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    The Bankers needs the lawyers and judges to shield them.

    Without the legal liars, the bankers would be swinging from the lamp posts.

    It’s symbiotic, the bankers bribe the judges, the judges rule that corporations are People




    Collapse with humour

    D Benton Smith

    Under the stress of being found out for their crimes The Powers That Be have been forced to accelerate development of their Latest New Strategy : Lie faster than the Conspiracy Theorists can catch up.

    D Benton Smith

    It has been said that a true mercantile capitalist would sell to a lynch mob the rope that they needed to hang him, if there was a profit.

    Like what the Western Empire’s governing and financial leaders are doing right now, deliberately and more or less knowingly driving the world economy ( that they, too, ultimately depend on for their very lives !) into the pit of certain annihilation because they believe (in some genuinely insane way) that there is some kind of “profit” in it for themselves.

    Ah, well. The only cure for THAT level and degree of stupid is to just allow it to kill itself, and do one’s best not get hit by a stray bullet as idiots all blow their own brains out.


    D.Dr. “It is a war. Strange it’s a murder there and just war a few miles away, they are blowing up a thousand Dugin’s daughters but that’s how we define these things.’
    Exactly , all this virtue signalling and crying about one single adult person who 99.9 % of folk never heard of until two days ago. As for the suspect , points for the Mini Cooper and expertise , but those points nullified by too much Botox.

    Mr. Day ,J.
    “Neoliberal financial capitalism” is an economy consuming parasitic model, a cancerous model. It’s not “capitalism” in the historic sense.”
    Roger that . Mr. Marx would not recognise the swindle that is now called Capitalism.

    Still amazed that folk still think there is a political solution to the West’s problems .
    In the US as Sundance has pointed out there is a coalition of two “parties” that are cooperating to give their donors and fellow wokies what they want , the last thing on their mind is responding to the wishes of the voting citizens. Those circumstances are mirrored throughout the West and plenty of other countries as well.
    Only a complete breakdown of our economies ,I mean complete , no energy , no food , no healthcare , bodies decomposing in the streets , total anarchy will bring about real change. That or the citizens that live in countries that still have weapons storm and burn the houses of government and Lynch about 90%. of the elected ones and start anew.
    But even that won’t do because the power lies elsewhere with the Davos crowd , Soros and other billionaires and then there are the central banks to deal with and fiat currencies etc. etc.
    See how difficult or impossible the situation is ? What are the probabilities of either happening in my lifetime , about zero. Meanwhile who is going to step up to do the rebuilding? They might be worse than what we have now , what reforms would they make?
    We have had a lot of rain the last week , the Tasmanian highland dams will be full or close to being full , guaranteeing enough Hydro electricity for a year or two . The spring bulbs and flowering native wattles are blooming , life is good.


    Southern Pacific Railroad Company was decided on May 10, 1886, by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case established, via a headnote, that corporations are considered persons under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.


    Not to mention that a large percentage of the English speaking world has lost it’s mind to drugs or insane ideologies , what do we do with them? and 90% of academia …..and the entire medical community ….and……and ….and…….
    Watch “What is a woman” if you dare .


    Hi Farmer McGregor! (I’m a full-on fan of farmers!) Thank you. 🙂 I was just thinking, “hey, peanut butter will emulsify that tar”, and then I read your comment! lol

    Ran across this song a bit ago, maybe y’all have already heard it, but I really enjoyed this one … keep it in your back pocket for the next go ’round with this f’ing gang that thinks they can tell us what to do …


    the next war


    Btw … based on comments we’re getting just a wee bit pessimistic around here. C’mon everyone, buck up. Do you honestly think these wimps can take us? (If so, graciously bow out now). We’ve got this.


    Dr D said

    But I need them to stop killing everything, so I’d really like to find a way to communicate and break through, which is impossible when they reject #God, #Logos, and therefore #Reality in any form,

    God as reality … Dr D on a rant?


    Dr D said

    Will there be rule of law and Western, Christian values, however young and fleeting, or will we fall into the dark night of the #Opposite? Where rules, logic, custom mean nothing, only raw #Power?

