)”

    Hahahaha. And these are the guys saying we’re going to “tax the rich”, when the opposite has been happening for 100 years straight, while authorizing the non-stop money-printing to insiders and first-holders, who use it to buy and corrupt the entire government in the first 20 years. But “Imma gonna get you this time you waskally wabbit!” Yeah, the Waskilly Wabbit that funded my University’s Economic Department.

    “hate speech is not a thing. …To be clear, I also believe that a private organization has the right to apply hate speech standards (or any other speech standards) to its members”

    Totally agree. Which means FB and pals must choose if they are the platform or a publisher. They are trying to be both, which is illegal. Congress loves all things illegal, immoral, and wrong, and a third of them are convicted felons, which is why they allow it.

    So fine: ban people, muh private corporation? Fine. Welcome to 1 Billion concurrent lawsuit hell. Oh you’re a PLATFORM? Oh in that case, shut your pie hole and let people every toxic idiot speak. …But you see they won’t. They can’t. That answer is NEITHER “1984” NOR “Brave New World.” It’s Liberty-which-is-our-sworn-enemy.

    “Florida To Release 750 Million Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (BBC)”

    They refused ANY testing, even though that is against the law (substantive harm). Because if it’s against the law, no price is too high! We are on the service of our Lord-and-Master, he who says, “screw you and your natural laws. I do what I like! I’m awesome!”

    “‘Bored’ Ravens Straying from Tower of London Signal Monarchy May Fall (G.)”

    Apparently even bird-brains are smarter than reporters. Anyone seen Andrew lately? Ms. Maxwell was asked to speak 7 times before the UN, breathless for her every word, maybe he’s over there waiting for her.

    Charles Alban

    when i went to the Tower of London i was told the ravens’ wings were clipped to make sure they didn’t fly away.


    ..when i went to the Tower of London i was told the ravens’ wings were clipped to make sure they didn’t fly away.

    Given that they can bring down the monarchy AND the Tower itself, no wonder precautions are taken. I was wondering how they get them to stay.


    So…can anyone tell me if Matt Taibbi’s recent lack of content (other than the podcast and SubStack) means that he is being cancelled by the PC media outlets…or is it a conscious decision on his part? I would guess the former.

    It just seems to me that his profile is a lot lower since he decided to speak out. He’s been my favorite journalist for years, and I hate to see him get marginalized, if that is what’s going on.


    I had a dream

    Aug 20, 2020

    Foreign Drug Giants Undercut by Up to 95% in China Bidding War
    FiercePharmaAsia—China’s price-slashing round; Takeda’s Japan cuts; Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine price

    by Eric Sagonowsky | Aug 3, 2020 11:47am
    Welcome to the FiercePharma political roundup, where each Monday we’ll highlight developments in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere that could affect drug pricing and how drugmakers operate.

    It’s been a busy week in the world of drug pricing, but not because of any major changes to the industry’s pricing power or legislation. Instead, drugmakers and President Donald Trump exchanged barbs over a group of executive orders and the president’s aim to lower prices.

    The latest back-and-forth started at the end of July, when Trump rolled out executive orders to create discounts for insulin and epinephrine, eliminate rebates, allow drug imports from Canada and other countries and create an index linking U.S. prices to those elsewhere. The industry hit back quickly, but experts said the measures wouldn’t likely bring real change—at least not right away.
    FiercePharmaPolitics—Trump and Big Pharma tussle over drug price proposal with 3 months until election
    by Eric Sagonowsky | Aug 3, 2020 11:47am
    As Trump pledges lower drug prices—again—pharma CEOs voice skepticism with his plans
    by Eric Sagonowsky | Jul 30, 2020 3:15pm


    “So what’s the plan, guys? Green jobs?”

    The old jobs are never coming back; there are many more losses to come. With so many people displaced (permanently, they can feel it but aren’t ready to face the truth, yet), there will be a need to redirect and refocus human potential into more meaningful pursuits.

    The plan should include traditional infrastructure jobs (which involve good paying positions such as welders, construction workers, and engineers) and green jobs which could expand to include all kinds of interesting things – like a career path that solves the recycling problems – why not elevate waste management to a higher status by assigning greater responsibility designed to conquer the challenges! Stop the plastic before it reaches the oceans.

    We should include NEW areas of work development. How about rebuilding the Social Infrastructure? This would include creating/building essential human infrastructure to support joyful, kind and loving: elder care, child care, distance learning backup for kids with working parents (both remote in-home workers and those who still have office jobs), people (adults and kids) with disabilities, Veterans, Hospice (non medical end of life care and coaching), alternative education and homeschooling just to name a few.

    Imagine how much better we will feel pursuing meaningful work that uplifts the least among us including ourselves.

    Ken Barrows

    I still don’t see how these voting articles you post imply widespread voting fraud. Are these discrepancies new to the republic? (I don’t think so.). Google Greg Palast and voting and you’ll see some articles on large scale voter suppression.

    If a government thinks that voting by mail is a threat to democracy, so be it. But here’s the general rule for modern national elections: Republicans want a lower voter turnout and Democrats want a higher turnout. In Colorado, there are drop boxes for ballots and plenty of chances to vote early. Do Republicans in swing states push these alternatives instead of mail? Of course not.


    More critical infrastructure jobs:

    Meeting the promise of clean drinking water: Re-piping water systems in aging communities all over America (the disgrace in Flint MI is on-going, been 6 years). Water piping projects could take tens of 1000’s of workers decades to complete.

    Forest management and restoration support. Tree and brush removal would keep many employed for years. Working outdoors is so healthy for the soul. Firefighting in rural areas – good enough for CA prisoners – good for you too.

    Side Note: I live in the mountains of rural Northern CA (4 + hours north of Bay area) in Trinity County. We are mostly conifer/fir forest and oak woodlands. Bone dry – down 10 inches of rain this year, over supply of beetle infested trees. We work our tails off on remediation – especially this past winter into spring as “The Great Pause” kept me focused on my 5 acres. Chain saws roaring and burn piles blazing for days, mighty old friends (trees over 100 years) bit the dust. As 100 degree summer heat rolls on, our early remediation efforts provide some level of security. What are we supposed to do – mow down the entire freeking forest? Despite our President’s ignorance there is opportunity in this! No time for blame and finger pointing games to score points. Come on now…..

    “And I see again, the forest fires are starting,” Trump said. “They’re starting again in California. And I said, you’ve got to clean your floors. You’ve got to clean your floors.” The president blamed the “years” of leaves and broken trees, claiming “they’re like, like so flammable.” During his speech in Scranton, Pa., Trump said, “I’ve been telling them this now for three years, but they don’t want to listen,” referencing California.

    Also in my small town (3,800 pop.) there are other key infrastructure jobs. Skilled hands-on labor deserves to be respected and encouraged. Some of these businesses are perpetuated by family/generations stepping up to carry on. Some are not as fortunate: Dave’s small engine repair – too busy to take my saws in for off season tune-up (LOL gotta make appointment) is too slammed to train and mentor help. Others include the glass and screen business, upholstery shop, woodworking shops, plumbers, electricians. The 2 welding shops here are always packed. We need to preserve and protect the pipeline for these meaningful opportunities with community focused initiatives that attract candidates to our rural areas.


    John Day- It’s amazing that I can’t even type “dot com” and get the thing to post (fingers crossed). Check his august 12 post “binary brain damage” for the link.


    Yay! On another topic- I LOVE harvesting potatoes!

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