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    Vincent van Gogh Cypresses in starry night (reed pen) 1889   • Meadows: FBI/DOJ Leaked To Press, Used Articles To Obtain FISA Warrants (ZH) • Lan
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    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Cypresses in starry night (reed pen) 1889

    “I’m not going to write anymore because there’s nothing more that can be said,” Mayer Hillman.

    I know exactly how he feels…
    From kindergarden through grade 12; I got myself to school. Kindergarden through at least 3rd grade the walk was just over 2 miles.
    Thank god I was born well before all the nonsense started.

    V. Arnold

    Bats (kang khao in Thai) are swarming tonight. Most I’ve seen this year. Joys my heart. We’ve had rain everyday for a couple of weeks; so the insects must also be swarming; as evidenced by the myriad bats.
    I was standing in our garden last week as one repeatedly flew very close to my head. I just stood there and watched it jerk through the air getting its meal.
    It’s one sign our environ’s are still relatively healthy…


    TAE used to be a site that was concerned about the unsustainability of our western societies. Energy sources are unsustainable. Cheap fossil fuels, and their high energy returns are running out, and our economies depend on it. The financial world is a house of cards based on ever-growing, ever more unstable debts at all levels that can collapse in a moment. Globalized economies are getting unmanageably complex and fragile with their tight dependencies over intercontinental trade and supplies. They are machines that concentrate wealth in a few golden cities for a happy few while the periphery gets sucked dry. Decisions are made by unaccountable mandarins and corporate lawyers on a continental scale. Trust has evaporated. Our societies are sick from gigantism and globalization. We are due for a traumatic shock, and the only way to prepare is to get back to a human, local, sustainable, and, yes, poorer, scale.

    But the recent editorial line at TAE seems to have completely turned its back on its original philosophy. How many stories about the catastrophe that is Brexit. Woho! The idea that a country could try to somewhat disentangle itself from a continental bureaucracy and run its own affairs, taking steps towards something a little more local, in which its actual citizens have a say on the political decisions seems to send Mr. Meijer into conniptions. What about all the transnational red tape and assorted obscure trade regulations that have to be revisited? Such a thing cannot be done! UNTHINKABLE! Then we have editorials against austerity. We are not talking about governments living within their means, as in having a balanced budget, but just making attempts at not borrowing ever more money to run the ordinary expenses. I understand that spending money you don’t have feels good and that tightening your belt is unpleasant. But to me, it means coming to terms with the reality that our societies are not as rich as they think they are. Then there is the steady stream of refugee stories. Living in a western country is very expensive. Having to take care of hundreds of thousands of people who are linguistically, educationally, culturally incapable of taking care of themselves when transplanted in a radically different society requires resources that western countries simply do not have. Western countries demonstratably are already overwhelmed with the task of taking care of those that are already here. And then the stream just keeps flowing. To me, clearly, this is unsustainable and has to stop.

    So there we have the new automatic earth. Bow to free trade agreements elaborated by the Davoscracy. Once you have signed on, you are forever bound by them, you are in their grip for all eternity. The governments should pile on ever more debt and worry about paying all that back in the distant future if ever, for living in the here and now is true sustainability. But as they struggle just to keep the game going for their own population, western governments should also let in the entirety of the population of South Asia, the Middle-East, Central America and Africa that manages to come to their soil, for saying no would be mean. It would be telling people that they should try to tackle whatever problems ails their country themselves, instead of spreading the unstability to the entire planet. And we cannot have that, because advocating solving local problems locally is antithetical to the New Automatic Earth.

    V. Arnold

    I for one, think you are so far off the mark; I wouldn’t know where to begin to respond.
    So, I’ll limit my comment to what is already said.


    • Trump Announces US-Mexico Trade Deal, Setting Stage For Nafta Overhaul (G.)

    There is only one NAFTA overhaul that would benefit the NON-ELITE.

    Include everything to do with pharma and med. industry.


    In other Lesbos migrant news today:

    Greek police announced it has dismantled a criminal human trafficking network involving 30 people, members of a NGO on the island of Lesbos, a key gateway for migrants to Greece. That NGO would be ERCI (Emergency Response Centre International). 3 of the suspects have been arrested. In all, 30 people would be involved, 6 Greeks and 24 foreigners.


    Hear hear tabarnick, I come here less and less often as the views tend to be so simplistic. Brexit was the only way for the UK. The people understand that, but their politicians don’t. I wonder why?