    Confusing as both the western and Russian sides are nominally Christian countries. Ironically Russia’s victory is more likely to retain the “Western, Christian values”, even though the pope is firmly on the side of the globalists as is the head of the CoE. In either case, raw power will continue to rule the earth as it has done for ever, only adopting a romantic orientation would make you think otherwise.


    Armenio P.

    Your musical offering made my day. Lowered my dissatisfaction. I offer this counterpointing bookend:

    My Father

    And the possible grandparent of the song you shared:

    I can’t stop seeing Dugin’s daughter as the Archduke of Ferdinand. A tenuous correlation but it fits my predictive fancy for now.

    TAE Summary

    * Leadership
    – TPTB have bitten off more than they can chew
    – When Putin conquers the US the deplorables will greet him with candy and flowers
    – Selling out your country gets you re-elected; The more you get re-elected the more likely you sold out your country
    – Leaders spend all their energy on a great future: It’s Morning in America, Prosperity and Progress, Change We Can Believe In, Make America Great Again, Build Back Better; Leaders never contemplate problems because that wouldn’t be leadership so when bad things happen leaders never saw them coming
    – The past is set in stone; The future is putty in our hands; It’s the kind of putty that hardens very quickly

    * The northern hemisphere is cold in winter; Don’t forget to drain your trap

    * Today an ounce of gold will buy 300 Big Macs. How many will it buy in 2050?

    * Fauci leaves government to focus on choosing his final line:
    – It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known?
    – After all, tomorrow is another day?
    – if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in the bak yard?
    – He loved Big Brother?

    * If you can’t beat ‘em, subvert ‘em

    * Diplomat speak with forked tongue, stall for time

    * Education has failed us; People don’t understand Marx, Lincoln, Hitler or Jesus

    * Has anybody here
    Seen my old friend Liz?
    Can you tell me, where she’s gone?
    She freed a lot of people
    But it seems the good lose elections young, yeah
    I just looked around
    And she was gone


    Human rights human imagination?

    Dr. D

    The basic problem is that neither Marxism nor Capitalism has any definition. As Oxy says. And this is on purpose, as he suggests.

    Definitions change day to day, Webster now changes definitions of words without hours of losing a public Tweet. But here’s some of the latest:

    Definition of socialism:
    1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
    2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
    b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
    3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

    Note this is a fallacy to begin with as there is always private property of some type. What is a “Means of Production and Distribution”? Everything? Nothing? And the real problem: if things are “Collectively owned and controlled” that isn’t decided by everybody via a democratic vote or something. Some BODY, a person, committee, parliament, collective, makes those decisions ON BEHALF of the collective. So hour one, “Some animals are more equal than others” and it is instantly, by definition, an Oligarchy, one of the worst forms of government. Part Three, unequal distribution of goods is inevitable for so many reasons, What does he mean? Like Really REALLY unequal? I may not want as much stuff as my neighbor. Maybe I want more. Maybe I’m the best welder and everybody’s sending me pancakes to get my attention. There’s only one best author, violinist, sports star. How will that work? …Well time has told us. Not well, in fact more horribly than even I would have imagined in 1840.

    1. An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development occurs through the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.
    2. The state of having capital or property; possession of capital.
    3. The concentration or massing of capital in the hands of a few; also, the power or influence of large or combined capital.

    Note definitions 1 and 3 are direct opposites. 1 says everybody owns property and capital, 3 says only a few do. “Capitalism” has no meaning at all under this definition, and as Phoenix says, it means nothing. As under “Socialism” there is always private property for humans. Always. In prison, in monastery, with John the Baptist and Buddhist monks. Always. So “the state of having private property”? You mean like a system “where Humans exist”? And what is “Capital”? Nothing. Everything. All objects, also all ideas. “Capital” was reverse-defined by Marx, there was no “Capitalism” until they needed to differentiate it from something “not-capital”. The science was called “Political Economy,”back when, already tied to its relationship with government, that is, law and justice in Society. “Capital” is “All objects.” All owned objects, maybe useful to do other things, but maybe nobody’s invented the thing to do with them yet, but will tomorrow.

    Economics” is “Oikos”, Household, and “Nomos”, management, law, or principle. So “Economics” is “Household Management” or by extension the macro of national households.

    Capitalism” would be the “ownership of stuff”, which I’ve said. Which also occurs in Socialism. What do THEY mean by it? Who the heck knows?

    Which is the same as “Socialism”. So are we talking dictionary definition, which means nothing? Or the colloquial man-on-the-street definition, which means nothing? Roughly, I’d say as somewhat college, somewhat paying attention common man definition: “Socialism” means “government owns and runs everything. “Communism” means “Hippie-dippie collective leaning, even if they’re about to reverse and screw you, and go Socialist” like Lenin, Castro, or the Sandinistas. “Marxism” is more the philosophy covering all the flavors, but also a broader superset of the different types. “Capitalism” means “I think rich guys own too much.” Done.

    Why is America “Socialist” and why do they complain about the DNC being “Communist”? Well they’ve said they are, direct quote, but nevermind that. Loosely, the drive of the Left Progressiveism is that individuals, private people can’t be trusted and need to be restrained by government. So therefore Government passes laws, and we agree: There is a government, that is its purpose. However, the laws then control and direct private property and private activity. Work your way down the long path of passing laws to control and direct activity and you end up with “2b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state”

    Yes, totally controlled by the state. Such that you cannot legally collect a glass of water on your front porch in Arizona. You are stealing that water right from the government. Such that the EPA reserves the right to control and direct “waterways” that include mud puddles in your back yard. I am not kidding, these are actual laws, actually enforced, actually proven in court.

    And the “Ownership”? Did we not JUST, a year or two ago, try to “Own” 1/5th of the entire GDP, in the name of Nationalizing Health Care? There is a wide consensus to take not only that, but a number of other sectors as well, which are all Nationalization, all approved, and all “Means of production owned by the state.” Socialist.

    It’s not meant to be a slur. It’s meant to be a fact.

    Every issue that arises, from bad posts on Twitter, high electric bills, pollution, fatherless homes, lead to calls for “The Government” to step in and fix it. By taking over, whether by “Control” or “Ownership.” This is the defining principle of the Left, the Democratic Party, and “Socialism”: — I — should not control, own and fix things, myself, having personal responsibility as an individual, THEY should take it over and control and fix things. Who is “They”? The Collective, but in practice meaning anyone the government says so, and for how long = forever.

    What possible other name could you give to a system that one step, one law, one sector at a time, nationalizes and “Controls and owns” all private property, systems, and “Means of Production” i.e. “Capital” i.e. all “things.” Merriam Webster says it is “Socialism.”

    I’m not using the word wrong, I’m using it correctly, as they themselves do, use, and define it.

    Now the true apparatchiks and oligarchs know it’s a scam. They’re not “Socializing” anything, because it IMPLIES that they are custodians “on behalf of” the People, and they’re not. They just own it and F. U. They’re in The Club as Party Members and you’re not. They understand it’s not “Socialism” in any “We’re headed to communal sharing,” Marxist kind-of-way. And they SAY all kinds of things. BLM and AOC “SAID” they are socialists (literal quotes) while buying million-dollar private properties and raking in speaking fees. So Pelosi or whoever can SAY they are “Capitalists”. But we just agreed that word has no meaning. At all. Whatsoever. They’re saying “Property exists and I want it” just like Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky did. So the quote hardly bears mentioning.