    The nonsense about “banning” supermarket bags in Australia is beyond the ridiculous. Now, I frequently find myself buying the “reusable” bags. Anyway, a look at any 3rd world country will reveal that they are the source of all the bags in the oceans. All of Australia’s annual waste would fit into one cubic km of this vast land. Nothing was being dumped at sea from here.

    Dr. D

    That would explain a lot about why they want an ongoing refugee camp with ongoing conditions: it’s good for the NGO human trafficking business, and the dark side therein.

    While you know I also disagree, I think I also understand what TAE is saying. Sure Brexit is bad, and why? For no logical reason. Same with austerity: will Britain stop building carriers with no planes and ships with no missiles to bomb countries of no danger and kill children of no blame? Of course not! We’ll do it moar while we kill them, and their poor, deplorable periphery parents at home too.

    Maybe if we bomb them and clobber their economies with neoliberal policies we can have NGOs advertise to get children on the beast train, use NGO money to cross the straits, pick them up in NGO boats, then use them to hammer the home nations so badly that corporations and capital — not governments and citizens — will become supreme.

    But what’s the point here? That those people are blameless and should not be punished for surviving and seeking a better life. While the disruption they cause can be an injury, in the main they are blameless, pawns in the game of larger men, hammering them this way and that with economic mallets, hoping beyond hope that they will die and kill others in the process. So should we be austere in our response? Lock the doors, put out the lights? No, but we shouldn’t swing them wide open either. Perhaps it’s a reaction to news that relentlessly divides and seeks for us to harm each other instead of justly those who harm us all.

    I disagree on these things. I too think Britain should leave now, should have left before, should do so without asking. But they’re doing it the worst way that harms the most people on all continents. I think immigration should be wildly contained, and allowing refugees in this manner is murderous and irresponsible and that the people of Sweden and Germany are no less entitled to safety than the people of other nations — nevertheless, we should and must stop attacking those nations, then making ourselves the victims of violence we create. Austerity is not just a word, it means not cheering for drugs today while screwing your children for when the bill arrives. Nevertheless, that hardship falls only on the poor and powerless, never on the masters, which is unjust and in fact illegal.

    So yes, the world will get smaller, more local, poorer, and less able to help, nevertheless it’s hard to see day after day, the fact of that twisted into we MUST make the world smaller, meaner, and poorer in order that the rich may still keep what they have. And this is the method: something true, like limitations, to something false, like killing a few million for the greater good. Something true, like cultures having different and incompatible values, into something false, like that we must destroy them. But figuring out just what to do, how much of this and how little of that, what’s most urgent or what can wait, that’s the hard part, isn’t it? That’s the part we disagree?

    Some would say growing vegetables at home is too much, others not enough, that I still owe and must pay. Some would say setting the example is the only right path, others that I must convince others by terrifying force. Which is it? I don’t know, but I don’t think anyone here has given up their values yet. They’re just worried about the people on the ground and not the theory. I’m more into theory, and yet I understand.


    TAE has just become a concise version of the MSM. I did some searches and it is remarkable that I could find nothing about how Israel and Saudi Arabia cooperated to liquidate all the Christians of the Middle East. Happily, Hezbollah – the Lebanese Muslim “terrorists” – helped stop all of that.

    Hezbollah is a “terrorist organisation” because they beat the shit out of the Israelis 10 years ago. The Israelis invaded with 300 tanks and only 180 of these tanks came home. Where is all of this on TAE.

    Here is a more objective look at what is happening in Syria – total silence from the Jewish-controlled Western media. Yes, please call me “anti-Semitic” if you like – but I am just stating facts here.


    I did a search for “Anna Frank” and there were no shortage of hits. Here is an extract from one of them:

    From just about as early in my life as I can remember, growing up as a child in Holland, there were stories about World War II, and not just about Anne Frank and the huge amounts of people who, like her, had been dragged off to camps in eastern Europe never to come back, but also about the thousands who had risked their lives to hide Jewish and other refugees, and the scores who had been executed for doing so, often betrayed by their own neighbors.

    Well, you should all know by now that the “Anna Frank Diaries” were forgeries of the most crude variety. They were written with a ball-point pen at a period when such devices did not exist. Doubtless, many Jews were killed in the concentration camps. But then a vast number of them survived and are still alive today 84 years later – which somewhat puts a damper on the official version of events. And how many Russian Christians were killed by the NKVD and the Bolsheviks – which were largely Jewish-controlled organisations? Silence.

    I suggest some of you read with an open mind the recent work by Ron Unz. If you do, it will certainly provide a shock to your beliefs of what is reality.

    American Pravda: Jews and Nazis

    I think it is about time we did an honest official scientific investigation of 9/11. It should by now be pretty obvious who the real perpetrators were.