    What next? The “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” or in English, the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” is Socialist. That’s why THEY called it “Socialist”. I mean, did you think they didn’t know what the word meant, or they didn’t know what they were doing, or you knew better than they did? They invented the name. Their “Socialism” was a new form in several ways. First, they were not Internationalists, world revolutionaries. They thought that didn’t work. They were “National” socialist revolutionaries, German first. Which leads the second part: their “Socialism” was a sort of “all-parts-work-together” socialism. That is, the companies on paper were private, but in effect and control worked “for Germany”. The people were independent, but in effect “Worked for Germany”. The Churches had freedom, as long as they “Worked for Germany”. Private property existed, and was all yours, as long as it all “Worked for Germany”. Writers, painters, musicians, boy scouts, journalists, all “Worked for Germany.” I mean, you want to “Work for Germany” don’t you? You want Germany to be great and good, right? I mean, you’re not a Commie and a traitor are you? Cut out of society, arrested, banned, books burned? That’s what happens to traitors who don’t “Work for Germany”. (Or don’t work for MSDNC and Zuckerberg, in the same impulse today)

    So again, all things within the borders – and later without – were all “owned or controlled by the state”. Who was “The State”? Who was “Germany”? Whatever Hitler and the Party said. Changed every day along with who was a friend, and who we stole, I mean –Nationalized– property from today. Hitler was the State. Caesar is god. Whatever his friends say was the law, and therefore was “Good for Germany”. Everyone’s on the same page. “Controlled by the State”, i.e. “Me”.

    That’s why they by definition are “Socialist” as well. Just as we are at this time. And that’s why this subset of Socialism — “Fascism” — is our system today. They have aligned most of the companies, and in the hallmark of Fascism, the “Fasces”, the bundle of twigs that all work and align together, importantly including the social side using censorship, propaganda, and social media: radio back then, the “tech boom” “internet” of the 30s.

    All things controlled by the government. And if you crossed them, immediately and legally confiscated, that is, “Controlled” and “owned.” Socialists.

    Again, it’s not meant to be a slur, this is literally the definition of these political and economic systems. And also why they are bad.

    What do we have in a system where you can neither really own – securely own – stuff OR control it? Totalitarianism. Knowing at any moment, your life’s work, and therefore your life, the time, the effort, the thought and care, can be stolen away. The company you built. But also the food in your cupboard. The clothes on your back. Your children. Your career, transferred to a salt mine in Siberia. And naturally when they CAN do it, they DO do it. And they did, and they do, every time. That’s not unique to Socialism, it happens under warlords and bad nobility, but it’s making that bad and violent system of theft and terror persist into modern times. Other cultures just attack “the other guy” over the hill, which is well-known. We’re talking about attacking 100 million of your own people as well.

    So what is “Capitalism” then? It has no meaning, as we’ve agreed. It means “I own stuff.” It means there is private property, culturally, and if you make stuff you can keep it, trade it, sell it, store it, burn it, whatever. That’s essentially every human society throughout all time, except for “Socialism” specifically, and even then only in theory but never in practice yet.

    What does “Capitalism” mean today? It means “there’s a bunch of rich guys colluding with government to bend the law, enrich themselves, and steal things while killing people.” Which is really funny, since the minute you add “government,” that’s the same definition as Socialism. Since “Capitalism” implies, to our common man, bankruptcy, enforcement against fraud, violence, and bribery, markets with voluntary exchange, what they are really against when they say “Capitalism” (spit), “Capitalists” (spit), is “Socialism.” Without the merger of GOVERNMENT, that is, government CONTROL, with an army, the “Capitalists” could do nearly nothing for which they criticize. The bad habits of “capitalists” are equal to = the “Capitalists” merging with and taking over government, at which point by definition they are not “Capitalists” anymore, but “Socialists”, of either “Fascist” or “Internationalist” (Soviet) type.

    So “Capitalist” with “Free Market” has some meanings. “Free” means something like “without bribery or fraud”. Those two things require a functioning independent government and legal system. It means you can’t TAKE the stuff they make or own, just cause you feel like. It means that if people DON’T want to buy, you can’t make them. And if they DON’T want to deal with you, because you’re broke, owe money, and are bankrupt, no one saves them. The “non-fraud” side of the legal system forces them to pay whatever they can and to sell off the property, person or company, to pay debts, but also no more than this. Bankruptcy. The #Opposite of government merger. Needless to say, we no longer have this system in America nor anything resembling it. We have involuntary exchange and no enforcement of fraud or bankruptcy if the people in question are merged with government. Socialism.

    So you COULD be “capitalist” in Tlingit. Or Shoshoni. Or in Edo Japan. Or in !Kung. Or on a Desert Island. But you couldn’t be Socialist. Even the highly communal societies of the Natives or the Aborigines continent-wide had hard private property, and did not have some government or council owning and deciding it all. They did have a lot more social pressure though, because they didn’t have a defined legal system with bailiffs, jailors, etc.

    So I don’t think that I don’t understand it, or that the definitions are all that hard to tease out and understand, either colloquially or academically. It’s quite clear and well-defined, you just have to be honest about it and about your definitions. The people themselves will tell you who they are and what they believe.

    Now for China, etc., Wiki says they are involved in many wars of aggression. Korea, Tibet, India, and Vietnam. They also attacked Mongolia and Russia, way back when. Not like us, but the Anglos are the outlier, attacking everyone, everywhere, at every time for every reason. Don’t use us as a baseline. Nearly all “Communal” natives attacked the surrounding tribes perpetually, unceasing. And annihilated, genocided them fairly often. Russia took all of Eastern Europe, but also Czechoslovakia with tanks, and Hungary which the CIA arranged, encouraged, and let them. Those were well after the war. Then Afghanistan, Chechnya (technically). Like us, the Soviets were involved in Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Columbia, Chile, and every other place on the whole spinning globe. Throughout all Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Syria, just like we were. They’re only slightly more peaceful because of their comparison to us. So Socialist countries – self-defined– love war and invasions as much as we do, but since their economic system is a failure, lack the larger power and resources we have to go attack, steal, and kill everyone. But it’s not for any lack of trying.

    And “Socialist” nations each may have killed more of their own people internally than the Euro-Capitalists have killed externally. That’s not a very happy record, or a good recommendation. As for China: they’re another thing altogether.

    Wish describing all that took less time, but that’s the time it takes. Since all things are “Capitalism” and we’re presently 80-90% “Fascist” or “Socialist” can we happily define a better system where I can do work and make stuff I can keep? Make my life better and therefore the lives of those around me? Instead of just stealing? Thanks.


    @DBS: We’ve all heard (though few have understood) the old expression, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

    I’ve considered that one alternative interpretation is “fight fire with fire.”

    Also, I heard Alexander Mercouris say this morning that the assassin’s last rumored location is now Austria. Before hearing this yesterday, I already figured that Estonia would probably ask her to quickly and quietly leave.


    Just to dip my oar in, I’ll observe that I hear many people inaccurately use the terms “authoritarian” (or “totalitarian”) and “democratic” as synonyms for “communist” and “capitalist”, respectively.

    I believe this stems from the fact that every single nation in history that I am aware of that has tried to adopt communism or socialism as its governing process has had to use overt compulsion to do so, whereas many (but not all) capitalist governments exist without such compulsion and are operated democratically.

    Contrary to what some on the left assert, I do not believe that an enduring socialist state can be implemented without compulsion of a large segment (probably the majority) of the population. The only way that might be even tried would be to cherry-pick socialists from around the world and move them all to one place, and even then I question if it would last.

    BTW, it is often claimed that one Scandinavian country or another is socialist–they are not. They are (on and off) welfare states, which is not the same thing.

    Controversially, if you research thoroughly you will be surprised to find many authors writing that the odious Nazi regime in 1930s-40s Germany was indeed socialist in many respects. Dedicated socialists like to deny this for obvious reasons. A lot of this information is in books written by authors that fell out of favor after WWII because it was not politically welcomed to have such views, true or not.

    Farmer McGregor

    My day for Wendell Berry. @Dr. D’s thoughtful missive about capitalism vs. socialism (reply #114077) immediately brought to mind another of Berry’s essays I was reading earlier today.
    The essay, In Distrust Of Movements, Berry makes some observations regarding economies:

    “… if we are concerned about land abuse, we have begun a profound work of economic criticism. Study of the history of land use (and any local history will do) informs us that we have had for a long time an economy that thrives by undermining its own foundations. Industrialism, which is the name of our economy, and which is now virtually the only economy of the world, has been from its beginnings in a state of riot. It is based squarely upon the principle of violence toward everything on which it depends, and it has not mattered whether the form of industrialism was communist or capitalist or whatever; the violence toward nature, human communities, traditional agricultures and local economies has been constant. The bad news is coming in, literally, from all over the world. Can such an economy be fixed without being radically changed? I don’t think it can.” (emphasis mine).