    If you want to know why the media is still going on about Crimea having been “occupied” by Russia, try and work out where the Jews of Israel are going to go when they have to give up their failed enterprise in the Middle East. Do you think the UK, France, Germany and so on will have them? They didn’t last time so why would they this time?

    V. Arnold

    So what? We’re now comedy central?

    TAE has just become a concise version of the MSM.

    The detail of the stories/news is deeper; the subjects far broader; the editorials (Kunstler) nothing the MSM would touch.
    I’d suggest removing the blinders and revisit some MSM if one has the stomache for it; I do not.
    TAE’s value is the breadth of reportage and its very informed (for the most part) commentariate…

    I suggest some of you read with an open mind the recent work by Ron Unz. If you do, it will certainly provide a shock to your beliefs of what is reality.

    I think you greatly underestimate some of the posters here; most of what Ron Unz writes about in that article, this one is familiar with.
    The world is not the fantatical wonderland of freedom and fairness. If the world was a just place the Jews along with many times many others would have a reckoning; but alas, given the real world, is what it is; that will never happen.



    Show me anything that Kunster ever said that was honest about Israel and the Palestians.

    You won’t find anything because he is a neo-Trotskyist. He believes that Jews should rule the world. He is an arsehole.


    I meant Palestinians – the people the Jews are trying to airbrush out of history like the Christians of the Middle East.

    Ken Barrows

    Why is one cubic km important? Would two be too much?


    “If the world was a just place the Jews along with many times many others would have a reckoning”

    It may have missed your notice, but Israel has not had a successful war in the Middle East for over a generation. They got the Americans to do their dirty work for them in an attempt to have a “Greater Israel”. That is what 9/11 was all about as Natanyahu made clear in a broadcast to the Israelis. I believe only one Israeli died in that operation – he must have been an outcast or an idiot.

    Soon enough, the USA will be pushed out of the Middle East. Its “allies” in the region are thinking of switching sides – Turkey, Qatar, Azerbaijan and the Stans. What sort of future can Israel offer its people then? They are thoroughly hated by all of their neighbours – with excellent reason.

    In daily Arabic, no one calls them “the Israelis”, they are called “the Jews”. I wonder why? It is a modern replay of what happened to the Assyrian Empire. They basically antagonised all their neighbours and eventually their neighbours got together and destroyed them.

    I fear that when the coin drops among the public of the West and a new set of politicians with a set of balls show up, we will have a replay of Kristallnacht. All the Jews – good and bad – will get the blame. Their megaphone – the MSM and Social Media – will be ripped from their hands and they will have no one to defend them. Kunstler will have to start telling the truth or shut up.

    V. Arnold

    Well, you certainly seem to be obsessed with the Jews. That’s a bit of an overly general brush; I prefer to be a bit more specific and narrow it to Zionists.
    I’m in full support of the BDS movement, among other groups, in support of the Palestinians and their right to return.
    But, I also recognise the Zionist AIPAC is in full control of the U.S. voting public.
    Since voting doesn’t have purchase any longer, I chose to vote with my feet.

    And my Kunstler referrence had nothing to do with his politics; but rather, that he is not an MSM darling.
    As should be obvious; I think TAE is the bees knees and have found no other like it, thank the gods.
    TAE paints with a very broad brush and doesn’t get hung up on trivia; not to mention Ilargi’s humanitarian work in Greece.
    The daily art work alone is worth the visit…

    Nassim; your above reply was entered as I wrote this; so this is not a reply to your immediate above.


    “Why is one cubic km important? Would two be too much?”


    One cubic km is a gross exaggeration of the rubbish that Australians generate annually. That is over 100 litres per Australian per day. Australia’s uninhabited regions are over 6 million square kilometres. I hope that helps put things in perspective.

    As far as plastic bags entering the ocean are concerned a dollar spent in a 3rd world country would have a similar beneficial effect on the oceans as 100+ dollars spent here. In sum, it is just more virtue-signalling for the numerically illiterate. Feel-good for the nincompoops.


    … I come here less and less often as the views tend to be so simplistic.

    Actually, simplistic or “summary” views are refreshing in a world replete with long-winded often self-contradictory rehashes of old news and old party lines. In present time, we should have formed a CURRENT actionable, overall opinion about important issues, based upon a subjective, subconscious weighing of our lives’ experience. Without this end result, we leave ourselves in a perpetual state of uncertainty and confusion, more malleable to manipulation by sources against our best interests, chiefly our educational and mass media systems. Nobody ever said taking a stand in a world of grays was easy.

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