    Dr. D, if you are not familiar with Berry’s writings, I encourage you to get that way; you and he have a lot in common as exceptionally good thinkers.


    Holy crap – comments feed of the month. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and considerations. I am low on time today (work) but will fine tooth comb over these suggestions and extrapolations tonight before the next Rattle. Great to see you in the feed UpStartNYer – we need the positive battle-ready upstarts more than ever.

    Also locally the QLD govt has now allowed school teachers who are unjabbed back to work but with a punishment of 18 weeks reduced pay.
    That is social credit scoring. Wow and here I thought we needed CBDC’s to get the ball rolling – what an idiot. It is here already.

    D Benton Smith


    God. . . , Reality . . . , pretty much the same thing, so losing touch with either has pretty much the same result, and it ain’t pretty.

    God, truth, reality, right, good, love, sovereignty . These are all “in touch”. Green lights across the board.

    Satan, lies, delusion, wrong, bad, hate, slavery. These are way “out of touch”. Red and amber lights flashing everywhere you look.

    Nothing good comes out of that second list, so it’s highly advisable not to go there in the first place, or to scramble out like your life depended on it if you find yourself on the wrong side of the line.

    Figmund Sreud

    Good news, I guess. … Yes! Pfizer, Moderna to deliver 175M updated COVID shots for September rollout

    The U.S. government has completed plans to implement a fall booster campaign in September that will deliver 175M doses of updated COVID-19 vaccines to states, pharmacies, and other vaccination sites.

    The Biden administration is purchasing the redesigned COVID-19 shots from vaccine makers who received guidance from the FDA in June to update their vaccines to protect against the latest subvariants of Omicron and the original COVID strain.

    Over the past few weeks, messenger-RNA-based vaccine makers Pfizer (NYSE:PFE)/ BioNTech (BNTX) and their rival Moderna (MRNA) announced new agreements to deliver 105M and 66M doses of updated COVID-19 vaccine doses to the government, respectively. […]



    Afewknowthetruth said

    I hear utterly ludicrous statements such as: “Jacinda Adern is a communist” so frequently that I despair.

    It is not a ridiculous statement as both fascism and communism in the last century have very similar authoritarian, governmental and corporate traits. For example, the authoritarian “communists” of China are not communists but are authoritarian, the authoritarian “national socialists” of Germany were fascists but were not that different to the communists of China, they murdered millions etc. they controlled corporates for their own benefit, even using some as forced labour camps, just like in China.

    If China is communist and Nazi Germany was fascist then describing Ardern as a communist is pretty accurate as she wants to enslave people in the same way as China does and to totally control peoples’ bank accounts like China does, or take away your home, like China does, or prevent you travelling, like China does, or prevent you living in the city, like China does, or lock you in a factory 24 hours a day to live and sleep there like China does etc. If China is not communist then fair enough, but then you should be telling them to rename the CCP.


    phoenixvoice said:

    Karl Marx was a philosopher who thought about economics – NOT GOVERNANCE.

    Marx wrote, in “Demands of the Communist Party in Germany”:

    Demands of the Communist Party in Germany
    “Workers of all countries, unite!”
    1. The whole of Germany shall be declared a single and indivisible republic.
    2. Every German, having reached the age of 21, shall have the right to vote and to be elected,
    provided he has not been convicted of a criminal offence.
    3. Representatives of the people shall receive payment so that workers, too, shall be able to
    become members of the German parliament.

    Something smells.


    D Benton Smith said

    God. . . , Reality . . . , pretty much the same thing, so losing touch with either has pretty much the same result, and it ain’t pretty.

    Your Christian nurturing shines through but this is not the same for all peoples. Here in Taiwan the concept of God is meaningless to the majority. I understand that this describes your reality, but not the reality of others, many of which do not involve the concept of God or Logos etc. Reality is an individual concept and is not prescriptive, as Dr D was suggesting.


    ‘describing Ardern as a communist is pretty accurate as she wants to enslave people in the same way as China does and to totally control peoples’ bank accounts like China does, or take away your home, like China does, or prevent you travelling, like China does, or prevent you living in the city, like China does ‘

    Too silly to describe in words, Especially coming from someone who does not even live in NZ and clearly has no idea what is going on nor how the system works.

    Everyone in NZ is enslaved, almost from the moment of birth, by the bankers, the corporations and their agents, i.e. the government. By the time they have taken out a student loan, or mortgage the enslavers have them by the short and curlies, usually for the rest of their lives.

    “There is no better slave than one who thinks he/she is free. Such a slave will defend the slave-owners right to enslave and exploit, often to the point of sacrificing their own lives in the defence of the slave-masters right to own and exploit slaves.”.

    ‘People in China prevented from living in cities. ‘


    aspnaz, may I ask which planet you are living on? because it’s not the same one I’m living on.

    D Benton Smith


    My Christian nurturing was apparently not a very good fit because at age 12 I kept a formal appointment with the Parish Priest, at which meeting I submitted my resignation from the faith because I could not in good conscience profess that I believed any of the stuff being taught in the Catholic religion about Heaven, Hell , Virgin birth, or an anthropomorphic God directing earthly affairs in real time. In other words, I told the priest that I quit, and I gave him the reasons why.

    I must say this in the good priest’s favor, he listened attentively, respected my choice , wished me well, and raised no obstacles to my departure. He did say, before I excused myself from the room, that I was welcome to come back to the fold if I ever changed my mind.

    So, when I said that God and Reality are pretty much the same thing I was not speaking from any kind of religiously influenced position. I was just stating the obvious fact. The Universe is created, continually, by the non-material omniscient and omnipotent awareness that we call God (or some other designation signifying the same concept).

    Details about eh consequences of that fact get very complicated after that . . . hence all the attendant confusion about how it all works, precisely . . . and yes, there are as many opinions about reality (and God) works as there are entities capable of having opinion. Like the wise-guy saying goes, ” Your mileage may vary. ”

    But those opinions do not change Reality, nor God. It’s the other way around.

    Taiwan is an extremely busy place, and busy people tend to have little time for inner reflection, but if you poked around venues where seriously earnest thinking is going on you will find that the vast majority of those severely gifted people would mostly agree with the stuff I’ve written in this reply.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    Too silly to describe in words, Especially coming from someone who does not even live in NZ and clearly has no idea what is going on nor how the system works.

    I hold a NZ permanent resident visa, although I have not lived there for 17 years, and have many friends there who I am in contact with regularly. I also have two houses there, one of which I consider to be my “western” home, although I am considering selling my assets in NZ simply because the country has gone crazy, no small thanks to Ardern and her policies. Oh, and my mother did and some sisters do live there as well, with their families, so I visit regularly. Sure, I am not there today, but I get the same news from Welligton that you do.

    However, I do live in China, unlike you, so at least I have a foot in both camps when comparing the two.


    D Benton Smith said

    The Universe is created, continually, by the non-material omniscient and omnipotent awareness that we call God (or some other designation signifying the same concept).

    God has obviously revealed something to you, and the “we” that you speak of, that he has not revealed to me.


    Assisted suicide of Europe

    Assisted Suicide of Europe (MUST SEE)

    Formerly T-Bear

    My Parents Said Know at 114067

    Southern Pacific Railroad Company was decided on May 10, 1886, by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case established, via a headnote, that corporations are considered persons under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

    Most here are barely capable of carrying a concept successfully let alone several at the same time. Perchance have you considered in parroting your deposit that the court clerk writing the decision was saying that the legal fiction of corporation existed and was long established; that this was not the issue being decided; that the corporation in order to function as designed as a legal entity had no difference to the rights of a person and could exercise those legal rights; a corporation was also subject to law also as a person was. Is that combination of concepts all so difficult as to be above your ken? I ffear the answer.

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